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Official Competition Winners Gallery


Latest winners:



The Elftown Limerick Competition

The Slug King 
by: [Mortified Penguin]

Barry was a slug most exalted
But very quickly his reign was halted
They found him on the ground
A slimy mound
Barry, it seemed, had been a-salted
The Life of a Muffin
by: [Rice]

Roasting, rising and ready to arrive,
The muffin did smile in its warm baking hive.
Till one day a child,
Oh so rabid and wild,
Devoured, quite happily, the poor thing alive.


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2010-04-19 [SilverFire]: Don't forget the Valentine contests. :3

2010-04-19 [nehirwen]: <img:stuff/sutN.gif>

2011-03-21 [Cillamoon]: Time to update history pages I see.

2011-04-04 [Nioniel]: *poke*

2011-04-04 [nehirwen]: Seriously? After 1 day already? :(

2011-04-04 [Nioniel]: I poke you regardless! :p

2011-04-04 [nehirwen]: ._.

2011-04-04 [Nioniel]: :(

2011-04-04 [nehirwen]: *pokes you back*

2011-04-04 [Nioniel]: :D

2011-04-04 [nehirwen]: There! Updated!

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