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Welcome to the Myth Blending Contest!


What myth blending?

The idea of this contest is to take a myth, any myth - be it Celtic, African, American, Asian or Scandinavian - and use it as an inspiration to a short story. You must take multiple myths and blend them together or fit a myth into today's world or some fantasy/sci-fi world of your own creation. You can also use a folk tale or even a modern urban tale if none of the ancient myths inspire you. And remember, although you are allowed (and expected) to use characters and events from the myth(s) you choose, you still must have a storyline of your own and at least one original character. Original meaning that you invented it.

Simpler explanation, please?

Basically, what I want from your entry is the following:

- your own storyline, even though having elements from the myth(s) you used
- at least one character of your own creation
- if only one myth, must be situated in the modern world, or a fantasy/sci-fi world of your own creation


There are always rules. Adhere to them, or get disqualified.

1. Your entry must be original work, meaning that even though you get your inspiration from already existing material, the story has been written by you and you only.
2. The entry must comply with the above guidelines. Read them carefully.
3. Remember to mention which myth you used.
4. Keep your entry at the length of 10 000 words or below.
5. No place-holding!
6. Have fun! :)

After finishing your entry, put it to a separate wiki page, linking it here after your name.

Please note that I reserve the right to remove any entry if I feel it doesn't follow the theme or the rules. I will post a warning and thus give you a chance to remove the work in question yourself, but after one day, if the entry is still there, I will take it off. However, you are always allowed to try again.


Either at fifteen (15) entries or September 1, 2007. Whichever comes first.

Judging? Prizes?

There will be three winners, chosen by myself and another judge. Prizes are a badge for each, and if desired, a handmade book or piece of jewellery for the first place.

Other notes...

Contest is maintained by [Linderel]. If you have something to ask, feel free to message me.
In case you are unsure of whether your entry is suitable or not, I recommend sending it to me via message or e-mail for checking to avoid hassle.


At long last, winners have been chosen!

Thank you to everyone for participating.

3rd place: [Lirazel] with LZ Mask
2nd place: [Priscilla Primkin] with The Sybil of Cumae
1st place: [Kaimee] with His Sister's Game

<img:stuff/mythblendingfirst.gif> <img:stuff/mythblendingsecond.gif> <img:stuff/mythblendingthird.gif>


Contestants and entries:

#1. [mywolfalways] - MWAPooka - inspiration: Irish horse demon: pooka.
#2. [the 5th apocalyptic horseman] - Galahad's Soul - inspiration: sir galahad / king arthur; Hel (germanic goddess of death) and her empire; hades and persephone.
#3. [Lirazel] LZ Mask - Inspiration: Irish Myth - Niall and the Well
#4. [Blaithin] - Creation Competition Based on the Ojibway and Greek creation myths and figures.
#5. [Muerta] ink blends based on: alaskan-storm myth, norse-Idun and the apples of youth, Fairytale-Rumplilstiltskin and irish-bran and tan inna mban.
#6. [Kaimee] His Sister's Game Modern fiction based on the Pandora myth.
#7. [Saqism] Berserker Based on Norse mythology and somewhat on Norse history. My story is pure mythology.
#8. [Annie] - Pikoi and Sif - Sif/Loki are from Greek mythology; Pīkoi is from Hawaiian mythology. - 616 words
#9. [Priscilla Primkin] - The Sybil of Cumae - based on the tale of Apollo and Daphne.
#10. [King Conan] - The End of Tae - Involves the celtic goddess Morrigu' and pictish blendings


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2004-06-16 [mywolfalways]: Chapters can be pretty long or pretty short [Linderel]. A word count might be better in this case.

2004-06-16 [Linderel]: Well, you're right about that. I just don't know much about word counts... Well, I'll make the top word count 6000, that should be enough for two medium-length chapters. Or, well, I don't know about medium length but anyways.

2004-06-16 [Linderel]: There, now when that's fixed... Everything should be quite alright. I hope.

2004-06-16 [mywolfalways]: 2000 is about 5 pages, so that's about 15 pages.

2004-06-16 [Linderel]: Well, then we certainly won't suffer from lack of reading... ^^'

2004-06-16 [mywolfalways]: *chuckles* This is going to be fun. Do we need the reference to the myth when we put up our entry, or no?

2004-06-16 [Linderel]: I'd appreciate it. Thank you for mentioning that, I was going to write it up there but apparently forgot.

2004-06-18 [thestranger]: Sounds interesting, I'm in :)

2004-06-19 [the 5th apocalyptic horseman]: woohoo! myth... im a mythology freak... guess if u partly know me u know... hey u also do something like in the 'everworld' series, right?

2004-06-19 [-Shadow-Nell-]: Everworld! I've read that series! Actually, I have that series. It's pretty good, got some funny parts. But to get on topic...this looks so cool! I'll see if I've got any ideas before I sign up though...

2004-06-19 [the 5th apocalyptic horseman]: i read the first 9 books, the 10th has never been translated into german. i should try to find it here... okay ill think about an idea now too

2004-06-20 [Nere]: *growls* .. well I've got my myth... and story line... I'm gonna use a celtic myth concerning Branwen and her brother Bran...

2004-06-20 [mywolfalways]: I really liked Everworld. It had excellent myth blending, along with realistic characters.

2004-06-20 [-Shadow-Nell-]: Yes, it's a very strong story. Great blending, I agree!

2004-06-28 [the 5th apocalyptic horseman]: yeah i agree. it was a good story.

2004-06-29 [Dead]: Does the story have to be finished when we submit it?

2004-06-29 [Linderel]: Not necessarily, no. But don't leave it terribly unfinished, because if there's a major cliffhanger, we'll be demanding to read more. :D But, yeah, it doesn't have to be finished. It would be good that it was finished, but not completely necessary.

2004-07-01 [Dead]: Alright then..

2004-07-05 [the 5th apocalyptic horseman]: kay... ill remember that

2004-08-23 [Linderel]: How's the writing going?

2004-08-24 [thestranger]: working on it, now that I've got a few other contests out of the way :)

2004-10-18 [mywolfalways]: Hey, who else is working on theirs? Or have people forgotten?

2004-10-24 [mywolfalways]: Woo-hoo! My entry is finished! Anybody else?

2004-10-24 [Linderel]: Yay! I'll read it right away.

2004-10-24 [mywolfalways]: Has everybody else who was planning on being involved forgotten about this? I hope not. I was really looking forward to reading everybody else's ideas.

2004-10-25 [mywolfalways]: I added information about the original pooka tale at the bottom of my entry. I noticed [Linderel] had said to include information on the original tale if we could.

2004-11-15 [*Raging*Angel*]: Im gunna do tattercoats i have this amazing book of fairytales its like 60 years old

2004-11-16 [mywolfalways]: I love old fairy tale books. I look forward to reading your piece.

2004-11-17 [Digital Fortress]: I have a question. Can you write about a myth that was already written, but change a few things and make it from someone else's point of view?

2004-11-18 [Linderel]: Err... I guess it could be allowed, yes. At least the rules don't deny that...hmm. As long as some of the content (concerning both events and characters) is from your head, it's alright.

2004-12-12 [the 5th apocalyptic horseman]: well im still thinking... i dont have an actually worked out idea yet theres just too many myths id like to do

2004-12-17 [Linderel]: Remember that you can use several. ^.^

2005-01-30 [Linderel]: Yes! Yesyesyes! Another finished entry! *does a silly little dance* My contest has not been forgotten! *takes a closer look* Okay, half-finished, but anyway.

2005-01-30 [Lirazel]: :) I should have it finished by tonight or tomorrow, at the latest

2005-05-05 [mywolfalways]: It's been a while. How is everybody doing on their entries?

2005-05-06 [Lirazel]: I'm all done, and have the whole thing posted...just waiting for everyone else to finish

2005-05-11 [mywolfalways]: I hope more people finish up soon. This sounded like a really exciting contest and I'm excited to see what else everybody has.

2005-08-28 [the 5th apocalyptic horseman]: well i finally had an inspiration this morning and started writing immediately... cant take more than a few days till "galahad's soul" is up... see? i already got a title!!!

2005-08-28 [Linderel]: Great. ^.^

2005-08-28 [the 5th apocalyptic horseman]: Done!!!! just a fun little story without any further symbolic meaning. wrote enough deep, meaningful stuff... time for a little fun...

2006-01-31 [Linderel]: *pokes* People... Have you forgotten the existence of this contest...?

2006-02-03 [the 5th apocalyptic horseman]: looks like they have... i did a lot of revision on my entry some weeks ago, but the new version is in german so i guess this really awful one has gotta stay up here...

2006-02-03 [Linderel]: *sigh* And I was so looking forward to seeing all the entries. Some of the people haven't logged on in ages! What on Earth am I supposed to do with this...

2006-02-08 [the 5th apocalyptic horseman]: dunno... closing and voting without caring about the rest is the solution thrown at me from a random person standing behind me, but if that would really make sense... i mean, there is a lot of contests on here that never get closed, and i think thats kinda really annoying fo the people who actually submitted something...

2006-02-08 [Linderel]: I'll do the following: I will remove those without entries from the participant list and send them a message asking if they would still like to enter. I'll continue the contest, and this time there will be no place-holding.

2006-02-13 [the 5th apocalyptic horseman]: sounds good. and i will rewrite my entry and enter it anew

2006-03-01 [dmeredith]: OK, through much trial and tribulation and bumbling on my part my entry is up and running. Thanks for all the help Linderel!

2006-03-02 [dmeredith]: Also, I am a member of the writing forum so I'll tell everybody about the contest and try to get six more people interested for you. I'll try spreading the word in my other forums too. Anyway, thannks again!

2006-03-02 [Linderel]: I appreciate the help in spreading the word. But... Umm, please see the note I left on your entry? :/

2006-03-02 [dmeredith]: If rules are rules then Oh well. If I happen to think of somthing else to write down sometime and actually get time to do it then maybe I'll try again. Good luck with contest though. I hope you get more suitable entries.

2006-03-02 [Linderel]: Thank you, and once again, I'm sorry about this. Well, at least teaches me to be a bit more specific in defining the rules...

2006-03-20 [Linderel]: Broken link. ;_;

2006-03-29 [Linderel]: [Hobbit teen] - I removed your entry because the wiki your link led to was empty. Feel free to put your entry back up the next time you're around.

2006-03-29 [Hobbit teen]: k thanx ^^

2006-03-30 [Blaithin]: I'm about half done my entry now so it should be up in the next day or so :)

2006-03-30 [Linderel]: Yay! :)

2006-05-01 [Linderel]: [Subject37], your link leads to an empty wiki. You'll be wanting to fix that. And I'm removing [Chrysilla]'s entry, since it doesn't exactly fit. She can try to participate with another piece if she wishes to.

2006-05-13 [Subject37]: I've changed my mind about this....

2006-05-20 [Chrysilla]: thank you hun :) some1 just had to tell me i was wrong :P. I got a new idea, i think i`ll write something tonight. It`ll be about a creature from the Romanian folklore... or maybe i`ll write two stories... may i write two stories? *makes the face of a starving cat asking for food and meows*

2006-05-26 [Linderel]: Umm... Let's see. If I let you write two stories, I would have to give that chance to everyone else as well, because I don't like bending for the sake of one person only. And when there's only ten places, of which six spots are free... So I'd prefer if you didn't. If, however, at least three more spots aren't filled by July, I'll let everyone who so wishes write two stories for this contest. Fair enough for you?

2006-05-29 [Chrysilla]: sure, i don`t mind, you`re absolutely right. It`s just that i can`t decide... hmmm... i think i`ll message both to you and u`ll chose one. okay? ;)

2006-05-29 [Linderel]: Erm... o.O I would prefer you to choose yourself. Sorry. ^.^;; Unless you're unsure about their acceptability, but I hope not.

2006-05-30 [Chrysilla]: I hope that too. Well, I think I`ll just write down their names and put them in a hat and chose :)

2006-06-18 [Blaithin]: Hmm...Did the hat eat the names? o.O

2006-06-19 [Chrysilla]: Sorry, not much time to write these days...

2006-08-31 [Linderel]: Holy cow, a new entry! :O

2006-08-31 [Muerta]: Yay. I joined, I joined. I'm actually doing something on elftown! *swoons**faints with a loud crash.*

2006-08-31 [Linderel]: *gives chocolate*

2006-09-01 [Muerta]: mmmmmm. choooocolaaate. dribble drool.

2006-11-01 [Lizisthebest]: hey, I should be joining this right away, cant right now kus im at school, but I should be right away, just leaving a tell so that you know.

2006-11-02 [Elodicressida]: Chooooocooooolaaaaate. Choooocoooolaaaate.

Now you've done it. You'll never get rid of me now.

2006-11-19 [Chrysilla]: oh the contest is this opened... Hmmmm... *checking agenda* I think I might be able to enter something... but couldn`t say when exactly...

2007-02-24 [Raesha]: how long will this contest be running?

2007-02-24 [Linderel]: For as long as it takes for those spots to fill. Or until I run ouf of patience. This contest started over two years ago, so that patience is infinite. It's not like the contestants are being very active, either. :P

2007-02-28 [Raesha]: cool! thanks!

2007-03-01 [Linderel]: If this isn't full around the end of April, though, I'm just going to declare it closed and judge the entries that there are. Some of these people aren't even on ET anymore...
I never should have let it drag on for this long. >_<
Ah well, first or second contest I ever hosted. Was bound to make mistakes.

2007-03-01 [Elodicressida]: I have a story I've considered posting, but I'm not sure that it would work unless you count the geese as characters. Anyway, there's a link to it from my house, near the bottom, if you'd like to take a look.

2007-03-01 [Linderel]: Sure. Thanks.
Because I'm lazy, it being so late at night, I'll ask instead of trying to find out by reading all of it: Who's the narrator?

2007-03-01 [Elodicressida]: Guinevere... in a Greek way.

2007-03-01 [Linderel]: Ah, okay.
Well, I'll read it more carefully later and tell you what I think. Are you prepared to edit it or to write a new story if that one's unsuitable?

2007-03-01 [Elodicressida]: Sure, I can do that!

2007-03-01 [Linderel]: Wonderful. :)
But now I'll prepare to crash. It's 3am, and my eyes are beginning to protest.

2007-03-01 [Elodicressida]: What are you doing up at 3 am? Get thee to bed! *grumbles about people with an insane sense of bedtime*

2007-03-01 [Linderel]: No school, no job. My rhythm's bound to get all wonky, and so it has.

2007-03-01 [Elodicressida]: There's no excuse! Absoballylutely none. You must leave now, or I shall have to chase you in to bed with brandished pine cones and tree sap!

2007-03-01 [Linderel]: Aye-aye. I shall. But first a kitchen raid, because I am starving. Going to bed while my stomach is grumbling and moaning at me is not appealing in the least... Anyways. *hops away*

2007-03-02 [Elodicressida]: Kitchen raid? Kitchen raiding is good! Nutella and graham crackers! *feels hungry even though just ate*

2007-05-05 [Linderel]: [Annie T.], no poking what you shouldn't be poking, the introduction is exactly how I want it. :P

2007-05-05 [Annie T.]: ;) Ok, sorry. I was about to submit and then I realized I had to make a wiki page before I submitted, and then I saw that and thought perhaps it would be better to just fix it and see how it went than to say something and go through all the hassle of possibly making you embarrassed or offended, etc.

2007-05-05 [Linderel]: If you think you see a mistake in anything I write, just say so. I might be snarky if it's something I've done on purpose, but generally I like to have my errors pointed out to me. :)

2007-05-05 [Annie T.]: Okie dokie, I'll remember that. I'm the type who would rather you just fix it yourself than put a comment on the page saying that I messed up. For me if someone leaves a comment about how I made a typo, it makes me feel like they're just trying to be mean. They have to do it pretty nicely in order to make it sound like they sincerely just want to help.

2007-05-08 [Linderel]: So, were you going to participate? ^_^
I know I previously said I'd close this around the end of April, but feh, I'll let this roll to around mid-June when I actually have time to do stuff again, for a while.

2007-05-08 [Annie T.]: Yes, I am going to participate. Like you, I'm overwhelmed by finals right now. I SHOULD be studying for the three tests I have tomorrow and the next day but instead here I am dinking around playing with contests and stuff.... >.< Don't feel like you have to hold the contest up for me though, I see that it's been held up for a long time and I'm sure people are itching to win. ;)

2007-05-08 [Linderel]: School is eeebil.

2007-05-08 [Annie T.]: Ok, I pulled it off. ;) It's not anywhere near 10,000 words but you said but sweet, right? :P

2007-05-08 [Linderel]: Wheee, thanks for playing! :D
And yeah, short but sweet. 10,000 words of the same story would be an incredible accomplishment for me as well... though I kind of succeeded when writing my Nanowrimo last year... Never made it to the goal, but broke the 10,000 word marker, which is a lot. :P

2007-05-08 [Annie T.]: ya, 10,000 is a LOT a lot. I've never made 10,000 words of anything...I think the most I've ever written was about 3,000 or 5,000 or something.

2007-05-08 [Linderel]: Mmmyeah. The secret to Nanowrimo is a lot of infodumps, fillers, long sentences... that kind of stuff. xD
And, of course, the idea is quantity over quality. :P

2007-05-08 [Annie T.]: I haven't tried nanowrimo and I haven't been able to see the products of anyone who least no on WC.

2007-05-08 [Linderel]: I believe my wiki of what I produced last year is still intact here on ET... I don't really know why I put it up, but eh. xP

2007-05-08 [Annie T.]: haha...I might try it this November. Why not?

2007-05-08 [Linderel]: Good luck if you do! I know I will try again, and hopefully get to the goal this time. :D

2007-05-10 [Linderel]: Oi, [Priscilla Primkin]. I thank you for playing, but "3. Remember to mention which myth you used."

2007-05-10 [Priscilla Primkin]: I thought I did, it's in the title. However, I shall add it to my description.

2007-05-10 [Linderel]: Well, "The Sybil of Cumae" says nothing to me, so... :P

2007-05-10 [Linderel]: ...well, I'll be darned. You're on WritersCo as well. How sweet. :D

2007-05-10 [Priscilla Primkin]: *waves*

2007-05-10 [Annie T.]: What's your name on WC priscilla? I'm curious now cause I'm on WC as well as Linderel! :)

2007-05-10 [Priscilla Primkin]: I'm Eleanor.

2007-05-10 [Annie T.]: Ohhh. :)

2007-05-12 [Kaimee]: The differnce in WC names confuses me :P

2007-05-12 [Linderel]: I used to be Calann here as well... :P

2007-05-12 [Kaimee]: ... yeah, so not helping with the confusion! :P I should probably check WC. Bit said though, I don't think I'll have many changes to look at.. :(

2007-05-12 [Linderel]: From what I can see, it's become a bit more active lately. :o

2007-05-12 [Priscilla Primkin]: Priscilla Primkin is a joke name, dating back a long, long time, and I guess I wasn’t all that serious when I joined ET. I suppose if I really felt the need I could change it, but being stalked by love-lorn Turks would be creepier. I’ll stay PP, thanks.

2007-05-12 [Annie T.]: Ya, WC has been at least a LITTLE more active if not a lot, I think. :)
I would have chosen just Annie for here at ET, but when I first joined ET I didn't have a WC account, so I chose "tell-tale heart" and then I recently changed it to match my WC name as closely as possible, but Annie is already taken. So I added the T. cause that's how I sign my stuff at WC anyway. lol...

2007-08-22 [King Conan]: I submitted a story but have never used wiki before so I'm not sure if has worked properly.

2007-08-22 [Priscilla Primkin]: So does this mean that judging can commence?

2007-08-22 [Linderel]: No. :P Take a closer look.

2007-08-23 [Priscilla Primkin]: Argh! I think September 1 is the closer of the two.

2007-08-23 [Linderel]: Yeah, so do I. I started this contest in... uhm... 2004? xD

2007-09-02 [Linderel]: Now, finally, it is over. I'll try to get the judging done by the end of next week.

2007-09-02 [Priscilla Primkin]: Good luck!

2007-09-12 [King Conan]: la la la la la la la la la la la

2007-09-12 [Linderel]: Headdesking muchly here. I seem to need to stretch to the end of this week. Sorry and thank you for your endless patience. :P

2007-09-15 [Kaimee]: Take however long you need :)

2007-09-16 [Priscilla Primkin]: If the contest has been running since 2004, I think you’re entitled to some more time.

2007-10-22 [Linderel]: I know it's been practically an eternity, and my most heartfelt apologies for that. Any explanation would sound too much like an excuse, so I won't even start. I swear that you will have the results by Wednesday evening. No more delays.

2007-10-24 [Linderel]: There. I hope the badges don't look too bad. :)
[Kaimee], if you would like to claim your prize, I have examples of my work on Crafted with love and Lin's Jewellery. :3

2007-10-24 [Priscilla Primkin]: Thanks, Linderel. What a job that must have been for you!

2007-10-24 [Linderel]: In the end, it didn't actually take very much time. I've just been... distracted. Thank you for being so patient!

2007-10-24 [Kaimee]: Oh wow, I was looking at this page last night and decided I didn't have a hope in hell :P Thankyou so much! :D

2007-10-24 [Kaimee]: Oh, and I"ve just been looking at those books, they're beautiful! I love the one with the red cloth cover!

2007-10-24 [Linderel]: Want one, then? :3

2007-10-25 [Annie T.]: Grats all!

2007-10-28 [Kaimee]: Yes please! :D

2007-10-28 [Linderel]: All right ^_^ *goes PM*

2009-10-02 [Kaimee]: I really enjoyed this contest theme actually, would you be interested in holding another similar challenge? :O

2009-10-02 [Linderel]: Maaaaaaaaybe. xD When I'm, y'know, less distracted with real life and have fewer other contests to worry about. :3

2009-10-02 [Kaimee]: Sheesh, you mean you wont drop everything on my say so? Tsk! Well, when you're feeling bored (heh) and need another contest to run, I really loved the challenge of the myth blending, so I would be happy to participate again :)

2009-12-21 [Lady Arrianya]: I like the idea of doing another myth blending contest!!!

2009-12-21 [Linderel]: I'd be glad to hear that, except that I really don't have time to run one right now. When I've wrapped up all the other contests I have going I might resurrect this. Might. No promises. :)

2009-12-21 [Kaimee]: You might have time after you make me my book :P

2009-12-21 [Linderel]: Which is also going to happen who knows when - like I told you, bookmaking stuff is at home and while I am home right now, I also have an essay and a term paper to write. You're going to get it, but I really can't say when. :/

2009-12-23 [Lady Arrianya]: *Hopes that it can come sometime since really likes the idea of it*

2010-01-04 [Eyden13]: By any chance will you be redoing this contest?

2010-01-04 [Linderel]: Please read the above comments.

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