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Player - [Adaman]
Name - Ortho D'Artagmion
Race - Human
Sub-race - Ravillian
Class - Priest
Allegiance - Ortho has no allegiance other than to the common good. Going where he is needed and helping all who have fallen victim to the unjust and barbaric.
Appearance - Aside from his rather pure glow as an Acolyte, Ortho has darker hair which constrasts his appearance in bright, white clothing. Standing at 5'5", there are many who would call him short in stature, but a giant in spirit and faith. One key feature he has earned in his life is a long scar down his left arm since childhood, which he covers in long sleeves to keep from suspicion.
Age - 28
Personality - With strict belief in might over right, Ortho has great distaste to all who would abuse their strengths to aid only themselves. He is very helping and will sometimes seen as a burden as he always stops to help someone in need. Though he may seem blind to trickery, Ortho has been bitten once by the sting of lies and has developed a keen sense to true distress over falsities.
History - Born in a quaint village that was peaceful and sheltered from war, Ortho was raised by a loving family that seemed rare to travellers. As he grew in both height and age, Ortho began to take an interest in the hardship and struggles of battle that he had heard in the tales of passersby. However, his trusting nature was soon to be tainted by tricksters who saw the village as a mere opportunity to test their newfound weapons. The peaceful village was easily charmed by the visitors, and swooned by their lies of good deeds and victories with clouded details. As their plans came together, the visitors burned the village and slayed everyone who dared stop them. Unfortunately, farmers with pitchforks put up little resistance to the invaders and many of the men were slain. Ortho watched as his village burned, a helpless child of young teenage years. Even he was not safe from the visitor's rampage, but luckily he escaped from trampling under the hoofs of their mounts and only a long scar down his arm from where he shielded his face from the strike of their weapons. When he came of age, Ortho quickly searched for anyone who would be willing to teach him the ways of war. However, all saw this child as a nuisance and avoided him, with the exception of an old man skill in the ways of white magic. Ortho at first thought the old man would not be able to teach him anything of use. Though once he saw the old sage's use of magic, he began to fall enchanted by the sight and studied under the aged master. Learning all that he could, his studies were stopped short at the death of the old man and so Ortho now took it upon himself to continue his own learning. He ventured out into Lemire, and honed his skills aiding those in need and only using his skills for good while he searched for the tricksters who reduced his village to ashes.

As many, he joined the army as a recruit when the civil war started. Ortho joined on the side of Antiscious Orator as an acolyte and a field medic. Ortho quickly rose amongst the ranks and was set to command many medical units and field hospitals during the war. Finally the civil war ended, and the nightmare began, for a few years everything was good, there was order, and he became ever more influent. Eventually Ortho were named secretary to Lord Barenzo himself, head of the Nervan Church.

Then the buildup began, it was obvious that Nerva was going to war. All priests were comissioned, all paladins were called and levys were held, conscripts flooded the academies, the only thing that was unclear was.. with whom? It was on those days that Ortho befriended Camus Mattia, the two soon grew as close as brothers. The army marched north, then he embarked and continued to head North, to Sai'thareze. During the few conflicts against the Kwall, Ortho and many of the men learned to appreciate the lizardmen. They were a brave and noble aid in battle, not the monsters many are brought up to believe they are. The campaign went as usual, until the Battle of the Paladin's fall. He could see the faces when he closed his eyes, the screams, the panic, the confusion, all comes back in a flash and he tries to push it away. Ortho never knew how the battle began, he was asleep. When Ortho woke, half the men were already dead in those bone-chilling first minutes. Ortho ran out of his tent and ran into Camus, he was fighting his way to Lord Tiberius with a group of Paladins, and then he saw it. A dark shape threw itself on Tiberius, the invincible one, the hand of god, the greatest of all Paladins, and with a swift blow it severed his head. Ortho remained to treat the wounded but began to lose his nerve as the bodies piled up and it was not until Camus came in and dragged Ortho out that the priest was willing to leave. The battle was lost, they had to retreat to the south or be exterminated. Many times Ortho and Camus lost each other and found each other again. He traveled two days and two nights, with the Tharezians on your tails. Ortho had learned that the Tharezians, which after passing through Sai'thareze, comprehended about half of your army had turned on you along with many lizardmen and humans. Most lizardmen remained on the side Ortho hailed from, however they were the first to fall since the loyal troops mistook them from traitors and the musketeers decimated them.

After Ortho arrived at Rysallis, he was captured by the Catfolk. He does not remember much about his stay in the catfolk prison, as he spent most of the time ill, because he had been hit with a Tharezian Venom Arrow and Camus tended after him. Finally you were rescued by a group of Paladins under empress Claudia's command and both he and Camus were taken into the Cassenian Army, where Ortho served under empress Claudia (though he recognizes her as a great leader, he does not have the same adoration Camus has towards her) during the war of corruption. Finally Camus and Ortho were called into the Sentinels, greatest of the Orders of Caessen.
Weapon of Choice - Staff
Others - Ortho only has interests in staffs for defense, because a weapon without sharp edges isn't likely to kill but can still induce pain with a swift swing and stop foes in their tracks who think a staff is little more than a walking stick.


Level - 25

Experience/To next level - 94785/97150

(E) Antanukas (Unique Magical Staff +5, 5 Atk, 5 Def, 2 Rng, 3 Wgt, Can cast Mass Heal 2 once a day without mana cost, can cast Summon Earth Elemental twice a day without mana cost, Special Skill Lazarus - If the wielder of Antanukas is felled in battle, there is a 10% chance the staff itself will raise his master from death.)(Mass Heal 2 used)
(E) White Robes + 5 (7 Int, 5 wgt, Bonus to lv1 White Magic)
(E) White Cape + 5 (4 Car, 4 Int, 3 wgt , Bonus to lv1 White Magic)
(E) Rockbreaker Gloves + 5 (8 Atk, 3 Wgt, Knockback)
(E) Mage Shash (3 Wgt, Bonus to Lv 2 White Magic)
Spell Component Belt (3 Wgt, +2 to spellcasting)
Lamp (2 Wgt)
3 Oil Vials (1.5 Wgt)
3 Healing Potions (3 Wgt)
15 Magic Potions (15 Wgt)
Scroll of Animate Dead
Scroll of Plague x 2
Scroll of Rotting Flesh
Scroll of Talk to Plants
Scroll of Control Plants
Scroll of Combustion
Scroll of Fire Shield.

25 Rations (25 Wgt)
Bedroll Sack, (5 Wgt)

HP - 56/56
MP - 64
Str - 6
Con - 8
Int - 11
Mag - 14
Dex - 7
Car - 8

CC - 41.5/53

Skills - Lv 1 White Magic, Healing (5/6), Handle Staff, Lv 2 White Magic, Lv 3 White Magic, Lv 4 White Magic, Detect Lies, Magic Resistance, White Magic Mastery, Focus Magic, Empower Spell, Pack Rat.
Skill Points - 4

Spells -
Level 1 - Antidote, Restore Sight, Courage, Bless, Revelation, Uncorrupt, Consecrate, Magic Circle Against Evil.
Level 2 - Mass Heal 1, Divine Punishment, Shield of Faith, Dispel Evil, Seraphic Armor, Prayer, Divine Inspiration.
Level 3 - Heal 3, Restore, Holy Word
Level 4 - Raise Dead, Nemesis, Paraclete.

Special Skills
Alter Spell - Every 5 levels, the priest can select a white magic spell and alter it, either increasing all of its effects by 1 or more grades ( 1 grade means from 4 turns duration to 5 turns, from d4 damage to d6, etc) or adding an extra GM-approved effect. The alteration of the spell has an XP cost of 500XP per spell level.(1/5 used)
Divine Intervention - Whenever the priest takes fatal damage, there is a level% chance he will remain in 1 HP, Divine intervention reactivates once the priest has been fully healed to at least half his HP.
Exorcism - Once a day for every 5 levels, you can attempt to return a Hellspawned in the area back to the Plane of Darkness. If succesful in a Magic power roll against the Hellspawned, the creature is immediately unsummoned.
Celestial Aid - A Hierophant has summoning slots every day, the slots being equal to his magic power. A Hierophant can summon the following creatures according to his intelligence. Only one creature can be summoned at any given time.
-- Celestial Guardian -- (5 Int)costs 9 MP
-- Celestial Archon -- (7 Int) costs 12 MP
-- Celestial Seraph -- (12 Int) costs 15 MP
-- Celestial Almighty -- (15 Int) costs 20 MP

Personal Spells

Description - Using his both his white element mastery and knowledge of the Nemesis spell learned from his days serving with the Armored Hand, Ortho bonded all the purity of the white element into a single guardian spirit. Summoned during his days within the nightmarish realm of the Caryathid Circle's pocket dimension, Ortho felt this need to empower his greatest spell a step further. Ascending into a pure white element state, Ortho echoes out beaming rays spoked within a large halo hovering several feet above his transcended body. From his back stream long ribbons that oscillate with the same rhythme as wing beats. Lending himself to this guardian spirit, Ortho will retain no memory of events that transpire from its summoning to its dissipation.
Effect - Increases caster's stats by Level% for d6 turns and allows him to cast the following spells; courage, spirit guard, divine punishment, seraphic armor, holy word, retribution and penitence without MP cost. The character gains the ability to summon an ethereal Golden Composite Bow and be able to handle it without the Handle Composite Bow skill. The Bow can fire infinite holy bolts (d8+dex+cha white magic damage). While in Paraclete state, the character gains a holy aura, which will deal d6 damage every round to any adjacent Black Element creatures that fail a magic roll against the Paraclete. The character must be white element and under Paraclete status he feels compelled to attack the closes black element character, even if he is an ally.
Category - Lv4 White Magic
Range - Self
Enchantment -
Weapon, Able to fire CHA amount of holy bolts per day.
Armor, grants Holy aura.
Accesory + 7 Mag against black element magic.
Brews - Holy Water
Cost - 24 MP

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2006-04-30 [Adaman]: Are you kidding? Ortho would reason with the white elemental or just stick back and be support for Vineg, Camus, or Rumi while they fight it, hehe.

2006-05-09 [Adaman]: 27.5 in the hole for incumberance (not critically incumbered though), its all the damn rations though. Can we have an imp merchant or something show up that will have a magical cart to stuff our extra crap in like a team pool of items that are necessary but not battle necessary? Things like bedroll sacks and rations mostly. I say imp, because I doubt there is a human wagoneer in the area to be hired, heh.

2006-05-09 [Veltzeh]: Ortho needs to summon another earth elemental to carry the stuff. >_>

2006-05-09 [Adaman]: Except Rocky is temporary, how useful would that be?

2006-05-09 [Veltzeh]: Summon every day unless there's no need, heh.

2006-05-09 [Adaman]: I wouldn't need to if there was an imp the GM could be and have a cart to carry our crap.

2006-06-15 [Duredhel]: Whoa,... really overburdened

2006-06-15 [Adaman]: Yes, let's take off 6 of those rations for the little picnic he had now, heh.

2006-06-15 [Duredhel]: aye aye

2006-06-15 [Adaman]: Gah, I think Ortho is going to use his next skill points for pack rat & mule. Either that or start using some of his stuff, heh.

2006-07-31 [Adaman]: I just thought of something, would the Lazarus effect of the Antanukas stack with the chances of divine intervention?

2006-07-31 [Duredhel]: Nope, since they're different effects, however it means that Ortho's particularly hard to kill, since divine intervention prevents him from being killed, and Lazarus raises him in case he does get killed.

2006-07-31 [Adaman]: I have a feeling that you plan to throw some overlords or something at us.

2006-07-31 [Grengo]: Since he's boasted them to me quite a number of times, he will. >.>

2006-08-01 [Adaman]: Time to bulk up before shoving off I say, while our characters still can.

2006-08-01 [Veltzeh]: Vineg still hasn't been healed ;)

2006-08-01 [Adaman]: Have him sleep, Ortho fed the Eolan already.

2006-08-01 [Veltzeh]: Who?

2006-08-01 [Adaman]: -.- have Vineg sleep, the necromancer offered a room. Rations were passed out by Ortho, Vineg took of it. Besides, have Vineg ask Ortho for a healing potion.

2006-08-27 [Adaman]: I really don't think Ortho needs 3 skill points, heh. However, Empower Spell & Clairvoyance caught my eye.

2006-10-29 [Lepellier]: Double sanctify weapon, Dur.

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