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2005-08-28 01:33:13
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2005-03-06 [Sagacious Turkey]: that's gotta be the second stupidest thing I've ever seen... I will only stare at it for another 4 hours...

2005-03-06 [Aradon Templar]: Its still funny :P

2005-03-06 [Jay Ladlehaus]: lol yes it is

2005-03-06 [Kayne]: Marvelous.

2005-03-06 [iippo]: My darlingest owner of the page (tempie?), could you please please export this page so my LOtR-crazy sister would be able to view it?

2005-03-06 [Aradon Templar]: Of course :) I need to let my brother see it, too.

2005-03-07 [iippo]: Why have I watched this thingie so many times already?! *keeps staring*

2005-04-26 [Rambert]: XD I love it!!! "NINJA WIZARDS!"

2005-04-26 [Jay Ladlehaus]: lol I thought you'd like it :)

2005-04-27 [Rambert]: I have to show this to my brother... every time I come here, it's still funny!

2005-06-11 [Miss.Kayree]: hehehehhe.. that's so great..

2005-07-04 [purelily]: Hey an exported version, so cool. Only I am such a num nut on computers i don't know how to use the export stuff! Help any one?

2005-07-04 [iippo]: The exported version is exactly the same as an un-exported one. Exporting means that outside-elftown people can be given a link:!  for this page.

2005-07-04 [purelily]: I tried clickin on the export box and copy and paste with the address that appeared to send it to my bro, but it didn't work... will try again with the address above and let you know if it works thanks :)

2005-07-04 [iippo]: Well, that's what I did and it worked for me... :\

2005-07-06 [purelily]: I tried to come back and tell you that copy and pasting what you had worked and thank you very much:) I don't know why using what came up in my browser when I clicked on the export box up ther didn't. When I tried to come back to thank you and clicked on the comment arrow something in my browser got stuck, and it went to the exported page insted of posting my comment! We have cleaned out the cookies and stuff so hopfully it is working now. THANKYOU [iippo] !!!

2005-07-08 [iippo]: Wow, nearly understood that but if it works then you're welcome. :)

2005-07-30 [alkabong8888]: This... is... so...stupid.. *nods* But it's fun!

2005-08-27 [iippo]: See the rest of the saga!!! LOTR humor!

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