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NYD Poetry Contest 2011



The New Years Day Poetry Competition of '11


Contest deadline: December 24, 2011

Contest Theme: 12 O'clock

RULES can be found on New Years Day Festival#General


How to post your Entry:
Add your entry and username to the list after the last entry posted.
Number your entry, bold your title next to the number, post "By: [Username]" underneath that, and seperate each entry with the <hr> tag.

1. So Much More
For some New Year's is just another day,
a day to get drunk go out and play.
But for me New Year's is so much more than that,
more than some fireworks a ball drop and a hat.
New Year's is the day that started the rest of my life,
the day that I got together with my loving wife.
New Year's will forever go down in infamy,
as making me the happiest that I could be.
So New Year's goes in the books close to my heart,
for being the day that I got my start.
By: [FamousPanda]



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