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Pumpkin Witch   sleeping, dreaming   Aquatic   Enchanted   Distracted Creator   Bionic  

<img0*75:stuff/ElephantsByNehirwen.jpg>   Humanoid Steampunk Fly   Lothuriel the bottle traveller  Sneaker 1   Chimes the Manip-Queen   not all angels loose their wings   Hidden World   Pumpkin Shepherd


Self portraits

<img0*150:stuff/NehirwenPhotomanipulation1.jpg>   <img0*150:stuff/NehirwenPhotomanipulation2.jpg>   <img0*150:stuff/NehirwenAsWitch.jpg>   Portrait a la Nehirwen


Contest entries:

Sleep Tight  Sleep Tight   The Witch
Dark Manips entries


Porewit   the figure in the flames   Day Dreaming   Wild Waters
Pagan God Contest Entries  ,  2x ET Dreamers' Photo-Manips - Page 1  ,  PaP2: Photomanip


RPMC Halloween   Enemy Ship
RPMC Halloween  ,  RPMC Steampunk


Elements series

<img0*100:stuff/ElementalAirByNehirwen.jpg>   <img0*100:stuff/ElementalEarthByNehirwen.jpg>   <img0*100:stuff/ElementalFireByNehirwen.jpg>   <img0*100:stuff/ElementalWaterByNehirwen.jpg>     

   Air   -   Earth   -   Fire   -   Water   


Card series

Joker of Hearts   Joker of Diamonds   Joker of Spades   Joker of Clubs


All stock photo's I use are from Reference Pictures, Spadnaa, , belong to me, or are listed on a separate wiki.


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2009-02-22 [Chimes]: Ahaha. XD Now that, I'd love to see. XD No one's ever manipped me... except... well, me. XD

2009-02-22 [nehirwen]: Will do when I've finished three other manips. (the yet missing water, air and earth) :)

2009-02-22 [Chimes]: I need to finish my eye elements XD
I do love your Fire one. :)

2009-02-22 [nehirwen]: Eye elements? Sounds neat. :)
And thanks!
I'm not entirely happy with the fire elemental myself.
I just uploaded it after I got tired spending so much time on it. x)

2009-02-22 [Chimes]: Yeah, I have the Earth eye over at my wiki... it probably needs improving :P

What are you unhappy with?

2009-02-22 [nehirwen]: Ooh I like that one! It's a beauty, I don't directly see the need of improving that one. It seems to me that the creator always sees more flaws in a work than the ones just looking at it. x)

I'm not really unhappy with my fire, there are just a few little things that bug me I want to change. I will change it... eventually. >.>

2009-02-22 [Chimes]: Well, I'm not so much thinking about flaws... Just things I could add, if I wanted to re-do it.

Awwwh. ^^ I get that sometimes. XD

2009-02-22 [nehirwen]: Ah well, there is always things to improve. :)

2009-02-22 [Chimes]: There are, yeah. ^^ I reckon I'd add some ivy leaves or something.

2009-02-22 [nehirwen]: has some nice textures for that. :) (I'm a cg-textures addict) :p

2009-02-22 [Chimes]: I am a texture addict... so I'll be sure to check it out.

2009-02-23 [Jitter]: I do model stock as well but I have it private. I'll toss you an invite if you want ^^

2009-02-23 [nehirwen]: Invite me, I'm sure I can do something nice with it. :)
*is stockhunting atm for the earth and air models*

2009-02-23 [Jitter]: This is amazing :D Thanks ^_^

2009-02-23 [nehirwen]: I'm glad you like it. :D Thanks for letting me use your stock!

2009-02-23 [Jitter]: You're welcome!

2009-02-24 [Chimes]: *squees*

2009-02-24 [nehirwen]: You my dear, are crowned. <img:61691_1126352591.gif>

2009-02-24 [Chimes]: It's a pretty cool crown too! :D

2009-02-24 [Skydancer]: You need to upload a wiki full of your figural stocks so we can manip you.. I mean, you cannot manip things you don't have now can you? Eh [Chimes] ?

2009-02-24 [Chimes]: I don't really have any :P I only have a few photos that I used for photography last year. XD Other than that, I have portrait images but that's about it. And I am glasses-wearing in them. :P

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