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Mrath Teeg

The capital city of the Mrath Kingdom is a sprawling metropolis of both breathtaking size and architecture. The city is an amazing example of what money and power can afford if it used wisely. Nearly any service can be found within the city from a good strong drink to getting a blade enchanted.

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See Nathanial for more


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2012-05-24 [Ravenclaw]: Ok, I've an issue then. How do I know my modifier?

Ability: +3 Rank: +2 Total: 5

But my bio has no modifier.

2012-05-24 [Flisky]: The total column is the one you want. The column labeled modifier is for miscellaneous things like racial traits. Your total modifier is your ranks plus ability mod plus misc mod.

2012-05-24 [Ravenclaw]: so whatever I roll plus five then? I rolled a 15 so that bumps it up to 20, but I have a feeling Jc is gonna start wanting screen caps of my rolls.

2012-05-24 [Lord Josmar]: I wont go as far as screen caps yet (even though I believe they wouldn't help much anyways, screen caps can be staged), mainly because I have no reason not to trust any of you.

2012-05-24 [Lord Josmar]: I just reread your post and realized that you might be misunderstanding him. He isn't saying that you are the best trained elf in the entire kingdom. He is saying you are the best trained elf in the city that is capable of competing.

2012-05-25 [Ravenclaw]: Still, it's a farfetched statement than in all of the city the only other elves there are farmers. Elves don't particularly farm in my head.

2012-05-25 [Avaz]: Of course they don't. They farm on land instead. :3

2012-05-25 [Lord Josmar]: Lmao, that was funnier in my head then it should have been.

Most of the Elves that have combat training are more likely to stay with their brethren in their own cities rather then flood to a human controlled city to try and help.

I guess what it is, is that the Elves are kinda more worried about protecting their own cities and settlements then they are about keeping a human ruled Kingdom from falling. So that means that the only ones that are free to help are ones that really can't do anything, like shepherds and gatherers and etc.

2012-05-25 [Ravenclaw]: I knew when I was typing someone would make a joke of it.

2012-05-30 [Avaz]: What time of day is it right now for them?

2012-05-30 [Lord Josmar]: It is evening now.

2012-06-04 [Lord Josmar]: Just let me know when you're ready for a jump. I don't want to step on your RPing toes.

2012-06-04 [Flisky]: I'll leave it up to SOD, but Neradine is just going to ramble some more about falling in love with elven culture, so moving to morning could be a good idea.

2012-06-04 [shadow of darkness]: fine by me

2012-06-04 [Lord Josmar]: Ok, I will have to do that tomorrow. I have school in the morn and that will keep me occupied till about 3-4pm. I will try to do the jump once I get home.

2012-06-04 [Ravenclaw]: Holler at me when you need Yalala.

2012-06-04 [Lord Josmar]: I will be archiving her page after I do this one so you'll know.

2012-06-04 [Avaz]: Lok expects to wake up in the morning, for what it's worth, heh. :P

2012-06-04 [Avaz]: Unless, y'know, we get assaulted by bandits in the middle of the night or something. XD

2012-06-04 [Lord Josmar]: Lok, Nathaniel, and Rhen will start posting in The Blessed District.

Yalala will post in The Emerald District.

It is now the next day.

2012-06-06 [Lord Josmar]: SoD!

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