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2010-08-02 16:35:33
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Oil Spill

In my home town an oil pipe broke and spread through the river really quickly. These are just some photos I took before I couldn't handle the smell anymore.


/ [Diiwica]

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2010-08-02 [*Phoenix*]: That happened in Michigan too! X-( Those stupid oil pipes!

2010-08-03 [Diiwica]: Ya. A pipe line broke that was running under the river:( spilled about 20k barrels of oil or so they say.

2010-08-03 [sweet.tx.tea]: [Diiwica], <img100*0:> shows a person. Do you have a model release form? If not, we will be unable to post this as a reference photo.

2010-08-03 [Diiwica]: I have one, I dunno if I need to upload or not. Its my Brother.

2010-08-03 [*Phoenix*]: Wow. They're afraid if they don't clean up ours soon, it'll get to Lake Michigan. It's already halfway there, some say.

2010-08-03 [sweet.tx.tea]: Eep. I am not certain. (New to this.) I will check on it, though! :D

2010-08-03 [Nioniel]: So long as she has one and can provide it in case it ever becomes an issue, it is fine. Good job asking though! :)

2010-08-03 [sweet.tx.tea]: Thanks, Mel!

2010-08-03 [Diiwica]: Last time I was home, they were trying to stop it before it spread through a smaller lake that lead up to Lake Michigan. I guess the water moves really fast after that point. I'd hate to think what would happen if it were to get into Lake Michigan, because a lot of drinking water comes from there.

2010-08-03 [Skydancer]: Nice shots, sad situation.

2010-08-03 [*Phoenix*]: Yepperdoodles.....I really hope it doesn't get to Lake MI. It would be bad if it ruined the dunes. It's a great tourist spot.

2010-08-03 [Diiwica]: And fun to sled down in the middle of summer. :D A lot of people probably wouldn't go to the lake though, because this oil smells REALLY rancid.

2010-08-03 [*Phoenix*]: lol. So I've heard. Thankfully, I live about an hour away from it all.

2010-08-04 [Diiwica]: I live in New York now, but all my family lives in Marshall.

2010-08-05 [*Phoenix*]: Oooh. I see. That would be a problem. Did you hear that the company is buying homes that were damaged because of the oil, if the owners want to move?

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