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2004-08-09 19:14:48
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Ok This is my first RP so I kinda want to keep it small (so ppl dont get confused, ppl being me mainly)


Moondance Characters

The moonlights pale glow glinted on the silver coat of Shanith's steed, as he drank from the lake. The untamed stallion that bore Shanith because they were friends, would barely let another being near him.

A figure navigated silently through the night, sharp eyes catching every motion and summing up all potential hiding places for enemies here. The tall, slim woman's figure matched the moonlight in color, making her seem almost ethereal. She led a tall black horse behind her toward the calm waters, her tail acting as a third hand and holding the reins of the horse's bridle.

Moondance lifted his head from the water and nudged Shanith gently, voicing a warning to the on coming hoofbeats

The tall woman came to the edge of the lake, standing across from Moondance and Shanith and seemingly unaware of their presence. Slowly, she reached to the back of her neck and untied her long, dark hair from its place there, letting it fall around her shoulders to her waist. Keir behind her pawed the ground and turned his gaze across the lake. Dyrini nodded, turning to face her stallion for a brief moment before performing a graceful dive into the lake, not bothering to remove her clothing.

Moondance lowered his head to the water and snorted, distorting the glassy surface, "don't be put out they will greet us if and when they wish to" Shanith spoke so quitely that only Moondance should hear

Keir folded his legs gracefully beneath his form and watched his mistress as she emerged from the surface of the water, pushing her hair out of her eyes. She looked up at Shanith once, considered something briefly, and disappeared once more beneath the surface.

Moondance silently ventured futher into the shallows, and turned pleading eyes to Shanith, "If you must then" and he swam easily out into the deeper water, and became another shimmer in the fading moonlight

Dyrini practically flew through the water, moving incredibly swiftly by means of a snakelike motion and the use of her tail as an extra paddle. At last she emerged above the surface once more, a bit closer to Moondance, and raised a long, narrow hand in greeting to the stallion, but didn't take a single step closer to him.

"You see them as well don't you? Hear them? They don't seem to familiar with eachother, which might be good..." Avierah whispered to her mare Aviendel, which she sat on. Well, laid would probably be a better word for it.

Avendel let out a low snort and shook her mane. Why was her mistress so grave about this?

Moondance whinneyed a greeting, then with lighting speed reared and galloped to the shore. "Moondance I do not need your protection, I trust we are among friends" her voice rang out, as she had senced the others would not talk first. The stallion still stood as a guard above his mount as she lounged against a tree....
"or maybe we are not" she whispered to moondance and dissapeared, we at least anyone watching would have thought she had, in actual fact she'd just swung up into the tree

Avendel's ears were constantly moving, and her nosethrills bevered. "What's wrong girl? What is it?" Avierah murmured. Avendel took some few steps towards where she could smell the other horse, this Moondance...

Dyrini laughed, a sound like bells chiming, called out, "Among friends? That has yet to be decided." With that, she dived backward into the water once more.

Moondance, despite his craving for solitude had sire a few foals in his time, and was aware of the mare's presence. Leaving Shanith to her own ways, he troted a ring around the beautiful mare...

Avendel snorted and her ears followed the sound of the stallion, but seemed no interested otherwise. "What have you found now Ave? Have you found yourself and admierer?" Avierah chuckled.

Shanith whistled almost unaudibly to her entranced steed, who responded dramatically, rearing and leaping into place beneath the ash tree. Shanith's graceful body slid out of the tree and onto moondance's broad shoulders, she leant forward and he troted proudly into the lake. 'What did you mean by that' her voice questioned of the swimmer

"What do you mean, what do I mean?" calls the voice of Dryini. "Do you mean what do I mean?" She laughs again, the bells sounding clearly from somewhere overhead though the speaker is beneath the surface of the water.

"I am sure someone of your intelligence knows exactly what I mean" her voice rang out, but even Moondance sensed Dryani had confused her...

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