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Welcome To...


Do people often find you sadistic? Masochistic? Are you ready to stop wasting time and start spilling blood? There are victims to be taken down and weapons to be put to use...

This is the place to be if you want to express how you really feel, let those little urges free. Give into you desire to be the hunter.

So now that you're here, stay and join. There are Games to be played and people to be played with

So if you wish to join, place your name on  The Murderers page, and a brief note about yourself and your style. What kind of killer, so on and so forth. Then go on to the banner section and pick what you like...

The Murderers (Go here to become a Member)

Murderer Banners

Murderers Poetry Do you have poetry, or stories about murder? Share with us....

The Stories in Blood Go here to read the past murders

Murders Where the Magic Happens

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2008-10-31 [〶*!*LiŦŦle Miss Spookiness*!*〶]: *walks back to the window and looks in it* ill stay out here for awhile it feels good out here

2008-11-03 [sea nymph]: I will join you.....>>>.pwwwwffff<<<< a little more than luck I guess.

2008-11-03 [〶*!*LiŦŦle Miss Spookiness*!*〶]: sweet...*moves away from the window*

2008-11-06 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Hey! I want some sunshine too you know. :) ::sits on the window frame and watches the clouds::

2008-11-07 [〶*!*LiŦŦle Miss Spookiness*!*〶]: *sits under the window frame and watches the clouds with them* such a nice site

2008-11-10 [sea nymph]: you two are going to break out in freckles! plus whom does not enjoy the look and feel of skin who has not been touched by the sun.

2008-11-13 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: ...? Say what? I beg your pardon, but I get my share of sunlight. I'm not a friggin vampire, you know!

2008-12-01 [sea nymph]: hmmm I must say you have to look the part of death to deal I guess thats just personal opion......*hmmm*...

2008-12-01 [〶*!*LiŦŦle Miss Spookiness*!*〶]: *looks around at both of them* i get my fair share of the sun as well, but no matter what i stay as pale as a ghost.

2008-12-12 [sea nymph]: like I said every successful murderer (real or movie) has had an intidimation factor or scary presence about them or inviting!....I think of it a vampire...the tones of sex and power that hover around them attract prey......but in the hmmmm real world...look at the koolaid kids...attracted....manson murders...attracted...its all about having them come to you....takes a lot of the work out and adds more to the play!

2008-12-17 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: ::sprays self with pheromones, and sprays some endorphins in the air:: Hm... Interesting thoughts... Gotta make tests.

2008-12-19 [〶*!*LiŦŦle Miss Spookiness*!*〶]: *looks at both of em* hhhmm, you do have some interesting ideas there.

2008-12-21 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: :)

2009-01-06 [sea nymph]: Hmmm.....*smells like licking time*

2009-01-07 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: ...?

2009-01-07 [sea nymph]: What? YOu've never had the plesure of smelling someone of GOOD odor? Its a girl thing.....

Let me put it this way if you want to talk my guest...

Ever notice the stinker and more of an ass hole someone is male/female....the more partners they have?

2009-01-10 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: :) Depends.
Though a friend once did state, that "All the best girls date dogs and hyenas".
On the other hand, I'm neither a stinker, or an ass, and I can still get quite a few partners if I decide to...
Now deciding not to be monogamous - that's the tough one for me. :)
p.s.: Still - licking time? As in "skin so aromatic you just want to lick it and nibble at it, until one of you is forced to orgasm"?

2009-01-11 [〶*!*LiŦŦle Miss Spookiness*!*〶]: -looks at each of them confused-......uuuuummmmmm..................

2009-02-07 [sea nymph]: Yes! Yes! Yes!

2009-02-07 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Yes what?

2009-02-08 [〶*!*LiŦŦle Miss Spookiness*!*〶]: -looks over at [sea nymph]- yes???

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