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User name:[silent_voice]
Character name: Nes-tra/Nester
Magical creature/race: Human :D
Age: 35 ish
Sex: Maley male!

Personality: Nester: A small boy, confused by the Fae and trapped in the small trinket, wanting freedom, and he occasionally talks to Nes-tra, begging for his release.

Nes-tra: A powerhungry creature, longing to take over to the free world and make it his own dark torment, wanting to trap those that trapped him long long ago in the dark trinket he holds around his neck. Very much a coldblooded killer, and he will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Appearance: Nes-tra is completely bald, he has a birthmark on his face that goes from his chin to the top of his head, with peircing brown eyes and black eyebrows, a nose that appears it has been broken before, set calm lips and even teeth, he looks to be... simple of sorts. He wears brown monk's robes, tied in the center with a simple knot, around his neck is the pendant he has the trapped souls in, and the source of his main power. he wears simple sandles and is not too skinny, not too big.

Weapons: Nes-tra's weapons will change as time goes on, as as they do I will add them. At first he has the pendant around his neck, this enables him to seek out other magical items and creatures, it can be used to 'absorb' magic and the souls of those he has defeated. It unleashes a red beam of 'energy' that he can manipulate to do with as he wishes, this item also lets him see out of creature's minds, and control them. The trinket also allows Nes-tra to teleport. But he has to have skin-to-skin contact with it to use it.

History: Nester discovered mythical creatures when he was barely past being an infant. Creatures that called themselves 'The Fae' visited him thoughout his childhood and used to keep the small infant company thoughout most of his young life. When the boy reached around Seven, his parents told him to 'stop believing all that nonsence' and to 'grow up' Nester didnt believe that they wanted him to forget about his friends, so he asked them for a trinket, something to prove that they were real to his parents. Well... Well all know how tricky the Fae are. They gave him a medallion, about the size of a coaster with some strange designs on it and a ruby in the center. They said 'all you have to do is point, and say the magic words' but the small creatures didnt tell him what the magic words were.

Nester tried for as long as he could, pointing it at various objects and trying to get them to do things. Little did he or the Fae know that the medallion was not just an average trinket, every time the child tried to use the medallion, a little bit of his soul would be transferred to the medallion. When complete, the medallion's locked ancestor, the almighty 'Nes-tra' would be unleashed into his body, and take it over. The more Nester used the trinket, the slight bit paler he would become, the slight bit weaker in his body. But it happened so slowly, so gradually he didn't notice.

One day, when he was getting in trouble for neglecting his chores and playing with 'that damn trinket' Nester finally blew, forcing all his anger out, he roared in anger and called out some words that flashed into his head 'Nes-tra, Vutranious, Canargiues!' A brilliant flash ensured, leaving the house in ruins, the boy scarred, and his parents trapped in the jewel. Now the boy was no longer Nester, but Nes-tra, a power hungry spirit in search for his own body which was destroyed long long ago in the battle of humans and magical creatures, Nes-tra had used the magic to increase his own magical strength, becoming a 'black magician' of sorts. He had made his body neigh invincible. But, unbeknown to him, he was betrayed, and his soul trapped in the trinket. His body was taken away, it was invincible, but untouchable, to get his body back, Nes-tra has to defeat all magic, and destroy the book. He longs for the chance, and now, he believes he has found it.

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