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Other APA Citation Tips

Tips, Help and Useful Links for APA/MLA Citation




Referencing a Publication or Media

     First and foremost, to reference a work, you must do it in two ways:

   - In-Text Citations: for things like quoted verses and published material.
   - Bibliographic Citations: your bibliography or references list.


Other Web Resource Info

     Web and network resources have recently received a large amount of attention to those who standardize "authentic" APA Formatting, and which have given many upgrades, detailed, and individual traits unique to the resource or database type when referencing them. More resources below could also be found helpful.

     Some Online Referencing Resources for APA Citation:


      APA Formatting
      APA - What is it and Why Use it?
      Referencing a Publication
      Referencing an Artwork or Media Piece
      Referencing Web Material
      Wiki Fiction Roleplay

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2011-04-29 Adelphia: Wow! That's a really neat anwser!

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