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User Name: [The Black Goat]

Character name: Nadine Volkov

Mutant Name: Arctic

Classification: Student

Abilities/powers: Nadine's touch causes extreme cold along the surface of object, often leaving a layer of frost as it spreads. If she touches something containing liquid then whatever is inside will start to freeze. When in direct contact with water it is even stronger, enough that she can freeze an entire pool if unable to get out quickly enough. Her power doesn't work well in hot, dry climates and while she has accidentally caused her own skin to frost over she is not immune to the cold.

Sex: Female

Age/Date of Birth: 15/Feb 29th

General appearance: Nadine is five foot four and roughly a hundred and twelve pounds, she has long dark brown hair that falls in loose curls below her shoulder-blades and large sky-blue eyes, very fair skin, and lips that are full and naturally tinted red. She is extremely pretty for her age with a fairly developed body while still remaining slender. Her features, though very feminine and delicate, share very similar traits to that of her older brother Ulric.

Additional Appearance: Nadine dresses in a fairly modest way, tending to wear a lot of button up shirts and blouses with jeans, slacks, or skirts.

Personality: quiet and shy, but very sweet once opened up. She is terribly naïve and innocent and often relies on her brother to handle situations for her when she is uncertain.
Special Skills: Is adept at playing the violin, with some ability to play the piano

Place of birth: Alaska
Weapon(s) of choice: N/A
Medical information: When she was a child she had asthma, but it has been years since her last attack
Brief History: Nadine and her brother Ulric were orphaned at a young age when their mother died giving birth to her. Through luck and young Ulric's determination to keep his infant sister close they grew up in foster care together, moving from home to home. Nadine grew up with only her brother as a constant in her life and he always protected her. When Ulric turned eighteen and was booted from the system he was forced to leave Nadine, then only ten years old, in foster care, but vowed he would work to get custody of her. He went to collage to earn his doctorate in psychology, but continued working towards keeping his promise and within four years had established himself enough to petition for custody and have it granted.

Nadine was thrilled to finally be with her brother again, but after a few months her ability surfaced in the form of her accidentally freezing an entire pool full of other students. Though no one knew she was the cause and there was no fatalities, the incident terrified Nadine and caused her brother to worry. He revealed to her that he also had a hidden ability that he had kept dormant and decided that for both their sakes she should go to Xavier's School for training while he finished getting his degree.
Relatives: Ulric Volkov, her older brother

How long your character has been in the mansion: Five months

Current Attire: White shorts and a royal blue halter top that falls loosely down her sides. The neck of it is a white, braided cable that goes around her neck and ties in the back. Underneath she is wearing a string bikini with blue and brown swirls. Her hair is down, with curls falling over her shoulders and one her feet are tan sandals with a heeled wedge.

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2013-08-15 [The Black Goat]: <img:stuff/aj/132254/1376575507.jpg>

My inspiration for Nadine's character =)

2014-04-19 [Figgy]: Poop


2014-05-16 [~Valkyrie~]: It could be funny to have Arya Tam as her roommate. :p

2014-05-17 [The Black Goat]: update her age and appearance

2014-05-17 [CuteCommander]: I think Shawn might get a crush on her :P

2014-05-17 [The Black Goat]: that would be cute ^^ Nadine has a huge crush on Rene who of course isn't interested because she's so young lol and she's not even going to realize that the boy closer to her age might like her

2014-05-17 [CuteCommander]: And it means I get to RP some adolescent brain fuzz!

2014-05-17 [The Black Goat]: ^^ fun stuff lol

2014-05-17 [Figgy]: XD Had NO idea she was crushing on the Cajun.

2014-05-17 [CuteCommander]: Who isn't? Num num num

2014-05-17 [The Black Goat]: Lol I did mention she is going to ALL of the classes he's teaching ^^

2014-05-17 [The Black Goat]: And I agree with cc, Rene's the mansions most eligible bachelor lol if I had a free character slot I'd be tempted to make a guy to rival him

2014-05-17 [CuteCommander]: So she might meet Shawn if they do a rifle use class :)

2014-05-17 [Figgy]: XD Dur may or may not be making a flirtatious guy, not sure.

2014-05-17 [The Black Goat]: I know he making a guy but he's been quite a to what hell be like lol

2014-05-17 [Figgy]: XD I have an idea on the powers, but I don't think he has had time to sit down and really make the char.

2014-05-25 [The Black Goat]: Powers updated ^^

2014-05-28 [Nikolai-Akaykam itana]: it would be interesting if she met Nik, they could have jam sessions x3 plus it would be interesting correspondance to eachother, also Nik just needs friends xD

2014-05-28 [The Black Goat]: right =)

2014-05-28 [Nikolai-Akaykam itana]: yea, Nik looks as if he turns out a loner

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