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Name That Computer!


Competition is finished. The computer is named [Elftron], by [Hendercrazy]!


Illustrious Mayor [Hedda] has proclaimed that the Elftown computer (currently known as "The Computer that Runs Elftown") needs a new short, nice, fun, and interesting name. Thus, we proudly present the "Name That Computer" competition!


All members of Elftown are invited to partake in this competition. You do not need to possess any special artistic talents; however, a good clean wit is helpful.


The "Name That Computer" competition opens on Friday, January 23, 2004, and will run until Saturday, January 31, 2004.


1. All submissions must be in English.
2. The following characters are permitted: A-Z, a-z, _, and -
0-9 can be used after the first position. These are the ONLY characters allowed
3. All submissions must be your own original idea.
4. The name must be kept to a reasonable length. Use common sense here. [Hedda] will be referring to the ET computer by this name, and having a name composed of 27 syllables is not preferable.
5a. The name you create must be able to be pronounced.
5b. Do not message [Hedda] with every name you concoct asking "Can you pronounce this?" If you do, your chances of winning will be greatly diminished.
6. The Crew reserve the right to delete entries that are hateful, explicit, obscene, nasty, and the like...  without warning.
7. You ARE allowed to be creative, silly, fun, and interesting.
8. You are allowed as many entries as you can think of
9. A winner is selected by the Elftown and Elfwood crews in a snowball war conference.

Submitting Entries

1. When you submit an entry, you must do it in this format:

"Name of entry"
[ Your Name ]

2. Entries are to be submitted to this page. Use the Edit button to do so. Do not delete the contents of the page, and read the wiki_intro if you're not sure.
3. Your entry must be submitted at the BOTTOM of the list.


Contact [Athene Noctua]

Good luck, and have fun!
~ The Elftown Crew

Begin Submissions Here
Please use the comment space for questions. 
Submissions to the comment space will not be considered.

Remember: A-Z, a-z, _, -,0-9 are allowed. Spaces and apostrophes are NOT

"Megabit Elf Queen" (Spaces, not accepted)
[Estel of allington castle]

"The All-Mighty Machine" (Spaces, not accepted)
[Lady Gwendolyn]

"The Robot Adept" (Spaces, not accepted)
[Lucivar SaDiablo]

"TOELS-Tree_of_Elftown_Life_Support" (too long)



[Artemicion the Forgetful]


"Just call it: good!"
[Dark Angel]


[Trajic Rabbit]

[No more here]





"Superior Elftowner Mega Ultra Almighty Incredibly Awesome Compuerizer Ruler of All Online Websites Riot-Preventer 3005.5" (That will be the address that you should use in the future...  /Hedda-note)
[Shadowed Tidus]

"Yggdrisil" (Yig-ris-sil) (It's spelled Yggdrasil actually)



"Deus Ex Machina" (spaces)
"Celestial Intervention" (spaces)



[True, plain and simple]


[Paul Doyle]


"Jusu" (Juice in Japanese)
"Dame" (No good in Japanese)
[Onyx Nox]

"The One that hosts Elftown"
"I Am"



"Randall de Digirni"

"EMP-ET"--emperor of ET
"IMP"- imperial man-power of pizza
"POJ"-peice of junk
"MROAT"-mushy ruler of all time
[Pnelma Tirian]


(Short and simple)
[Kit Azhure]

"P.I.M.A." (As in.. Pain In My... .)

"F.O.R.D." (Means of course: Fixed or Repaired Daily.)
"O.R.F.A.C.E." (Also Means: Often Repaired For All Childrens Enjoyment.)
"The_Idiot_Box" (No, I'm not Calling Hedda the idiot. Honest! I'm calling the machine it!)
"Holly" (Red Dwarf thing for those who don't know.)




[Wolfram Belmont]

"The_Overlord" (i wanted glue but it was taken:P)

"Bealzebub" (Man I can't spell it! You know what I mean, right? ^^

[Taran DarkSide]




"The Elfinator"
[Shade Wolf]

"broken wires"

[§ilent §niper]



'Little Black Box'
'Chip Byte'
'Supreeme being'
'Fuzzy Logic'
'Server the Gnome' (or dragon, or demon, or orc, fairy, troglodyte, gremlin, imp, cat, lammasu, toad, furry creature,etc)

Please start putting names here --->More Names! because this page is getting full!

Username (or number or email):


2004-01-24 [Lyndarsia]: If it get's changed, I can easily change it to dashes. They work just as well. Bwah.

2004-01-24 [Kaimee]: oh god i make a tiny spelling mistake and have to wait half an hour to fix it >_< theres such a thing as too popular... -_-;

2004-01-24 [Paul Doyle]: take a number! *bings the service bell*

2004-01-24 [Valkyrion]: Is it a long wait to edit the page

2004-01-24 [Lerune]: I think Elftron is cute. =0) I feel like anything I could come up with would pale in comparison to what i already here! Some of these are fabulous!

2004-01-24 [Paul Doyle]: [Valkyrion] (cocktail waitress) Beverage! Beverage! (walks by)

2004-01-24 [Kaimee]: wtf? thanks oh so much Loron -_- it sure was nice of you to re-write our entries into your own....

2004-01-24 [Paul Doyle]: Loron, thou art a moron!

2004-01-24 [Kaimee]: ooh hahaha Data_Smites hilarious! nice one [Hhoal] :P

2004-01-24 [Hedda]: The [Llevon]-edit seems like a mistake. He edited this page in a too long period of time. The diff-function invents similaries, and that has of course nothing to do with how the names was created.

2004-01-24 [Shade Wolf]: I'm going to suggest a name asap.

2004-01-24 [Kaimee]: so why'd delete three entries? thats just daft

2004-01-24 [Shade Wolf]: I didn't. And if you are refering to Hedda whatch it! He's the Mayor of Elftown.

2004-01-24 [Kaimee]: gah >_< why is everyone daft? i wasnt referring to you OR hedda being daft, i know hes the mayor, and HE was replying to a complaint that me and paul had reported about [Llevon] deleting entries. sheesh.

2004-01-24 [Kiddalee]: My stupid sister named our family computer Ireeeeeen. I don't know how to change it.

2004-01-24 [Kaimee]: hahahahaha thats hilarious! hmmm how do you change it??? i wanna name mine now *snicker*

2004-01-24 [teptep]: there added some of mine.

2004-01-24 [Kaimee]: where???

2004-01-24 [shudson]: people still can't seem to grasp that spaces are NOT allowed (neither are periods, apostrophes, question marks, exclamation marks, back slashes... etc)

2004-01-24 [Kaimee]: oops *shame*.... hehe ok fixed

2004-01-24 [shudson]: This page is full and now locked with a password, please add new entries to More Names!

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