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Helllloooooooooo you crazy Muppet fans out there!

Lets have a conversation about which of the Muppet films are the best!

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Please also add your favourite muppet quote to the ever growing list!
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Don't you just think Muppets are the best thing in the world?
There is so much we can learn from the muppets, such as

[The results of your favourite Muppets are finally in, see if yours won!]
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2005-09-30 [Tanzi Took]: thats what i thought!! actually me and lizz invented him years and years ago then got you hooked on saying was coooooooooool. i was once a him, i lived in a him, but i never saw the him, the him slayed the him. i was only three years him, but it told a him, and now listen little him to the safety him!!!!

2005-09-30 [psychekiller]: yeah whathimer!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaargh now youve got me started

2005-10-04 [Mrs Gamgee]: yeh true, my bad Liz! ARGH, partyage was ssssoooooooooo good!

2005-10-06 [Tanzi Took]: hurray!! you gota check this out its so funny, listen to the music at the start when the hobbits are dancing LOL!!!!

2005-10-07 [psychekiller]: k

2005-10-24 [Tanzi Took]: hey gamge im in lanzarote at da mo hehe. on da net in the hotel huray! just been on a yellow submarine it was........pretty good. coming back thursday il be in oke on da weekend you gota cum over son. have you watched him ^ yet? argh i dont understand this stupid spanish keyboard its gaaaaaaaaaay. c him soon love ya xxx

2005-10-24 [psychekiller]: hey couldn't help bein nosy i saw the hobbits thing well wicked or                                         im just trying to fit in!

2005-10-25 [Tanzi Took]: hehe yay! look at this its well cool

2005-10-26 [psychekiller]: k

2005-11-07 [psychekiller]: eee


2007-08-02 [Tanzi Took]: GARD GARD GGGARD GARD!

2007-08-04 [psychekiller]: OH the taters one, thats awsome too but i still prefer the isengard one.
have you heard the bohemian rhapsody LOTR parody?

2007-08-04 [Tanzi Took]: no, that sounds well cool tho i love that song. by the way i saw your list of fave bands on your house page and i totally agree! lol its really weird how we've just randomly carried this conversation on after like 2 years!!

2007-08-05 [psychekiller]: i know! its been 2 years and the conversation isnt dead, tis wierd.
but yeah thanks about the band thing, you have taste

2007-08-05 [Tanzi Took]: lol as do you! duno whats happened to gamgee though she doesnt come on here that much any more :( oh well we can still be randomly gay! peanut peanut on the elephant!

2007-08-05 [psychekiller]: peanut butter jelly time

2007-08-05 [Tanzi Took]: stomach pills! stomach pills! a cup of indian tea! Have you some jam?! have you been to my naughtyLOTRstories wiki? its pretty fucked up and rather gay...

2007-08-06 [psychekiller]: no but i shall gay

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