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NYD Art Contest 2009



The New Years Day Art Competition of '09


Contest deadline: January 07, 2010

Contest Theme: 12 O'clock

RULES can be found on New Years Day Festival#General


How to post your Entry:
Add your username and entry to the list underneath the last entry posted.
Number your entry, thumbnail them to 300, and separate each entry with the <hr> tag.

1. "3, 2, 1...Happy New Years!" - [*Phoenix*]

2. "Happy New Year Everybody" - [Marlene'Jacques]

The Contest is now closed! thanks to all who entered!


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2009-12-27 [arthemis_]: Is this still open?

2009-12-27 [Ihsahn]: Sadly no, the art closed down on the 24th at midnight. the photography portion however is still open. :)

2009-12-27 [arthemis_]: Too bad that nobody posted :(

2009-12-28 [Ihsahn]: I know :(

2009-12-29 [Ihsahn]: I'm extending the deadline to match that of the photography.

2009-12-29 [*Phoenix*]: Thanks for extending the deadline!! *hugs [Ihsahn]*

2009-12-29 [Ihsahn]: No problem, just hope others decide to enter as well. :P

2009-12-29 [*Phoenix*]: ya. I would hate to have no competition...that's the worst..

2009-12-29 [arthemis_]: WHOOT! *goes work on one too*

2010-01-07 [*Phoenix*]: I have a feeling my picture's just been upstaged. >.< I even took the picture of the fireworks myself...

2010-01-07 [arthemis_]: I like both of them :D I was planning on making one of my own, but I'm afraid I haven't got the time :(

2010-01-08 [*Phoenix*]: Thanks. You should make a simple one..Mine didn't take me hardly at all.

2010-01-08 [arthemis_]: The new deadline has already past and today I get the keys to my new home... so 'fraid I haven't got the time :)

2010-01-08 [Marlene'Jacques]: Any idea who actually won?

2010-01-09 [*Phoenix*]: awww. It's sad you didn't get to enter.

I like yours too, but I feel that it's better and took more time...

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