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2005-01-02 14:15:02
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My drawings

Here you can see more of my drawings, these are better then the Random Crap things.


It's me zombie style ;)
You can addopt me at the Adoption Agency :D



yeah, women rule!!


This is part of my giant monster drawing... all done in pencil



A picture I made for [♥Flames♥], her characters 'Casey & Isabelle' that I designed.


Crazy Pirate Skull... made 16/05/03


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2004-08-09 [liiga]: Humm well since you wanted crits, here goes. First of all, the monster piccie. It's really interesting, I love all the expressions going on. My favorite is probably the guy in the middle with his mouth open, looking somewhat zomby-like. It's a part of a larger picture as you say, so it's a bit hard to comment on the composition, but it has one little flaw there. The way your characters look, it really leads the eye around the page, except for one place - on the right, the guy with the long neck is facing the area outside the drawing, and his eye movement isn't strong enough to make up for it. The Way the fist of the large creature above him is turned unfortunately doesn't help either. But..

2004-08-09 [liiga]: ..that's just for future reference. It would be nice if that picture had more strong shading in my opinion, because there are some places where you do have dark shading, but they are scattered around and don't really do anything to add volume to your characters or other interesting aspects. Well hummm what else, the scan really isn't too good. Those blothces at the upper part of the image are a bit eh...

2004-08-09 [liiga]: About the second pic - well it's obviously cartoony, but there is a place where anatomy is wonky even for cartoon characters. That would be the guy's right arm - the forearm is very long, upper arm short, and the wrist is bent somewhat strangely. Might want to check out reference on that. Hmm and the girl's bent leg looks a little strange for some reason - I think her foot should be turned so that we'd see more of its underside. Right now I have trouble figuring out which direction exactly the knee is facing (as if the leg were bent upwards, I don't see how it would actually stay up since the girl appears to be quite limp). (And then there's gravity defying hair involved, but you might or..

2004-08-09 [liiga]: ..might not want to do anything with that.)

2004-08-09 [liiga]: As for the last one, it's pretty kewl. Maybe stronger lines would help? It's currently somewhat washed out, probably scanning problem. One thing I find weird about it though - is that a lower lip? It sort of looks strange for a skull to have a lower lip and what reminds of gums consequentially. o.O

2004-08-09 [liiga]: And in the name of a good tradition, here goes a back to Constructive Criticism Wiki link. :P

2004-08-09 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: oh yeah... I din't pay a lot of attention to the eyes by the look of things... the blothes are actually paper creases 'cause the drawing is sooo big (didn't fit in the scanner), I noticed my shading wasn't to good as well, it'll just be such a big job to do it... but when I'm bored on a rainey day, I'll start correcting stuff. thx for your opinion any way :-D

2004-08-09 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: the second picture was made for somebody, she thinks it's 'realy good' or something, so I won't attempt to change anything (ps:anatomy isn't my greatest thing) .

2004-08-09 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: and the skull guy thingy, does for some strange reason have gums (and a lot of them), I think I'll change that and draw it in black pen ;)

2004-08-19 [jaderii]: Coolness!! I like the pics, but I can't see you as zombie!! I think it's the JPG part. Isn't it suppose to be .jpg in lower case thingys??? Maybe that work. ;3

2004-08-19 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: it's cos the website where i host them has a limit on the amount of times things can be seen, and today too many people looked at my house and stuff, but tomorrow they will be back, don't worry ;)

2004-08-21 [livingdeadgurl]: the sword details at the top are lookin awsome

2004-08-22 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: thankies, that took friggen ages, I've never used pc programs to colour before... oh well, one day it might be finished ;)

2004-10-03 [PixieStickChick]: OMG! I adopted such a HOT zombie!! lol

2004-10-04 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: hehe, why thank you *flutters her icky eyelashes, and grins in a way so you can see all her rotten teeth* :D

2004-10-26 [-The Digital Stitches-]: And once again. I love the first one!

2004-10-27 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: lol :D good to hear that

2005-01-07 [*DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE*]: Awesome Zombie, my fav one is the half nekkid woman warrior!!! Shes so pretty, your anatomy and coloring look perfect, its truly an amazing pic! I also really like the monsters too!

2005-01-07 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: hihihi =D *feels mega proud* thankies for all the nice comments Queeny :D *glomps you*

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