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2009-03-08 18:20:23
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Old Wood workpieces

ooh wonderful elm treee... what will i do to youuu?

doorplate, 21,5x10cm basswood - 3 hours work!

dirt dirt dirt..
The small emblem in big and more plastic! the cast in the mold was horrible! it almost broke completley..

i made everything from sawing the planks with the circular saw, trimming it, glueing it and then finaly carving it.
i just gilded it with real goldleafs, and now painted it.

here you see how it looked when i was still carving, when its almost finished and the crown and the horn are gilded!
it is like 30x45cm elmtree




almost finished!


la la breaming the wood for the vikingship.
i was only working with it to warm up coz it was freezing cold.
the other idiots were working really hard

..this happend while i was warming up XD HAHAHAH yerks..

me woring with angle grinder..

25x15cm, basswood



my floral relief in progress, pinewood 30x40
almost finished! and yes.. it has an wood worm :(

super mario rocks! i made it for [Kitakaze]
needed 6 hours for the carving, its 15x15cm cherry-tree!


that god damn box... finished it finaly, after 6 months :P
made the box ina carpenter garage and carved it then in school!

i watered- and sanded it, then stained it blue. after drying i carved it.
the "könige" isnt felicitous though :(

<img300*0:>  <img300*0:stuff/neuland1.jpg>
"neuland" german font. it says "be satisfied and see, your rich", basswood
"jurassic park" and "mario world" are written in this typ of lettering ;D

<img300*0:stuff/arkantus2.jpg>  <img300*0:stuff/arkantus.jpg>

<img300*0:stuff/arkantus3.jpg>  <img300*0:stuff/L1030782%20copy.jpg>
"Akanthus" leaf, basswood in progress


Unziale Font "Ch. Lüders"

script tablet Din3 in progress,
textura, elm tree


script tablet, unziale


script taplet ´unziale´, 30x30 cm, cherry tree, in progress

1.<img300*0:stuff/schrummeldiebumda.jpg>  2.<img300*0:stuff/delphine_museum.jpg>
from a old wardrobe in a Museum
1.the original and the first assay drawing with cross sections
2.finaly drawing and the copy by me in progress, Oak tree

<img300*0:stuff/shfbfdhfd.jpg>  <img200*0:stuff/rundes_flechtband1.jpg>
round interlace, oakwood

<img300*0:>  <img200*0:stuff/volute_groß.jpg>
covings, basswood(in progress)

floral ornamentic with covings(in progress)


floral ornament with covings in progress

project relief

<img250*0:>  <img250*0:>

on exhibition

<img250*0:stuff/werkstück.jpg>  <img150*0:stuff/supatoll.jpg>
<img200*0:stuff/werkstück_1.jpg>  <img200*0:stuff/et_kreisee.jpg>

<img200*0:>  <img200*0:>

"Mäander", pinewood

pyramid, basswood

<img200*0:stuff/blumee.jpg>  <img200*0:stuff/dgggg.jpg>
flower ornament, basswood


<img250*0:>  <img250*0:>
celtic knot in progress, basswood

The "BOX" :P

i made this box at an carpenter practical trainig, alder wood

miter connected

<img250*0:stuff/rtzztztzt.jpg>  <img250*0:stuff/deckel_making1.jpg>
top of the box in progress


<img300*0:>  <img300*0:>
random stuff, "auryn" alder wood

<img200*0:öfffle.jpg>  <img200*0:>
spoon, maple; clay tools, plumtree wood

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2007-01-22 [save my sins]: im not quite sure, but the snakes... isnt that from the never ending story? or is it just similar? havent seen it in ages...

2007-01-22 [Nyaah*]: XES :D it is the "auryn" from never ending story! i need to make a new, biger and better one somewhen!

2007-01-23 [save my sins]: coolness XD that will be good :)

2008-02-04 [Iske]: WOUW

2008-02-04 [Nyaah*]: hehe!!

2009-01-14 [Egwene]: your work is beautyful.... i LOVE it!!

2009-03-08 [SilverFire]: fixed some broken centre tags and an upside down photo.

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