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Username: [Nikolai-Akaykam itana]

Character name: Nikolas Tastern

Mutant Name: Rife

Classification: Student

Abilities/Powers: Rife has the ability of hydrokinesis and cancontrol the 3 forms of water (solid, liquid, gas). He can control any surrounding water within 10 yards and up to a max of 45 gallons of water (with the potential to cause himself bodily harm).

Gender: Male

Age/Date of Birth: 14, December 14

General appearance: Nikolas is 6' 4" tall and has medium length messy dark brown hair. His skin is very pale and burns easy. Nik also has dark blue eyes.

Additional appearance: Nikolas usually wears a tshirt and jeans. While outside he wears his pleather jacket no matter what season.

Personality: Nikolas is a calm and very nice guy at most times. Other times he is purely antisocial. He enjoys being in solitude. If someone is unkind to him he tends to grow hatred towards them. Finally, he is a bit too trusting of others.

Special skills: He knows how to hack and a computer and he plays guiitar

Place of birth: Washington State, USA

Weapons of choice: none

Medical Information: diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome

Brief History: Nikolas was an average kid, went through school, skipped a grade, got bullied and such. At the age of 13 he discovered his abilities after freezing the water in the pipes at his house. Later, he ran away from home because of his 2 siblings and friends verbally abusing him of his mutation. While on the streets he overheard a conversation about the mansion. He quickly went in pursuit to find this sanctuary.

Relatives: a mother, father, and 2 siblings whom recently were discovered as mutants.

How long your character has been in the mansion?: New arrival

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2014-05-16 [Flisky]: .....don't you think that 6'4" is a little tall for a 14 year old? Just...thinking.

2014-05-16 [CuteCommander]: Unusual, but I had a friend that tall at 12 :P

2014-05-16 [Flisky]: That's...a mutation in itself.

2014-05-16 [CuteCommander]: ... and a tiny penis...

2014-05-16 [Flisky]: *falls over and dies laughing*

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