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2010-05-30 01:51:22
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GM Rules under my RP's


<img:> No Mary Sues or Gary Stus! BAD! Do you know how hard it is to work with somebody who has to be the center of attention and is skilled in every type of weaponry and martial arts that exists? I will not kill my RP's for the sake of somebody's feelings. Learn to make a character before even considering any of my role-plays. (this will continue at the bottom of the page <img5*0:><img5*0:><img5*0:>)
<img:> I am the only god. No god-modding. this means you are not immortal, invincible and you can be hit and your attacks can miss. Get over it.
<img:> No rudeness OOC (Out of Character). I will fucking ban you. What mean is, with different personalities characters can and will fight. They can insult one another all they want. We can have a "Yo MAMA" Smackdown for all I care. But do not start insulting the player. If you have a problem and I'm the GM, take it up with me and I'll work it out outside of the rp.
<img:> One type of magic, unless you are a mage etc--in that case you may have three.
<img:> Follow the storyline with races and so on.
<img:> Sex is fine, keep it and romance tasteful.
<img:> Language is fine to some extent, but keep it PG13 with an occasional outburst if you can. (This means bitch, hell, prick, damn, ass, bastard and other things you can say on the radio are okay in normal convos. Getting into Fuck, shit etc should only be when your character is in extreme pain or extremely angry)
<img:> Have fun.
<img:> Submit a character sheet for my approval. If one is not on the RP then use this one.:

Alignment: (good, neutral or evil/lawful, neutral or chaotic)
Background and History:
Weaknesses: and you must have at least two!

<img:> I will kill off any inactive people who don't say ahead of time that they will be inactive.
<img:> Do your best with spelling and grammar as well as punctuation.
<img:> When you RP, do not do so in first person. What I mean is:
good first person: Nightshade said, "I...I don't know what to say."
bad first person: I walked into the room and I sat on the couch, "Did you miss me?"

The reason the first is good and the second is bad: You know which character is talking. If everybody RPed in first person, the story would stop making sense and there would be no point trying to fix it.

<img:> RP in past tense.
good example:Nightshade ran his fingers through his ebony locks and glared down at the floor, "I can't do this."
bad example: Nightshade runs his fingers through his ebony locks and glares down at the floor, "I can't do this."

I find it hard to follow so don't use present tense.

<img5*0:><img5*0:><img5*0:> I accept some pseudo Garys and Marys... so let's make a chart...



Social outcastMemory loss with no purpose behind it
Some tragedy so long as it has pointEmo angst bullshit
Fan girl/boy drooling over their new loveGirl/boy fucking everything that moves
Characters with psychological issues (these can get interesting)Characters that make their life the center of the role-play
FightingGod mods and power plays
Character being skilled at somethingBeing perfect in every way
Characters that only become hermits based on situationsCharacters that shut everybody else out at all times or otherwise make it impossible to role-play with
Characters who gradually developCharacters that open up immediately, spilling their whole life story to the first person who listens
Angry charactersAngry people who break character and become lovey-dovey with anybody who'll pay attention to them
Retrying to enter an RP once after I say noRepeatedly flooding my inbox with a character that I've already declined twice

...So remember these and I won't have to boot you...

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2009-11-22 [wicked fae mage]: I may add posters saying I'll either ban you or skin you alive. My choice! Eenie-meenie-mynie-moe....

2010-05-07 [Flisky]: But what if it's a good type of memory loss? (One of my favorite characters to play doesn't remember most of the early years, and it makes for interesting character development. ^_^ )

2010-05-07 [wicked fae mage]: I can make exceptions if you make it have a point or if it adds to the character. But if the player is too lazy to give a good thought to the background I don't allow it.

2010-05-07 [Flisky]: Okay then. ^_^ (When I do it, I always actually have what happened before, just the character doesn't know.)

2010-05-07 [wicked fae mage]: Which is better than Jane Doe was abused and she has amnesia about it and is trying to find the answers and in the mean time she's trying to sleep with George Somebody because she still remembers that she's in love with love...(which is usually what I see with memory loss)

2010-05-07 [wicked fae mage]: For the record, amnesia comes from injury and fugue is a self-induced defense mechanism where the person doesn't want to remember so badly that they repress the memory

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