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Official Competition Winners Gallery-
Prose, Poetry and RP Contests


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Prose Competitions

ECM Zombie Text

Best text: [sweet.tx.tea]

Zombies are most known in popular culture as reanimated dead or mindless being. They are typically human but have over time evolved into inhuman creatures such as “undead”.

Zombie legends originated from the ancient art and practice of Vodou (not to be confused with Voodoo) of Haiti. This belief system allotted zombies as slaves of the most powerful wizards, sent out to labor in their place.
read more on DancingSHEEP's Zombie Info.

Elftown Drabble Contest

(Drabble contest '10)
Winner: [NOOOPE]

Ya know, this life thing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Consider this quote, “life is suffering”. I know, that’s too broad. Maybe it aughta be, “to live is to suffer” ‘cause frankly ladies and gents, name one person who has lived and who hasn’t suffered at one point or another. It’s a fact of life. There will be highs and lows. Being a pessimist, a Debby Downer and all sorts of unpleasant to converse with, I’d argue, that to bring a child into this world is to doom it to suffering. Ipso facto, our parents are assholes. Don’t have kids.'

Elftown Dreamers' Contest

Winners: [maryanne] - Magic Tree Dream & [Rainbow Dragonflies] - Dream: Chase

We were back, my brother and I. Back to this place that had once been such a sanctuary for us. Almost a playground. But nothing was the same anymore. The world was a darker place. Our adventures would no longer be the carefree sorts you found in kids' books; stories where the children faced danger, yes, but you always knew they would make it out okay. We didn't have that guarantee anymore. Not this time. The dangers were real and we had little time.
read further on Magic Tree Dream

"I have weird dreams."
"Yeah, I know."
"They repeat a lot. Or, at least, some parts of them. Like I'll be on a pier, or on a boat, or sometimes I'll see people over and over again."
"Yeah? People you know? Me?"
"Yeah, sometimes you, sometimes Nikki, sometimes people I don't know,"
"What do you mean?"
"Well, there's this one. I call him Fant. He fucking scares me."
"You know naming the people that talk to you in your head is a mental condition?"
"Yeah, I guess."
read further on Dream: Chase

ECM Unicorn Text

Best text: [Dark Side of the Moon]

What is it about the unicorn that so captures our imagination? It is easily and readily identified as a fantasy figure – the typical white horse with a single spire jutting from its forehead, simple in its anatomy but steeped in mystery.

From its obscure origins, many tales and legends have been woven about this mythical creature.
read more on A Brief History of the Unicorn of English Lore.

ECM Werewolf Text

Best Contributor: [Alexi Ice]
Best text: -

ECM Elf Text

Best Contributor: [Grandamelf]
Best text: -

ECM Phoenix Text 2008

Best Contributor: [Linderel]
Best text: [Alexi Ice]: A thousand years:

My friend I am sad to say that I have a thousand years to apologize for. You are new to this world, and I am sure that you are scared but do not fret because my spirit is still strong, so I shall guide you. As I am sure you know the rule is that you must live as long as I myself have lived, and friend my life has been a long one.
read more on A thousand years.

Magic Competition 2008

(Magic Written Contest for Newbies Entries)
Winner: [NOOOPE] - The Mailbox:

There once lived this guy named Chuck. Chuck was a crazy reclusive type who lived in the middle of a forested island with 12 chickens who he once banked on being his emergency food. Luckily for the birds, they had all grown quiet fond of each other over the years and Chuck regarded them as family. After his monthly voyage inland for supplies, he’d make himself a fresh sandwich and sit atop his chicken coop, his poultry gathered at his feet. He’d give them voices, speaking subtly out of the corner of his mouth and discuss a variety of things. The weird dead fish he saw on the beach yesterday, Plato’s Republic... In his imaginary world, he was the voice of reason. He was the chicken king and as ridiculous as that may sound to you, he thought it was pretty sweet.
read further in The Mailbox

ECM Fairy/Fae Text 2008

Best Contributor: [Jitter]
Best text: [moira hawthorne]: *faery*:

FAE = strange, odd, weird, not-of-this-world
RIE = land
Fairyland = misspelled and redundant
read more about fairies on *faery*

ECM Dragon Text 2007/2008

Best Contributor: [nehirwen]
Best text: [Sue Falkenkralle]: Sue Falkenkralles Dragons:

Dragons are mystical, often magical creatures, which are pictured in many different ways.
The classical European dragon is red or green and is formed like an reptile, which can spew flames and has a long tail and a long neck. Depending on the variant, it can have horns and/or bat-like wings, or spikes on his tail, similar to those of a stegosaurus. The legends of evil, treasure guarding and princess eating dragons are probably the most common in Europe.
read more on Sue Falkenkralles Dragons

ECM Vampire Text 2007

Best Contributor: [xido]
Best text: [Lexi. Short and Sweet!]: Vampires by Alexa, Curse of Life

The vampire has been around in folklore for centuries and there are many different stories and opinions as to how the first vampire was created.
Religious: It is believed by some that the first vampire was Lilith, first wife of Adam who desired to rule over the human world but god wanted the male to rule and so Lilith left Adam for Lucifer who promised her what she wanted. She became the Queen of Death and Demons and it is thought vampires were her creation to usurp the work of God and Adam.
read more on Vampires by Alexa

“Have you ever seen the one you love whither and die before you? Have you ever had to live with the guilt of doing nothing? Ever felt frozen? Empty? Angry? Depressed? Like a child longing to be held but with no one there to hold you? Ever alienated everyone you cared about because you couldn’t bare seeing another loved one disappear, then realised that you’ve ripped out your own heart still beating from your chest. Realised that those you’ve pushed away are the ones you need most?”
read further on Curse of Life

ECM Pegasus 2006/2007

Best Contributor: [Artsieladie]

Elftown Prose Contest 2006

Prose contest - Secret life of my Neighbour
Winners: [Priscilla Primkin] - My neighbours, the Zwierszowskis & [thoughtfox] - Good Neighbours

I live in a quiet neighbourhood on a street that quickly turns into a dead end as it comes up against a barricade of pine, spruce, oak and birch trees. On a summer’s evening you can hear the call of the white-throated sparrow and the scream of the bluejay as they mark their territories. Deer live in those woods: it is not unusual to open the door and find one grazing in the front yard, staring at you with wide, wild eyes, before bolting, as though found guilty of something.
read further on My neighbours, the Zwierszowskis

We were surprised when the Musayu family moved in next door. But who wouldn't be? A Gayasin family, in a Rekhajee neighbourhood? Unheard of! It was the first time little Rayak, our son, had seen the ghostly white skin and icy blue hair: until then, he had only known the pitch-black skin and gold-bronze hair of the Rekhajee. To him, they were aliens.
read further on Good Neighbours

Elftown Prose Contest 2006

Prose contest - Fairy tales
Winners: [DeadSockMonster] - The Curse of Greed & [Dark Side of the Moon] - Ir-Iddyns Wiki Prose Page

“Twenty fairies hidden in the rocks of the sea, their one hundred words’ wisdom not known by me, shall sixty days later come unto thee, small kind children Alec and Ellie.” the little dwarf said, his long beard dripping. He was only a little shorter than the children.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Ellie would have asked that, but Alec said it first.
read further on The Curse of Greed

The little boy stared in disbelief, for it is not often that an old man is the same height as a child.

“Don’t stand there looking daft, boy!” snapped the dwarf. “Let me in! The rain will drown me.”
read further on Ir-Iddyns Wiki Prose Page

Elftown Prose Contest 2005

Prose Contest - December 2005: Mythical Creatures
Winner: [stevedoyle]: SGD - Time

The twins are having a wonderful time reminiscing.
  “Remember old Lord Biddle?”
  “We had him seeing double!”
  “The doctors thought alcohol did it to him.”
  “So does he probably! Ha ha ha!”
read further on SGD - Time

Elftown Battles 2005

Theme: Battles between Elfown members
Winners: story - [All_Most PUNK]: The Duel

The two young Elftowners tried to get closer to the Arena of the city, bumping with several other citizens who hurried, trying to get in as soon as possible, afraid of losing anything. The arena was a big circular building, with concentric stairways that led the people to the many tribunes placed at different levels, smart disposition that allowed an almost perfect view of the Arena terrain from any point. The Arena was used for the shows during the festivities and, once and again, as the scenery to settle matters of public concern. In this case, tough, the reason was a little different. A duel was about to be fought, a duel important enough to reunite almost every inhabitant of the city.
read further on The Duel

Poetry Competitions

The Elftown Limerick Competition

Winners: [perfumed ignition] & [Rice]

The Slug King 

Barry was a slug most exalted
But very quickly his reign was halted
They found him on the ground
A slimy mound
Barry, it seemed, had been a-salted
The Life of a Muffin

Roasting, rising and ready to arrive,
The muffin did smile in its warm baking hive.
Till one day a child,
Oh so rabid and wild,
Devoured, quite happily, the poor thing alive.

ECM Nymph Poetry

Winner: [Akayume]

An Ebbing Whisper

There is an ebbing and flowing here.
Of time,
of life,
of wind and wave
of the dancing and the singing of the nubile who dwell here.

Read further on ECM Nymph Poetry

Valentine Poetry Competition 2011

Winners: [Chimes] & [Nioniel]
Theme: Valentine's Day in general. Valentine Poetry 11, Page 1


The jars are stacked in threes;
the shelves creak
in protest to
your wandering

Read further on Valentine Poetry 11, Page 1
The Other 364 (Are Just As Good) 

Roses are red, violets are blue,
Seems so redundant when I'm around you.
Of course the flowers are vibrant in color!

Read further on Valentine Poetry 11, Page 1

Elftown Haiku Contest

Winners: [Aradon Templar] & [pegasus1000]

A Moment Passes

The passage of time:
Leaves drifting, ephemeral.
Autumn’s golden rays.
Visions of Sand

If your eyes are blind
Can you see the sands of time
Or just feel its weight

Christmas Poetry Competition 2010

Winner: [Mortified Penguin]
Theme: Christmas! Christmas Poetry 10, page 1

Last Minute Poem

Oh, Christmas, how I would adore,
If I were not passed out on the floor.
While snow comes down turning water to ice,
I reach up to my bald spot to scratch my head lice.

read further on Halloween Poetry 10, page 1

Halloween Poetry Competition 2010

Winners: [Leb] & [Nioniel]
Theme: Halloween! Christmas Poetry 10, page 1

Misadventures in Trick-or-Treating

In a city of sirens,
one wonders which houses are safe
to demand candy from.

read further on Halloween Poetry 10, page 1
A Poem

Wind, icy wind, howled darkly,
Kicked rusted leaves across dead lawns
And into streets dark as oil in the night,
Sans the bobbing, scattered beams of light.

read further on Halloween Poetry 10, page 1

ECM Zombie Poetry

Winner: [Triola]

Zombie Haiku

The stench of decay
Eyes devoid of cognizance
Aaaaaargh, brains

Elftown Valentine Competitions 2010

Winners: [Triola] & [Linderel]
Theme - Heart(s) (Valentine Poetry 10, Page 1)

Blackbird Has Spoken

           Yesterday                           you looked at 
        me through those               glasses you always somehow 
     forget to wipe so they make     your vision blurry when they're 
   supposed to do exactly the opposite and you smiled that smile you 
 have where your cheeks dimple and I can see the gap between your teeth 
the one they told you you needed braces to fix but your mother told you
 it made you look distinguished and you opened up your mouth like you
   do when you’re commenting on an article in your science magazine     
     about the new and fascinating research into molecular fusion
        that only you find fascinating really but I don’t mind  
           because you’re talking to me but instead you said  
             in that slightly rough voice you have early   
               in the morning from lack of use and too    
                 much rest like it was something you  
                   said every day and you were just 
                     asking me if there was any 
                       tea left on the kettle             
                          that you love me. 
                            And my heart
                              skipped a 
A Philologist's Love Poem

Words press, unformed,
weighing heavily against the breastbone
striving to break for the larynx;
waiting to be uttered,
to be expelled in a rush of air
pushed between teeth and clumsy tongue
in an array of sounds, syllables
and sweet, shy meaning—
but the words are malformed
the syntax garbled, jumbled
by some failure in the brain's synapses
or the poet's heart
cowering back in fear

Elftown Dreamers' Contest

Winners: [Nioniel] & [Yume Youki]

Hollow Dreams

Starlight fell like teardrops
In the ocean of the sky
From the dream of fears
And endless years
Came the life not yet to die

read further on ET Dreamers' Poetry - Page 1
Trial by Night

Where am I?
It's dark, and there's no sound.
Who am I?
I'm not like I usually am.
What am I doing?
I can't seem to remember.
read further on ET Dreamers' Poetry - Page 1

Christmas Poetry Competition 2009

Winner: [Pegasus 1000]
Theme: Christmas Lights: What Lets Your Light Shine? Christmas Poetry 09, page 1


City lights
Shinning bright
Drowning out
My starry night
read further on Christmas Poetry 09, page 1

ECM Gryphon Poetry 2009

Winner: [FamousPanda]

A Majestic Creature
Majestic and royal it may be,
whether soaring through the air or perched in a tree.
With the body of a lion and an eagle's great wings.
Comes an animal that is as great as the greatest of kings.
read further on ECM Gryphon Poetry

Halloween Poetry Competition 2009

Winners: [Rice], [Mortified Penguin] & [Teufelsweib]
Theme: The Elftown Halloween Masquerade Ball Halloween Poetry 09, page 1

Dancing Masks

Tip tap – tip tap,
These silver heels are clicking,
My mask shifting,
To a happier face.
read further on Halloween Poetry 09, page 1
The Elftown Ball

'Twas the night of Halloween and all through the town,
Men wore their tuxes and women donned their gowns.
In the effulgent moonlight they would dance, one and all,
For at last, it was the night of the masquerade ball.
read further on Halloween Poetry 09, page 1

tonight we shall not play by the rules.

Changing color, reds to black,
trading your diamonds for a spade;
it's time to shuffle your deck, to trade the kings for a jack,
on this nightly masquerade.
read further on Halloween Poetry 09, page 1

ECM Unicorn Poetry 2009

Winner: [quantumkitten]

We the weavers and rememberers of tales
Sift backwards through the granules of time
To find
The Shadhavar with horn of ruby alabaster night
And silken mane like pearlescent threads of light.
read further on ECM Unicorn Poetry

ECM Werewolf Poetry 2009

Winner: [Rice]

Howling Inside
Inside my shell I’m howling,
At a milky blue moon.
read further on ECM Werewolf Poetry

ECM Elf Poetry 2009

Winner: [FamousPanda]

Sitting quietly in a tree.
To be unseen by you and me.
Celebrating the spring's blossoms.
With the rabbits, raccoons and opossums.
read further on ECM Elf Poetry

Valentine Poetry Competition 2009

Winners: [Chimes], [Acceber], [Linderel] & [Tickle Me Emo] (2x)
Theme: Twisted Love! Valentine Poetry 09, Page 1

Goodbye, Love
There you are, Love,
We've been searching
For days.
How are you still smiling, Love?
read further on Valentine Poetry 09, page 1
I watch you sleeping,
I see your face,
I love how you look,
In that white lace.
read further on Valentine Poetry 09, page 1

Sangria Bird Sings
Red of heart, of soul, of hand
her reality is this impassioned act
this prison that she cannot stand
a glass shell that could not be cracked
read further on Valentine Poetry 09, page 1
Hemp Rope
A fetish wound round a tree
Swing along let lovers be
brave in their simplicity
Alone would seem enough to me
read further on Valentine Poetry 09, page 1

The Search
I tried the candy-man
but he was like spun sugar:
Good but essentially intangible.
read further on Valentine Poetry 09, page 1

Christmas Poetry Competition 2008

Winners: [Grandamelf] & [Artsieladie]
Christmas Poetry 08, page 1

Dream on!
Christmas comes with all it's folly!
Tis the Season to be Jolly!
Now the mistletoe is hung,
And the shopping has begun.
read further on Christmas Poetry 08, page 1
Christmas Is For Everyone
The stockings are hung, all is hushed and still,
For everyone is sleeping, waiting for Santa to fill
Each one with goodies and fruit and little surprises,
Delighting the children of various sizes.
read further on Christmas Poetry 08, page 1

Magic Competition 2008

(Magic Written Contest for Veterans Entries)
Winner: [Mortified Penguin] - "True Magic"

There once was an old witch and an elderly wizard
They sat huddled alone, during a fierce blizzard
The power was gone and with candles around
The glimmer in her eye reflected a beauty most profound
read further on Magic Written Contest for Veterans Entries

ECM Phoenix Poetry 2008

Winner: [Koho Ai]

A Beautiful Creature
Phoenix soaring in the sky
Like a flame oh so high
Living, breathing, always seeing
Never ceasing to stop being
read further on ECM Phoenix Poetry

Halloween Poetry Competition 2008

Winners: [Captain Rachel Black], [Madame Black], [Crankychangeling], [Thunder Cid] & [All_Most PUNK]
Halloween Poetry 08, page 1

The Spirit of Halloween
I am the thing
That tangles puppet strings
The chill that runs down your spine
read further on Halloween Poetry 08, page 1
Gravedigger's Son
The sun would set on a lonely hill
On a lot outside of town
Where trees were few, only grass there grew
And from birds there came no sound.
read further on Halloween Poetry 08, page 1

On This Night
One day a year. As the tenth month dies,
and the winter is well on its way.
A cold wind blows, rustling leaves across the sky.
Causing scarecrows to dance and to sway.
read further on Halloween Poetry 08, page 1
One day I found a pumpkin seed.
And planted it and pulled the weeds.
It sprouted roots and a big, long vine.
A pumpkin grew; I called it mine.
read further on Halloween Poetry 08, page 1

Night of witches
Cold ghost land of
Trick and treat
read further on Halloween Poetry 08, page 1

ECM Fairy/Fae Poetry 2008

Winners: [Crankychangeling] & [Linderel]:

Unheeded Warnings
Seven large mushrooms found in a ring,
surely are but a sign of spring.

Six black crows on the east garden gate,
dark wings and shrill calls do taunt and berate.
read further on ECM Fairy/Fae Poetry
Dawn at the Fae Court
As morning dew so quietly gathered
upon the silky petals of flowers
on a meadow beside the riverbed
beneath trees so tall, as ancient towers
where faeries often held merry balls
young children trooped out, enjoying the sun
and soon stumbled into the fae queen's halls
read further on ECM Fairy/Fae Poetry

Valentine Poetry Competition 2008

Winners: [End of Eternity], [Merlin Mab], [Olwen], [someelf] & [Artsieladie]
Theme: Valentine! Valentine Poetry 08, Page 1

The Backstabbing Of Cupid
I dawdled down the street one day,
Living in my world of grey,
And dreary shades, and muted tones,
With shapeless voices from mobile phones.
read further on Valentine Poetry 08, Page 1
ahhhh when she loves me
my soul sings so loud
the angels all go quiet
read further on Valentine Poetry 08, Page 1

My Portly Lover
I love you now
My portly lover,
Even if your waist is high.
read further on Valentine Poetry 08, Page 1
The Wind Told Me, Whispering In My Ear..
I've fallen for you
From the high skies,
To down below
read further on Valentine Poetry 08, Page 1

Love is caring.
Love is sharing.
Love is lasting,
Ever bearing.
read further on Valentine Poetry 08, Page 1

ECM Dragon Poetry 2007/2008

Winner: [Dark Side of the Moon]

The Dragon of Henwyreld
In Glyddn’s Vale on Farthenclose
Laid a field bejeweled with sacred rose.
Ever and ever the roses bloomed
Full and fragrant ‘neath sun and moon;
read further on The Dragon of Henwyreld

Christmas Poetry Competition 2007

Winners: [Tickle Me Emo] & [Melocrie]
Christmas Poetry 07, page 1

Holly and Ivy
When the berries grow bright red and round
It's time to head back homeward bound;
Back to the trees and leaves of green
And the curious wonder of things unseen.
read further on Christmas Poetry 07, page 1
A Halfling Carol
When the fire crackles in the grate
and the ale is pouring down on my beeel-ly
all of them barefeet are marching through the gate
carrying the bushes of hoool-ly
read further on Christmas Poetry 07, page 1

The Seven Deadly Sins Competition 2007

Winners: [Maeve104] and [Halcyon Harmony]
TSDSC, Poetry Entries

The page is blank.
But then the ink
Starts to flow.
Dark spiderwebs
Spun across the page.
read further on TSDSC, Poetry Entries
My name is Lust
My name is lust
I will play with your heart
I will steal your soul
I will drown your love
read further on TSDSC, Poetry Entries

Sci-fi Poetry Competition 2007

Winners: [Estantia] & [Muerta]

No Notion
Poetry: An art that humans create
Normally in an attempt to capture a mate.
Some people call it the song of the soul
Others a means to stopper a hole.
read further on Sci-fi poems, page 1
Leave me be!
Once upon a falling comet, while I star gazed from my closet
Over many a bright and luminous saintly shining star
As I passed from sleep to slumber, my soul within sought to wonder,
Wonder at the strange occurrence, of the events passed long before.
read further on Sci-fi poems, page 1

The Happy Birthday Elftown Contest 2007

Writing winner: [Misty Lady]

Elftown Birthday Song
Let's all join in and celebrate
And sing a heartfelt tune
To a town that's given us a place
To let our talents bloom.
read further on HappyBirthdayET, writings

Halloween Poetry Competition 2007

Winners: [Grandamelf], [Artsieladie], [crikketcandy], [Moonlit Serenade] & [Morningstar Rising]
Halloween Poetry 07, page 1

The Ogre's Night Off
Papa Van Ogre said to his wife,
Get me my slippers and bring me my pipe!
At last a vacation,
I’m home for the night!
read further on Halloween Poetry 07, page 1
Three Halloween Guests
The Halloween bash has begun.
Most of the guests have come.
There's ghosts and goblins, witches, too.
They've gathered around their boiling brew.
read further on Halloween Poetry 07, page 1

Horsin' Around
Care to shoot some baskets?
HORSE is my favorite game.
H stands for Headless,
Which is my claim to fame.
read further on Halloween Poetry 07, page 1
A Costume Dilemna
I dressed up as a goblin
And they thought I was a ghoul
I dressed up as a lioness;
They thought I was a fool
read further on Halloween Poetry 07, page 1

On Halloween Night
Tonight is the night, she's waited a whole year for.
Her folks think she's crazy, as she heads out the door.
She's all dressed up for trick-a-treating,
Side by side with the living, tonight she walks.
read further on Halloween Poetry 07, page 1

ECM Vampire poetry 2007

Winners: [FetishFaerie], [Priscilla Primkin], [Lakayana], [Mortified Penguin] & [Maeve104]

Child of the Night
“Fear is power,” the eldest did confide,
“Mortal minds with thoughts can bend;
Home is darkness, where I hide,
Every beginning must start with an end.
read further on Vampire poetry
It seemed like a good idea at the time
It seemed like a good idea at the time,
the immortality, the eternal youth.
My mentor reassured me with her crimson lips,
her caresses, her murmured endearments,
read further on Vampire poetry

Blood (The complaints of a vampire)
It makes me feel good
It makes me feel great
It makes me feel satisfied
It makes me what I am
read further on Vampire poetry
Quick Guide to Vampires
If you come upon a vampire,
Better not poke him.
If you can’t help it,
Don’t further provoke him.
read further on Vampire poetry

Wingbeats from a High Balcony
A tale or a dream
His other life seemed
As he slunk through the shadows of night.
read further on Vampire poetry

Valentine Poetry Competition 2007

Winners: [Anvikit], [Killopkie], [light.], [thoughtfox] & [Cliché]
Theme: Make it pink! Valentine Poetry 07, Page 1

Zombie Love
Hey Listen up!
Now hear me true!
It's time for love,
And kissies too!
read further on Valentine Poetry 07, Page 1
Octopus Love
Oh darling, my darling, my eight-legged love
Hold me in your embrace, of an eight legged hug
Kiss me sweet, my squishy queen,
With your beautiful beak, that rips and tears at my fleshy physique
read further on Valentine Poetry 07, Page 1

The fat man with wings
There's a man I dread, and try hard to avoid.
His wings and arrows left me with a void.
He goes by Cupid, says "This love thing is my game"
I toss his chocolate back and tell him he's quite lame.
read further on Valentine Poetry 07, Page 1
A Gift
What gift am I to send to an everlasting beloved?
Flowers are nice, but for what they do to her nose;
and the taste of chocolate she has long rejected;
but a garden gnome! She’s always wanted one of those.
read further on Valentine Poetry 07, Page 1

My Zombie Valentine
The pink flowers that I bought for her,
Wilt to touch her hand.
The chocolates that I brought for her,
Taste like graveyard sand.
read further on Valentine Poetry 07, Page 1

Christmas Poetry Competition 2006

Winners: [stevedoyle], [Dark Side of the Moon], [Misty Lady], [Lady Chaos] & [Priscilla Primkin]
Theme: Snow, Christmas Poetry 06, page 1

The Snowman
It was the season's first snowfall;
My brother and I
Ran to the front yard with sheer delight.
read further on Christmas Poetry 06, page 1
Falling crystals sparkle like stars
Fluttering like confetti in the whimsical breeze
Delicate etchings carved by Nature’s fair hands
As hushed as a whisper
read further on Christmas Poetry 06, page 1

Joy in Snow
Looking through my window watching snow
Falling swiftly on fields and trees below
A pure white blanket forming deeply all around
The crystal flakes float on air without a sound.
read further on Christmas Poetry 06, page 1
No Snow
There's no blanket of white powder, no snowmen or snowball fights
There's no catching snowflakes on our tongues or chilly Christmas nights
But there's also no stopping Christmas, nor Santa and his sleigh
For the scorching heat of Down Under won't scare Kris Kringle away
read further on Christmas Poetry 06, page 1

The Stars are Falling

gently, oh so gently
read further on Christmas Poetry 06, page 1

Halloween Poetry Competition 2006

Winners: [Flisky], [Mekashef], [Dark Side of the Moon], [earthkynd] & [Elegy - gone]
Theme: Traditional childhood fears, Halloween Poetry 06, page 1

The Man In My Room
I lay in my bed all alone.
My parents aren’t here.
They can’t protect me,
From the thing I most fear.
read further on Halloween Poetry 06, page 1
The Black Canopy of Fears, part II: The Duke of the Closet
With my children eyes I have seen
on the black canopy of fears --
where dark forms still somehow careen
despite the passing of the years --
read further on Halloween Poetry 06, page 1

Little Edward Gorey
Little Edward Gorey
Just read a frightful story
Of a man with pointy teeth.
read further on Halloween Poetry 06, page 1
The things-don't-go-bump-in-the-night educational rhyme by Harry the big slimy monster
In the glorious country of America there is not one young lad
Who doesn't realise that
Things do not go bump in the night
And ghosts aren't clean and white,
read further on Halloween Poetry 06, page 1

The Alarming Truth of Monsters and Beds
There is a world that few have seen
Existing places in between
Where darkness rule both day and night
Well hidden from the realm of light
read further on Halloween Poetry 06, page 1

Official Orc Poetry Contest 2006

Winners: [Elegy - gone], [Wulf Skjaldr] & [Dark Side of the Moon]

Ode to Beer
Dâgalûr, that piece of slime
That filth infested chunk of grime!
He took my mug, he took my beer
I’ll slay that bastard with my spear!
read further on Orc Poetry 06, Page 1
Grakt ar dwer, sull ek dun
Stech ar pins ark der
Ter bar ar hol, cleve ar pinhol
Grash ar pindwer, klee mor ark net
read further on Orc Poetry 06, Page 1 (translation is there as well)

Orc Poetry Recital
Elf rancid like flower
Duck take too many shower
Dwarf just ugly
Human too smugly

“Smugly not word!”
*punches other orc*
“Where I was? Oh…”
*clears throat*
read further on Orc Poetry 06, Page 1

Valentine Poetry Competition 2006

Winners: [I stabbith ye], [Cookieholic], [mesaana], [Artsieladie] & [spiritee]
Theme: Valentine's Day, Valentine Poetry 06, Page 1, 2 and 3

Curse of the Rose
True love it bends, with awesome power,
By the rose itself, a magical flower.

No Witch can match its beauty and grace,
A touch on the lips, and hooked by taste,
For the rose creates a potion strong,
In love you’ll fall, forever long.
read further on Valentine Poetry 06, Page 1
Drink You Pretty
I had a few drinks
And walked up to you
I was so glad to see
You had been drinking too
read further on Valentine Poetry 06, Page 2

They tell a tale of a maid that sits on a rock
As her song calls mournfully o’er the sea
Calling out, calling out
Calling out to me.
read further on Valentine Poetry 06, Page 2
My Valentine Forever
Every year about this time, we'd walk down memory lane.
For each year we'd made new ones, but this year is not the same.
Another year's gone by, 'tis true. Soon it will be spring.
This year will be different, though, for I'm missing what you bring.
read further on Valentine Poetry 06, Page 3

A Wizard's Failing
Looking frantically
through the smothering cold,
The creature clung tight
to the heart he sold.
read further on Valentine Poetry 06, Page 3

Christmas Poetry Competition 2005

Winners: [cobi], [Meridotahma], [spiritee], [farawaygone] & [Codename B]
Theme: What kinds of presents would fantasy races give to each other? Christmas Poetry 05, page 1 and 2

One and the same
It appears that Halflings and trolls,
In common, at least one thing they share,
For in Christmas to the love of their souls,
The exact same gift they'll compare.
read further on Christmas Poetry 05, page 1
A Rather Odd Gathering
Upon Christmas Eve did gather around
A merry party, wrought with sight and sound
Of Orc and Elf, of child and old,
Gathered they this night for a story told.
read further on Christmas Poetry 05, page 1

Looking at her reflection
in the Christmas light,
the smallest of pixies
has a heart knotted tight.
read further on Christmas Poetry 05, page 1
Funked up Christmas
Snow is falling from the sky,
Elves are using string to tie,
Santa’s checking off his list,
Mistletoe is used to kiss.
read further on Christmas Poetry 05, page 2

A loving kiss
My dearest friend, an elven sage,
who set me free to flee my cage,
has sent to me, a pixy mage,
a christmas gift from wonders age.
read further on Christmas Poetry 05, page 2

Halloween Poetry Competition 2005

Winners: [stevedoyle], [Deleted1906721], [Blaithin], [FireOpal], [omgOMEGA] & [spiritee]
Theme: Halloween, Halloween Poetry 05, page 1, 2 and 3

The Headless Horseman
The legend itself I'm sure you know;
The story of Ichabod Crane
The school teacher of Sleepy Hollow
Who was never seen again.
read further on Halloween Poetry 05, page 2
The Jack-o-Lantern Heart
Late one night many years ago a magic cat
by the name of Jack decided to hit the road.
He packed his map and his little black hat
and down the street he strolled.
read further on Halloween Poetry 05, page 2

One Night
What's the draw
Of All Hallow's Eve?
To collect the most candy,
To invoke the most screams?
read further on Halloween Poetry 05, page 1
The Truth of All Hallows
All through the street,
The village is dark,
No sound of people here
No sound of dog bark.
read further on Halloween Poetry 05, page 1

Across the Skies
As children dance through the streets
The skies flash through the clouds,
Silouettes and ghostly shapes,
Stand out, black and proud.
read further on Halloween Poetry 05, page 1
What is this?
My...aren't you too old,
for Trick or Treat?
For goodness' sake,
you've got enough to eat
read further on Halloween Poetry 05, page 2

Valentine Poetry Competition – 2005

Winners: [Rennie], [Wolfling], [Skydancer], [Toemi] & [Sunrose]
Theme: Valentine's Day with a fantasy or sci-fi slant.

For a Lover
While you were sleeping
I counted the stars
and saw one that would match your eyes
so I pulled it down
read further on Valentine Poetry Competition – 2005
Below and Above
Pyramus and Thisbe;
A feud makes love a curse,
Romeo and Juliet;
The same tale written in verse.
read further on Valentine Poetry Competition – 2005

Elftown Rogue
I met a lass down Elftown Way,
Upon the Green grass commons,
She had points on her ears,
and Stars in her eyes,
and my heart she stole away.
read further on Valentine Poetry Competition – 2005
Immortal Chains
Amidst the fields, cold and plain
The maiden waits for him.
In both her hands she holds a chain
His tender hands had given.
read further on Valentine Poetry Competition – 2005

Scent of sour sweet memories
Chilling is the winter breeze
Filling my lungs with air of crystals
Exhaling little fluffy clouds
Failing to take hold of their existence
read further on Valentine Poetry Competition – 2005

Christmas Poetry Competition – 2004

winners: [Catlover], [Skydancer], [Seamus Schwathe], [Blaithin] & [Bloody Rainbow]
Theme: Christmas with a fantasy or sci-fi slant.

What do you buy a dragon for Christmas
What do you buy a dragon for Christmas?
Quite a dilemma, I certainly think
You can’t buy a hipflask, even if it is silver-plated
For someone who never, ever drinks
read further on Christmas Poetry 04, page 1
The Great Elf Cometh
On Dancing, faster Cometea, zap the lights Rudolf!
Speeding along through warps and christmas wyrmholes,
A mighty magick on golden runners slips through the night.
read further on Christmas Poetry 04, page 2

'Tis Christmas
'Tis Christmas, and I do fear
For my sanity, the end may be dang'rously near.
Too many shoppers, too many sales,
At the thought, my face grows cold and pales.
read further on Christmas Poetry 04, page 1
Fantasy is Christmas
Elves and faeries.
Snowmen and reindeer.
Jolly old men,
all figures of splendor.
read further on Christmas Poetry 04, page 1

Christmas Eve
Little boxes
Stacked in rows
They’re all tied
With petty little bows.
read further on Christmas Poetry 04, page 2

Halloween Poem Competition - 2004

winners: [giadriana], [TheRogue], [Keii], [Linderel] & [Elmiira]
Theme: Halloween

Night of the Dead
Children hold tight
and cover your head
This is the night
we walk with the dead
read further on Halloween Poem Competition - 2004
This year will be different
Hoard your candies little goblins
for a trick is what you'll get
when the likes of you step to my door
and haunt my doorstep yet
read further on Halloween Poem Competition - 2004

All Hallows Eve
Swirling mists and darkened doors,
Lights in windows not on until dawn.
Hidden away from the mysterious night,
Away from the ghosts and ghouls that take flight.
read further on Halloween Poem Competition - 2004
Warning to all kids
In the dark they gather
all kinds of nasty things
spiders, snakes and even a few black cats
to plan what to do
this year
read further on Halloween Poem Competition - 2004

Halloween song
round and round go pumpkins around
hand in hand sings monsters band
you see the broom in front of the moon?
it's a witch who got a cat and a pot
read further on Halloween Poem Competition - 2004

Saint Valentine's poem competition 2004

Winners: [Crimson_Echo] & [Askoga]: St Valentine's competition winners
Theme: One that features a sci-fi kind of love. And another one that features fantasy love, especially orc/troll themed.

Said the Orgre To the Troll
I'm not one
for mushy speech
for that vocabulary
is beyond my reach
read further on Saint Valentine's poem competition
Robots In Love
I saw her sitting there
All alone on a little shelf.
I felt sorry for the thing
And could not help myself.
read further on Saint Valentine's poem competition

Christmas poem competition 2003

Winners: [cheersweetie4], [unlikelynominee], [squink], [KrystalRum], [May-lea] & [wildCARD]: Christmas poem/image competition winners
Theme: We want to know how your Christmas is! Do you love it or hate it? Is it boring or fun? Surprise us!

I wake up early anxious to see,
What Santa left for me,

I run into my living room,
To see my brightly covered Christmas tree,
With no room because the gifts cover the whole floor,
read further on Christmas poem/image competition winners
One Day
One day for laughter, one day for light
Not a day for anger, not a day for spite
Not a day to shed your tears
One day to last all the years
read further on Christmas poem/image competition winners

Waiting For Christmas
Another year has gone by.
And im waiting for the snow.
the christmas spirits running high
im so high i've got vertigo.
read further on Christmas poem/image competition winners
Christmas Cheer
When ice crystals are falling in soft, white flakes
And layers of water are frozen in place
Clouds touch the ground in appearance of smoke
The street lights turn on, christmas has spoke.
read further on Christmas poem/image competition winners

Santa In Hawaï
I was on holidays
Faraway from the snow
Even Santa these days
Is allowed to do so
read further on Christmas poem/image competition winners
Christmas Sucks
I Hate Christmas! It's really getting old,
All the snow and the wetness and the bitter, bitter cold,
Bright and cheery gift wrappings and cards with center folds,
I hate Christmas!! Listen to what I've told!
read further on Christmas poem/image competition winners

Elftown-Halloween-poem-competition 2003

Winners: [Beefcake], [Khisto], [Chaos*], [Lady Lazarus] & [Sheona]
Theme: Halloween

Ingredients of Halloween
Cats of black
and skin of green
these are the colors
or our halloween
read further on Elftown-Halloween-poem-competition
The Rising
The graveyard lies cold in a distant mist
Old oaken limbs creak and twist
Beneath the ground the earth is turning
In the soil the dead are yearning
read further on Elftown-Halloween-poem-competition

Trick or A Damn Treat
three knocks on the door
a redhead kid wants a sweet
"i don't have anymore"
i close the door and go and sit
read further on Elftown-Halloween-poem-competition
Halloween Trickster
She went from door to door
In her bunny mask;
Those she visited would roar
With laughter at
read further on Elftown-Halloween-poem-competition

Happy Happy Halloween
Happy, happy Halloween,
All night the strangest creatures seen.
Late on last October night,
Lots of children out to fright.
read further on Elftown-Halloween-poem-competition

RP Competitions

Official Role-Playing Tournament:

Patrons' Challenge 2007

Best description: [Kachichan] - Entrant XVII

When she was human, she was always pleasant and polite. She realised that this was what was expected of a fresh-faced girl who was looking to attract an eligable batchelor and, not wanting to disappoint her parents, she did her best to fulfill the stereotype of a sweet, slightly airheaded girl with no opinions of any importance.
read further and more about Caria Cales on Entrant XVII

Best character portrait: [Somewhereoverth erainbow]

Champion's Tournament 2006 - 2008

Winner: [Lerune]

Melinkale nodded, pleased with this reassurance that the boy would be safe, the boy had chosen his path, and he could leave knowing the path was set before him. As he caught Joseph's gaze, he returned his smile with one of his own: a genuine, bright smile that lined his soft eyes with delicate wrinkles that one only attains from smiling many times over the course of a long life. He nodded...he was proud. He was so very proud of the young man who stood before him. There was much he wanted to say, but there was no time. He hoped the unspoken words that lingered in the air would be enough...
read more of this RP on CTR4 P1

Character Challenge Contest

Winner: [Ms. Steel], with her character Zinnia Emere Schanfoor.


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2008-11-09 [nehirwen]: I'll add you. :)

2008-11-09 [Artsieladie]: Thank you! :) I just saw that all of the other Best Contributors were mentioned here, so I thought that maybe mine might belong here as well. I'm just a bit embarrassed about mentioning it. <img:44166_1164903263.gif>

2008-11-09 [nehirwen]: Oh well, we shouldn't forget anyone, it's good you mentioned it. :)

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