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User Name: [Figgy]

Character name: Nora White

Mutant Name: Hex

Classification: Student

Abilities/powers: Nora's blood is the means of using her power. After she withdraws it from her body, it immediately coagulates and turns into a black, gooey, ink-like substance. She is able to control it remotely. The blood can be "attached to" other objects at which point she is able to control them. However, controlling things takes a lot of concentration and she is left vulnerable. She has not been able to control living organisms.

Sex: Female

Age/Date of Birth: 16, June 25th

General appearance: Nora is actually rather short, standing about 5'4" and weighing around 115 pounds. She is a pale girl and her pitch black hair hangs in waves just past her shoulders. Her severely arched eyebrows are hidden by a shock of straight black bangs, hiding her (unintentionally) perpetually pissed expression (also known as: resting bitch face). Her nose is straight and petite, and her small mouth sports full, pink lips.

Additional Appearance: Nora tends to dress very fashionably, though her go-to outfit is usually a crop top (occasionally with a band logo), waist-high miniskirt, thigh-high socks or stockings, and ankle boots.

Personality: Nora can be considered somewhat socially awkward at times, though mostly because she may say strange things or react with little enthusiasm when it is appropriate. However, the girl tries her best to be kind and polite, and is usually able to maintain kindness even around the rudest of people. Her shell is not hard to crack, and after becoming accustomed to people, she opens up and is even known to throw the occasional playful insult. Unfortunately, however, having seen her brother's dealing with teasing a bullying in school, Nora is rather paranoid about people and may act out in haste when approached in an odd or unfriendly manner.
Special Skills: Despite Nora's social awkwardness, the girl seems to be a brilliant actress and is able to act out nearly any role on the spot.

Place of birth: New York, USA
Weapon(s) of choice: Her powers give her the means of using other objects as weapons. Nora keeps a vial of her black blood attacked to a string around her neck at all times as drawing blood from herself can be difficult and time consuming, and too much blood loss, as with anyone, could be fatal.
Medical information: Upon contact with oxygen, Nora's blood almost immediately turns black and gooey. This means that any wounds she might receive are prone to clotting quickly to keep her from losing too much blood.
Brief History: Nora is one of the few mutants who has lived a fairly normal life, even throughout her teenage years when her powers became active. Nora was born to and raised by a loving couple in New York City, preceded by an older brother who was also gifted with mutant powers. When she was 13, her brother, 3 years older than she, ran away from home, despite the loving care his family gave him. Nora suspects this was out of shame he felt from his powers, unable to deal with the teasing and harassment outside of his home. Shortly after, as the girl was entering high school, she discovered her powers. After trying out and making the local volleyball team, Nora was in for her physical, and as the nurse drew her blood into a vial, she discovered the immediate coagulation and black color of the substance. As commotion grew in the doctor's office and Nora became frightened, she somehow willed the vial of blood back to herself, the glass piece floating quickly across the room and into her hand. She returned home to tell her parents, and, like they had been with her brother, they were enthusiastic. They encouraged her to practice with her abilities, but were also afraid she might do the same as her brother had done before her. Nora soon learned she was able to control any non-living object her blood connected with, but after the first sign of bullying at her school, Nora's parents shipped her off to Xavier's mansion to stay safe and further her abilities.
Relatives: Nora has an older brother but she hasn't seen him in years and has no idea if he is alive.

How long your character has been in the mansion: Nora just arrived.


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2014-05-14 [Figgy]: I've yet to get a good feel for Nora, so the way I play her may change quite a bit.

2014-05-14 [ancienteye]: Understandable.

2014-05-14 [Figgy]: I'm really excited for her plot to play out, though :3

2014-05-14 [ancienteye]: Is she going to stay as a student afterwards, or is she only here for as long as her story arc? :o

2014-05-14 [Figgy]: Just for her story arc, actually. :3

2014-05-14 [ancienteye]: Ah...She leaves?

2014-05-14 [Figgy]: XD You'll see.

2014-05-14 [ancienteye]: XP *now so very curious~*


2014-05-14 [Figgy]: .... I don't think that's possible even in the X-Men universe >_>

2014-05-14 [ancienteye]: *trying so very hard not to laugh and alert people that I'm not studying, as I should be* >__>

2014-05-14 [CuteCommander]: Challenge accepted!

2014-05-14 [Figgy]: Oh god...

2014-05-14 [ancienteye]: XD XD XD

2014-05-14 [CuteCommander]: NPC approaching...

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