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by [daydreamer]

The contest is closed! Vote for your favorite poem! <poll:63174>


1) Poem must be entirely original to you

2) Only two submissions per person

3) No more than 30 lines, not counting spaces

5) Enter your name, number your entries, place a line on both sides of poem.

4) Please keep it PG rated. Consider it a creative challenge.

Simply write a poem that completely defines the *essence* of what night means to you. Fantasy, realistic, rhyme, and free verse or any other kinds of poem are all acceptable! Write a poem that defines night.

Place new entries at the bottom of the page, and enjoy yourself!

The first winners of this contest are:

First place: [Nere] Black Cat

Second place:[SAHS] - Nocturnal Hymn (Praise the Moonlight)

Third place: [the 5th apocalyptic horseman] - Loneliness?
         [Doormat] - Eternal Night

Here are a couple of images to post in your house as a participant. I'm not sure that I like them . . . I may change them. 


Entries go under this line!

1) [Melody_Rain]

The Sweet Night Rains

Drip, drip
the rain sings.
On the lake
it makes rings.
The moon shines brightly
on the water front.
The night shadows
seek and hunt.
Jumping from tree to tree
when the moonlight shines
they cannot be seen.
The rain falls this night
making the leaves gleam.
They look like emeralds
so does it seem.
The leaves twinkle
with an unforgettable green.
The night is beautiful
but even more glorious when it rains.
The little droplets
make sweet little stains.
The sweet nights rain
falls tonight.
Come the morrow
night's rain will be gone from sight.

2) [Doormat] Well it might fit in...maybe
Title:The Hidden

Somebody heard, somebody knew,
A secret identity, known by so few,
The face of the hidden, that no one drew,
The shadows will cover, right on cue.

The creak of the boards, a strand of hair,
The unknown person, sitting in a chair,
Don’t even talk, just look and stare,
For they are the hidden, so beware.

Under cover of night, to them you are blind,
They tear out your flesh, for bones that they grind,
They savor your intelligence, to tap into your mind,
The hidden are legends, so beware of their kind.

An ancient commodity, that is your soul,
The hidden ones seek, for they aren’t whole,
A fresh new host to infest, that is their goal,
An eternity of damnation, the infected one’s toll.

Almost invisible, to all human sight,
The hidden will strike, in delight,
The smell of blood, they excite,
Be wary, for the hidden attack tonight.

3. [SAHS]
Fairytale Lullaby

Close your eyes, my child,
And lay your head down.
Dream of candy clouds,
Fly on a fairy tale,
Swim in a river of stars.
Into candlelit dreams;
Rainbow moonbeams;
Angels in brightest white;
Peace throughout the night.
Close your eyes, fairy child,
And lay your head down.
The moon's light be your guide
As the flight to Neverland
Sweeps you away on an angel's wings.

4. [SAHS]

In my dreams, I drowned,
sinking into the deep violet
of the Maiden's Cloak,
her veil of clouds
hiding her virgin face.

And the candlelit sky
Whispered to me, calling me
Into the Infinite.

In my dreams, I burned,
Falling into the stunning red
Of the Mother's Arms,
Her veil of light
Cradling her child in me.

And the singing sky
Opened up, leading me
Into the Infinite.

In my dreams, I aged...
Descending into the quiet white
Of the Crone's bosom
And she wore nothing,
Revealing her wise spirit.

And the sky was quiet
And all was empty
As I walked into the Infinite.

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Nocturnal Poetry Contest 2

Old Night Poems
Above are poems from the first contest!

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2004-08-10 [Doormat]: when do we get badges ^_^

2004-08-10 [daydreamer]: I did the best I know how on the badge . . . I still have a lot to learn!

2004-09-01 [Barak_the_Blade]: I'm guessing this contest is still open....?

2004-09-01 [Doormat]: it isn't anymore :(

2004-09-02 [Nere]: yes it is... she restarted it.....

2004-09-02 [Doormat]: <

2004-09-09 [daydreamer]: Yes, the contest is up and running, though somewhat slowly

2004-09-10 [Nere]: well... I have one... but its 32 lines :P

2004-09-10 [Doormat]: i have one....but i don't know if it fits :P

2004-09-11 [daydreamer]: As long as it is a definition of night, and abides by the other rules, then enter it!

2004-09-11 [Doormat]: can death=night ><

2004-09-11 [daydreamer]: as long as you are defining night as death, it's ok

2004-09-11 [Doormat]: can it be creatures of the night also?

2004-09-11 [daydreamer]: If should be a definition of night, as long as it is a definition of night, what night means to you it's ok.

2004-11-30 [daydreamer]: Ceastaa, I moved your poem to page 2.

2005-06-17 [Za0 Zejala]: is the contest still open?

2006-02-13 [RiddleRose]: will there be another one?

2006-02-15 [daydreamer]: Well, so far there is only one vote on the previous comment . . .

2006-04-16 [Linderel]: Oi, how long do you intend to keep the poll open?

2006-05-10 [daydreamer]: One of two more votes, and I'll close it. Only four votes doesn't seem quite fair . . .

2006-09-03 [Linderel]: It seems that there is still no progress with the poll...

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