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2014-09-11 10:22:05
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Welcome to Nox's Application Page

Please have a seat.

If I may begin by being entirely honest, and as there is no one to currently object I will, I am fantastically bad at self promotion. This said, I will now attempt to convince you that I am suitable for the crew/council.

1.) I am very familiar with ET's pseudo HTML and am comfortable with it. The same can be said for it's forums and most of it's rules. If there is something I don't know I will look it up.

2.) I write as a hobby. This isn't to say that I am extraordinarily good at it, but as far as the basic grammar, spelling, and punctuation goes I feel comfortable saying that I have a handle on it.

3.) It goes without saying that I agree with Elftown's mission. This is a community I have been apart of for sometime now and though there may have been breaks in my activity that correlated with real world events in my life, I have always come back.

Additionally, I do my best to maintain a professional bearing, particularly when I am in a position of authority. I am not a rude person and I can have a discussion without becoming upset or over emotional. Like wise I would not let personal preferences bias me in matters involving multiple people.

4.) While I will not claim to have done much when it comes to official ET functions, such as contests, I have been a regular on the RP side of things and am currently running Darkness Reigns, a sci-fi/ horror themed free form RP, and am involved with two other group RPs as well as a small multitude of side/private ones. There have been other, though less successful RPs in the past as well that don't bear mentioning. Recently I submitted something for the Featured Story bit, a big step considering my extreme reluctance in self-nomination. I plan on doing this more often as well.

5.) I cannot promise that I have something no other crew member has, only that I have my own thoughts and ideas and will present these where I find opportunities to help improve ET. My proclivities lean towards RP's, written prose, poetry, and general forum maintenance.

Again, I'm quite hesitant to self promote, but I do have an interest in joining the ET Council should the opportunity present itself and am willing to work my way up in order to prove myself a useful addition to the crew and Elftown in general.

6.) I am a generally agreeable person. I don't enjoy conflict, I'm respectful, and I do my best to get along with everyone, regardless of my personal feelings toward them.

7.) ET is my home away from home and I'd relish the opportunity to help maintain and improve it.

8.) Some things that may not have come up previously:

1. I'm a fairly good promoter. Many of the players that joined Darkness Reigns were the result of my efforts to reach out to people and get them active on the site, rather than only approach members I know or wait for them to come to me. Considering the recent decline in active membership I feel that this trait might be valuable.

2. I am very obsessive when it comes to my projects. Once I get started I will not stop until it is exactly the way I want it to be. I don't do half jobs on things, it's all or nothing.

3. While I may not be very confident of my own work, I am extremely supportive of others and, when asked, will also be extremely honest in the nicest way I know how.

This concludes my application for the ET Crew and Council. I hope it finds you well and that you consider me for a position.

Thank you, and have a great day.

[The Black Goat]

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2014-09-11 [Mortified Penguin]: Needs more death threats. The crew loves death threats.

2014-09-11 [The Black Goat]: Ah

Select me or I will kidnap your loved ones and hang them over a boiling pit of lava!


2014-09-11 [Mortified Penguin]: Better, but is it brutal enough?

2014-09-11 [The Black Goat]: hmmmmm

good point

And I'll force them to watch M. Night Shyamalan's "The Last Airbender" and "Jack and Jill" on repeat!!!

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