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Official Competition Winners Gallery-
Art, Costume and Craft Competitions


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Art Competitions

ECM Nymph Art

Winner: [deeterhi]

Valentine art Competition 2011

Theme - Valentine's Day in general. (Valentine Art 11, Page 1)
Winner: [Chel.]

Christmas Art Competition 2010

Theme - Christmas! (Christmas Art 10, page 1)
Winner: [Chel.]

Halloween Art Competition 2010

Theme - Halloween! (Halloween Art 10, Page 1)
Winner: [Chel.]

ECM Zombie

Winner: [Kuruni]

Original Character Contest 2010

(OC Entries '10)
Winner: [Kaimee]

Chinese New Year Art Competition 2010

Theme - Year of the Tiger (CNYC Art '10 Entries)
Winner: [Chel.]

Elftown Valentine Competitions 2010

Theme - Heart(s) (Valentine Art 10, Page 1)
Winner: [Rice]

Elftown Dreamers' Contest

Winner: [Kahri]

Christmas Art Competition 2009

Theme - Christmas Lights: What Lets Your Light Shine? (Christmas Art 09, page 1)
<img0*150:stuff/SantaOnNorthPoleByNehirwen.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/rudolphtrin09.png>
Winning entries by [nehirwen] (also crew favourite) & [Triola]

ECM Gryphon Art

Winner: [Kuramasgirl] (also crew favourite)

Halloween Art Competition 2009

Theme - The Elftown Halloween Masquerade Ball (Halloween Art 09, Page 1)
<img0*150:stuff/HalloweenMasqueradeByNehirwen.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/aj/20695/1255832508.png>
Winning entries by [nehirwen] & [Chel.] (both also crew favourite)

ECM Unar Art

Winner: [Asrun] (also crew favourite)

ECM Unicorn Art

Winner: [Kuruni] (also crew favourite)

ET Dark Arts Competition

<img0*150:> <img0*150:stuff/z/3198/Mystro%2520/i1232792213_1.jpg>
Winning entries by [Pnelma Tirian] (Also Crew Favourite) & [GypsyHeart]

Chinese New Year Art Competition

<img0*150:stuff/Year_Of_The_Ox_-_Wheel_Of_Friends.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/Of_the_Earth.jpg>
Winning entries by [*Blade*] (also crew favourite) & [Rat Hacker]

ECM Werecreature Art

Winner: [Viking]

ECM Werewolf Art

Winner: [jaraden]

ECM Drow Art

Winner: [Kuruni]

ECM Elf Art

Winner: [deeterhi] (also crew favourite)

Valentine Art Competition 2009

Theme - Forbidden Love (Valentine Art 09, Page 1)
<img0*150:stuff/Batman_With_Robin.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/Luna_and_Sol.jpg>
Winning entries by [deeterhi] & [Triola]

Magic Competition

(Magic Art Contest for Veterans Entries)
Winner: [NOOOPE] (also crew favourite)

Christmas Art Competition 2008

Theme - Christmas/Yule (Christmas Art 08, page 1)
<img0*150:stuff/Christmas_Fairy.jpg>  <img0*150:stuff/Yuletide%3a_The_Clause_and_the_Stagg.png>
Winning entries by: [Bliz] & [Mordigen]

Elftown Gardens Competition

<img0*150:stuff/deeterhi_gardenentry.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/z/52705/Still%2520Painting!/i1217832916_1.jpg>
Winning entries by [deeterhi] (*Crew Favourite*) & [Grandamelf]

ECM Phoenix Art

Winner: by [J. "dragonruler" Rouse] (*Crew Favourite*)

Halloween Art Competition 2008

Theme - Halloween (Halloween Art 08, Page 1)
<img0*150:stuff/z/25268/Jaraden%2527s%2520temp/i1224609583_1.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/deet_halloween.jpg>
Winning entries by [jaraden] & [deeterhi]

Magic Competition

(Magic Art Contest for Newbies Entries)
Winner: [Cia_mar]

ECM Fairy/Fae Art

Winner: [Kuruni] (*Crew Favourite*)

ECM Fairy/Fae Art - Atypical

Winning entry by [Grandamelf]

Elftown's Means of Transportation

Winning entry by [Kahri]

ECM Dragon Art

Winner: [blackphoenix]

ECM Dragon Mood/Avatar

Winning Mood Set: Winning Avatar:

<img:img/mood/61513_1192446133.gif> <img:img/mood/61513_1192446123.gif> <img:img/mood/61513_1192446114.gif>
<img:img/mood/61513_1192446105.gif> <img:img/mood/61513_1192446093.gif> <img:img/mood/61513_1192446076.gif>
By: [Jitter] By: [nehirwen]

Valentine Art Competition 2008

Theme - Valentine (Valentine Art 08, Page 1
<img0*150:stuff/Nehirwen-HappyValentine.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/fvalfae.jpg>
Winning entries by [nehirwen] & [Mom]

Christmas Art Competition 2007

Theme - The Nativity Scene with an Elftown twist (Christmas Art 07, Page 1)
<img0*150:stuff/Kerst2007Yncke.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/triolaXmas2007.jpg>
Winning entries by [Yncke] & [Triola]

The Seven Deadly Sins Competition

<img0*150:stuff/7deadlysneda-jpg.jpg> <img0*150:img/photo/61513_1194433753.jpg>
Winning entries by [Black Raven] & [Jitter]

doodle where you can

<img0*150:stuff/IskeDraak.jpg> <img0*150:/img/photo/558_1191162235.jpg>
Winning entries by [Iske] & [iippo]

Halloween Art Competition 2007

Theme - Halloween Upside down (Halloween Art 07, Page 1)
<img0*150:img/drawing/17985_1192649201.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/C%3ADocuments%20and%20SettingsJo-KimMy%20DocumentsMy%20Picturesgood%20girl%204.jpg>
Winning entries by [Yncke] & [Jeccabee]

Show us Your Song Contest

<img0*150:stuff/crowdsnet.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/goldlion2.jpg>
Winning entries by [Jitter] and [5thwitch]

ECM vampire art

Winning entry by [Black Raven]

ECM Pegasus Image

Winning Entry by [Ciorstag]

The Happy Birthday Elftown Contest

Winning Entry by [Mom]

Trunk Dragon Competition 2007

<img0*150:stuff/TheTrunkFamily.bmp.jpg> <img0*150:img/drawing/47803_1175827079.jpg>
Winning entries by [Artsieladie] (* Crew favourite *) and [JajaJulie]

Colour the Guard Uniform 2007

<img0*150:stuff/sturmi_1.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/nedaa-jpg.jpg> <img0*150:img/drawing/2039_1175475212.jpg>
Winning entries by [Sturmi] , [Black Raven] & [NOOOPE]

Valentine Art Competition 2007

Theme - Include at least three of the given items in your image, while still retaining a Valentine's theme. (Valentine Art 07, Page 1)
<img0*150:img/drawing/76836_1170110611.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/valentine2007_by_Zardra.jpg>
Winning entries by [The all powerful Midori] & [Zardra]

Christmas Art Competition 2006

Theme - Snow (Christmas Art 06, Page 1)
<img0*150:stuff/C%3ADocuments%20and%20SettingsJenniferDesktopsnowbunnyfinal.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/snowprincessfinal.jpg>
Winning entries by [Sungmina] & [Asrun]

Fantasy Portrait Contest 2006

<img0*150:img/drawing/5991_1163569765.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/oceansoulcharacter%20copy2.jpg>
Winning entries by [Sungmina] & [Ocean Soul]

Elftown House Art Competition 2006

<img0*150:stuff/MyETHouse-LogCabin.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/ospix_treehome3.jpg>
Winning entries by [Artsieladie] & [Ocean Soul]

Halloween Art Competition 2006

Theme - Traditional childhood fears (Halloween Art 06, Page 1)
<img0*150:stuff/20061016vm.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/ss-fearsum.jpg>
Winning entries by [Levoton] & [Sunny Silverunicorn]

ET Desktop Design Contest 2006

Theme - Forest
<img0*150:stuff/enchantedforest.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/elegy_desktop_forrest.jpg>
Winning entries by [TheWolfKnight] & [Elegy - gone]

Chain Mail Bikini Contest for Newbies 2006

<img0*150:img/drawing/167230_1153702179.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/darchainmail.jpg>
Winning entries by [5thwitch] & [stuffAEAmade]

ET Academy Drawing Contest 2006

Winning entry by [Ilana]

Design the Guard Uniform 2006

Winning entry by [Elegy - gone]

Elftown Animation Contest 2006

Theme - Lilo, [Hedda]'s cat
Winning entries by:
[Elegy - gone] (loop) - <URL:stuff/hulalilo_elegy.gif>
[Dark Side of the Moon] (story) - <URL:stuff/Lilo%20Gets%20A%20Birdy%202_0001.wmv>

Sci-fi Elftron Contest 2006

Theme - How should [Elftron] look?
<img0*150:stuff/elftron_by_rayne.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/C%3AProgram%20FilesAdobePhotoshop%207.0CreationElftownET%20ContestElftron2.jpg>
Winning entries by [raynesprite] & [Mr.Scoop]

Valentine Art Competition 2006

Theme - Valentine's Day (Valentine Art 06, Page 1 and 2)
<img0*150:stuff/20060131v.jpg> <img0*150:img/photo/17985_1139164968.jpg>
Winning entries by [Levoton] & [Yncke]

Christmas Art Competition 2005

Theme - What kinds of presents would fantasy races give to each other? (Christmas Art 05, Page 1 and 2)
<img0*150:img/drawing/35723_1134162837.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/christmaswithlove_danayala.jpg>
Winning entries by [Forever Equine] & [Zardra]

Best of Your Race Badge Competition 2005

<img0*150:img/photo/48479_1129149392.jpg> <img0*150:img/drawing/48479_1130786913.jpg> <img0*150:img/drawing/48479_1130786942.jpg> <img0*150:img/drawing/48479_1129004381.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/roguedwarfbadge4.gif> <img0*150:stuff/elfbadge.jpg>
Winning entries by [Duredhel] (best duck, halfling, human & orc), [TheRogue] (best dwarf), and [Asrun] (best elf)

Halloween Art Competition 2005

Theme - Halloween, from scary to cute (Halloween Art 05, Page 1 and 2)
<img0*150:stuff/18485_abc_hacentryp_02.jpg> <img0*150:img/photo/35723_1129897269.jpg>
Winning entries by [Charybdis] & [Forever Equine]

Creature Feature Contest 2005

Winning entry by [Amerthyst]

Valentine Art Contest - 2005

Theme - Valentine themed pictures with a fantasy or sci-fi twist.
<img0*150:img/drawing/10305_1106651485.jpg> | Image Unavailable :C
Winning entries by [Ocean Soul] & [selardorart]

Elftown Battles 2005

Theme - Battles between Elftown members - Drinking Duel
<img0*150:img/photo/61303_1107812086.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/Cali.jpg>
Winning entries by [Yncke] (comic), [wendahloosa] (art), and [Rennie] (overall)

Christmas Art Competition - 2004

Theme - Christmas themed pictures with a fantasy or sci-fi twist
<img0*150:img/drawing/35723_1102301008.jpg> <img0*150:>
Winning entries by [Forever Equine] & [Sunny Silverunicorn]

Halloween Art Competition - 2004

Theme - Halloween, from scary to cute
<img0*150:stuff/FreakyFur> <img0*150:>*
Winning entries by [Adnama] & [akhirah]

Saint Valentine's Image Competition 2004

Theme - One that features a sci-fi kind of love.
And another one that should feature fantasy love, especially orc/troll themed.
<img0*150:img/photo/11111_1075955465.jpg> <img0*150:img/drawing/1334_1076160375.jpg>
Winning entries by [pixish] & [Zinus]

Christmas image competition 2003

Theme - Christmas
<img0*150:img/drawing/9683_1071792825.jpg> <img0*150:img/drawing/13941_1071529478.gif>
Winning entries by [Bratt] & [TheRogue]

Costume Competitions

Halloween Costume Competition 2010

Theme - Halloween (Halloween Costumes 10, Page 1)
Winner: [Company Awesome]

Halloween Costume Competition 2009

Theme - Halloween (Halloween Costumes 09, Page 1)
<img0*150:img/drawing/45191_1256666913.jpg> <img50*0:img/drawing/45191_1256666967.jpg> <img0*150:img/photo/65739_1256931134.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/aj/169023/1256525065.jpg>
Winning entries by [Nevermore.], [whimsical fae] & [Nioniel]

Halloween Costume Competition 2008

Theme - Halloween (Halloween Costumes 08, Page 1)
<img0*150:stuff/z/174703/Twilight%2527s%2520Call/charon2.jpeg>  <img0*150:img/photo/17289_1225065166.jpg>
Winning entries by [Panophobia] & [Rat Hacker]

Halloween Costume Competition 2007

Theme - Halloween (Halloween Costumes 07, Page 1)
<img0*150:stuff/z/122449/Maul-o-ween/i1194047595_1.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/z/122449/Maul-o-ween/i1194047595_2.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/CompleteUniform.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/Headshot%20With%20Uniform%20Jacket.jpg>
Winning entries by [Captain Thorne] & [Wa+cher]

Halloween Costume Competition 2006

Theme - Halloween (Halloween Costumes 06, Page 1)
<img0*150:stuff/IMG_0502.JPG> <img0*150:stuff/IMG_0507.JPG> <img0*150:stuff/IMG_0472.JPG> <img0*150:stuff/joker%20031.JPG> <img0*150:stuff/joker%20014.JPG>
Winning entries by [Ilana] (costume) & [~Lady Morgana~] (makeup)

Halloween Costume Competition 2005

Theme - Halloween (Halloween Costumes 05, Page 1)
<img0*150:img/photo/67651_1201625524.jpg> <img0*150:img/photo/9336_1130536285.jpg>
Winning entries by [Kéioko Matsukaze] & [Seyra]

Elftown Costume Design Contest 2005

Theme - Game costumes
<img0*150:img/photo/48479_1112148154.jpg> <img0*150:img/photo/9336_1116148010.jpg>
Winning entries by [Duredhel] (drawing) & [Seyra] (costume)

Craft Competitions:

Crafty Fairytales

<img0*150:stuff/JackandSallyDone.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/deeterhi_snow.jpg>
Winning entries by [Anvikit] (also Crew Favourite) & [deeterhi]

Photo-manipulation competitions

RPMC Steampunk

Winner: [nehirwen]

RPMC Halloween

Winner: [pixish]

Elftown Dreamers' Contest

Winner: [nehirwen]

Dark Manips Contest

<img0*150:stuff/aj/130613/kuruni-gwyn2.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/ripthefun.jpg>
Winning entries by [Kuruni] & [MisLuck]


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2007-10-18 [Artsieladie]: With ECM Pegasus, things were done differently. There was text contributed, art & poetry, but only three poems submitted. There were only winners for art & best contributor. I have no idea where 'best contributor' would fall under, though. :P

2007-10-18 [Jitter]: Aw I see.

Anyway this is just for the record and gathering all images here :)

2007-10-18 [Artsieladie]: Yeah, I know. :P)

2008-11-08 [Jitter]: Gah Nehi I was about to do so xD *hugs*

2008-11-08 [nehirwen]: I'm the OCWG updater, sorry for being so fast. :p *hugs back*

2008-11-08 [Jitter]: Haha No worries xD.

Ah, I see. I thought the one who announced the news had to update as well x) That gives me one job less woo :P *tickles*

2008-11-08 [Jitter]: I removed a dead link.

2008-11-09 [nehirwen]: Thanks. :)

No idea if the news announcer is supposed to add it, it just didn't happen that much.
It was way behind when I was asked to maintain this stuff. >.>
Now I just keep it up to date. :)
*is tickled* :o

2008-11-09 [Jitter]: Ah well, I always update galleries and stuff whenever I announce news and/or badge people but I'll leave this one to you from now on if you want :D

2008-11-09 [nehirwen]: That's the spirit. ^^
And that's alright, there is already so much to do around contests for you. ;)

2008-11-09 [Jitter]: Badging and updating is a bitch too x)

2009-06-05 [Calico Tiger]: Christmas 2003 is incorrect. We had 6 winners, not 2 :) Christmas image competition.

2009-06-05 [SilverFire]: Fix0red.

2009-06-05 [Calico Tiger]: Thanks! It was fun having contests that had so many entrants, that we could do a whole week or two of featuring different winners :D

2009-11-14 [nehirwen]: *poke* Photography winners are put on OCWG - Photography. ;)

2011-07-07 [SilverFire]: The first entry should possibly be removed from the guard uniform contest, I think it was found to be stolen? Should probably check the guard forum first, though.

2011-07-07 [SilverFire]: I think there's also been another photomanip contest that's not listed here? Was there not a Halloween RPMCXYZLOLWUTBBQ thing?

2011-07-07 [nehirwen]: I think you're right about that guard uniform contest, I'll go check it.
The photomanip contest never announced winners in the news, maybe they should do that first. >.>
*uses the news as reminder to update this stuff*

2011-07-07 [SilverFire]: No, they didn't, but I've warned them about that now, so future ones should be. :P

2011-07-07 [nehirwen]: Good. :]

2011-07-07 [nehirwen]: That wiki itself needs to be updated too btw, it does not say who won.

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