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2005-07-23 15:17:00
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Results in!

1st [SilverFire]
2nd [Lord Dog]
3rd [Hazel]
*Remember, these are for the artist, not individual works.

<img:>Many of you may have seen messages from the Elftown Guards/Secret Service on the tops of people's houses saying various things about that person or their house. (They're the white boxes with red lettering inside ^_~ ). However, as I recently found out, not all of those messages mean that there is something wrong with that member or that he/she has broken a rule. In fact, one of those messages states that "Artistic nudity exists on this page", or something to that effect.

<img:>I was surprised to discover this, mainly due to the fact that- for me at least- red letters indicate something bad, and they tend to leave me with a negative feeling, no matter what they spell out. In light of this, I have decided to make a contest for an artistic nudity banner (did you guess?) to put up instead of a red message on people's houses. I realize that there is actually a banner out there, but I have never seen it on a house, and so I assume that it isn't that widely used (of course, I could be mistaken, since I can't claim to have seen all or even most of the Elftown houses ^^).

<img:>So, anyway, I made this contest to create a new banner. I don't know if it will actually be used, but it is always worth a shot, and this should be a good opportunity for artists to display more of there skills, even if the winning banner never does become official.

Before we start, there are a *few* rules:
<img:>The banner must state that there is artistic nudity on this page. It can be worded however you want to word it, but it must be clear that it is a warning for artistic nudity.
<img:>The banner doesn't have to be just a plain rectangle with words on it, but if you add pictures (and I encourage you to do so), they can not contain nudity of any sort. Remember, this is a nudity warning. If you feel the need to include a nude person, I expect a ribbin, a "censor" sticker, a piece of fabric, or something similar covering all private body parts.
<img:>You may now enter as many submissions as you want!
<img:>I think there will be a general size limit (height, length, area), but I will need to check with someone to see what this would need to be if the banner were to be used. I'll post it in bold letters at the top of the page if I do find a limit. Otherwise, I'm assuming that pictures would be scaled down to fit. As a general measure, however, I would suggest making the pictures about half as tall as they are long or less. (Remember, rectangular banner).

March 18

There will most likely be a badge for the winner and then a badge for participating. It is also possible that the winner's banner will show up at the tops of houses that contain artistic nudity, but again, this isn't confirmed, so don't accept it as a given fact unless [Nita] or someone else with the authority to do so gives some kind of confirmation.

Well, enough of my rambling on. Enter below, have fun, and good luck to all participants!


b) <img:>

c) <img:>

d) <img:stuff/warning3.jpg>
Added another variation. Can change stuff it required.
(bah.. it got compressed when uploading)

[Lord Dog]
As promised here is my entry, with half credit going to [moira hawthorne]
for help, inspiration and permission to use her image



[Aidan Ryuko]

<img:>If you have any ideas or suggestions on ways to improve Elftown, visit Suggestions, read all the rules, and submit your idea if you have checked to make sure that the same idea hasn't been submitted already.

<img:>Also visit other art contests and show more of your work at Art Contests

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2004-08-22 [SilverFire]: *shrugs* male bodies just aren't as curvy as females bodies, no matter what the pose. they're just not built that curvey

2004-08-22 [SilverFire]: n, btw... this is nitpicking now, but :P 'all these banners that show female nudity' are actually only two. -.- two people who decided for female over male, and being as it'sa 50/50 choice, it's really not that omg - amazing </nitpick> ^^

2004-08-22 [moira hawthorne]: I count 5! 3 different ones plus two variations on one of them!

2004-08-22 [SilverFire]: sorry, can you see anything on the top three (which tech only count as one, as they're all off the same image) that identifies it as either male *OR* female?

2004-08-22 [moira hawthorne]: yes... its female!....3 different ones plus two variations on one of them!..... I did write that! I know the piece [Hazel] used for those banners... she was definately female!

2004-08-22 [SilverFire]: so, three females. (thee different pictures of teh same thing *still* doesn't count...because it's the same picture >_<;) odds of that, still not swining much on bias here.

2004-08-22 [moira hawthorne]: the odds are 100% female....

2004-08-22 [SilverFire]: the odds? the odds are statistics, proportions and probabilities, and if it can happen it will happen. I can't be bothered to figure out the ods of 100% female, but they're not 100.

2004-08-22 [The Spirit Mage Crystalwind]: lol, odds and statistics...meh. Of course it's ok silver, just a silhouette ^^ moira- I'd love to see one with a male on it, if you're willing to enter one ^^ the...yaoi contest? I'll have to try and find it ^^

2004-08-23 [SilverFire]: danke.

2004-08-23 [moira hawthorne]: will see what I can do.... use abit of Shyl and a woman aswell.... hummmmmmm... *brain gearing up... smoke starts seeping out of my ears...*

2004-08-24 [The Spirit Mage Crystalwind]: danke?O.o so, what was this...yaoi contest? I looked that wiki name up but it's an empty page, so I guess it was called something else...

2005-01-13 [St. Vier]: deadline has been set to March 18th, if any of you want to get more/new entries in. also, removing the 5 entry limit.

2005-03-18 [Hazel]: some of my entries are actually on my webspace.. if they were to win, they'd be uploaded properly, right..? I can't seem to do it without compression, though I was told uploading wouldn't change them at all. :/

2005-05-06 [The Spirit Mage Crystalwind]: I'm not sure, you'd probably have to ask hedda. The results are in though, ending the voting

2005-05-13 [Hazel]: :D Contrats SilverFire!

2005-05-14 [SilverFire]: ^^;; Danke.

2005-05-16 [Hazel]: welcome ^.^

2005-07-02 [Lord Dog]: Congratulations Silverfire, and thanks for placing me Second all!

2005-07-23 [Aidan Ryuko]: o.O march 18th what year?

2005-11-16 [The Spirit Mage Crystalwind]: umm... 2005. contest is long over now.

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