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Mort Vs Goma

The wind rustled the grass of an open field with the sun shining down. Steelheart sat with a piece of grass in his mouth ready to watch a good fight.

Goma stepped forward placing his hand on his hip tilting his head to the right and closed his left eye,His opponent should be here soon.

There was a piece of freshly disturbed ground a few inches from Goma's feet, a few foot long and around a foot wide; it looked like a makeshift grave but as for why anyone would chose a fight on top of a grave... The earth twitched suddenly, crumbling to the side as something raised itself from underneath the ground. The hoody wearing figure in large thudding black boots and baggy trousers arose from the makeshift grave, stretching slightly and groaning but in a completely unzombie-ish manner "Finally... I've been waiting here for three days, what took you so long." Whatever lay beneath that shadowed hood turned to Steelheart, eyes twinkling... that may have been because they glowed softly in the hood, bright as stars yet never illuminating his face "Oi oi, injuries healed yet?"

"When you walk...I'll hit the ground running...pushing forward with a breakneck pace...." Goma smiled viciously and stepped forward "prove yourself..."

Mort sighed heavily and shrugged his shoulders "You should know not to interupt people" he said to Goma as the pin pricks slanted, as if Mort was glaring. "I'm no good at first moves" Mort admitted "And I always like to get a view of my enemy first, why don't you take the first pop?"

Goma's teeth glinted as he dislodged a massive axe from the ground behind him,Swinging it at Mort with no form of remorse. This opponent felt interesting but not much could surprise him.

Mort rippled around slightly, his entire body curving out of the way of the blade so it thunked into the ground "Wow... you're that easy huh? Chop dodge chop dodge?" He crossed his heavily covered arms and kicked the axe blade hard.

Goma pushed his body forward thrusting the axe forward forcing it into his opponents kick,tilting it down slightly allowing it to lodge in the ground once more, He then dashed forward leaping using the axe to vault over his opponent pulling the axe with him,This of course would cause a problem for Mort who happened to be between the axe and its destination.

It wasn't much of a problem; the moment Goma had forced the axe into Mort's kick he had brought up his other foot and placed it firmly on the axe itself while gripping the handle. Goma jumped and pulled the axe along, lifting a surprisingly light Mort with it; at least he was light by the end of the vertical lift, a rain of items falling at Goma from above as he unknowingly lifted Mort up. A shovel, a cricket bat, a lead pipe and a gun were some of the things that fell straight out of Mort's hood and down towards Goma.

Goma smiled "don't drop your gear.." he flung the axe forward,with a vertical swing knocking away the items directly above his head. sending Mort with it,Quickly reaching into his pockets for something or other.

The items were scattered across the ground to all corner, Mort was flung away with the axe just like they were. He concentrated as he spun and froze in mid-air, the axe spun on but he stayed hovering there at a slight tilt until he righted himself to float in mid air.

Goma's eyes lit up as he pulled his hands from his pockets clenching something in his fists. His vivid green hair blew around in the wind for a moment as he took off in a mad dash,like a bat out of hell. He quickly drew closer to Mort leaping up with a form of uppercut.

Mort pushed himself back as if he'd gotten punched in the chest, before Goma had even reached him this time; he fell a few feet away, he couldn't control himself that well and fell over and over in a tight ball before flipping out. He turned around on the spot, ground based this time, and glared at Goma "Dammit I need my things back..."

Goma adjusted his position so he landed without breaking anything. He then turned back towards Mort and tried to pelt him with whatever was in his hands,once they left his hands,They spread into what appeared to be a spray of pellets.

"Crap" Mort grumbled before spinning on the spot; he threw out his arms and white blades seem to flick out into the air before the heavy hoodey was tossed backwards as a makeshift shield against the pellets. Mort jumped and curled his legs slightly so the heavy jacket took the impact the the pellets and fell to the floor, protecting him. Now he stood there facing Goma, only in trousers, boots and gloves so his glistening white skeletal torso and skull shone in the sun "There..."

Goma smirked,what an interesting person he was facing,however his little trick was for nothing. The impact what not what Goma was waiting for,The pellets quickly tore open as vines began to grow rapidly from within them. Goma directed them towards Mort trying to ensnare him.

At least the jacket had stopped him from being directly hit by the pellets, so Mort had enough reaction time to dash straight forward and jump over the vine tangled jacket towards Goma. He readied his legs and feet just in case, flinging out his skeletal hands to try and grab Goma.

Goma reached up and placed a seed within his mouth,Swinging a punch at Morts incoming grab,hoping to overpower the his seemingly brittle opponent.

Mort's arms folded inwards, reversing direction quickly so they no longer pointed directly at Goma; he still shot forward, barreling head first towards Goma's own head. He folded in on himself slightly, trying to make himself thinner.

Goma used the velocity of his punch to spin around aiming a roundhouse kick at Morts incoming skull. It this didn't work things wouldn't end very well.

The head came away, cleanly and simply; however that didn't stop the body. It smacked hard into Goma, thin body like a missile but now with the sharp spine causing a point at the tip of the attack. The skull let out a deep growl from Goma's foot, biting hard on to the foot before starting to chomp up Goma's leg. His jaw unhooked slightly so he moved upwards quickly, the bodiless head biting his way up Goma's leg while wrapping around it.

Goma was knocked back but caught himself skidding across the ground. As Morts head made its way up Goma's leg he lifted the opposite leg and placed his foot above the skull and thrust it downward. Hoping to crush the skull and be done with it.

Mort glared up at Goma and suddenly gripped on with his teeth, squeezing the leg tight so any force used on the skull would strip at the cloth and flesh. Even if Goma did managed to push him down any more his jaw would just come off and he'd roll away before any damage was done. Anyway, there was a bigger problem than Mort's skull gripping onto Goma's leg; Mort's body got up running at once, heading towards Goma as he balanced on one leg and preparing for an attack.

Goma put his leg back in place and thought it out. He smiled and tossed a seed into one eye hole. He let out a wicked laugh as he side stepped and swung his leg which Mort clung to at his body.

The swing of the leg flung the seed out at once, charring quickly as it fizzed against the glowing eye that hovered in a socket. There was a sudden push against Goma's leg, where Mort clung on there seemed to be a mysterious force pushing Goma around with the kick to try and over balance him. The body kept on going, jumping up now and kicking the legs out to spin around on the spot; a tornado kick aimed to take out anyone near by.

Goma let himself fall back the kick missing him fully he caught himself with this right hand. His adam's apple shifted slightly as he swallowed the seed that he had placed in his mouth earlier. His body shifted in power suddenly as a plant like exo-skeleton began to grow from his body pushing Morts jaws apart as his shin put out armor. Goma pulled himself back up as large thorn-like extensions protruded from his back.

Mort let out a small growl but popped off his jaw and slid along after his body; he grabbed it quickly as he placed his hands on the floor and did a flip to land on his feet. He turned around, fully whole again as he lowered down slightly into a fighting stance.

Three vines wrapped themselves around Goma's arms. He smiled and swung a punch at Mort,his smile soon to be hidden by a mask that slowly formed over his face. Goma's fist moved much faster than before,it was soon followed up by a defensive stance.His other arm up and ready to block.

Mort dodged slightly to the side, watching the vines and fast movements of Goma; upgrading already? Such a shame... He kicked hard at Goma's belly, thick booted foot aiming towards the wood; there was a little plan behind this though.

Goma moved his defensive arm down the vines on it unraveling and sprawling themselves on Morts oncoming leg. He pulled back his attacking arm and grew a vine of fruit within his hand. The fruit where clear with a membrane down the center separating two juices,one was yellow,the other was blue. Goma shook the vine and the juices mixed into a vibrant green color. He laughed lightly,this was getting interesting.

Mort smirked, good he'd taken the bait. As quick as a flash Mort jerked upwards, as soon as the boot was anchored to Goma's body he jerked his foot up and began to hammer the foot at Goma, trying desperatley to get a few decent blows in before he had to split.

Goma had seen something like this coming he was prepared. A large thick layer of Bark covered his entire body,this bark Tetsukawa as he called it was incredibly durable. He dropped the vine of fruit to the ground as the juices were exposed to open air the created a volatile reaction which covered a five foot radius within a blink of an eye. Goma was knocked away the protective shell he had just grown burned away,leaving minimal damage to his actual body.

"huh..." Mort said in interest as he watched Goma evacuate the old shell as if it were dead skin, shooting himself away; he was just glad that his feet weren't touching the ground when the fruits dropped. As the body rotted away he pushed back, skidding to a halt a few feet away opposite Goma as he watched the once nice green hill get a massive patch of dead grass.

The armor clad man backed away laying his hands on his axe once more. He lifted it and slung it over his shoulder and approached Mort once more as the dead grass crinkled beneath his feet.

Mort glanced around, ah perfect. He reached out and grabbed his discarded spade from the dirt, spinning it and brushing off the dirt with a careful hand. He didn't dare use his bat, though it was his favourite weapon he didn't want to let any more wood near this wierd guy.

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2009-02-07 [Goma]: The throw would have knocked the objects away if they where directly above his head

2009-02-07 [Evolution X]: if that's true then go back and POST it...

2009-02-07 [Goma]: well it is a two handed weapon so it would require him to to a vertical swing to throw it..

2009-02-07 [Goma]: ok I edited it now fix yours.

2009-02-07 [Evolution X]: that wouldn't make a difference; Mort is ON the weapon, the items are falling from him so they are falling beside it, and even if this is all true then you need to tell me what hits, what doesn't and why.

2009-02-07 [twitchboy]: only a few poata and this much bickering? goma didnt posta a response to the falling objects so yes mort had the right to post a hit, but mort didnt say the objects were falling to hit goma directly o begin with

2009-02-07 [Goma]: But if they are falling from Mort who is ON the weapon when its on the ground then it wouldn't be anywhere near Goma at all

2009-02-07 [Evolution X]: You said you took the axe with you, they fell out cause you lifted Mort up with the weapon. and Twitchboy the last line says they were falling dirently for Goma...

2009-02-07 [Goma]: But Goma wasn't lifting his axe so how was Mort above him when he pulled it along the only upwards motion was the dislodging of the axe to pull it towards himself.

2009-02-07 [Evolution X]: I had nothing to go on with that, only that he took the axe WITH him but not how he held it. I thought he picked it up as if going to swing again so I posted that the things fell out.

2009-02-07 [Goma]: alright thats an error on my part

2009-02-09 [Goma]: its not really wood,think of it more like a bugs shell.

2009-02-10 [Eyonic]: ooo

2009-02-10 [Goma]: Hey Empty xD

2009-02-10 [Eyonic]: hiya goma ^.^

2009-02-11 [Goma]: hows it going?

2009-02-11 [Eyonic]: es going good good. how is you?

2009-02-11 [Goma]: pretty good

2009-02-11 [Lite]: So who's winning? XD

2009-02-11 [Evolution X]: ME! ME! Oh I claim this... >_>

2009-02-11 [Goma]: xD so you would think

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