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User Name: [twitchboy]

Character name: Olexis Solnes, original name was O1EX15501NE5 (October First experiment 15501NE5), prefers to be called Lexi

Mutant Name: Bounce

Classification: Student

Abilities/powers: Lexi was created as a side project with no real aim other than to create a mutant from scratch, as a result she formed without bones and her tissue (skin, brain, organs) had the same consistency as rubber. She can stretch herself up to 2.5 times her normal surface area and mold her form into various shapes. With the help of Addy she was able to hold a normal body shape that she generally maintains unless she is asleep, unconscious, severely surprised or scared during which she collapses into a ballish blob. She can stretch her limbs out and release them much like a rubber band and hit in a Monkey D. Luffy like fashion. She can bounce back projectiles unless they are sharp in which case it could puncture her.

Sex: Female

Age/Date of Birth: by physical date she is around 17, creation date October 1, Technically she is older than Addy but her mental issues and physical appearance would say otherwise. Her appearance is that of a 15 or so year old while her mental age is all over the place but she generally acts like a childish tween.

General appearance:
Lexi- When maintaining her 'normal' form she is a smaller girl 5'3" in height and an average frame. She has unusual pink eyes most likely the result of the elastic solution from which she was bread. Her hair is a light brown and straight, usually held back by an elastic band and about neck length. Her face is that of a younger girl with a sharp chin and rounded cheeks generally locked in a smile. Due to her ability she can shape herself to fit into most clothes but she prefers small plain t shirts under a form fitting button down and skinny jeans.
Alexis- When Alexis takes control or is triggered by the shared subconscious their body shifts form. Alexis' body is much more blessed with a small waist and full chest and rear. She holds a seductive form as she tends to have the mind of a 18 or twenty something year old with the body and features to match. She generally doesn't change from what Lexi wears as it fits in all the right places when she decides to make an appearance.

Additional Appearance: She has multiple scars that run down her back where her spine should be due to the multiple experiments performed to understand her boneless body. She is quite embarrassed of them and never lets anyone see. On her wrist she bares the tattoo of her experiment number.

Current Appearance: A simple pink sundress given to her by her sister.

Personality: On the surface she is very child like and innocent, carefree in most extents however her psyche isn't completely intact due to her traumatic childhood which could give way to nervous laughing/crying breakdowns or even perverted and dark moments at times even though she doesn't realize that it isn't normal for it to happen. She cant sleep soundly at night usually without holding on to something because Addy tended sneak into her room through the vents and stay with her until she nodded off, however since she has been so long without such comfort she has the tendency to sleep bounce at night usually ending up holding onto something, or someone. She also enjoys riding on peoples shoulders which usually isnt a problem since she is so light.
Special Skills: Books and play time where her only escape in the lab when she wasnt around Lucas or Addy. She will devour any book she comes across but has recently acquired quite an unreturned collection of dark fairy tales like the brothers grim and dark erotic novels from libraries. Her ability makes her the master of twister by the way.

Place of birth: A lab she is unsure of its exact location.
Weapon(s) of choice: The manipulation of her own body into usable weapons i.e. a slingshot
Medical information: She hates to be cut, scraped, or nicked in any way because she has to remain in blob form until it heals which takes slightly longer than most humans. If she does receive any form of puncture or laceration she has to get immediate medical help because if she tries to stretch in any way the hole will tear open and have the possibility of her innards spilling out. She has no bones so she can never break one or have any bone related diseases.
Brief History: Her first memories are that of a floating sensation, suspended in the bio fluids of her tank as she formed. She was created mostly as side experiment to prove that they could actually create mutants from scratch instead of their previous cloning. The teams only goal was to create an mutant from scratch, their result was a living rubber ball. She was regarded as a failure by the scientists but a success on paper so they could get more funding. This lead to her cracked psyche, her mind likely to flip at any moment. The only person to ever show her any sort of humanity was the experiments Lucas and Addy. They basically 'grew' up together, Addy protected and watched over her making sure she was ok and never strayed to far to the crazy even though by age it should have been the other way around. Addy was the one to give her an actual name based off of her label printed on what was later to be her wrist. With Addy's help and encouragement she was able to form and hold a normal human shape and a relative stable state of mind. She views Addy as an older sister and is basically the only person she ever knew aside form Lucas and the doctors. When Nightcrawler finally leveled the lab and rescued Lucas and Addy, Lexi was buried in the rubble and thought to be dead. However she miraculously survived, her body compressed beneath the mass. After some time she finally struggled to the surface. She has been scavenging from the trash and living around the remains of the lab afraid to leave and hoping Addy or Lucas would come and save her since she trusted no one else. After some time she came upon a intact computer buried away in a pocket of the rubble. With a few experimental clicks and hits it hummed to life with what remained of its power. A collection of files sprang onto the flickering screen one of which she recognized as Addy's experiment number. The file contained a plethora of information regarding the clone even a link to her 'father' a name Lexi recognized as Nightcrawler. It even contained a log of his suspected residences and acquaintances. Armed with this knowledge she set out in search of her 'famly'.
Relatives: Addy and Lucas are the only people she has really known and considers Addy Family.

How long your character has been in the mansion: Just arrived

Current Attire:

X-Men Characters

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