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Official Competition Winners Gallery-
Photography Competitions


EPRM Sunset/Sunrise Reference

Sunsets and Stuff
Winner: [Mortified Penguin]

EPRM Underwater Reference

EPRM Aeo Underwater!
Winner: [Aeolynn]

EPRM Textures Reference

SF - Textures
Winner: [SilverFire]

EPRM Cityscapes Reference

Nicholas Everitt's Park,Oulton Broad
Winner: [Marlene'Jacques]

Valentine Photography Competition 2011

Theme - Valentine's Day in general. (Valentine Photograph 11, page 1)
Winner: [Mortified Penguin]

Christmas Photography Competition 2010

Theme - Christmas! (Christmas Photograph 10, page 1)
Winner: [moira hawthorne]

EPRM Fungus Reference & EPRM Sky Reference

<img0*150:stuff/DSCI0033.JPG> <img0*150:stuff/aj/24832/1290682700.jpg>
Fungi!! (brought to you by Bob's Diner) & Sky Watch
Winning entries by: [Mortified Penguin] & [kamisch]

Halloween Photography Competition 2010

Theme - Halloween! (Halloween Photograph 10, page 1)
<img0*150:> <img0*150:>
Winning entries by: [sweet.tx.tea] & [Nioniel]

EPRM Fall Reference

Autumn in Texas
Winner: [sweet.tx.tea]

EPRM Feather Reference, EPRM Plant Reference & EPRM Hair Reference

<img0*150:stuff/z/39710/feathers%2520by%2520hanhepi/pheasant%20pad2.JPG> <img0*150:stuff/easterling_winter9.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/z/59031/Flisky%2527s%2520temp%25202/i1284475190_6.jpg>
Feathers by Hanhepi, Easterling - Plant Reference 4 Seasons & Head and Body Hair Reference
Winning entries by: [hanhepi], [Easterling] & [Thunder Cid] + [Flisky]

ECM Fantasy Warrior Photo

Winner: [Herger the Joyous]

Elftown Valentine Competitions 2010

Theme - Heart(s) (Valentine Photograph 10, page 1
Winner: [SilverFire]

EPRM Landmark Reference & EPRM Wonderfully Weird

<img0*150:stuff/Another_random_rock_formation.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/z/169023/It%2527s%2520%2528Mostly%2529%2520Green%2521/i1247258370_24.jpg>
Garden of the Gods & Phoenix Stock ~ Assorted Goodness!
Winning entries by: [Lord Josmar] & [Nioniel]

EPRM People at Work Reference, EPRM Water Reference & EPRM Arm Reference

<img0*150:stuff/nya/11c5w8z.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/aj/25313/1244909499.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/aj/24832/1253010244.jpg>
Wood sculptor working, WaterofMarshall & A Right to Bare Arms - Stock Gallery
Winning entries by: [Nyaah*], [Diiwica] & [kamisch]

Christmas Photography Competition 2009

Theme - Christmas Lights: What Lets Your Light Shine? (Christmas Photograph 09, page 1)
Winner: [Easterling]

ET Photograph Competition 2009

Theme - The Past ('The Past' Photos, Page one)
<img0*150:img/drawing/73640_1241738520.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/GramophoneByNehirwen.jpg>
Winning entries by [sweet.tx.tea] & [nehirwen]

Halloween Photography Competition 2009

Theme - The Elftown Halloween Masquerade Ball (Halloween Photograph 09, page 1)
Winner: [Lothuriel]

ECM Mage Photo

Winner: [Diiwica]

ECM Witch Photo

Winner: [Nioniel]

Dark Photography Contest

(Dark Photo Entries)
Winning entry By [GypsyHeart]

EPRM Furniture Reference

<img0*150:stuff/Front_Porch_Side_Table.jpg> <img0*150:> <img0*150:stuff/Rocking_chair_with_feet._.jpg>
Outdoor Furniture Photos & Home Furniture Photos, A House Of Furniture, Swedish Furnitures
Winning entries by [Xuan.], [Rainbow Dragonflies] & [Hedda]

ECM Fairy/Fae Photo

Winner: [Kuruni] (also crew favourite)

ECM Elf Photo

Winner: [Saray] (also crew favourite)

EPRM Action Pose Reference

<img0*150:stuff/z/10620/EPRM%2520Skydancer%2520Action%2520Pose%2520Reference/EPRM%20Skydancer%20Action%20Pose_0020.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/HPIM5043.JPG> <img0*150:stuff/z/64936/Mitsuki%2527s%2520Mid%2520Action%2520Hockey%2520Shots/i1228457290_4.jpg>
EPRM Skydancer Action Pose Reference, Tenshi's Dance Action Poses, Mitsuki's Mid Action Hockey Shots
Winning entries by [Skydancer], [Khronos Atmosphaera] & [Alexi Ice]

Christmas Photography Competition

Theme - Christmas Decorations (Christmas Photograph 08, page 1)
<img0*150:stuff/Christmas_Ship.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/Rebirth_of_Light.jpg> <img0*150:>
Winning entries by [Jitter](also crew favourite), [moira hawthorne] & [Tynuka-Rhytishy]

EPRM Feet Reference

<img0*150:stuff/z/10620/EPRM%2520Skydancer%2520Feet/11-28-08 Feet 025.jpg>  <img0*150:img/photo/64936_1205897397.jpg>
EPRM Skydancer Feet, Mitsuki’s array of animal feet
Winning entries by [Skydancer] & [Alexi Ice]

Magic Competition

(Magic Photo Contest for Veterans Entries)
Winning entry by [playslashwrite] (also crew favorite)

Magic Competition

(Magic Photo Contest for Newbies Entries)
Winning entry by [The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama is Dead]

Christmas Photography Competition 2007

Theme - Festive Foods (Christmas Photograph 07, Page 1)
<img150*0:stuff/santacooking.png> <img150*0:stuff/learasgingerbreadmen.jpg>
Winning entries by [Skydancer] & [Leara]

ECM vampire photo

Winner: [Tableau Vivant]

The Seven Deadly Sins Competition

(TSDSC, Photo Entries)
<img0*150:img/photo/121196_1194799958.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/C%3ADocuments%20and%20SettingsCompaq_AdministratorMy%20DocumentsMy%20PicturesDSC3%20014b.jpg>
Winning entries by [Aldalome] & [Synsae]

Show us Your Song Contest

<img0*150:stuff/silk%26steel.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/z/184022/ImagesThatAreRad/i1187727910_1.jpg>
Winning entries by [Jitter] & [Kito-Tai]

ET Photograph Competition 2007

Theme - Science Fiction (Sci-fi photos, page 1)
<img0*150:stuff/scifi.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/scifi_horns_final.jpg>
Winning entries by [Ilana] & [playslashwrite]

Horse photo reference competition

<img0*150:stuff/z/1673/joneyashorses/DSCN1154.JPG> <img0*150:stuff/z/1673/joneyashorses2/DSCN4384.JPG>
joneyashorses, joneyashorses2
Winning Entries by [Joneya]

ET Photograph Competition 2006/2007

Theme - Glamour Black & White Portraits (Glamour Photos, page 1)
<img0*150:stuff/glamcigfs.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/cecy.jpg>
Winning entries by [Empee] & [Nocternity S.]

ET Photograph Competition 2006

Theme - Paranormal Photos (Paranormal Photos, page 1, 2, 3, and 4)
<img0*150:img/photo/111241_1151041146.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/forcontestforsomeone.jpg>
Winning entries by [Nocternity S.] & [Tadriendra]

ET Photograph Competition 2005/2006

Theme - Tis the Season (Tis the Season, page 1)
Winning entry by [SashaShy]

ET Photograph Competition 2005

Theme - Fantastic Waters (Water Photos, page 1, 2, and 3)
<img0*150:stuff/red%20water%20copy.jpg> <img0*150:img/drawing/39648_1126374926.jpg> <img0*150:img/drawing/26959_1111859223.jpg>
Winning entries by [Ocean Soul], [Elmiira] & [Truth . Beauty . Love]

ET Photograph Competition 2005

Theme - Seasons of Change (Season Photos, page 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5)
<img0*150:img/drawing/13273_1109889036.jpg> <img0*150:img/drawing/27386_1107033900.jpg>
Winning entries by [Tupile] & [barutha]


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