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2011-05-19 19:53:45
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The scars of life plague, it is an inevitability of living.
Some would disagree, but I say, that it is how one
Carries those scars that defines the person, not the scars
Themselves. I have scars that are plain to see, as well as
Scars that are harder to find; Demons that eat at my essence,
Causing fear and doubt. Scars whisper, corrupting the mind
Sending it careening into rubble that is hard to rebuild.
Physical scars that cause some form of vanity, or shyness.
Putting on clothes that are to big, or never showing our legs,
Or stomach. Emotional scars that build walls around our feelings,
Walls that keep us safe from harm, but so far away that we dare
Not love. Spiritual scars that hinder us from knowing what life is about.
Scars that keep us from truth and growth. These scars hinder us,
But need to be conquered. For we are not perfect people and our
Damages cannot label, Else we become that in witch we try to hide.

Written by [pegasus1000]
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