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2006-06-19 16:29:34
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"All I am is a man trying to live his life the best he knows how and be true to what he was taught."

As you no doubt have noticed, this wiki is made for those who see themselfs as a fan of Kurt Wagner, aka "the incredible nightcrawler". This german, more boy than man, is a very special member of the X-men, inside his demonic body, is a good christian soul. Even tough he is covered in blue fur, he is always in one or more romantic entanglements. Just add your name to the memberlist, post some of your favorite Nightcrawler quotes and/or (fan)art.


-[Deadlock jester]
-[prowlie] woot!
-[LunaSoleil] Page owner!

nightcrawler quotes
nightcrawler art

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2005-10-02 [prowlie]: can i join for loving the kurt in xmen:evolution?

2005-10-02 [Deadlock jester]: sure!

2006-06-19 [LunaSoleil]: Can I join? I LOVE Nightcrawler!

2006-06-19 [Deadlock jester]: ofcourse, if you want to, I'll even make you page owner (I don't get on here enough anymore)

2006-06-19 [LunaSoleil]: 0.o Wow! Um...sure?

2006-06-19 [Deadlock jester]: there ^^ done

2006-06-19 [LunaSoleil]: Whooooooooooot!!!! *Jumps up and starts celebrating*

2006-06-19 [prowlie]: man, we need banners.. -looks eager- XD

2006-06-20 [LunaSoleil]: Hmm...maybe I can get a friend of mine to make some. He's REALLY good at it

2006-06-20 [Deadlock jester]: I might make a couple too, but my tablet broke ;__;

2006-06-20 [LunaSoleil]: I would, but I don't know how

2006-06-21 [Deadlock jester]: got photoshop, The GIMP, or MS paint?

2006-06-22 [LunaSoleil]: I have Paint...but I'm not sure what you mean by MS

2006-06-22 [Deadlock jester]: microsoft, you've got it then ^^

2006-06-22 [Deadlock jester]: just draw an image, put it on your house (or ask [Sunrose] for wiki-uploading privs), and put the link on the page ^^

2006-06-22 [LunaSoleil]: Ummmm.......? *Confused as heck*

2006-06-23 [prowlie]: i've made a really simplish one, i'll scan it and put it on my house when i can. dont have photoshop anymore V_V

2006-06-23 [LunaSoleil]: Uhhh...I'll see what I can do

2006-06-23 [Deadlock jester]: I'll try to make one too, if I find the time, but don't use copyrighted immages, use your own only, or ask someone if you can use theirs

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