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Morbid Poetry

Blood Filled Pen

This blood filled pen
that I write with
tells a story
of what lies within
confused you may be
of the stained ink
which lies on a plain
where emotion may sink
through death and sorrow
past oceans of pain
this pen shows you how
I stay not insane
Keep going if you wish
I'll not stop you now
just remember my warning
of the digusting and profound

Why Not Us?

Speaking of change
I write everyday
Hoping to hear you
to hear what you'll say
but you lead me down
tell me im not for you
this horrid sound
you have no clue
I tried each day
to keep it away
But it didn't ever work
my feelings that lurk
now your gone
by my hands your none
if i couldn't have you
then noone would...

life and death.

life and death
unessesery lives going to waist
love and hate
tearing one another apart

sexs giving birth
to new lives and troubles
bringing in more problems
and yet new answers to questions

[Blood Angel]

I stand with the knife to my throat,
All because of my stupid mistake,
I stand there shouting,
Screaming for them to go away,
To leave me alone,
But they won't go,
They won't leave me,
My hand shakes,
My mind trembles with insanity,
My eyes are red with the hatred of an old love,
I look around the room,
I see my friends slowly inching towards me,
Trying to be my saviour,
Trying to save the sanity that is already lost because of her,
Trying in vain,
Their efforts are in vain,
I look into their eyes,
Their eyes which are filed with fear,
Suddenly i am calm,
I smile,
I smile a cold smile,
The knife strokes,
The grim reapers scythe falls on my twisted soul,
My body crumples to the floor,
Their is still life in my yet though,
The grim reapers scythe fell but never struck,
I lie surrounded by white,
I see the love that i lost and say "i hate you".
[the writer of poetic misjustice]
Steven Hurrell

The Knife

This ready knife in my hand, cutting
These few veins remaining
But my heart doesn't care
And I cry away the pain
Stealing my sanity
This is the beginning

This ready knife in my hand, severing
These few ties remaining
But the world doesn't care
And I bleed away the pain
Stealing my reality
This is the end



Non-ceasing pain.
Hears the journey is long.
Doesn't want to go on.
Am told to be strong.
Tired of stumbling.
Am not scared of Death.
Everything around me is still.
Wants a taste of his breath.
Colapses to the ground,
It is hard and cold.
Hears not a sound.
Tries not to be bold.
Lays and weeps
Until he arrives.
Has a warmth about him.
I stare into his eyes.
He presents me the gift;
Then thrusts in the knife.
Both of us bare a gentle smile,
As I receive his gift, the ending of my life.
  written by: [Kitten Leath Feral]


One last day to dream the dreams,
One last day to pray,
One last ending to the tale,
One last look at dismay.
One last day to write it down,
One last day to bleed.
One last day to fight the truth,
One last day to need.
One last day to kill the hope,
One last day to cry.
One last day to feel the pain,
One last reason to try.
One last language heard and lost,
One last day of lies.
One last day to give a tale,
One last heart's demise.
One last endless boundless sea,
One last uncried tear,
One last I love you unreturned,
One last time my voice you'll hear.
by [Tails Of the Revolution] forgot that earlier.. painful bout of stupidity...

Your soulless eyes bleed into me                     
Like iron fire and a windless breeze                
To think this vice was yours alone                  
A foolish thought- a sin atoned.                                
Take my life within your arms                      
Bleed me into peaceful rest                       
 To think I fell for your deadly charms-             
I guess not all are blest.

by [Kirikale]


I see the picture forming
On the canvas of my life
Oh Wonderous colors
Dark and dreary glamour
The paintbrush twirls in my hand
Leaving stains upon my life
Once white and pure, now dark and lost
Oh how did I become like this
Scarlet essence flowing down
Dripping from the edge
Mixing colors to paint
Chaos comsuming ones life
Red is death
Black is nothingness
Purple is nervermore
So many slashes and stains
The canvas of my life
Never will be the same again
This acrylic masterpiece
From my heart and soul
Now my body will finally go inept

Once upon a Dream

Once upon a dream
I flew to the heavens
Where I saw a many stars
Staring at you my love
I hold you and you hold me
In eachothers arms we weep

Once upon a morning
I feel my heart being torn
Drip Drop Tick Tock
Goes my bleeding heart
You touch my cheek
I shiver and go weak
Oh how I wish to be with you

Once upon a fairy-tale
Toys askew around me
Broken heads,repeated screams
Of the torture inside my head
I can feel you tug
At the puppet strings in my back
Pulling me around
Your my master, must obey

Once upon a darkend night
I feel your arms around my neck
My wings ripped from my back
Thank you master
I know now the courage I lack
The scarlet essence drips down
Staining everything I now reject

Once upon a time
Earth was no more
This is the end
I am gone from love no more
[No Longer On Here]

Her demise

I sit alone in my dark room waiting for the word,
The actual finality of it all,
Is it over?
How did it end?
I turn to my instincts and decide,
I weep alone in the darkness,
Knowing the news before the word came,
The life i knew is over,
The only thing in this material world keeping me sane has faded,
Faded from this feild that is my reality,
Sun passes,
Storm arrives,
Peace in my mind is no longer possible,
She is gone,
And part of me went with her,
I hope her soul went peacefully,
Not like my mind lays now,
Screaming in torment,
But peacefully,
Tears stream down my face,
Cutting contours into my flesh,
Burning into me,
Destroying my perception of life,
The moment i wait for arrives,
I hear the words come from the voice so far away,
The voice is cracked and broken with it's pained misery,
My fears are confirmed,
I walk down the long white passage,
Walk to where her body lay,
The sight makes it all definate,
So final,
So unchangably final,
I stroke her cheek one last time,
So cold,
So lifeless,
All her warmth has seeped out of this carcass of the once beautiful vessel now rotting meat,
A beauty still resides in her yet,
Though now it is the beauty of death,
My mind is now blank like her eyes are now in her sockets,
Visions torrent into my imagination like an unstoppable tide,
The dams of my mind crumble easily away as if they were but sand,
Visions of her hanging in her room,
Hanging from the ceiling,
Alone and cold,
Just like me,
The grim reaper gains another soul,
I saw her demise.

Steven Hurrell [the writer of poetic misjustice]

Dear Angel

Dear Angel
Still you haunt me
The throbbing strains of your dark music
The screams of the die-hard fans in my ears
Your harsh, hypnotic voice
A shadow lullaby for a lost soul
To sing me to sleep
You fell from grace
But we, your followers, erected a new pedastel
For you

Dear Angel
You've hurt me
Perhaps, in my devoutness, I have abandoned life
But I forgive you
I forgive you for my failing grades
For my estranged family
For my mordant attitude
I forgive you for the way you've changed me
No longer a little girl in pink
You've stolen my childhood
Yet I forgive you
But please, my sad, fallen Angel,
Sing me a song
One last time
A sweet shadow lullaby
For your lost child

[Angelic Fruitcake]

Your yells are hurting
And your words are cruel
I need to get through this downward pull
As I reach for anything and everything
I grab the closest thing to me
And I begin to dig away
With every scrape my pain escapes
With every wet tear my feeling disappear
And the sight of blood is ackwardly comforting
My mind goes blank
As I'm soothed by the thought of knowing
I'm still here, still feeling, still alive


morbid poetry

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