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2005-03-30 19:03:44
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*~::Welcome to the Oak Tree Lovers!::~*



This place isn't only for oak lovers, but we chose it as a symbol for our wiki, as long as you love nature you are welcome!

As you maybe know oak trees are very magical trees! Many different races admired them. It was the magical tree of the druids for instance!
They are a sign of peace and happiness, but at the same time very mystical!

You can come here to talk about yourself, your view on the world, spiritual and esoteric things, your views on the spirits of all lifeforces (plants,trees, animals,humans,fairies,gods...) don't be afraid to say whatever is on your mind this very day !

If you would like to join, feel free to go to the members link!
If you should have any problems with that, just ask, we can help you!
And don't forget to click the link below the comments for watching this wikipage,otherwise you won't be informed by elftown whether something has changed,or if someone wrote a comment.

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2005-04-10 [~Lady Morgana~]: thats true!!!! :D :D :D :D

2005-04-11 [BigGiantX]: well you can get almost everything from me

2005-04-11 [Fleuryrose]: Sweet person! Do watch out for people who can take advantange of you!

2005-04-11 [BigGiantX]: i know .....happen a few times ....but is just a sweter this time i dont really care and if you want some warm other stuff i can give it ...but like other things you can get but then i need to know you more....but if she is here and she want the sweater she needs to talk to me ....:) and then you getting to know each other:):)

2005-04-11 [~Lady Morgana~]: hahahah thats true!!!!

2005-04-30 [Rumplestiltskin]: May oak not never marr their beautiful branches

2005-04-30 [Fleuryrose]: Not never marr? I am sorry,but what does that mean exactly? Not ever loose?

2005-04-30 [BigGiantX]: :) if that is what you mean you are right!

2005-04-30 [Fleuryrose]: yeah,I guess so!

2005-05-06 [~Lady Morgana~]: WTF?!?!?!?!?! O_o

2005-05-06 [BigGiantX]: huh????

2005-05-10 [~Lady Morgana~]: no clue ...

2005-05-10 [BigGiantX]: WHO WANT A HUG!!!

2005-05-10 [Fleuryrose]: We all do!!! And let's not forget about the oak trees!!! Hug 'em!!!

2005-05-10 [BigGiantX]: *hugs everyone*

2005-05-10 [Fleuryrose]: Thank You Robert! I am off into my evening meditation now!

2005-05-10 [Fleuryrose]: I really need it as my life seems to get busier each minute today!

2005-05-10 [Fleuryrose]: Bye!

2005-05-10 [BigGiantX]: bye

2005-05-13 [~Lady Morgana~]: WEEEEEE!!!!! thankies :D *huggles back*

2005-05-15 [BigGiantX]: :):)

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