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[Welcome to Not a Soup Can...]

Ok so i'm redoing the wiki to make it a bit more presentable, helpful and more friendly. I'd like to welcome everyone to the wiki first of all, i hope you all have a good time here and make a few friends here cos theres some cool dudes/dudettes hanging round this place. I'd appreiciate it if you did watch the wiki when you join and make conversation. Many times i've made a wiki but no one spoke so i had to close it sucked and we don't want that when this place is getting HUGE, so yeah keep up the chat. I gotta say now that we are on no account whatsoever here to hate anyone or be bitchs/bastards in anyway. We're here to talk about anything really and basicly be around people who know how we feel about being fucking labelled. We all know what it's like, go shopping, go out with friends or even just go for a walk and have some out of order person telling you who you supposidly are what telling you that you're some kinda freak or some shit. I donno about you lot, but i'm fucking tired of it and maybe if we kinda join together and fight we may get some self respect back. Anyway enough babbling on from me, if you're new please enjoy yourself, we wont cut your head off if you refuse to join or something, feel free to talk your life away and if you're an oldie like moi then hope you like the new changes...adios xx [Char.]

I'd like some new banners so if you can think of anything then feel free to add them here..Soup Can Competition


[x]Banner:[x] If you want this banner on your house then simpley copy this...<img:> and paste it where you want it.

Please join if you agree with me because streotyping is so wrong!
Because we are getting a large amount of members already the list has been moved to Soup Can Members. Add your name if you wish to join, no need to ask!

[Supporting wiki's:]
Groupers... please join this aswell
Guardian Angels... go here if you need any help for no one should have to deal with things alone!
Fuck The Labels
Get down with the Sickness-Onyx is always willing to help one of her fellow "mislabeleds".

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2005-08-06 [Char.]: lol ^_^

2005-08-07 [CrystalBlaze]: *wanders in*

2005-08-07 [forsakenangels]: ^_^ hmm wait a second... i jsut labeled 'labellers'... meh! >.< <slaps self>

2005-08-07 [Char.]: :P clever

2005-08-08 [forsakenangels]: im a walking contradiction >.< <going to try to add one line from a song into everything i saw... cause i am that bored>

2005-08-10 [Crystalwing]: hi

2005-08-11 [forsakenangels]: hey mister, where ya headin? (greenday)

2005-08-14 [Piggly_wiggly]: hmmmm...i like cherry....nausea, heartburn, indejestion, upset stomachs, diereah

2005-08-24 [Erinnn]: hey memeber me?

2005-08-24 [Char.]: i do.. i think lol, i miss you erin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come home now!!

2005-08-29 [Char.]: you fool, erin was in america but shes here now with me!!!!!

2005-08-29 [Piggly_wiggly]: i've been to offense to americans but i didn't like it much...couldn't use my money :P

2005-08-29 [~Lunacy Fringe~]: ^_^

2005-08-29 [Piggly_wiggly]: but it wasn't that bad

2005-09-03 [Crystalwing]: hi

2005-09-03 [Piggly_wiggly]: hello

2005-09-04 [~Lunacy Fringe~]: hi hows you ^_^

2005-09-04 [Piggly_wiggly]: tired

2005-09-05 [~Lunacy Fringe~]: awwww y ??

2005-09-05 [Piggly_wiggly]: i don't get enough sleep...the thought of school keeps me

2005-09-05 [Crimson Mistress]: Same here... not that I usually sleep lol

2005-09-05 [Piggly_wiggly]: ic, i have trouble sleeping every night

2005-09-05 [Crimson Mistress]: It depends on how much I wear myself down. Last night I slept an hour and a half and I will probably regret it once school starts...

2005-09-05 [Piggly_wiggly]: yeah...are you actually starting school or just going to rejister and leave?

2005-09-05 [Crimson Mistress]: I'm actualy starting school

2005-09-05 [Piggly_wiggly]:'s annoying...all my other friends are just registering -_-//

2005-09-05 [Crimson Mistress]: That has to be annoying. I only have on friend who is doing that... the others are more serious about school than I am.

2005-09-05 [Piggly_wiggly]: lol....i only have one friend going to my school and we have no lcasses together

2005-09-05 [Crimson Mistress]: Well that sucks...

2005-09-05 [Piggly_wiggly]: yeah...but we have hope next class only though and it'll be a crap class anyway so i'm not looking to forward to it

2005-09-11 [Crystalwing]: hi

2005-09-11 [Piggly_wiggly]: lo

2005-09-11 [Crystalwing]: HI

2005-09-11 [Piggly_wiggly]: ...

2005-10-02 [Piggly_wiggly]: lo

2005-10-04 [Crystalwing]: hi

2005-10-04 [Piggly_wiggly]: *coughs*

2005-10-06 [Crimson Mistress]: *stiffles a yawn*

2005-10-06 [Piggly_wiggly]: *pokes*

2005-10-06 [Crystalwing]: hi

2005-10-14 [Char.]: Hello there..

2005-10-16 [Crystalwing]: hihi

2005-10-17 [forsakenangels]: hmm.. i have returned..

2005-10-23 [Char.]: hey... im well bored

2005-10-23 [Piggly_wiggly]: this wiki is slowly dieing

2005-10-23 [Crimson Mistress]: It seems like it, doesn't it? Or it is dying rather less than slowly >>

2005-10-25 [Acceber]: Hi, i just joined!

2005-10-25 [Sir. Robert]: LOL! I love seeing people that have the badge for this wiki but right underneath they have the Crazy Goth link or badge :P

2005-10-25 [Piggly_wiggly]: yeah it makes me laugh

2005-10-25 [Piggly_wiggly]: we have some SMART people in this world

2005-10-25 [Piggly_wiggly]: and some contraversial people

2005-10-25 [Piggly_wiggly]: i'm like, talking to myself

2005-10-25 [Crimson Mistress]: Talking to yourself can be fun ^_^ *is a contraversial person* yay

2005-10-25 [Acceber]: i talk to myself ALL the time! :D i hate people who label each other, they should all die....or get a really bad papercut!

2005-10-25 [Piggly_wiggly]: in their eyes! so it can crust over and start pussing!

2005-10-25 [Acceber]: yeah! fun! *evil laugh*

2005-10-28 [Char.]: Mmmmmm crusty eyes... sounds delicious! Aww man its 2:30am... why do i ALWAYS end up awake till 3 or 4am -_- I like Smarties Donuts o_O

2005-10-30 [Acceber]: Me too! ^_-

2005-10-30 [Piggly_wiggly]: i ususally don't stay up THAT late. but sometimes i do

2005-10-30 [Acceber]: Ok! : ) I stay up late only on weekends. I'm not allowed when I'm at school. :(

2005-11-01 [Char.]: Haha well i guess im the only one that stays up till about 3 or 4 in the week then lol.. i dont sleep alot, or eat alot or... thats all -_-

2005-11-01 [Broken_hearted]: Hehe rebel! I stay up till 2ish on weekend and 11ish in the week... i love sleep!

2005-11-01 [Piggly_wiggly]: i don't eat much either

2005-11-01 [Char.]: I'm partially anorexic... way hey! -_-

2005-11-01 [Piggly_wiggly]: ah...i need to eat....self discipline goes too far for me. i can go a week without eating proper food and that just unhealthy

2005-11-02 [Broken_hearted]: I always eat properly but never too much cause i dont wanna get chubby lol

2005-11-02 [Piggly_wiggly]: i am chubby, that is the sad thing

2005-11-03 [Char.]: Yeah me too.. sad isnt it =(

2005-11-03 [Piggly_wiggly]: it so hows everyone doing?

2005-11-03 [Crimson Mistress]: Alright, you? *spares you her ranting*

2005-11-03 [Piggly_wiggly]: lol. i'm pretty good too...i also don't really want to rant

2005-11-04 [Crystalwing]: hi

2005-11-04 [Piggly_wiggly]: lo

2005-11-04 [Crystalwing]: hi

2005-11-04 [Crystalwing]: are you a cat

2005-11-04 [Crystalwing]: hlo

2005-11-04 [Piggly_wiggly]: no...i'm not

2005-11-04 [Crystalwing]: ok

2005-11-04 [Piggly_wiggly]: yea...

2005-11-04 [Crystalwing]: so wiht are you

2005-11-04 [Crystalwing]: hlo

2005-11-04 [Crystalwing]: ARE OK THAT I POKE ON THE FLOOER

2005-11-04 [Piggly_wiggly]: a person

2005-11-04 [Crystalwing]: ok

2005-11-04 [Crimson Mistress]: Right.....

2005-11-04 [Crystalwing]: Somebody misspelled my name. 

2005-11-04 [Crystalwing]: so hi crimson mistress

2005-11-04 [Piggly_wiggly]: ok...

2005-11-04 [Crystalwing]: I haVe to sat good by

2005-11-04 [Piggly_wiggly]: what?

2005-11-04 [Crystalwing]: hi

2005-11-04 [Crimson Mistress]: Hey....

2005-11-04 [Piggly_wiggly]: i don't like boring people

2005-11-04 [Crimson Mistress]: I don't like people who only want to hear/see the happy side of things, and refuse to accept everything else.

2005-11-04 [Piggly_wiggly]: yeah. i also hate people who refuse to let me say that i think i'm overweight

2005-11-04 [Crimson Mistress]: You're allowed to think it, but they're also allowed to dissagree.

2005-11-04 [Piggly_wiggly]: oh no i know. they just won't accept that i think i am

2005-11-05 [Crimson Mistress]: Maybe they think that you shouldn't think you are? It's generaly not good for one's self esteem. They're probably trying to protect you.

2005-11-05 [Piggly_wiggly]: yeah. i guess that makes sense. i try to not let it affect me though

2005-11-05 [Crimson Mistress]: You shouldn't let it affect you. :) You sound like a pretty awesome person, how much you weigh doesn't change that.

2005-11-05 [Piggly_wiggly]: awww....thanks :D that just made my day, a little late in the it still made it

2005-11-05 [CrystalBlaze]: hey

2005-11-05 [Crystalwing]: hi

2005-11-05 [CrystalBlaze]: anyone alive

2005-11-05 [Crimson Mistress]: Your welcome *smiles*

2005-11-05 [Crimson Mistress]: *blinks* [CrystalBlaze] and [Crystalwing], you guys match.>>

2005-11-05 [Piggly_wiggly]: all these C's are confusing me beyond reason

2005-11-05 [Crystalwing]: hi

2005-11-05 [Mira Ravenheart]: alright, how many times have you said hi?

2005-11-05 [Crystalwing]: anyone alive

2005-11-05 [Piggly_wiggly]: that is so annoying. will oyu please friggen stop it

2005-11-05 [Crystalwing]: oh alright

2005-11-06 [Crimson Mistress]: Thanks... and good god, you're right.. all the Cs *goes cross eyed*

2005-11-06 [Crystalwing]: ok

2005-11-06 [Piggly_wiggly]: you're not eighteen are you crystal?

2005-11-06 [Crystalwing]: yes

2005-11-06 [Piggly_wiggly]: what grade would that make you in?

2005-11-06 [Crystalwing]: i have no gerd i m out hiugl

2005-11-06 [Piggly_wiggly]: yes, and it taught you to spell SO well

2005-11-06 [Crystalwing]: ok thanks

2005-11-06 [Piggly_wiggly]: you're not welcome

2005-11-06 [Crimson Mistress]: .....

2005-11-06 [Piggly_wiggly]: how are you crimson?

2005-11-06 [Crimson Mistress]: Surviving. You?

2005-11-06 [Piggly_wiggly]: same. but i want cake. yes i know that has nothing to do with nothing

2005-11-06 [Crimson Mistress]: *grins* Really? Cake has a heck of a lot of meaning to me. *loves cake*

2005-11-06 [Piggly_wiggly]: i loooove cake. i haven't had it in ages either

2005-11-06 [Crimson Mistress]: Me neither! Although I'm currently having pie cravings..

2005-11-06 [Piggly_wiggly]: mmm....pie. i like pie

2005-11-07 [Crystalwing]: hi so r u a live

2005-11-07 [Piggly_wiggly]: holy shit. stop fucking doing that. i'm alive. yes. i think everyone on this wiki is alive...

2005-11-07 [Crimson Mistress]: Of course we're not alive! Jeez.... ;)

2005-11-12 [Piggly_wiggly]: lol. i am alive. i am also an almighty being :D

2005-11-13 [Mira Ravenheart]: Nice. Me too! In my own... little... world... >>

2005-11-15 [Crystalwing]: hi

2005-11-16 [Piggly_wiggly]: you know you don't have to say hi everytime you come onto this wiki. anyway. i am almighty in many wrolds. but only because i have boobs.

2005-11-17 [Crystalwing]: hi

2005-11-17 [Crimson Mistress]: -_-

2005-11-17 [Crystalwing]: hi u

2005-11-17 [Crimson Mistress]: Say 'hi' one more time and I will not be held responsible for my actions.

2005-11-17 [Crystalwing]: hi ok

2005-11-17 [Crimson Mistress]: *throttles [Crystalwing]*

2005-11-17 [Crystalwing]: yes y

2005-11-18 [Piggly_wiggly]: omg. you are the most fucking annoying fake person EVER

2005-11-21 [Crystalwing]: hi all

2005-11-21 [Piggly_wiggly]: so crismson. done anything new recently?

2005-11-22 [Crystalwing]: hi

2005-11-23 [Crimson Mistress]: Nope. My life has been rather eventful, but not in any good ways that I could discuss in idle conversation *grimaces slightly* You?

2005-11-23 [Crystalwing]: hi

2005-11-23 [Piggly_wiggly]: enh. i guess i've been ok. a little wierded out though.

2005-11-24 [Crimson Mistress]: Good wierded out? Or bad wierded out...?

2005-11-24 [Crystalwing]: hi u

2005-11-24 [Piggly_wiggly]: it's one of those wierd feelings kind of thing. christmas is upon us again, and i had a pretty lame christmas, i hope this yeay it's going to be better

2005-11-25 [Crimson Mistress]: I know the feeling. Christmas has never been a good time for me to be honest. I hope that your Christmas turns out well *smiles* It does feel like Christmas is coming...

2005-11-25 [Piggly_wiggly]: lol. the insane people are putting christmas stuff in stores ealr this year. and tanks, i hope you havea good christmas too

2005-11-26 [Crimson Mistress]: Insane? lol, many people would claim that we are the insane ones because we don't enjoy it. Thank you, mayhaps I shall ^_^

2005-11-26 [Piggly_wiggly]: :D i'm bored....*sigh* i think i might crash soon

2005-11-26 [Crimson Mistress]: Heh... my friend won't let me be bored. No peace!!! none!! *hides*

2005-11-27 [Piggly_wiggly]: i see. i want chocolate :(

2005-11-27 [Crimson Mistress]: *peeks out of her hiding place and sneaks over* *offers you some chocolate*

2005-11-27 [Piggly_wiggly]: lol. whooo! chocolate!

2005-11-27 [Crimson Mistress]: *hides behind you, her hands on your shoulders* Is it safe? *whispers in your ear and offers you more chocolate for the information* lol ;)

2005-11-27 [Piggly_wiggly]: lol. the cuckoo bird ran away

2005-11-29 [Mira Ravenheart]: Yay....? *pokes Crimson*

2005-11-29 [Crimson Mistress]: O.o *pokes [Mira Ravenheart] back*

2006-01-11 [Softcore_Kid_x]: hey

2006-01-13 [Mira Ravenheart]: *has been poked* o.O

2006-01-13 [Mira Ravenheart]: hey ^_^

2006-01-13 [Char.]: Hello

2006-01-14 [Mira Ravenheart]: How's life?

2006-01-15 [Char.]: Errm... truthfully, shite you?

2006-01-16 [Mira Ravenheart]: About the same, but I'm less likely to admit it.

2006-01-19 [Crimson Mistress]: Yeah, same here... T.T

2006-01-19 [Mira Ravenheart]: *gives Crimson a hug* I feel your pain, hun. T.T

2006-04-18 [Crystalwing]: hihihihihi

2006-04-19 [Piggly_wiggly]: hello

2006-04-25 [Crystalwing]: hi

2006-07-03 [CrystalBlaze]: walks in hi all me finally back

2006-07-10 [Ukia]: *poke*

2006-07-11 [CrystalBlaze]: *pokes ukia* hehehehehehe

2006-07-11 [Crystalwing]: Ah, yes, that favorite pasttime of dragons. *snarf snarf snarf snarf snarf snarf snarf snarf*

2006-07-14 [CrystalBlaze]: oooookkkkkkk me lost

2006-07-22 [Ukia]: I think she meant eating. *cocks head* I'm not sure, though. *ponders*

2006-07-22 [CrystalBlaze]: I know what she meant now, she meant that dragons like to snarf things

2006-07-23 [Ukia]: Yep, that's it. *nods* *snarf*

2006-07-24 [CrystalBlaze]: yeah me figure it out

2006-08-02 [Crystalwing]: u have funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

2006-08-07 [CrystalBlaze]: yeah

2006-08-10 [Crystalwing]: hi

2006-08-11 [CrystalBlaze]: Cw get away from me

2006-08-14 [Crystalwing]: no

2006-08-22 [CrystalBlaze]: yes me not in the mood me am sore

2007-08-22 [Ukia]: *sits on Crystalwing* Better now?

2007-08-31 [CrystalBlaze]: yeah

2007-12-17 [Crystalwing]: no

2007-12-18 [CrystalBlaze]: hahaha

2008-08-16 [Mortified Penguin]: This poor wiki... it died so young... *eats ramen*...

2008-10-21 [CrystalBlaze]: how true

2009-01-26 [Ukia]: *sighs* more cobwebs . . . Where's the feather duster?

2009-01-28 [CrystalBlaze]: whats the fearther duster

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