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Ichiraku Ramen Shop

Naruto was running to Ichiraku shop as fast as he could. Dammit I'm late, I can't believe that training ran so late with pervy sage...even though I told him I had plans with a girl...he just laughed like I was messing around.

Hinata was waiting for Naruto outside of Ichiraku Ramen Shop,I hope he wasn't joking when he asked me out. she thought to herself.

Naruto came around a corner and stopped as fast as he could and he barely stopped in time coming within an inch of plowing her over."Heh sorry I'm late Hinata. Pervy Sage kept me later then I expected..." Naruto was scratching the back of his head smiling with his eyes closed.

"O-O-O-Oh,T-T-That's ok N-Naruto-kun."Hinata said shyly,"Oh,d-d-do y-y-you l-l-like my dress?"Hinata asked,she was wearing a purple dress,and heeled shoes.

Naruto blinked alittle realizing that Hinata looked awesome in her dress."Yeah you look great!."he smiled.

Hinata blushed deep red,"R-Really,t-t-thanks N-N-Naruto-kun."she said looking down.

Naruto nodded."Yosh now how about we go get some ramen." he said opening the curtain for her.

Hinata smiled,"O-O-Ok."She said as she entered the shop.

"Oooooi old man I need two bowls of ramen one for me and one for my date." Naruto said smiling.

Teuchi and Ayame turned around in shock and said at the same time. "DATE?!?!?"

"Oi oi oi you don't have to be so loud, and yes it really so unbelievable that I am on a date with a girl..."

"Oh hi Hinata."said Ayame."So Naruto wheres your date?"

Naruto had an annoyed look on his face then sighed."Hinata is my date...and your kinda messing it up...."

Ayame was about to say something else but her father Teuchi grabbed her and said."Ayame leave the boy alone and just take their order." she sighed then nodded. "So what can I get you two?"

"I want the biggest bowl of ramen with every topping you got with extra toppings." said Naruto.

"Ok and how about you Hinata?" said Ayame.

Hinata was still even redder from the incident,"Um...J-J-Just Shrimp Ramen p-p-please."she said sitting down.

Naruto sighed alittle then smiled."Sorry bout all this Hinata..."he looked down slightly and scratched his head.

Hinata looked at Naruto,"I-I-It's o-ok."she said as she kissed his cheek then quickly turned away as she turned red again

Naruto blinked for a moment and put his hand on his cheek blushing slightly and before he could say something Ayame came by and sat down the bowls of ramen."Thank you, Itadakimasu." he said while thinking. wow I can't believe that just happened...I thought everything was going really bad...maybe I should just relax alittle and just enjoy myself and not worry about it. Naruto then smiled at Hinata before he slurped up a bunch of noodles.

Hinata started to eat her ramen,she glanced at Naruto out of the corner of her eye.

Naruto finished his ramen and sighed in fullness/happiness."Great ramen as always old man." he then rummaged through his back pocket for his wallet and he rummaged alittle more."Hmmm I know its here somewheres." he kept rummaging then he took his pants off shaking them out."Come on I know its in here...wait..."He thought for a second and remembered he ran out the door after getting ready and left it on his nightstand he then got a bummed out face."Umm old man. Heh would you mind taking an I.O.U till I can come back here with my wallet?" he said scratching the back of his head now with his pants back on and he thought in the back of his mind. Baka could you forget your wallet...

Ayame's eyes lite up and she yelled."WHAT! NO MONEY!"

Teuchi put his hand on his daughter."Its fine Naruto you can swing by tomorrow and pay us." he smiled.

Naruto nodded."Thanks old man." he smiled.

Hinata had finished her ramen,"Um...N-N-Naruto-kun,I-I-I can p-pay."she said her face turning red.

"No I got it."Naruto smiled with his eyes closed as he pulled out his emergency money from behind his head band.

Hinata looked at Naruto,"O-O-Ok then,i-i-if y-you're sure."

Naruto nodded and paid the bill and waved goodbye to Teuchi and Ayame and started walking with Hinata down the street seeing various villagers he knew who all had similar reactions as Teuchi and Ayame."...I guess they all never figured we would go out...I Mean umm out on a date...heh"he ducked alittle cause of being so used to Sakura pounding him after such a comment.

"Y-Y-Yeah."Hinata said turning redder from the staring.

"Heh I'm so used to getting beat when I say stuff like that....You know Hinata I really like you." Naruto smiled."You listen, your nice, and your not constantly beating me.." he grabbed Hinata's hands and held them together in his and looked Hinata deep in the eyes and smiled softly."You know...I've never actually kissed anyone..well there was one person....but that was an accident and will never count cause it never happened....yeah.."

Hinata blushed and looked in Naruto's eyes,"N-N-Naruto-kun?"

Naruto smiled and leaned in alittle."Yes Hinata?"

Hinata turned red and kissed Naruto.

Naruto blinked for a second and kissed Hinata back he then leaned back alittle and smiled then held Hinata's hand and walked with her at first kinda pulling her along leading the way to Naruto's favorite spot where he sat down and laid back alittle looking at the stars."You know...your eyes remind me of them. The stars that is...your eyes shine as beautiful as they do....."

Hinata blushed,"R-R-Really N-N-Naruto-kun?"She said as she laid back with Naruto.

Naruto turned to his side towards Hinata and nodded."Yeap."he smiled.

Hinata smiled and stared into Naruto's eyes.

Naruto kissed Hinata softly then laid back on his back and held her hand.

Hinata laid her head on Naruto's chest.

Naruto wrapped his arm around Hinata.

Hinata smiled and cuddled up to Naruto.

Naruto thought to himself. Wow even though this whole dates been rocky it still turned out good...I wonder if I should ask now or wait...Welp I guess I'll go all or nothing. he then said."Hinata, will you go out with me?"

Hinata looked at Naruto,"I'd love to."she said kissing Naruto's cheek.

"YOSH! This is the best day ever!"Naruto smiled big."Hehe I can't wait to see the look on everyones face when they find out were going out this is great."

Hinata smiled,"I'm glad you're happy."she said cuddling up to Naruto.

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