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NYD Poetry Contest 2009



The New Years Day Poetry Competition of '09


Contest deadline: December 24, 2009

Contest Theme: 12 O'clock

RULES can be found on New Years Day Festival#General


How to post your Entry:
Add your entry and username to the list after the last entry posted.
Number your entry, bold your title next to the number, post "By: [Username]" underneath that, and seperate each entry with the <hr> tag.

1.[Lady Arrianya] Twelve Strokes of Midnight
Gently she laid her head on a pillow
Sourly she watched as the times changed
Wondering what new law she would have to swallow
Or what people would become enraged

Sitting up slowly,
hearing the first toll of the new year
Silently a prayer sent
For only God to hear

As the next stroke was sounded,
she shouted
"It is midnight once more and a wonderful New Year to all"
Inside she cried as he had not shown up for the party
Outside she partied with her friends to have a ball

The third stroke hit and her heart slowed
had that been a car door she heard?
She started to go,
For the door she ran.

The fourth stroke hit as the door was wrenched open
a hope mumbled to be right
there was nothing to be seen through the door but white

The fifth stroke hit as she pulled on a boot
The sixth and her other boot was on
moving too fast as her heart raced
Her spirit straining for the loot
Of her lover being home

Seven strokes of midnight and a 12th shot downed on a bet
faster now she moved, seeing the truck she had hoped to see.
Eight, Nine, ten strokes of midnight.
a big number 12 shining in the light

Eleven strokes of the 12th hour hit as she flew into his arms, breathlessly saying happy new year.
The final stroke of 12 and a passion flared
Both screaming out into the night
"ITs 12:00. Do you know where your New Year is?"

2. [sweet.tx.tea] - Midnight
Throughout every part of Elftown,
Citizens gather with a feeling of trite.
Not a cheerless face can be found.
We are united by celebration, tonight.

Florissant fireworks blast.
It’s midnight here.
Shadows of bright light are cast;
Whispers saying, “Kiss me, dear?”

Laughter and merriment surrounds.
Flutes of the finest glass tink,
The roar of gleeful children sounds
As Hedda pours my lover and I another drink.

Humans dance ‘round fires like gypsies,
Halflings sit with their lovers in toe,
Orcs and Elves are festive and tipsy;
Who the dwarfs kiss, we’ll never know.

2010 lights up the spacious sky,
Signaling another year has passed.
Bottle rockets begin to fly,
I hope my resolutions this year last.

Up in the midnight sky,
A sudden and instant reminder,
Forever we live and die,
This year we must be kinder.


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