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Naruto RP1

Sakura walked out of the hospital, she just finished her shift and decided to go find something to eat. "It's such an nice day,"Sakura said aloud, while stretching her arms above her head as she walked along the road.

Sasuke walked down the road towards Sakura. He paused with his head still facing down towards his feet but his eyes examining her expression. His hands were buried deep in his pockets. Suddenly his eyes looked back down as his feet shuffled slowly down the road again past Sakura towards his own home.

Sai walked around the village,looking for something to do.He sighed softly and saw Sasuke and Sakura.He was about to say hi,but then remembered that they pretty much hated him.

Sakura saw Sasuke walk by,i wonder whats wrong, he seems sad, Sakura thought and began debating if she should if she should see what was wrong, But what if he calls me annoying again? Sakura worried.

Gaara turned the corner and accidently ran into Sakura. His head had been in the clouds, reminesing about bad times in this very village. He snapped to attention, mumbling an apology. He owned a great debt to Naruto and Sakura, one he may never be able to repay "I hope I didn't hurt you" He said, more civial than he would, had she been anyone else.

"No you didn't,"Sakura replied, slowly getting to her feet. "Sorry Garra, i wasn't looking where i was walking," she gave him a smile.

"Neither was I" He said, brushing off her soiled shoulder carefully. "I am here to speak with Naruto, I have important buisness." He said, glancing away from her.

"I haven't seem him today," Sakura said, "Sorry. But i was headed towards Ichiraku's, he might be there stuffing himself with ramen. Um... you can come with me and check."

Gaara bowed to her "Thank you" He said, then turned to follow her without another word. It was imperative that he found Naruto and passed on his very important information as quickly as he could manage.

Sakura started to walk, she looked over her shoulder every once and awhile, as if checking to see if he was still following, even though she knew she didn't have to check. They finally reached Ichiraku's, Sakura pushed open the curtain to let Gaara through.

"It's not necessary" Gaara said, using his sand to push the curtin away from the both of them as he stepped inside the small ramen shop. He glanced around but didn't see Naruto, so instead he sat down and ordered a regular bowl of bland ramen, "Would you like one?" He asked her, polietly.

"Oh, yes please," Sakura said sitting down next to Gaara. "Thank you,"she smiled.

"It's not a problem" Gaara said, motioning for the owner "Get her whatever she would like, I'm buying" He said, settling in his seat. The owner sat two bowls in front of them and smiled, walking off. Gaara glanced at Sakura wondering what he could have said to her to make the tension a little less.

"Thank you,"Sakura said, she slowly picked up her chopsticks, "Itadakimasu," she said then slowly started eating.

Gaara mearly nodded at her and wondered where Naruto was. He sighed, breaking his chopsticks and begining to eat his ramen.

Sakura looked towards Gaara when he sighed. She was very curious about what he needed Naurto so badly for, but knew not to ask. After awhile she realized she was still looking at Gaara she quickly placed her attention back to her ramen.

Gaara finished his ramen "Would you mind escorting me around town? Do you happen to know where Naruto lives" Gaara asked, his voice low and polite.

"Hm? Oh, of course," Sakura said and placed her chopsticks down. "Don't worry i'm sure we will be able to find the baka, Naruto." she gave him a small smile.

Sasuke sat outside his apartment on the bench. He was looking at the trees with a blank yet evil stare.

Sai decided to walk over to Sasuke."Hey."He said blankly.

Hinata was watching Sai and Sasuke,she walked towards them shyly.

Sai noticed Hinata and blinked.

"Hey Sasuke,hi Sai."Hinata said looking down.

Sasuke was startled and looked at Sai, than at Hinata. "Hi..." He grumbled.

SAi smiled softly at Sasuke and looked back at Hinata."What's wrong?"

"Oh,it's nothing."Hinata said smiling slightly.

"Still shy?" Sasuke asked her.

"Do you need something,Hinata?"

Hinata nodded,"Yes,I am still shy."

"Just go talk to him already..." Sasuke told Hinata knowing she would know who he was talking about.

Hinata blushed,"I-I-I don't think he knows I exist."

"Naruto maybe an idiot, but I don't think the's that oblivious..."Sai said.

Hinata blushed even more.

Naruto popped out of no wheres standing upside down on a tree and was an inch from Hinata's face."Hey Hinata whats going on guys?"

Hinata squealed and fell backwards beet red.

Naruto blinked "Are you ok Hinata?"

"Y-Y-Yes,you just startled m-m-me N-Naruto-kun."Hinata said still beet red.

Naruto jumped down and spun around to land on his feet then went over to Hinata and felt her head with the back of his hand."You feel kinda hot you sure?"

Hinata turned redder and nodded,I can't believe he's this close. She thought to herself.

Naruto smiled and grabbed Hinata's hand and helped her up."Well if your sure then ok."

Hinata smiled at Naruto,"Uh...N-N-Naruto?"

Naruto raised his eyebrow a bit."Yes Hinata?" he smiled back.

"I uh..."Hinata mumbled,unable to say anything.

Naruto smiled and put his right hand over Hinata's shoulder on the tree behind her. "You know Hinata you always act really funny when I'm around most people would think your crazy or weird, but I find that cute about you." he smiled with his eyes closed like he normally dose.

Hinata blinked,He thinks I'm cute because of the way I act around him. she thought herself as she smiled,"R-R-Really N-Naruto-kun?"

Naruto nodded." um Hinata. If your not busy or anything maybe we could go get some ramen. You know kinda like a date thing."

"I-I'm not busy."Hinata said shocked,A date?!He's asking me out! She thought excitedly.

Naruto smiled."Great I'll meet you there tomorrow night at 7." he said before waving goodbye and dashing off.

Hinata stared after him until he was gone,"W-W-Wow."

Sasuke stood up from on the bench. "Looks like being annoyingly shy pays off." He said before he walked off like normal. He had no exact destination.

Sai looked at Sasuke and decided to follow."Aww,is Sasuke jelous that he can't have NAruto all to himself?"He smirked.

Hinata ran home to get ready for her date.

Sasuke flinched and grabbed a kunai from his pack and held it to Sai's throat.

Sai didn't even cring."Come now,Sasuke-kun...We all know you want him.."

Sasuke sighed. He was fighting a useless fight. He pulled his kunai away and walked away while spinning the kunai around his finger.

Sai kept following."Awww...Do you need a hug?"

Rock lee was trying to find Naruto to tell him something when he ran into Sasuke knocking him down.

Sasuke fell to the ground with an hard impact and glared at Rock Lee once he sat up. "Watch where you're going!" He growled.

Sai helped Sasuke and Lee up."Calm down Sasuke-kun.."

Sasuke shoved Sai off. "Get off of me homo." He mumbled and slid his hands back in his pockets scuffing his feet along again.

Sai looked at him and sighed.He kept following."What do you have against me?"

"Why are you still following me?" Sasuke growled as he turned and stared at Sai dead in the eyes. His glare was vicious.

Sai just stared at him back,not phased at all."Because I can.You seem depressed because NAruto doesn't like you like that..."He smirked.

"ENOUGH!" Sasuke yelled as he punched Sai in the face. He watched as Sai fell to the ground and he stood over him. "One more word, and I WILL kill you."

Sai fall back and just stared up at him."You know you want him...I'm just telling the truth..."

Sasuke pulled the long sword from his back and held it to Sai's throat. "I didn't come back to hear harrassments from a THING like you!" He puncured the skin just below Sai's neck to prove that he was serious.

Sai flinched slightly. "I'm not a thing. I'm a guy. A guy who just happens to be stronger than you. And you know,I could of killed you the first time we met..I chose not to."He stared into Sasuke's eyes.

Sasuke glared down at Sai. He sliced a cut into Sai's skin then resheathed his sword. He turned and started walking. "This is a useless fight. Just go away."

Sai twitched and grabbed some bandages from his shuriken holder.He wrapped up the wound and kept following Sasuke.

Sasuke sighed ignoring Sai now following him. He continued on his way just wondering. He took a detour into the woods and took out a kunai and threw it high into the tree.

Sai watched him."All you need is a friend."

Sasuke sighed. "I don't need a friend." He said as he ran up the tree, jumped off of the edge of the kunai and jumped onto the other tree. He stopped on the highest branch and looked down. "I don't WANT a friend!" He corrected.

"Oh come on,Sasuke. You obviously need someone to talk to."

Sasuke kept his eyes down on Sai and suddenly vanished.

Sai blinked adn sighed softly.

Sasuke reappeared further on down in the woods. He was mad now that the loser Sai made him have to leave a kunai behind. He looked down at the ground than jumped landing on both feet and a hand against the ground to stabilize himself. He stood straight up and started walking into total darkness.

Sai sighed softly.Being an anbu black ops,he could easily find Sasuke.But he decided,sasuke would come to him when he wanted to.

Rock Lee had followed Sai and Sasuke,"I think Sasuke does want a friend,he just doesn't want to admit it."he said coming out from behind a tree.

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2009-01-06 [Chishio]: i started

2009-01-12 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: the rules i did say that the characters must START in their areas. I'll let this one slide since u have gone so far but Everyone read the rules!

2009-01-12 [Alexi Ice]: Oh ^^' I'm SO SORRY! Where are the rules?

2009-01-12 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: on the front page above the characters.

its ok.

2009-01-17 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: ehhem *Grabs loud speaker*


2009-01-17 [Xerin Zamaki]: I just ended it *blinks*

2009-01-17 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: yes well others WERE standing right there with Hinata and Naruto. u need to give them a chance to RP as well. its ok if u rp just WAIT for others! It's this shit that pisses me off about RPs with alot of people. They take off too far leaving important people out and it's sad when the CREATOR'S chars fall out.....

2009-01-17 [Xerin Zamaki]: want me to erase and back up?

2009-01-17 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: no its fine. what's done is done. i just want everyone to read the rules.....

2009-01-17 [Xerin Zamaki]: I did I'm sorry I'm sure misty-chan wouldn't mind backing up its cool with me. and who posted did you need something hinata without putting the char?

2009-01-17 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: no its ok. let it be. what's done is done. everything is fine. let it be scott!

2009-01-17 [~Crimson Angel~]: I don't mind backing up,I can save what we have and send it to you Toshiro,and you can put it back up little by little when the others are on so we don't leave anyone behind if you want.

2009-01-17 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: its FINE! leave it. it's not to hard to jump back in right now. u two didnt take of TOO far.

2009-01-17 [Xerin Zamaki]: okie tay sowwwies toshy-san

2009-01-17 [~Crimson Angel~]: Ok then,sorry about rp so much,I really got into it.

2009-01-17 [Alexi Ice]: Lol I havnt even posted in forever..Gaara is SOOOO lost.

2009-01-18 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: lol

2009-01-19 [Chishio]: i ish bored without Gaara right now

2009-01-19 [Alexi Ice]: Alright Gaara is talking to Sakura again...Lol ^^ I finally found him.

2009-01-31 [Piercedskull]: Aww./...SAi just wants to be Sasuke's friend..

2009-02-04 [Piercedskull]: what happened to me and BB's posts?

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