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2004-01-28 16:30:22
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My Tribe Dream






welcome to this page, I just made it so don't expect anything yet!!!


The Tribe

Still in Progress...

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2003-12-17 [Decla]: yeah ofcourse!!! it isn't finished yet but when it is it's gonna be great!!!

2003-12-17 [Ilana]: I actually know nothing about the Tribe... but it looks interesting.

2003-12-17 [Decla]: it really is, you should look on, there stands everything you want to know about the tribe

2003-12-19 [Ilana]: Ok, I'll check it out... thanks!

2003-12-19 [Decla]: you're welcome

2003-12-26 [Flutterbi]: Very cool looking

2003-12-26 [Decla]: thank you, it's a start :P

2003-12-30 [Davorah]: UGH! Yours is better than mine...prolly b/c I've half given up on Elftown and Started Playing Neopets again...LOL!! Your's is awesome! I'm gonna put a link to yours on my wiki, k? Hope you'll put one on yours for mines! =^.^= *huggles*

2003-12-31 [Decla]: sure!!!! thanks *huggles back*

2004-01-05 [Davorah]: RANDOM ACT OF ADVERTISEMENT: Weekly Funny Stuffs! GO NOW!!!

2004-01-06 [Decla]: okay :)

2004-01-06 [Demon-child]: Ooooooooo. COSTUMES ARE COOL!

2004-01-06 [Decla]: I know :D:D:D:D

2004-01-18 [Glucko]: does sombody goes to a fantasy fair?

2004-01-18 [Decla]: I'm going to the elf fantasy fair!!!

2004-01-24 [Janouk]: Looks good allready!! It's nice to see others being interested in this series! I like the clothes Lex has on the second picture!

2004-01-24 [Decla]: me too! he looks good in those :D:D

2004-04-11 [Janouk]: Hey, are you still working on this page, it has been having a malfunction for quite good a time now!And did I read correctly that you are going to the elffantasyfair? I wanted to go, but I'm in the middel of a test week on that moment, to bad! Have fun there!

2004-04-12 [Decla]: yes I am going to he elffantasy fair, it's my 1st time!!! I'm going with my girlfriend

2004-06-27 [AC-DC_Alyssa]: awsome outfits, i am in marshal arts too, kinda

2005-04-16 [delphra7]: wow i didnt know there was a fan wiki for the tribe .....i mean rocks i used to be convinced i was going to marry jack ...cuteness lmao

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