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The Omega Wiki Construction Group


The Omega Wiki Construction Group is a group of talented wiki builders who have come together to construct the finest Wikis on Elftown. Complete statistics can be found on all of our pages below along with links to Wikis constructed by us and future and upcoming wikis.


Omega Wiki Open!
Omega wiki is finally open and all the pages are up and working!


OWCG - Members
OWCG - Wikis
OWCG - General Wiki Rules

We also give tutorials on the Elftown HTML required to build professional wikis.

NOTICE: The Password on this Wiki has been removed. It is now free for anyone to pick up as they will.

Username (or number or email):


[ArchangelGabriel]: so what's the idea of this wiki? is it basically a group of people who will build your wiki for you?

[Lord Kügenheim]: kinda yeah.

[ArchangelGabriel]: Useful. Do you use Templates? they always make a page look good.

[ArchangelGabriel]: Would i be able to join???

[Lord Kügenheim]: Sure, just message me with lists of the stuff you've made and ill add you in.

[JAAN]: Hey can i join i made the wiki Britpop Rocks, pretty good no, given the dubious subject. Im a cold cynical nerd i could i couuld do a wiki dedicated soley to the egberding Hephdink. let me join your elite enliste!!! i implore your good senses

[Lord Kügenheim]: Sure, just send me a list of wiki's you've made and i'll add you in :)

[ArchangelGabriel]: Could i suggest a change to the way this wiki is run?It doesn't really thrust itself at you. Do you actually want people to come and ask you to build their wikis or do you want wikis to join your circle? It would be best if the first was the situation. I think there are loads of people wanting their wikis made for them. You just have to make yourselves more well known...

[Lord Kügenheim]: any suggestions are always welcome. what do you have in mind?

[ArchangelGabriel]: Well... You just need to say. "Hey you want a wiki? this is the place to come!" OR "does your wiki need improving? Come here to get a revamp!" A mission statement or something...

[Goldice]: yeah LK a mission....

[ArchangelGabriel]: kinda, yeah

[Narcissistic Turkey]: This wiki never really went too far, did it...?

[ArchangelGabriel]: gosh, the spelling in my comments is pretty awful, i'm going to have to do something about that...

[Archeress of Mirkwood]: I thikn it's a wonderful idea... I'm an awesome wiki builder, and have a couple wikis that I'd like to add to the circle. Who do I talk to or what do I do? It's still under construction, but it always will be with updates and so-forth: Zero Tolerance and S.H.A.R.P. Headquarters

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