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Outside Silver Wind High

Dawnmyst blushes more, her cheeks getting a bright red. She smiles, showing her fangs intentionally.
Charlie smirked and continued to make the food.

Dawnmyst smiles, and gets up and starts walking around the room. Looking at all the different things. Exploring the room like it was something she has never been in before.

Charlie looked up and smiled. He pulled out two plates and set down the chicken and some rice drizzled in sauce. "Well, it's all ready," he told Dawn as she wandered around.

Dawnmyst goes back and sits down. "It smells and looks good." She looks at him in the eyes and smiles.

Charlie smiled, "Well it's supposed to."

She blushes slightly looking down at the food. "Thanks for making me something to eat."

Charlie sat beside Dawn, "No problem. Cooking is what I do." He smiled.

Dawnmyst smiles. "What else are you good at?"

Charlie looked up, " and motorcycles. Yeah that's about it." He smiled.

Dawnmyst smiles. "Thats cool." She looks down for a minute, then looks back up. "I'm having a great time with you."

Charlie smiled, "Me too." He looked down at the food and then back up, "We better eat before the food gets cold. And before it gets too dark for me to see." He looked out the window and turned back, smiling.

"Ok." Dawnmyst looks at her food and starts to eat.

Mike shrugged his shoulders, "Don't know, baby girl. Maybe hen you let this guy," he nudged his hand toward Zyke, "buy you a drink." He winked at Zyke and nodded his head at Sarah.

Sarah rolled her eyes and turned again to the jukebox and this time let her legs straight and was bent at the waist.
She leaned on her elbow.

Zyke turned and looked at the bartender. "Don't worry... I get that alot" he answered, taking a sip of the beer.

Mike turned to Zyke, "I got four words that fix your little problem with Sarah, over there," he pointed to Sarah, "Go out with me." He paused on each of the words and turned and walked into the back.

Sarah walked back over to the bar and placed down her beer. She turned to Zyke, "You really get that a lot, huh?"

Zyke nodded. "I'm a heartbreaker, girls stay away from me because of that" he smirked lightly, taking a sip of his beer.

Sarah walked behind the bar and made herself a martini and came back out and sat a couple of seat down from Zyke. She took a sip, looking at Zyke over the edge of the glass. She smirked when she pulled it away from her lips and set it down. "Yeah, guys stay away from me, something about being burned alive," she was still smirking.

Zyke smiled. "That wouldn't bother me any" he said, trying to sweet talk Sarah.

Sarah created a smal dragon from a string of fire from her hand. It swirled around and cuddled near her face. Sarah smiled and blew it a kiss. She breathed in and it tucked itself in half and went in. Sarah held her breath for a moment and then blew out smoke. She looked at Zyke, "Yeah, well let's just say that I've heard that a lot." She smirked.

Zyke smirked and moved over a seat closer to Sarah. "Awww come on" he said, pulling his beer over and taking a long sip.

Sarah smiled at Zyke and stood up and walked up to him. She placed her hand under his chin and turned his face toward her and she leaned in. "You should have taken Mike's advice," she stood up and grabbed her martini and walked over to the ashes of the pool table. She rached down and pulled it out of the ashes and grabbed a pool stick and racked up the balls. She looked around, "Anyone want to play?"

Two guys stood up and walked over and grabbed pool sticks as well. They stood against the wall.

Sarah put a mock pout on her face, "Aww come on guys. We need one more to play doubles."

Zyke stood up and went over to Sarah. "I'll play" he said, grabbing the pool stick hanging on the wall.

Sarah looked up in surpise, "You play pool?" Her hands still placing the balls in different places so they could start.

Zyke nodded, smiling. "Two time pool champion back where I came from" he answered, getting ready to play.

Sarah gave the white ball to the two men standing over against the wall. She turned to Zyke, "Well I'm only a four time champ." She smiled.

Zyke nodded. "Cool" he answered.

Sarah smiled and leaned against the pool table, "You think so?" She hit the number nine ball, which hit two stripe balls that sank into the side pokets. She smiled wider. She turned her head, "Your turn boys."

Sally grabbed Tim's hand and they were in front of the shady bar. She smiled, "This is where Sarah and I came to play pool. We know the bartender." She tugged on Tim's hand to get him moving.

Raife looked at her for a moment "most people hae a lower tolerance for pain."he shrugged "and if your not a child of god"he watched her his eyes seeming to b less distant"i wouldnt have healed you,quite the contrary"he sid turning away and starting twards a nearby clothing store

Crissy looked after Raife, she walked after him. Her eyes narrowed andshe raised her hand and pointed at him, "You don't know what I am. I might even be human for you know!" Her voice was raised and in her eyes were the begginings of swirling clouds of black.

Raife kept walking "i know more tan you think i kno"he sai almost to the door of the clothing store with his hand on the handle

Crissy looked at Raife, her eyes turning back to their shade of blue. She frowned, "You don't even know my name."

Raife closed his eyes for a moment"but there is more to a person than there name"he said standing there with his hand on the door"you are not like he others i have met in this pit of darkness"he shook his head slowely

Crissy stared at Raife with eyes that battled with sorrow and anger. Her mouth was set in a straight line. "That may be true, but you still haven't seen the worst," she turned her head, "trust me," she whispered the last part.

Rain pulled Cameron close to her. "Look at me. He cant know!" She still had her eyes widen and her teeth still long and out. "Please? Im Fine here. I can see him and he cant see me we are all good!"

Cameron looked at Rain with a confused look again. "Rain?" he asked quietly. "Come on, he won't care!"

Rain looked at him. "Fine." She came out of the shodows still looking the same. "Hey Drake."

Cameron smiled. "Good" he turned back toward Drake, his smile fading. "Are you alright little brother?"

Drake nodded, looking from Cameron to Rain. "Hi Rain" he said softly.

Rain smiled a little forgeting about her teeth. "Hi Drake."

Drake smiled. "How are you?" he asked, not noticing her teeth. Then he looked at Cameron. "I'm fine"

"Im fine. Just a little confused right now." Rain would look at Cameron then back a Drake. "Im going for a walk!" SHe started to walk away.

Cameron grabbed Rain's arm. "No.. please stay" he said, a softness playing in his voice.

Drake stepped forward and looked Rain in the face. "You're a vampire now???" he asked, half smiling and looking at Cameron.

Rain looked away from them both. Not saying one word.

Cameron nodded at Drake, then pulled Rain to him for a hug.

Drake smirked. "Wow! You've infected another one Cam!" he exclaimed.

Tonya blinked "She's a vampire? wow, I-"

Emily grabbed Tonya's hand "come on, Brent's gonna go buy something from the store"

"Well I can't Emily, I'm busy" Tonya said

"Oh they'll be okay!" Emily said, dragging Tonya away with her.

Brent walked out of the house, shaking his head at Emily who was dragging Tonya away with her. "Hey Emily, she can stay here. She'll just bore us"

"No! She's fun" Emily smiled at Tonya

"well, thank you. But I wanted to visit with Rain and Cameron" Tonya said as she was being dragged, getting Emily's grip off of her.

"They'll be okay without you, besides we're coming back" Emily chuckled.

Tonya nodded and sighed, looking at Drake and the others then looking back at Emily "Fine"

Brent walked up beside Emily and held her hand as they walked to the store.

Cameron nodded, then looked over Drake's shoulder and nodded toward Tonya. "She's leaving." then he smirked at Drake. "You really know how to lose them baby brother" he laughed evilly.

Drake rolled his eyes. "Funny" he said, turning to watch Tonya leave with the other. A look of almost sadness filled his eyes. Then he hung his head. "Well, I'm going for a walk. Thanks for checking on me" he said, walking past Cameron.

Rain looked at Drake. "Im gonna go talk to him. Ok?" She kissed Camerons cheek and walked after Drake. "Hey Drake wait up?"

Drake slowed down enough for Rain to catch up. "What do you want?" he asked when she had caught up to him.

Cameron watched Rain go after Drake, then looked around. He unfolded his wings and flew up into the air.

Rain looked at him. "Let me guess. Your crushed right? You feel horrable and sad and hate your life right now am I right!?"

Drake looked at Rain from the side of his eye, his head still hung. "How'd you guess?" he asked quietly.

Tonya looked at Emily "I feel bad though..I mean leaving Drake and the others"

Emily laughed "Tonya, we're gonna go back, Brent just has to get something" she smiled as they finally reached the store.

Brent noticed Jason leaning against the outside of the store. "Well, look who it is" he said with a grin.

Jason smirked "I don't want to fight you" he said, then noticing Tonya he smiled.

"Brent, come on" Emily said, pushing Brent inside, but stopping to look back at Tonya. "you coming?" she asked.

"No. I'll wait out here for you guys" Tonya smiled softly.

"Okay, see you in a bit!" Emily smiled, going inside.

Jason turned to look at Tonya, walking up to her. " don't like you?" he asked.

"I-I-I never said that" Tonya answered, looking away.

"I can tell. I'm sorry for the way I act, it's just sometimes I can't really control myself" Jason smirked. "Please, forgive me?" he asked, looking at Tonya, his eyes full of forgiveness.

Tonya smiled slightly "Okay" she answered.

Jason chuckled. "good" he said, taking her sleeve and pushing it up. He looked Tonya in the eyes "Come with me" he smiled.

Tonya seemed to be hypnotized again. "Alright" she said calmly, following him to the back of the store.

Tonya looked at Emily "I feel bad though..I mean leaving Drake and the others"

Emily laughed "Tonya, we're gonna go back, Brent just has to get something" she smiled as they finally reached the store.

Brent noticed Jason leaning against the outside of the store. "Well, look who it is" he said with a grin.

Jason smirked "I don't want to fight you" he said, then noticing Tonya he smiled.

"Brent, come on" Emily said, pushing Brent inside, but stopping to look back at Tonya. "you coming?" she asked.

"No. I'll wait out here for you guys" Tonya smiled softly.

"Okay, see you in a bit!" Emily smiled, going inside.

Jason turned to look at Tonya, walking up to her. " don't like you?" he asked.

"I-I-I never said that" Tonya answered, looking away.

"I can tell. I'm sorry for the way I act, it's just sometimes I can't really control myself" Jason smirked. "Please, forgive me" he said, forgiveness filled in his eyes.

Tonya smiled slightly "Okay"

Jason looked Tonya in the eyes "Come with me" he said with a smile.

Tonya seemed to feel hypnotized again. "Okay" she said, following him to the back of the store.

Jason picked up Tonya's arm and smelled the scent of blood, loving it. His eyes changed again as he leaned down to lick the cut.

Something told Tonya to look away, so she did, breaking the trance. She then looked at Jason, pulling her hand back. "Wha?"

Jason smiled at her "It's okay Tonya" he said, burying his eyes deeply into hers. He then shoved her roughly against the hard brick behind the store as his vampire instincts came in. He grinned, showing his fangs completely as he went to lick Tonya's neck.

Tonya quickly broke the trance, kicking Jason's leg hard "LET ME-"

Jason put his hand over Tonya's mouth "Shh, don't fight it. I don't he grinned, chuckling.

Tonya punched Jason hard in the face then started to run away, completely scared and feeling very unsafe now. "HEL-"

Jason flew up in front of her and chuckled, holding her mouth shut "Tonya, stop. You're being foolish" he stated, pushing her to the ground and going to feel up her legs and under her skirt.

Tonya started crying hard and kicking, not stopping.

Jason growled lightly in pain from one of the hard kicks. "Stop!"

Tonya kept on kicking hard and finally got him off her. She started to run away again, completely scared. She'd never been this scared before as tears kept running down her face, her breathing harder as she ran faster. She tripped on the cement, wincing in pain then got up again, crying hard as tears streamed down her face. She was too afraid to even scream out Drake's name for fear of Jason getting to her faster. Soon, she couldn't even think because she was so scared. She just ran as tears filled her eyes, trying not to cry too loud but couldn't help it because she was so scared. She finally got herself to cry quieter as more and more tears rolled down her face.

Brent and Emily walked out of the store. "Huh? Where'd she go?" Emily asked, looking around.

Brent shrugged "Probably back to see Drake and the others" he stated, taking Emily's hand and starting to walk down the street.

kurimi looked outside the window happily, looking back at Tom, smiling.

Ochiba followed along behind as fast as he could.

Keifeto smild up at Jordan"no sense to not be happy"he said giggling himself as he looked back at ochiba as he kept ahold of jordans shirt as they made it to the door of her house

Jordan opened the door, and the smell of pizza wafted out. Jordan's stomach growled lightly, and she blushed. "Come on.. we can eat in my room!" she went inside fast, holding the door open for Keifeto, and now Orochiba.

Keifeto smiled and laughed as he let go of her shirt and skipped in through the front door whistling and stoppping loking around the living room"wheres your room?"

Jordan went into the kitchen and grabbed a second box of pizza on the counter. "Follow me" she chirped, heading toward the stairs leading to the basement.

Keifeto laughed and happily followed her down the steps holding on to her shirt again

Jordan placed the box of pizza on the table and opened it. "Welcome to my room" she said, waving her hands around the large basement.

Keifeto smiled and danced around a little bit grabbing a slice of pizzza"its cool,i like it"he said smiling up at her taking abite of the pizza

Jordan giggled and grabbed a slice of pizza also, taking a small bite of it. "Thanks, I love it down here" she said, looking around her bright blue coloured room.

Keifeto smiled and nodded happily"i do too"he smiled and skipped over to sit on the edge of th bed careful not to spill any pizza

Jordan grinned happily and sank down into a big comfy fluorescent pink bean bag chair.

Someone knocks on the door softly. The knock sounded hesitant.

Jordan looked at the stairs, then at Keifeto. "I'll be right back" she chirped, running up the stairs and to the front door. She opened it. "Hello?" she asked, smiling. 

A girl is standing there. "Hi. Ummm, I'm new here and I seen you come this way." She looks inside and asks hesitantly,"Am I inturupting something? Sorry, I'm going to go. My name is Melody. I hope to see you around." Melody walks off. She gets outside and she flys around. She sees someone on the roof and she flys to the person.

Jordan blinked. "Uhhh... ok" she said, closing the door. She smirked and went back downstairs and sank into the pink bean bag chair once more.

"Because Drake, thats how you made me feel. Ya there I said it! You crushed me so now I wont get near anyone! except your brother now!" Rain smiled a little and looked away.

Drake sighed deeply, then unfolded his wings and flew off into the air. "Thanks Rain.. as if I wasn't feeling horrible enough!" he yelled down at her. He flew off, feeling worse then he had before.

Rain went home and locked herself in her bathroom with a knife and rope. And starts to cry then takes the knife and cuts her wrist deep down and across a vein. "Im a horrable person!"

Cameron came into Rain's house and went upstairs immediately. "Rain?" he said her name quietly as he went and peeked into her room. He knocked on the bathroom door. "Rain? you in here?"

Rain just let her wrist bleed a lot and having herself lose a lot of blood. "Yeah Im in here! W-whats up?!"

"Are you ok??" Cameron asked fast, worry in his voice. "Can I come in? Please?"

Rain acted like she was fine. "umm....well Im kinda busy!"

"You're not ok, I can sense it. Rain, I can smell blood, are you bleeding??" Cameron asked, pounding on the door as he called through it.

"Im fine. Im not bleeding I'll be out soon!" Rain looked around for somthing to use to hide the smell of her blood but she couldnt see straight from to much loss of blood.

"Rain.. don't lie to me, you're bleeding!!!!" Cameron yelled through the door. "Come on Rain, open up!"

Rain lays on the ground bleeding and dying slowly. "Im fine.......just give me a minute." She layed so close to the door in her puddle of blood that her blood went under the door a lot of it to.

Cameron looked down at saw the pool of blood. "RAIN!!!" he yelled loudly through the door. "I hate to do this" he grumbled, letting his anger build up, then he kicked the door down, grabbing it before it fell on Rain. He went in fast and knelt beside her, lifting her gently so her head rested on his lap. "Rain" he whispered.

Drake flew around the sky, holding back his anger, and sadness. He glanced down and saw Tonya running on the road below him. He flew down, noticing something wasn't right with her. He flew just above her. "Tonya??" he exclaimed loudly, looking down at her.

Tonya stopped, breathing heavy from running so fast and looking up at Drake "DRAKE!!! she cried, looking back quickly and seeing that he was out of sight. She felt safe now, but was still majorly scared from what happened. She fell to her knees and started crying heavily, quieting down her cries as more and more tears rolled down her face and her hair dropped around her face.

Drake dropped to the ground beside Tonya and knelt beside her, wrapping his long arms around her. "What happened??" he asked, worry in his voice.

Marissa was walking down the street when she saw Tonya and Drake in front of her. She ran up to them and knelt down next to Tonya and looked at Drake. "Is she okay...?"

"He-He did something to me a-and he touched me" Tonya answered, trying to slow down the tears "He tried to rape me" she said as more tears suddenly ran down her face and she hugged onto Drake.

Jason had gone back to his motel, angry. He layed in bed and sighed "well..good going Jason" he told himself, laying down and closing his eyes to sleep.

Drake's eyes turned a brighter crimson red then they ever had. "He what?" he asked, his voice shaky with anger.

Tonya looked up at Drake's face, seeing how angry he was. "I'm okay though" she reassured quickly. "I-I guess I'm just a little scared about what happened. I'll be fine" she said, wiping away her tears and forcing a small smile.

Marissa sighed and put a hand softly on her shoulder. "I'm glad your alright miss... I hate seeing people hurt..."

Drake sighed deeply, then looked at Marissa. "Take her to her house, she'll show you the way" he stood up and looked around. "I need to go do something" Before anyone could say anything, he was up in the sky and flying toward the motel. He stopped fast, seeing Brent and Emily walking home from the store. He swooped down. "Brent, I need your help!"

Tonya watched Drake leave "I hope he doesn't get into any trouble" she sighed, knowing it'd be her fault if she did. She smiled lightly at Marissa "Thank you" she said, then standing up.

"What? Why?? what's going on?" Brent asked, staring at Drake confused.

Emily was confused herself, just staring at Drake curiously.

Marissa nodded and helped her up, smiling. "I'm glad I could be of help." she said softly.

Tonya smiled, holding out her hand to Marissa. "I'm Tonya. what's your name?" she asked.

Drake's eyes flashed their crimson red. "That guy you wanted to beat up.. you got more reason now. He tried to rape your sister!" he growled angrily. "Come on, I'll fly us to where he is" he exclaimed, grabbing Brent's arms and flying up into the sky, holding Brent's arms tightly.

Marissa smiled and shook her hand. "The name's Marissa... I'm new here. Its nice to meet you!"

Drake flew over to the motel and landed, gently letting Brent down onto the ground. He stood beside Brent and stared at the motel. "He's in there somewhere, I heard him saying that earlier" he stated, thinking on how to find him.

"It's nice to meet you too, Marissa" Tonya smiled slightly. "It's late, you probably have to go home, sorry for keeping you" she answered, smiling lightly and wiping off a few more tears as she turned.

Emily looked shocked from what she heard, but went off home.

"Wait. HE DID WHAT?! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS GUY?!" Brent shouted angrily, looking around at the doors.

Jason walked out the door, seeing Drake and Brent "Ah, hello" he smiled calmly. "Do you two need something?"

Marissa chuckled, walking next to her. "I'll walk you home... I have no where to go anyways." she smiled.

Drake growled angrily "YOU!!!!" before anyone knew, he tackled Jason to the ground, sitting on him and glaring down at him. "Why the hell did you try and rape my girlfriend???" he yelled in Jason's face, threatening to punch him.

Tonya smiled "Okay, thank you" she said, walking, but then stopping and turning to Marissa. "Wait, you're not saying you don't have a home are you??" she asked.

"What? that's horrible, I did no such thing! the last time I saw her was at her house" Jason answered with a smile. "Then again, she was taking a very funny looking pill"

Brent walked over to Jason angrily, wanting to beat Jason up right now. "My sister doesn't take pills!!!" he shouted angrily, glaring down at him furiously.

Jason sighed and shrugged "That's what I saw"

Marissa scratched the back of her head. "Well, something like that... You see, I ran away from home, hence the backpack and I haven't rented an apartment yet..."

Drake growled a loud growl. "YOU BASTARD!" he yelled, slamming his fist down on Jason's face. "DON'T YOU EVER TOUCH HER AGAIN!!!" he yelled, smashing his fist down as hard as he could. After a moment, he stood up and looked at Brent. "Go for it." he said, spitting on Jason.

"Why did you run away?" Tonya asked her curiusly, then shook her head "I'm sorry, it's none of my business" she said, then looking back at her smiling gently "if you want, you could stay at my house tonight. my mom will be gone all night probably, anyways" she stated "Plus, I'm sure she wouldn't mind"

Jason stood up "If you don't believe me, I should just go along with it" he said, his face in pain and blood dripping from his nose. "Her skin looks so soft. her blood so sweet looking. just like her, man is he beautiful" he grinned, fangs showing.

Brent punched Jason hard in the face, causing him to fall to the ground "Don't you EVER talk about my sister you sick freak" he yelled angrily he then let him lay there. "I'm going back, come on Drake" he said, leaving.

Jason chuckled, standing up and watching them leave. "I really didn't do anything you know! and if I just better keep an eye on your girlfriend, Drake" he grinned, going inside his room and locking the door as he went to sleep.

Marissa nodded. "Thank you, I'd appreciate it... and lets just say my parents think I'm a discrace to the family..."

"Why?" Tonya asked, shocked. "That's horrible"

Drake grumbled and growled angrily to himself as he walked along beside Brent. "Thanks for standing up for Tonya like that" he said, after he calmed himself down.

"Nah, I wanted to. that guy was a total freak" Brent said, walking up the road then seeing his house finally. He looked at Tonya and the girl she was with. He wanted to ask Tonya some questions, but didn't since she was with someone. "Hey Tonya, you should get inside, it's getting cold plus it's late"

Tonya turned to Brent "Oh..okay" she said, slightly confused but forced a smile. "Come on, you can have my bed tonight" Tonya smiled at Marissa, leading her into the house and up the stairs to her room. "Here you go, if you need anything just ask" she smiled, then turned around and sat in the hallway with a sigh.

Instead of going home like she was going to, Emily walked to Tonya's house and closed the door, locking it behind her and walked up to Brent. "Hey, is everything okay??" she asked, worried.

"Yeah, it is now" Brent answered.

"Good" Emily sighed in relief, sitting on the couch with Brent.

Drake went and stood in front of Tonya. "are you ok?" he asked, looking down at her lovingly.

Tonya looked up at Drake "Oh, yeah. I'm okay" she smiled lightly, then looking back down. "I'm sorry...about earlier...I really didn't want to leave you, but Emily kept on going on about how we were going to be back and you looked like you were having fun and I didn't really want to disturb you" she smiled slightly. "I really did want to stay..and..before that..I thought you were mad at me or something. I don't know why. It was stupid, I'm sorry" she said sadly, her hair covering her face.

Drake knelt down in front of Tonya and put his hands on her shoulders. "Come on, come in my room with me" he said, pulling her to his room and shutting the door behind her.

Tonya stood there in front of the door, looking up at Drake and smiling softly. I hope he's not mad. I messed up she thought to herself.

Drake smiled. "Now come on" he said, pulling her over to the bed and sitting down on the edge. "I'm not mad at you, I never was, I don't know what was wrong. I think stress was getting to me" he said quietly, looking down.

Tonya smiled. "It's okay, Drake. I understand" she said softly, putting her arm around him.

Drake grinned and wrapped his arms around Tonya too, hugging her tightly. "I'm sorry" he whispered quietly in her ear.

Tonya hugged Drake back "Don't be" she said with a smile. "But you know, I am too" she answered.

"You have nothing to be sorry for" Drake said, smiling softly.

Tonya sighed happily "Thank you Drake" she smiled.

Drake smiled happily, then laid backwards on the bed, pulling Tonya down with him.

Marissa looked around the room and put her stuff on the bed. She wanted to do something for Tonya to thank her, but she didn't know what.

Tonya giggled, looking down at Drake and into his navy blue eyes as her hair fell around her.

Johnathan sat on the roof of his apartment, looking up at the sky. "Man, I'm bored..."

A girl lands on the roof. She stands there the wind blowing her long black hair slightly.

Johnathan lazily opened up an eye and looked over at her.

"I......I thought you m....might want company." She says in a quit and shy voice. She looks down at the ground.

Johnathan sat up and smiled. "Company sounds good." he chuckled lightly. "So, whats your name?"

She looks up. "Melody. What's yours?" She walk over to him.

He bowed his head in a curt nod. "I'm Johnathan, but you can call me Johnny for short."

She smiles. "Nice to you."

Johnny chuckled softly. "So, what brings you up here on a cloudy night like tonight?"

She blushes a little. "I'm new here. I just got here today. I thought I would explore a little. The night is my favorite part of the day, because it's so quit. What about you?" She asks as she sits down beside him.

Johnny shrugged. "I'm just sitting here... I don't like being cooped in my apartment for long..."

"Oh. That is understandable. I wouldn't like it either." Melody smiles.

Johnathan chuckled lightly. "That, and the night is relaxing for me..."

"So, Johnny, what......are you?" *she turns her head to look at him.

"I'm just your average day vampire." Johnny said with a grin on his face.

"A vampire." Melody smiles and her wings flutter slightly. "Thats cool."

Johnny chuckled. "If your into that kind of stuff that is... I wish I was just a regular human, but I'm not."

She turns to face him, "You don't have to worry about dying though. You don't get killed easily, and most everyone will like you because your a vampire."

"Nobody likes me, thats why I keep to myself..." Johnathan said quietly.

"Oh. I know the feeling." She shrugs her shoulders. "I like you." Melody smiles.

Rain looked up at Cameron breathing slowly. "I thought I told you I would be out in a minet!"

Cameron half smiled, worry still in his eyes. "Rain.. you're lying on the floor in a puddle of blood. If I believed you, It'd be a really long minute" he said, brushing some hair from her eyes.

Rain smiled a lil and tried to stay awake. "A very long minuet. Im kinda sleepy. I think Im gonna take a nap!"

Cameron picked Rain up gently and brought her into her room and laid her gently on the bed. "Don't sleep too long, I don't want you to die on me" he said quietly.

Rain smiled a little still bleeding and she got her sheets all bloody in a matter of second. "I think my sleep.......will be forever." Puts a hand on his cheek. "You opened my eyes Cameron. Thanks." She smiled a little and started to fall asleep. Her body started to turn pale again from not having much blood in her.

Cameron's slight smile faded fast. "Please Rain.. don't leave me" he whispered, forcing back his emotions.

"What happened to your smile hott stuff?" Rain smiled a little. "You know Im having second thoughts! Its to late Ive lost to much blood Cameron! Im so sorry!"

Cameron shook his head slightly, forcing a faint smile. "Rain... no..." he said, sadness filling his expression.

Rain smiled and started to get up. "I just need somthing to eat. Maybe some type of fruit!"

Cameron smiled a full smile. "Good idea" he answered.

Rain got up and fell from being lightheaded with the loss of blood. She started to laugh. "Whoo!"

Cameron shook his head and chuckled.

Rain started to close her eyes.

Cameron got up and knelt on the floor beside Rain. "Rain??" He shook her gently. "Rain, you need blood"

"Please dont shake me.......I just need fruit!" Rain smiled a little trying to sit up.

Cameron smirked lightly. "Rain, you can drink my blood... might be better then fruit" he stated.

Rain looked at him. "But I cant. Its your blood. You need it."

Cameron smirked and shook his head slightly. He took out his pocket knife and readied himself to cut his arm.

"Cameron I said you need your blood. I will be fine!" Rain said looking at him.

Cameron smiled even wider, shaking his head some more. "You need blood, Rain. I can survive if I give you enough to get by!" he stated, gently putting the blade to his skin. He pressed down lightly and slid the knife up his arm, slitting the skin neatly.

"Cameron no! I will be fine see Im fighting it!" Rain looked at his arm. "Ill get you a towel hold on." She tried to get up but failed.

Cameron gave Rain the death glare. "Rain.. you WILL drink my blood" he demanded, squeezing his arm slightly, making the blood pour up over the edge of the cut and down his arm. He held his arm near Rain's face. "Come on" he coaxed.

Rain pushed his arm away gently. "Cameron Im gonna be fine eventually! Dont look at me like that, and please dont tell me what I will do! You need a towel to stop that blood!"

"And you need to drink some blood!" Cameron growled, slightly angrily. He held his arm close to Rain's face again.

Rain grabbed his arm and ripped her shirt. She wraped part of her shirt around his cut to stop the bleeding and rested her head in his lap. "I told you I dont need blood! And you needed a towel!"

Cameron growled and ripped the shirt piece off his arm. Then he sat back abit. "Fine, if you want to kill yourself by not eating the right thing, well.. don't blame me!"

Rain shook her head and got up. "Cameron what is wrong with you? Is it because I wont drink your blood because I care about you!? If you really want me to drink your blood then fine I will! If it will make you happy!" She looked at him fighting back tears.

Cameron stood up, standing just abit taller then Rain. "No, I want you to drink my blood because that's all you can eat now as a vampire. Anything else could have something that would kill us" he stated plainly, crossing his arms and looking at Rain seriously.

Rain looked up at him eyes wide. "Please tell me you are joking Cameron. Tell me you are!"

Cameron looked at the ground, then at Rain again. He slowly shook his head. "No, I am not joking" he said quietly.

Rain grabed her peice of shirt and then Camerons arm. She put it back around his arm. "Cameron your stil bleeding." She let go of his arm once the shirt was back around his arm.

Cameron blinked, and without looking at his arm, pulled the piece of shirt off once more. "doesn't matter if I am" he answered.

Rain glared at him. "Cameron leave that on!" She bent down and grabbed the piece of shirt then his arm again. "Just leave this on please!?"

Cameron stared at Rain, not saying anything. He pulled his arm from her grasp and crossed his arms, getting blood on the front of his shirt.

Rain looked up at him. "If I had a little tiny bite of your blood then will you keep this on your arm?"

Cameron shook his head. "No because after you drink what you need of my blood, I'll just heal it back up" he smirked slightly.

Rain still stared at him. "Your not fair! Heal it up now Cameron! I mean it or.......or we are over!" She looked away.

Cameron sighed deeply and went over to Rain and drapped an arm over her shoulder. "Take a drink of blood.. or I'm leaving you to die. And you know I don't want to do that! I love you too much" he said.

"Well if you loved me soo much, you will put that peice of my shirt back on your arm." She said tilting her head back looking back at him.

Cameron smirked as if they were playing a game. "And if you loved me enough you'd drink my blood"

"No Cameron! I do love you a lot but Im not gonna drink some of your blood!" She turned around to face him. "Please put that peice of my shirt on you arm?"

Cameron shook his head. "No" he answered, smirking at his stubbornness.

"Cameron Im being serious. Put. That. Peice. Of. Shirt. Back. On. Your. Arm. NOW!" Rain glared up at him.

Cameron couldn't help but smirk some more. "And I'm being serious too Rain"

"No your not! I can tell you think this is a game! I give up!" Rain took his arm and went to bite it but stops. "I-I cant!"

Cameron stared down at Rain, a perfectly serious look on his face. "Why did you stop?"

"Because I dont want to hurt you and.......I dont know how to bite." Rain looked away embarresed and fell on the ground from standing up to long.

Cameron caught Rain before she hit the ground. He smiled. "Want me to show you?" he asked, a hint of playfulness in his voice again.

Rain smiled a little. "Sure. Show me."

Cameron nodded, and leaned down to Rain's arm. "This won't hurt abit" he said quietly. He gently placed his teeth against her arm, then gently took a bite, slowly so she could see how he was doing it.

"Owe it kinda did hurt!" Rain said trying to pull her arm away. "Thanks for showing me I think I can bite you maybe?"

Cameron chuckled, then nodded, holding his arm out toward Rain. "Go for it" he said.

Rain looked at his arm then shook her head. "No I change my mind!"

Cameron rolled his eyes. "Rain.." he smirked.

Rain glared at him "Cameron..."

Cameron laughed lightly. "What?" he said, chuckling.

"The peice of my shirt and your arm!" Rain was staring at him.

"Not until you take a bite" Cameron smirked.

"But I cant. My teeth arent out. I dont know how to control them. They come out when they want to. So put the peice of shirt around your arm!" Rain said looking at him again.

"You can control them, you just don't know how yet" Cameron answered. "Anger usually helps" he stated.

"Just put my peice of shirt around your arm Cameron!" Rain said getting mad at him.

Cameron shook his head, then ran his hand over the cut. It healed instantly, showing no signs of there ever being a cut there. "Don't need it" he smiled.

Rain looked at him then started to drift off to sleep. Her blood was growing but she was still weak.

Cameron smiled and stood up, the he lifted Rain up and placed her gently on the bed, covering her up.

Rain grabbed his arm. "Dont leave me please?" She looked at him pleedingly and fighting to stay awake.

Cameron smiled and laid on the bed beside Rain on top of the covers. "I won't" he said. "I promise"

Rain lifted the covers for him to come under them with her.

Cameron smirked. "You sure you want me in there with you?" he laughed teasingly.

Rain nodded. "Unles you want me to come out from under these covers and sleep on them." She said smiling.

Cameron smiled. "No.." he answered, cuddling under the covers.

Rain turned on her side cuddling next to him and putting her head on his chest like they were married after they had some fun. She tried to not fall asleep.

Cameron sighed happily and put his arm around Rain, hugging her close.

Rain smiled adn for once in her life she felt safe. She couldnt fall asleep right now she was to inlove with what she was feeling so she faught against it.

Cameron started drifting off to sleep, holding Rain close to him.

Rain smiled and fell asleep in his arms with a smile on her face.
5 hours later
Rain started to wake up a little.

Cameron was still sleeping peacefully, holding Rain tightly.

Rain looked up at him with a sleepy smile.

Cameron groaned slightly and opened his eyes slowly, looking around.

Rain closed her eyes pretending she was still sleeping. oh no I hope I didnt wake him! She thought.

Cameron smiled lovingly at Rain, stroking her cheek as she slept. He sighed and laid his head back on the pillow, staring at the ceiling.

Rain smiled and opened her eyes and looked up at him not saying a word.

Cameron stretched slightly, then looked at Rain once more. "Good mornin'" he said quietly.

Rain smiled a little still sleepy. "Mornin." She snuggled closer to him adn kept her head on his chest.

Cameron tightened his grasp around Rain. "How'd ya sleep?" he asked, staring up at the ceiling for lack of anything else to do.

"I slept great because you were nice and confy. How did you sleep? I didnt bug you did I?" Rain said looking up at him still.

Cameron laughed. "No no.. you didn't bother me at all!" he said, awkwardly glancing down at Rain.

Rain looked at him. "Really? Then why are you looking at me like that?"

"Because it's hard to look at you when you're laying on my chest!" Cameron answered, chuckling lightly.

Rain smiled and sat up. "Hows this." She held her head.

Cameron smirked. "I can see you better, but you look dizzy, so lay back down!" he said, taking hold of her arm to pull her back down.

"No I can deal with the dizzyness. Ill be fine." Rain smiled. "I want you to be able to see me. And I want to see you better."

Cameron laughed lightly and stroked Rain's cheek gently. "Thank you!" he said, smirking and staring at her.

Rain smiled. "No problem." She started to turn pale again from being wicked dizzy.

Cameron stared hard at Rain, watching her skin turn pale. "Ok, lie down" he demanded, sitting up and putting full force on her to lay down.

"NO! Im fine!" Rain tried tomake herself stay sitting up. "Please! Im fine!"

Cameron raised an eyebrow. "Rain... you are NOT fine! Lay down! NOW!" he said, pushing her down roughly.

"But Im fine. I really am! Just relax!" Rain layed down for him then started to get back up.

Cameron leaned down so he was leaning on Rain. "Stay down" he demanded.

"Cameron please. Why cant I sit up?" Rain said looking at him.

Cameron looked down at Rain. "Because you're pale, and you're dizzy, you need to lay down!"

"No I want to sit up. Please dont agruee with me!" Rain said looking back up at him and tried to sit up again.

"Fine, but don't blame me if you pass out!" Cameron exclaimed, sitting up and crossing his arms

"I just wanted to make you happy." Rain hid under the blankets.

Cameron couldn't help but chuckle and looked at Rain under the blankets. "But you DO make me happy!"

"Ya but I want to make you more than just happy sometimes!" Rain smiled.

Cameron slid under the covers once more, and snuggled close to Rain. "Oh?" he said teasingly.

Rain laughed a little. "Yes." She smiled.

"How?" Cameron asked, a playful look coming over his face.

Rain laughed a little. "By bugging you!"

"You can't bug me" Cameron smirked.

"Oh really? Man that ruins my plans." Rain smiled. "Can I sit up now?"

"I already said you could!" Cameron exclaimed, chuckling lightly. "And what were your plans??"

"Good." Rain sat up way to quickly for her body to handel. "Omg I dont feel good all of a sudden." She got up and headed to the bathroom slowly.

Cameron watched her, and shook his head.

Rain sat in the bathroom by the toilet having a hand on her head and one on her stomach.

Cameron laid back on the bed and stared up at the ceiling.

Rain looked at the puddle of her blood on the bathroom floor and she screamed then began to shake.

Cameron sat up fast and ran into the bathroom. "Rain?? You ok??"

Rain was shaking really badly and her eyes wide staring at the big puddle of her blood.

Cameron sighed and went to Rain, taking her in his arms and embracing her tightly.

"P-please tell me that, that isnt blood. Please tell me that!!!" Rain was still shaking like crazy and starts to cry. "P-p-please tell me that, that isnt my blood. Please tell me!"

Cameron smiled to himself as he hugged Rain tightly. "Don't cry. No, it's not your blood.. it's.. water that had food colouring in it. It was accidentally spilled..."

Rain wiped her eyes. "Oh. I knew that." She smiled. "Well Im kinda hungry. Im gonna get some fruit now!"

Cameron rolled his eyes. "Rain.. you can't eat anything but blood!"

"Well I dont want to eat Blood!" Rain said staring at him.

Cameron sighed. "Fine, think what you want Rain. I need food. I'll be back!" he said, standing up and leaving to go outside in search of something to kill.

Drake stared up at Tonya lovingly. 

Tonya smiled and leaned down to Drake's face, kissing him.

Drake returned the kiss, wrapping his arms around Tonya tightly.

Tonya rested her head on Drake's chest, smiling lightly.

Emily walked up to Drake's room and opened the door "Hey Tonya, your mom is on the phone"

Tonya stood up "Okay, thanks" she smiled, going downstairs, Emily followed behind her and sat back down by Brent. "Hey, yeah. Uh huh, I am. Yeah, we are, don't worry. Okay, I will, goodnight, love you too" she said, then putting the phone down and looking at Brent. "She doesn't think she's coming home tonight, she has some meeting with people who came down from Russia and some more paper work to go over"

Brent nodded "Alright, well come on Emily, you can sleep with me tonight" he grinned, taking her hand and walking upstairs.

Tonya was about to walk away when the phone rang again "Hello?"

"Hi. Oh, how I love your voice. It makes me want to be there with you right now" the person over the phone said.

Tonya blinked "Huh? who is this?"

"Don't you know? I can't belive you told on me, Tonya" the voice sighed. "I thought we were best friends. It's okay, I know where you live, I could be watching you this very moment"

Tonya froze in fear and quickly locked every door and closed every window then went to the phone "Jason, please don't do this" she cried "Please, I'm sorry. Just leave me alone!"

"I didn't mean to hurt you Tonya, I-I can't control myself. You know that. Come on, forgive me"

"No, please don't do this" Tonya cried into the phone.

"Shh, it's okay. Let's still be friends Tonya. Besides, you took that weird looking pill"

"Fine, we can be friends! Just please leave me alone!" Tonya begged, then stopped "What pill?"

"I'm glad we can still be friends Tonya" Jason smirked, then hung up.

Drake went downstairs fast, hearing the windows and doors being shut and locked. "tonya?? Everything ok?" he asked, confused.

Tonya sighed, looking at Drake "It will be" she smiled softly. "I think I'm going to stay friends with Jason. I know it sounds crazy, but I think I'm just going to give him a second chance" she sighed "Plus, if I don't he'll be angry..and I don't want that to happen"

Drake sighed deeply. "I guess" he said plainly. "I'm going to bed" he turned and went upstairs and into his room.

"No, wait!" Tonya said quickly, running up behind him and turning him to face her. "I'll go talk to him" she smiled lightly "I'll be back later" she said, then turning to look at him. "I love you" with that she left the room and went downstairs and outside.

Drake shook his head, then went to Brent's door. "Hey BRENT! You're sister's gone to find that jerk who tried to rape her earlier!" he yelled as a warning. "I'm going after him, want to come help me?"

Brent went to the door, raising an eyebrow "Why the hell would Tonya do that? I mean come on, she's not stupid is she?!" he sighed, then shrugged "I guess"

Emily stood next to Brent "I wanna go too"

"No, just stay here" Brent said, walking downstairs and out the door.

Tonya reached the motel and looked around "Why does he have to call so late at night?"

Jason could sense that Tonya was near and walked outside "Tonya" he smiled

Tonya looked over at Jason and walked up to him "Listen, we can't be friends. You have to leave me alone, okay? I mean it. I'm sorry it has to be this way"

Jason nodded "Alright, we're not friends" he said. He turned around, grinning as his fangs came out. "Good-bye Tonya"

Tonya smiled slightly "Good-bye Jason" she said, walking away.

Jason watched her leave and grinned. He then turned and went back into his room.

Drake grabbed Brent by the arms and flew over to the motel. He swooped down and knocked on the door to Jason's room. "Hey! GET OUT HERE!" he yelled through the door angrily.

Raife laughed gruffly "you have no idea what ive seen anything that you are will not suprise me"he said opening the door t the sho before turning to look at chrissy"when ou do what i do,not much affects you after a while"he turned away and entered the store and loooked around the store seeing pentograms and other metal band imaeson posters and shirts depicting 'evil' images he looked enraged"filth....."he glared around the store letting his spirit energy form into a large sword"i will not allow this pit of filth and evil go unpunished!"he said as he spun and brought his sword crashing into a display case full of juewelery and procedded to destroy the store cutting clothes to shreds and destroying the cash register taking the money" reclaim this tainted money and will redeem it in te name of gods work he said as the scared looking clerk cowered in thecorner away from raife he slowely walked over and grabbed a pentogram necklace from around the neck of te clerk"listen to me,remove yourself from this path,ask forgiveness and it will be granted"he said as he brought his swordforeward slicing into he clerks ribs"your transgression is minor,the punishment is fitting,you are forgiven"he stood and walked out of the store calmly and went around the mall finding new clothes and using the'tainted' money to buy them he walked outnof the mall with sunglasseson and a white leather jacket with a blue undershirt with a graphic cross and a pair of denim jeans on wearing a cross around his neck studded with diomonds and a smaller version of it in his ear he stood in front of the mall looking satisfied he blended in with evryone

Keifeto looked over at Jordan finishing te slice of pizza "who was that?"he said refering to hte knock on the door as he flipped on the T.V and the news was n the anchorman said Breaking news:Murder near silver wind early this morning a body of a young male was found in the woods near thetrain racks apparently murder,more information tonight keifeto looked over to jordan worried"t-thats not far from here"he said looking at the T.V at the woods they were showing

Jordan blinked, staring at the tv. Then she shivered. "That's kind of scary" she said, looking at Keifeto.

Keifeto nodded and went over to Jordan quickly hopping into her lap snuggling into her"Seriously...."

Jordan hugged Keifeto tightly. "It's ok... I don't think we'll be hurt. Besides, that was last night wasn't it? Whoever killed that guy is probably long gone!"

Keifeto nodded and hugged jordan tightly"i hope so"

Jordan smirked slightly and continued to hug Keifeto. "Don't worry..." she said, trying to sound reassuringly.

Keifeto smiled and nodded as he watched the T.V snuggling into Jordan

Jordan smiled and kept her arms wrapped around Keifeto in a bear hug.

Keifeto giggled and resed his head on Jordan yawning a little"pizza makes me sleepy"he laughed as rain began to be hear patterin outside

Jordan giggled lightly. "Well, go to sleep if you want. You're welcome to take a nap here!" she grinned.

Keifeto Grinned up at her and yawned again"i just might do that"

Raife looked up ashe sensed Drake seeing him fly past he Formed his spirit into wings and followed him but not too closely seing him land at the motel he landed there at the edge of the parking lot watching as he slowely moved forewarddressed in his new attire he wonderedif Drake would recognize him,intending on finishing the job as rain began to come down in a slight sprinkle

Drake glanced up at the sky, then caught some movement from the side. He looked over fast, and spotted Raife. He narrowed his eyes, trying to see if he could recognize the man.

Raife walked slowely closer to Drake he could ake out his fetures and could tell that he was a little angry about something other than his apearance"old freind"Raife chuckled as he came closer to Drake"im suprised your still breathing"

Drake looked at Raife, then glared. "You" he said. "Of course I'm still breathing, I have the healing touch!" he lifted his shirt to show that there was no mark from where he had been hurt.

Rafe looked at the place and nodded"but you can never heal your sou"he said smirking at Drake and shrugging"but this time ill be sure to finish you off completly,Demon"he said raising an eyebrow "but....why are you here"he said motioning around

"Killing off another vampire" Drake responded, pointing over his shoulder at the motel room door that Jason was behind.

Raife raised an eyebrow at him"i see,you demons cant eve get along with each other in thi town"he said looking at the door then back into the eyes of drake removing his sunglasses his gaze seemed to be looking through him"mostof the my ecperience..your kind tend to stick together"he said raising an eyebrow inquiringly

Drake snickered. "Not in this case" He frowned slightly. "That idiot in there tried to attack my girlfriend" he said, turning abit to look back at the motel. "Her brother and I are here to kill him"

Raifes eys narroed in anger"your girlfreind..."he said looking at him intently"you mean the girl you were with last time we met?"he said remembering the purity of her soul outrage growing within him at thenews of a demon attacking her

Drake nodded, turning back to look Raife in the face. "Yes, that girl... her name is Tonya" he stated.

Raife looked at Drake "speaking of names.....what is yours Demon?"he said loking at Drake unsure why he was standing here having a conversation with the man that almost killed him

"I am Drake" Drake answered in a bored tone of voice.

Rafe nodded slowely"Drake"he smirked and looked at him,"i Am Raife Derah,Enforcer Of Gods will,Vassal of the Holy Spirit"hesaid,hed never given his name to a Dmon before and wasnt sure why he did sonow"and I shall be the one to punish the Demo behind that door"he said narrowing his eyes at Drake"understand?"

Drake narrowed his eyes angrily. "I came to kill him, I will kill him" he said in a low voice.

Jason had gotten out the back of the window and flew away. He found Tonya and landed in front of her. "Well well well, you're all alone and helpless" he grinned, his fangs showing.

"P-please Jason, don't do this" Tonya said quietly, backing up.

Jason swiftly grabbed her, putting his hand over her mouth. "You told on me Tonya. how could you. You should have told them you took a pill!" he growled. He then leaned into her neck "Your heart is pulsating a little faster than usual, I sense fear. It's okay though, I love it" he smirked. "I bet your blood is very sweet" He picked up her cut arm, smelling the dried blood where the skin was starting to grow back. Jason's eyes seemed to change again as he pushed Tonya to the ground.

Tonya's face started to turn pale, she couldn't breath all that well so she started panicing and kicked and punched at him. Soon, she blacked out, her eyes closed and her body still and looking almost lifeless.

Jason bent down and admired her, going to bite her neck.

Celeste walked to her house and grabbed the mail. She filed through the letters and saw one for her. It was an acceptance letter to a cooking school in France. She ran into the house, almost knocking down her father in the process. She jumped and hugged him and handed him the letter. He told her she could go so she went upstairs and packed her bags to leave. She wrote a letter and placed it on her brother, Tim's bed.

Rain went into her kitchen and looked for somthing to eat. "Theres gotta be somthing!"

Cameron found a deer in the woods and flew down. He attacked it and killed it mercilessly.

Rain went for a walk in the woods and saw Camerons back. "Cameron is that you?" She headed toward him.

Cameron stopped drinking the blood of the deer and turned, blood dripping down from the corners of his mouth. "Yea, it's me"

Rain looked at him then saw the deer. She shook her head and backed up slowly away from him.

Cameron dropped the deer, then wiped the blood away from his mouth. "What's wrong?" he asked, slightly confused.

"Y-you killed a poor animal!" Rain said still backing up.

"Well, how else do you expect me to eat?" Cameron answered back, not realizing how heartless he just sounded.

Rains eyes widen and she shook her head and ran away deep into the woods far away from him.

Cameron shook his head. "RAIN! COME BACK!" he yelled, flying up into the air, and following her fast.

Rain kept on running away from him. "Leave me alone!"

"RAIN! STOP PLEASE!!!" Cameron yelled, catching up to her. He tackled her and knocked her to the ground.

Rain screamed as she feel on the ground. "GET AWAY FROM ME!" She tried to get up and away from him.

Cameron pinned Rain to the ground and looked down at her. "Rain, what's wrong??" he asked fast, not understanding why she was so upset.

"Whats wrong!? What a stupid question! Get off of me please!" Rain looked at him still trying get away.

Cameron squeezed Rain's shoulders to get her to calm down. "Rain... please tell me is the matter!!!"

"Let go of me Cameron! You should know what the matter is!" Rain said staring at his arms still trying to get away.

"Is it because I killed that deer?" Cameron asked fast, looking Rain in the eyes.

Tim followed Sally into the bar and looked around.

Sally followed Tim in and looked around. She saw Sarah and dragged Tim over. She hugged Sarah and let her go, “What are you doing here?”

Sarah laughed, “I could ask you the same thing.” She looked at Sally and at her clothes. She looked at the black tube top and jeans, with black boots that covered the jeans to the knee. “I like the hair,” Sarah said, refering to the ponytail, “And the lipstick. Red’s a good color for you. But isn’t this my leather jacket?” She lifted up a side and revealed Sally’s tatoo. It was Japanese characters that meant ‘dreams’.

Sally pawed away Sarah’s hand. “Yeah, but’s not like you ever wear it. And isn’t that my blue shirt?” She pointed to the top Sarah was wearing.

Sarah laughed, “Touche, Sal.”
Sally laughed too, “Oh bite me…”

Sarah smirked, “Well, if you hold still…..”

Sarah and Sally laughed. Sally turned to Zyke, “And who are you?”

Tim stood beside Sally and looked around.

Zyke stood up straight and looked at Sally. "I'm Zyke. Who are you?"

Sally smiled, "I'm Sally Mustang, Sarah's friend."

Zyke smiled. "Nice to meet you"

Sally smiled, "So you get anywhere with her or she is being a..."

Sarah elbowed Sally in the stomach, so Sally didn't finish.

But Sally was still smirking, but went and placed herself by Tim's side, and tucked herself under his arm. She stuck her tounge out at Sarah.

Sarah glared playfully at Sally.

Zyke laughed lightly. "No, I didn't get anywhere with her. She's abit stubborn!" he said, smirking playfully at Sarah and winking.

Sarah turned to Zyke, "Bite me."

Sally turned to Tim, "Let's go to the bar." She smiled and hugged herself to his side.

Zyke smirked, then glanced at Sally. "She likes me, I know it" he said, sounding full of himself.

Tim nodded. "Sure" he said, turning to go toward the bar.

Sarah shook her head and hit Zyke's shoulder, "Your turn. Don't miss." She leaned in, "And by the way, Sally was just being nice. Mess with her and I mess with your face, got it?" She leaned back and sat down agianst the railing.

Sally looked at Tim and walked with him. She leaned over the bar, her feet off the floor. "MIKE!!" she yelled out. She hopped back down and slid off her jacket, placing it behind the bar. She sat down and smiled at Tim.

Zyke took a turn hitting the pool balls.

Tim half smiled back at Sally, then turned on his stool so he could look around the bar.

Sarah looked around and then at the table. "Looks like we win," She smiled.

Sally leaned against the bar and closed her eyes.

Mike came up, "So what can I get you?"

Sally screamed and jumped up. She placed a hand over her beating heart to help calm it down after she realized it was Mike. "Mike! I've missed you so much!" She smiled.

Mike looked up at Sally, "Is that you dollface? Get back here and give me a hug."

Sally smiled and slid over the bar and hugged Mike. She let go. "I'll have martini," She turned to Tim, "What do you want?"

"Same as you" Tim smiled, turning back around to lean on the bar.

Sally placed her hands on top of the bar. She looked down at it and then up at Tim," do I get back over...." She put on a half smile.

Sarah walked over to Zyke, "Your not bad." She gave him a small smile.

Tim smirked. "Want some help?" he asked, laughing lightly.

Zyke smirked at Sarah. "You're not so bad yourself!"

Sally looked up at Tim and smiled, "Please?" She laughed lightly.

Sarah rolled her eyes, "That's not what I meant." She turned around and walked up to the bar, "Try to pay a guy a compliement and his ego gets even bigger." she said to no one in particular.

Drake sensed something was wrong. He looked around, then looked at Brent. "Deal with this guy!!" he said, pointing at Raife before flying off. He flew around looking for Tonya. He found her, and Jason leaning over her. He flew down fast and knocked Jason away roughly, standing in front of Tonya fast. "Don't touch her" he growled.

Brent rolled his eyes and sighed "whatever" he muttered, looking at Raife "Who are you?" he asked

Jason laughed "Too late for that" he smirked, standing up. "But now you on the other hand, I just want to kill" he said, quickly punching Drake hard in the chest and kicking him to the ground as he leaned over his body with a pocket knife, going to stab Drake.

Drake gasped for breath and glared up at Jason. "You bastard" he grumbled quietly, before kicking, nailing Jason right in the chest.

Jason fell to the ground, wincing in pain a little but stood up. "Now, now. Let's not be rude" he smirked "You know...I could kill your girlfriend right now. and it would be nice for me. I'd get sweet blood" he chuckled.

Drake was now standing, straight and tall. He looked at Jason and shook his head. "You keep your dirty little hands OFF her!" he growled.

"Aww, but my hands are very clean. I mean they could be stained with blood, but they're not" Jason smirked. "Besides, I'm sure you haven't kept your hands off her. Just think of that soft skin, she really is a beautiful girl" he laughed.

Drake growled loudly, then tackled Jason as fast as he could. He started punching Jason in the face. "Stay away from her!!!" he yelled before standing up and going over to Tonya. He knelt beside her, "Tonya??" he shook her gently.

Tonya slowly opened her eyes, blinking the blurryness away as she looked up at Drake. " look like an angel" she whispered, smiling softly.

Jason held his face in pain where blood had started spilling from his nose "You'll DIE for this!" he threatened, running up to Drake and pulling him up and throwing him hard at a tree.

Drake fell roughly to the ground, leaning against the tree. His head fell forward and his chin rested on his chest as he fell unconcious from the hit.

Jason nodded, satisfied, then went over to Tonya. "Good, you're awake" he smirked.

Tonya stood up "Go away!! WHAT DID YOU DO TO DRAKE?!" she shouted angrily, running over to him and shaking him gently "Drake! Are you okay???"

Jason took Tonya's arm roughly "You leave him be!" he snapped, forcing her to look into his eyes. "You want me, Tonya. Just as I want you"

Tonya stared at him, feeling hynotized again. "Yeah" she said, walking up to him. She then took his pocket knife and stabbed him hard in the chest, close to the heart. "I want to kill you" she said, letting him fall to the ground.

Jason took the knife out and threw it "You-you WHORE! You're nothing but a wench!" he sneered, choking Tonya to the ground. "Now, you'll suffocate and die like you're supposed to!"

Drake started to wake up and he looked up, just enough to see Jason choking Tonya. "Ton..." was all he could say before he fell unconcious again.

Tonya started to cry, mouthing words that couldn't be heard. She then quickly kicked him hard and picked up the pocket knife, stabbing him hard in the heart "Good-bye Jason"

Drake was still out cold, the affect from being stabbed by Raife a few days earlier still bothering his spirit.

Jason chuckled "No Tonya. You think you can kill me this easily? it's NOT how it works!" he laughed, throwing her aside.

Tonya fell hard on the ground but forced herself over to Drake "Drake, please, wake up!" she begged, shaking him softly.

Jason grabbed Tonya "Stop interfering!" he growled, picking her up and slamming her against the tree, causing her to black out again. He sighed "I didn't want to have to kill you Tonya" he smirked "I could of made you a vampire, but you messed up. Now for a beverage" he smirked, leaning into Tonya's neck.

"Bingo! Now please just let me go!" Rain said still trying to get away.

Cameron shook his head. "Would you have rather me killed a human for blood? I was being kind, and heartfelt by killing an animal instead of a human!" he hissed.

"YES! Or waited and killed a cyote! Get off of me now!" Rain wiggled around trying to get away from him.

Cameron stood up, a perfect expression of seriousness. "Fine! Leave.. don't face the cold hard truth" he said, his voice low, serious and angry.

"To think I loved you. I trusted you. Your just cold hearted!" Rain ran away and back into her house. She locked her windows and her door and shut her shades. She went into full lock down.

Cameron hung his head and flew off towards the school, trying to find a good place to hide.

Rain felt bad for being so mean to him. She grabbed a black cape and put the hood on and looked around for Cameron. Im and idiot. Maybe we can be friends if he will forgive me.

Cameron found a good place to hide inside the school, in the Silver Wind Music Room.

Rain walked around outside with Cameron. Her hood still on her head.

Cameron's eyes were still black and his wings were still out.

Rain stared at Cameron. "Cameron Please snap out of it!"

Cameron shook his head and looked at Rain. "Sorry" he said, his eyes turning back to their golden yellow colour, and his wings folded onto his back.

"Its ok dont apologize." Rain smiled behind her hood.

Cameron looked at Rain and smiled.

Rain blushed a little. She still blushes around him. She was glad her hood was covering her face.

Cameron continued smiling, but his smile faded fast when he sensed something not right. "Drake" he mumbled. "The idiot's got himself in trouble.. again!" he frowned. "Come on Rain!" he exclaimed, unfolding his wings.

Rain sighed and nodded her head. "Ill follow you."

Cameron nodded and flew up into the air and off away to Drake.

Rain followed under him heading to where Drake was. "So wheres Drake?" She yelled up to him.

"There!" Cameron yelled back, pointing down to Drake leaning unconcious against the tree. Then he looked to where Jason was holding Tonya. He flew down fast and attacked Jason, knocking him away from Tonya and holding her tightly away from Jason.

"Damn you!" Jason growled angrily. "When am I ever going to get to taste her sweet blood, eh?!" he shouted, annoyed and angry. He looked at Rain "Let me guess, she's with you?" he smirked.

"Yes she is.. and if you DARE touch her" Cameron growled, a hiss coming out too. His eyes turned the deepest black they could as his anger rose. His wings rose up over Cameron's head.

Jason chuckled "Don't worry, you can keep her" he smirked, punching Cameron in the face then taking Tonya "You should leave, you'll just lose like they did" he smirked

Cameron laughed. "You think that hurt??" he looked at Jason. "What do you want with the puny human anyways?" he exclaimed, stepping forward toward Jason.

"Just her sweet blood and to see her death" Jason smirked "You know, I did try to go very far with her, but she got away and told her damn boyfriend who interfered" he growled. "She shouldn't of struggled so much to get away, then I would of had her easily"

Cameron, in a matter of seconds had Jason by the throat and had grabbed Tonya from him. He pushed Jason backwards and took Tonya over to where Drake was barely waking up. He turned back around and glared at Jason.

Marissa came running up. "Wh-what happened?!"

Rain stood and watched everything that was going on. She walked up and got in between Cameron and Jason her hood now down and her hair down. "Look kid just leave. You have no idea what you are getting yourself into!"

Cameron put his hands on Rain's shoulders, holding her back. He continued his deathly glare at Jason.

Drake opened his eyes and looked around slowly, seeing Tonya right beside him. He looked at Cameron and Rain confronting Jason.

Marissa put a hand gently on Drake's shoulder. "You should take it easy..." she said softly.

Drake looked at Marissa, then shook his head, forcing himself to sit up. "No.. I gotta help Cam" he answered, pointing to his brother facing Jason.

Marissa's eyes flickered and she forced him back down. "You need to lay down. Don't push yourself!"

Drake looked at Marissa. "Please.. I wanna fight with my brother" he said, before sighing, knowing he wouldn't win.

Orochiba layed in the grass outside of Jordan's house. He stared at the sky. He formed into Ochiba and let out a loud howl of sorrow.

Jordan heard the howl and looked around, noticing Orochiba had left. She went outside, following the sound of the howl, and looked around. She spotted Ochiba and went over to him. "Are you ok??"

Ochiba jumped when he heard Jordan there. His wolf blue eyes suddenly turned purple but he was still in the chape of a wolf. He closed his eyes as if to say he was ok. "I'm fine." He spoke from the wolf.

"Are you sure? You just kind of left the basement, and that howl sounded... sad almost" Jordan answered, sitting on the ground beside him.

Ochiba nodded and looked to the woods beside him. A pure white wolf walked out into the open and looked at Jordan. It had deep bright ocean blue eyes. He was even taller than Ochiba.

Jordan looked over at the pure white wolf. "Wow.. what a beautiful wolf" she said quietly, staring at him.

The wolf bowed in a gently manner.

"This is my father." Ochiba said as he changed back into Orochiba.

Jordan looked at Orochiba fast, then back at the white wolf. Then she chuckled. "Well, I see where you got your looks from"

Orochiba chuckled. "Unfortunatly he can not transform anymore. Like i can that is. All of that ability was given to me." He stated looking back to his father.

Jordan smiled and hugged Orochiba. "Well, I'm glad that you got that ability" she said, smiling sweetly.

Johnathan chuckled lightly. "Your the only one that does, Melody..."

Melody blushes. "I.......I think you are sweet and nice."

Johnathan looked at her. "I try to be..."

She smiles. "I wished someone liked me. I'm actually shy, if you didn't notice. Not very many people were nice to me when I was growing up." Melody looks at the ground.

"I don't see why, your a sweetheart." Johnathan smiled.

Melody blushes, her cheeks turning a light red. "You really think so?"

Johnathan nodded. "Yes, I do."

"Thanks." Melody kisses him lightly on the cheek. "I hope you didn't mind. I........I felt like kissing you for some reason." SHe blushes more, cheeks turning more red.

Johnathan blushed lightly. "I-its alright.... I didn't mind..."

Melody smiles. "Ok. So ask me some questions, so we can get to know each ohter better."

Johnathan smiled. "So... what are you...?"

"I'm a human with wings and a little power." Melody smiles shyly.

Johnathan smiled. "I think your wings are cool..."

Melody blushes. "T.....Thanks."

Sarah turned around and grabbed her beer, holding it one hand, she put the pool cue back and sat back down.

Sally looked at Tim and had a nervous smile on, "Please?"

"Please what?" Tim answered, smiling at Sally.

Zyke followed along, putting his pool stick away and sitting beside Sarah.

Sarah saw Zyke out of the corner of her eye. She still faced forward and took a sip of her beer. "What do you want with me?" she asked him.

Sally pouted, "Fine if you're going to be that way." She looked to the side at some guys hat were sitting there. She put on a cute face, "Can one of you strong guys help a girl out?" A few of the guys stood up. She smirked.

Tim chuckled. "No no.. ignore her" he said to the guys. "Come on Sal, I'm just teasing" he said, holding his hands out to help her over the bar.

Zyke smirked. "I want you" he said in a smooth charming voice.

Sally kept smirking and grabbed Tim's hand, pullin her knee up to the edge of the bar.

Sarah looked at Zyke, in a mock bubbely voice she said, "For my body or my personality?"

Zyke smiled. "Your personality. I wanna get to know you more" he said, again in a smooth charming voice.

Tim chuckled and pulled Sally over the bar to him.

Sarah looked Zyke up and down, "Ok, are you for real? Most say both." The corners of her mouth twitched up.

Sally got pulled up on top of the bar and slid over to Tim on her knees. Sally looked down and smiled at Tim, "Thanks." She looked over to the guys and smiled widely, "Sorry guys, but he helped first." She sat down on the bar and swoung her legs over, so they were dangiling over the sidee and on either side of Tim. She pulled his face towards hers, "And I think I'll keep him." She smiled.

Zyke smirked. "I'm real... as real as you are" he stated.

Tim couldn't help but laugh lightly. He stared at Sally lovingly. "I'm glad you decided to keep me" he said quietly, holding her around the waist.

Sally smiled down down at Tim, "Me too." She leaned her forhead against his; she had a look of peace on her face.

Sarah laughed, "One, that was chessy. Two, are you full of one-liners or what?"

Zyke chuckled and shrugged. "Well, It could be worse" he stated truthfully.

Tim smiled softly. "I love you" he whispered to her, staring into her eyes.

Sally opened her eyes and smiled a little, "I love you, too." she whispered back to him.

Sarah looked at Zyke, "That's strangely true." She peered over at Sally and Tim.

Zyke looked over at Tim and Sally also. "Well, they're happy" he smirked slightly, looking back at Sarah.

Tim smiled lovingly, and just stared at her.

Sarah looked at Tim and then Sally, and sighed, "Yeah, but I wonder for how long."

Sally closed her eyes and layed her head on his shoulder.

"Why do you say that?" Zyke asked, looking at Sally and Tim once more. "You don't think they'll last?"

Tim smiled and hugged Sally tightly, pulling her off the bar and onto his lap.

Sarah turned to Zyke, "Sal's had her heart broken, a lot. I think Tim is a good guy, but Sal's my sister and I don't want to see her crying on my shoulder when another guy breaks up with her." She frowned alittle and looked down.

Sally just nuzzled her head into Tim's neck and smiled, "I'm tired..."

Tim held Sally tightly. "Wanna go home then??" he asked quietly.

Zyke shrugged. "He looks like he truly cares about her. I don't think he's about to break her heart anytime soon"

Sally opened her eyes, "No," she picked up her head, "That place isn't my home right now. Anywhere else..." She looked at Tim.

Sarah turned to Zyke, "Yeah I guess I'm just used to it, now I don't have to be." She stood up and started to walk away, when she tripped and landed in Zyke's lap, sitting down. She looked up and a small blush blossomed across her face.

Zyke looked surprised, then laughed. "Well, hello" he said, chuckling and looking down at Sarah.

"Wanna go to my place then?" Tim offered, shrugging.

Sarah's blush got a bit bigger, "Oh shut up." She crossed her arms.

Sally looked at Tim and smiled softly, "Yeah, that sounds good."

Tim nodded and stood up, cradling Sally, wedding style in his arms. He held her close for a moment before putting her on the ground.

Zyke laughed again. "Why?"

Sally looked up at Tim and giggled.

Sarah stood up and looked down at her clothes, they were covered in her beer. She placed hte empty bottle on the bar and sighed, "Great, that's not going to come out." She wiped off her stomach, going carefully over the phoenix.

Zyke watched Sarah very closely. "Aww, don't worry bout it" he shrugged. Then he laughed. "Besides, you know what they say... beer makes a woman more beautiful!" he laughed hysterically at himself.

Tim smirked, then took Sally by the hand. "Come on" he said, pulling her out of the bar.

Sarah rolled her eyes, but smirked, "That is lame." She looked up at Zyke.

Sally giggled again, "No, Tim. My lipstick is on the side of you neck." She smiled, but couldn't stop giggling.

Tim's smile faded fast and he put a hand to his neck quickly. "What??" he asked loudly, wiping his neck fast.

Zyke laughed and looked down at Sarah. "Oh come on.. you enjoyed it!"

Sally giggled and reached back up wiped it off his neck. She wiped it off on a napkin. "Got it, sorry," she said, looking up at Tim.

Sarah looked at Zyke, "No, I didn't." She smiled, chuckling.

Zyke poked her stomach gently. "Yea you did..."

Tim smirked. "Thanks" he said.

Rain looked at Jason then Camerons deathly stare. "Cameron please. Just stop." She whispeared to him softly.

Cameron continued glaring at Jason for a moment, then looked at Rain, then back at Jason. "I can't... not while he's still here to bother Drake" he said.

Rain got infront of Cameron and started to walk slowly towards Jason.

Cameron grabbed Rain's arm. "No.. stay back!" he demanded, pulling her back so she was practically behind him.

"Cameron I was fine. I was just gonna walk over to him whats wrong with that?" Rain stated as she moved to Camerons left and got beside him but a little bit infront of him.

Cameron glared at Rain, "I don't want you getting hurt" he stepped forward.

Jason sighed, rolling his eyes "All this over one girl" he said in a bored voice, taking Tonya's still body "I could kill her right now and then it'd all be over. no more fighting or anger" he smirked, looking at Tonya then putting her back down "How about this, I kill her then no more pathetic fighting. deal?" he asked.

Marissa looked up from her arguement with Drake and growled protectively, turning into an 8 foot fox from tail to snout. She growled louder, standing on all fours over Tonya and Drake. Her teeth were showing.

"Look. What would you like other than Tonya? Anything?" Rain looked at Jason from behind Cameron. "I will give you anything you need or want! Then we can be done!"

Drake pushed Marissa away from him, and stood up shakily. He made sure he had his balance, then he went and stood beside Cameron. "You leave my Tonya alone!" he growled.

Cameron looked at Rain, then at Drake, then back at Jason. He put a hand on Rain's shoulder, and continued to glare at Jason. "I suggest you leave.. before you get yourself hurt" he said in a low angry voice.

Raife had completely ignored Brent and formed his spirit into wings and followed the Trail of energy left behind by Drake following it to the spot and had been watching from the shadows unnoticed until this point he walked out from where he had been watching,hed heard enough to know what must be done he walked slowely forward forming his sprit energy into a Large sword Glaring at Jason"i have heard your Sins and i must make you pay" he said as he stopped in front of Drake standing between him and Jason removing his sunglasses slowely and delibratly placing them in his pocket"i now am surrounded by Evil,he smirked as he looked at Drake then cameron then marissa finally resting his gaze back on jason"and yet You are the biggest pile of filth here...."

Drake smirked slightly. "In other words, You're dead!" he laughed lightly.

Cameron rolled his eyes and hit Drake actoss the back of the head. "Shut up" he hissed, then looked at Jason once more, nodding in agreement to what Raife had said.

Marissa was laying next to Tonya, still in her fox demon form, her head resting gently on Tonya's stomach.

"Gosh. Guys just come to an agreement please!" Rain got infront of all them her back to Jason. "Just leave guys!" She turned and face Jason. "My offer wont expire until u made ur choice. Now I dont think you want to die so please, just take my offer and then we will leave you alone! Got it?"

Raife glared at Rain"I am not Part of your little group"he said stepping foreward a little and looking at jason"any Deal you make with her to get them"he waved his swordless hand in the direction of Cameron and Drake"will not apply to me,i am here to fufill my holy destiny"he said staring at Jason with his sword held in his hand the intensity of the sword growing

Jason looked at Marissa "Hmph, you think you're so tough don't you?" he smirked, then looking at Rain "I ask for nothing" he said calmly, fixing his gaze upon Raife. "You think I'm going to die? that's funny" he chuckled "If anyone's dying, it's you" he said, leaping to Raife to bite into him.

Marissa whimpered and licked Tonya's cheek lightly.

Cameron growled lightly and put a hand on Rain's shoulder. He leaned close to her ear. "Shut up" he hissed meanly, pulling her back roughly, almost knocking her to the ground.

Drake blinked, then smirked at his older brother's actions. He stood slightly behind Cameron, watching Jason and Raife.

Rain grabed his arm roughly. "Excuse me! Dont tell me what to do! And if you ever pushe me like that again I wont ever talk to you. I was doing fine!" She glared at him.

Cameron glared daggers at Rain. "This isn't your place to fight" he exclaimed angrily. He leaned close to her face once more. "And if you ever talk to me like that again, you can forget us!" he hissed, his black eyes glinting angrily, his voice completely different from his kind caring voice from earlier.

Rain pushed him out of her face. "Didnt I tell you not to tell me what to do!?"

Cameron growled and shoved Rain roughly, no expression on his face as he did so.

Drake noticed what was happening, and pushed between Cameron and Rain. He looked at Rain. "Look.. he's not himself when he's really angry... and right now... he's really angry! Please... don't argue with him... things will happen if you do!" he exclaimed, a slightly scared look on his face as he looked back at his brother.

Rain fell to the ground and cut her elbow deeply on a sharp rock. She got up and gently moved Drake away from Cameron. "Dont push me!" She got up and into his face. "You need to know who your enimes and who are you friends or loved ones got it!?" She pushed him again.

Drake gulped slightly. "Rain... please.. don't push him..." he said, his voice shaky, knowing how Cameron was when he was angry.

Cameron turned and stared down at Rain with an expressionless face. He stared a deathly glare at her, not saying a word.

Drake's eyes widened and he ran off behind a tree. "Oh crap... RAIN! DON'T!!!" he called, hiding behind the tree.

"Im not scared of him. You know what. Go ahead. Take your best shot. I dare you to." Rain glared up at him.

"NO!!!!" Drake yelled from behind the tree. "CAM!!! DON'T LISTEN TO HER!!!! PLEASE!!!!" he sighed and ran out from behind the tree and stood between Cameron and Rain. "Cam.. please don't"

Cameron continued glaring at Rain, his eyes seeming to take on a new dimension of black. He shoved Drake out of the way angrily and stepped forward and took hold of Rain's neck. He grasped her neck tightly, squeezing it slightly.

Rain glared at him and kicked him in the balls. "Put me down now!"

Cameron was unphased by the kick. He continued to stare at Rain angrily.

Drake jumped up and grabbed Cameron's arm, shaking it to make him let go of Rain. "Cam.. leave her alone!!!! stop it!!!!"

Cameron looked down at Drake, then at Rain, then dropped her roughly. He unfolded his wings and flew away into the air angrily.

Marissa watched Cameron fly away and wanted to follow him, but she couldn't because she was watching over Tonya. She whimpered and rested her head on Tonya's stomach again.

Rain sat on the ground holding her neck as it started to bruse badly. She left her elbow gushing blood still. She got up and headed home still gripping her neck.

Drake looked around, then sighed deeply. He went over to where Marissa and Tonya were and he plunked down on the ground roughly, sighing as he did.

Cameron sat on top of the church, only because it happened to be the tallest point in town. He looked around, frowning and growling angrily.

Marissa turned back to her human form and she stood up. "You watch over Tonya... I want to check on your brother..." she said softly.

Drake nodded. "Just be careful, he's kinda.. mean when he's this angry" he warned, leaning against Tonya gently.

Keifeto woke up finding himself on the bean bag chair with jordan not there he yawned and stretched standing up looking around and noticed ociba was gone as well he went upstairs and heard there vices outside and went out there seeing them he smiled and skipped over to them looking from JJordan to orochiba and hid behind jordan a little clutching to the back of her shirt

Orochiba laughed seeing Keifeto. "Hello there sleepyhead."

Jordan giggled and looked at Orochiba because she couldn't look behind herself at Keifeto.

Orochiba laughed and randomly tackled Jordan trying to be gentle. He pinned her hands to the ground using his hands as he straddled ontop of her. He smiled lightly looking down at her. His blue hair gently fell grazing lightly against her cheeks.

Jordan grinned and blushed brightly. She stared up into his eyes dreamily.

Johnathan smiled and leaned against Melody, resting his head on her shoulder.

Melody smiles and lays her head on his."You're so nice and sweet." She kisses Johnathan's forehead.

Johnathan closed his eyes and smiled. "If anyone is the nice one, its you... people usually don't talk to me... but you did..."

Melody smiles. "I like you. Thats why i talk to you. I usually don't talk to people."

Johnathan smiled softly. "I'm glad you chose me..."

"Do you like me? I would like to be your friend. Maybe you can show me around." Melody says laying her head back on his.

Johnathan nodded. "If I didn't like you... I wouldn't be talking to you..."

Melody blushes, her cheeks turning red. She is glad that he can't see her face right now.

Johnathan smiled and snuggled up to her. "Thank you..."

Melody giggles. "You're welcome." She shivers slightly.

Johnathan looked up at her. "You cold?"

"I am a little." Melody smiles, she raises her head and tilts it slightly.

Johnathan took off his jacket and put it around her shoulders and put an arm around her shoulders, holding her close. "Is that better...?"

Melody smiled and snuggled close to him. "Yes. Thanks." She lightly kisses him on the lips.

Johnathan blushed lightly and kissed her back.

Melody giggles and lays her head on his shoulder, smiling.

Johnathan smiled softly and nuzzled her head lightly.

Melody smiles and closes her eyes. She whispers, "I really like this guy."

Johnathan chuckled. "I like you too..."

Melody blushes, her cheeks turning a bright red.

Rain went home and got out of her clothes and into a belly top and underware and got under the covers in her bed and layed on her side, the side with out the cut. She started to fall asleep, her hair covering her black brused neck.

Cameron stayed sitting on the roof of the church, frowning and growling to himself.

Marissa nodded to Drake and started looking for Cameron. She finally found him on top of the roof of the church. She climbedup and sat next to him. "Are you alright...?"

Cameron grunted angrily, not looking at Marissa. He stared hard at the ground below him, thinking, trying to get rid of his anger.

Marissa smiled softly. "Hey... do you want to go do something...?"

Cameron looked at Marissa. "Like what?" he said in a low growly voice. His eyes seemed less black then they had been a few minutes ago.

Marissa grinned. "Well, we could go do something fun, like bowling, or something...." she chuckled, scratching the back of her head.

Cameron shrugged, sighing. "I guess" he answered, sounding bored. His eyes started to look lighter.

Marissa blushed lightly and grinned ridiculously. "W-well, lets go!" she said, jumping down from the roof.

Cameron nodded and flew down to the ground, landing beside Marissa.

Marissa grinned and started walking off into a random direction, not really knowing where she was going.

Cameron followed her, not really caring where they were going. He looked at her sideways, only turning his head slightly. "Why are you even bothering to talk to me?" he asked in a low voice.

Marissa looked over at him and smiled a wide smile. "Because, I don't like seeing people upset or angry... That, and you looked like an interesting guy."

Cameron smirked slightly, his eyes turning perfectly gold once more. "Me? An interesting guy?? Yea right" he chuckled lightly.

Marissa grinned. "You are!! Your girlfriend is lucky to have a guy like you..." she said softly.

Cameron shook his head. "No I am no-" he stopped fast. "Rain.. oh no.. where did she go??" he looked at Marissa fast, hoping she'd know.

Marissa shrugged. "Maybe she went home...?" she suggested.

"I have to go see her!!! I'm sorry!" Cameron exclaimed, flying up into the sky and off towards Rain's house. He landed at the window and looked in at her sleeping on the bed. "Great.. she's sleeping" he sighed deeply before opening the window quietly and crawling inside.

A dark figure stood in the shadows watching Marissa. He watched Cameron fly away and leave Marissa alone.

Marissa smiled and waved. "Glad I could help..." she said to herself, looking around. "Aaaand... I'm lost..." she sighed.

"You're right near the park" the dark figure said in a low voice from the shadows. He continued to watch Marissa, staring at her intently, but without her seeing his stare.

Marissa looked around and smiled. "Well, thankyou whoever said that!!" she laughed.

The dark figure stepped out of the woods. He stared at her from under a large hood. "The name's Seth" he said calmly, stepping closer to Marissa.

Marissa smiled. "I'm Marissa, its nice to meet you!"

Seth nodded. "You too" he pushed his hood off revealing dark purple hair and dark mysterious eyes. He looked straight at Marissa. "Why'd he leave you so fast?" he asked.

Marissa looked at the direction Cameron flew. "He was worried about his girlfriend, so I said where I thought she may have gone, and he went after her." she smiled, shrugging slightly.

Seth nodded, and half smiled, narrowing his eyes at Marissa. "And so you're left all alone out here" he said slyly, his eyes staying narrowed.

Marissa smiled. "Eh, I'm not worried about being alone..." she chuckled.

Seth raised an eyebrow slightly, an evil-ish look coming into his eyes. He stepped even closer to Marissa, a nearby tree casting a shadow across his face halfway. "Oh really..." he said in a low voice.

Marissa nodded. "I can take care of myself." she said, smirking playfully.

"You don't need a big tough guy to protect you?" Seth answered, half smiling.

Marissa shook her head and gave him a full grin. "Not at all."

Seth sighed deeply, a playful look in his eyes, but a serious look on his face. "Aww that's too bad because, I need a girl to protect" he said softly, turning away and facing the shadows once more.

Rain still slept in her bed.

Cameron sat on the bed beside Rain and smiled down at her. Then he noticed something on her neck. He gently brushed her hair away and noticed the bruise., "What the.. how did that get there?" he asked himself, gently touching the bruise on her neck.

Rain woke up and sat up quickly hitting her elbow making it start to bleed again. "....Owe...." She stared at Cameron.

Cameron leaned back slightly, surprised by Rain waking up so fast. He looked at her confused. "Are you alright Rain?" he asked quietly. "How'd you get that bruise there?"

Rain looked at him then laid back down. "....You..." She said softly.

Cameron looked even more confused. "Huh? I-I did th-that?" he stuttered, unsure. He shook his head. "I-I couldn't have..."

"It was more me than you. You got mad and grabbed me by my neck but I egged you on. Dont worry about it ok?" Rain said turning on her side looking at Cameron.

Cameron shook his head again. "B-but I h-hurt you" he stuttered, his voice almost a whisper. He leaned down, half hugging Rain. "I'm so sorry!"

Rain smiled. "You werent yourself please just lets drop it? I will be fine but im a little hungry. I want strawberries!"

Cameron sighed deeply, and shook his head once more. Then he looked at Rain and smirked slightly. "Rain... again... you can't have anything but blood!"

"But I want strawberries! Besides there is no way you are getting me to drink blood!" Rain sat up.

Cameron sat back and looked at Rain. "Fine, but you'll soon see you can't eat them!"

Rain got up out of bed and headed down stairs to the kitchen. "I can eat what I want." She softly said to herself.

Cameron shrugged. "If you think so" he muttered.

Orochiba laughed lightly looking down at her. He stared into her eyes and seemed to drift off. I wish she knew how i truely felt. He thought to himself.

Keifeto was almost Crushed as orochiba tackled jordan he barely got out from behind her in time he Sat down underneath of a tree in jordans front yard watching them and giggling

Jordan blushed as Orochiba stared down at her. She looked away shyly, giggling and blushing.

Rachel roamed through the town. She looked at all the lampposts along the street. "I wish i had a friend." She said to herself.

Raife laughed at jason as he tried biting his neck,His spirit energy forming a Collar around his neck as Jason bit down burning his mouth and face as Raife focused energy to the palm of his hand forming a dagger Bringing it up into the Chest of jason that would Cause Severe damage to his spirit he laughed"just like Evry other vampire"He shook his head amusedly"you think you,a weak pitiful Demon could succed where any others of your kind could not?"

Jason growled angrily in pain, slashing his nails at Raife.

Raife laughed as he spun breakng away from jason leaving the Dagger in his chest to suck at his spirit as he was clawed on the face and brought his sword around as he spun slashing downward across the chest of Jason.

Jason fell to the ground in complete pain. "I-I" with that he closed his eyes and died.

Raife frowned Down at the lifeless body of jason,looking somewhat dissapointed with the suddeness of the battles end he walked a circle around the body and swung his sword around in his hand"you have paid the price of your Transgressions"he said as he knelt down beside the lifeless body stabbing his sword through its heart to make sure he was dead"you are forgiven."he said and stood up making a cross motion across his chest and looked around at the others

Drake sat staring at Jason's lifeless body. Then he looked at Raife nervously.

Tonya slowly woke up, rubbing her head gently and looking over at Drake "you-you're okay" she said quietly, smiling softly. She hugged him tightly and looked over at Raife and Jason "Wh-what happened?"


Tom walked to the table that Kurimi was at. He placed her drink infront of her then he sat down across from her.

Kurimi smiled and took a sip of her tea.

Tom suddenly pressed his hand against his right temple as if he had a headache and he closed his eyes.

Kurimi looked at him. "Are you alright?"

"Yea. Its just my mother." Tom stated as he sat up and took a sip of his drink.

"Your mom?" Kurimi asked, her curiosity spiked up a bit.

"My mother died and now lives within me. Shes always nagging." Tom joked.

"Whats she nagging you about?" Kurimi asked.

"The coffee." Tom laughed.

Kurimi chuckled.

Tom smiled.

Kurimi smiled and chuckled. "I take it she doesn't want you to have coffee?"

Marissa smiled. "I may not need protecting... but I do want someone to hangout with..." she said quietly.

Seth nodded. "I guess I could help with that" he sighed deeply, the playful look growing in his eyes.

Marissa smiled. "So, whatcha wanna do??" she walked over to Seth and poked him lightly.

Seth narrowed his eyes when Marissa poked him. He shrugged lightly.

Marissa grinned. "Well then, lets just go for a walk..." she smiled and took his hand within hers and started leading him towards the park.

"I can hear you!?" Rain yelled up to Cameron.

Cameron rolled his eyes and shook his head slightly. He went back into Rain's room and sat on her bed.

Rain came up the stairs with a big bowel of strawberries.And sat on her bed kinda next to him kinda away from him. "Want some?" She handed the bowel to him and started to eat a strawberry before she felt sick. "I dont feel so good. Maybe they are bad." She laughed a little.

Cameron chuckled and sighed. "I told you, you can't eat anything else!"

Rain glared at him. She then ran to the bathroom and puke up the strawberry. She walked out of the bathroom after flushing everything. "This is so not fun! I will just starve then!"

Cameron stayed seated on the bed. He stared at Rain with a raised eyebrow. "Rain.. don't starve yourself"

"There is no way in hell you are getting em to drink blood! Thats it! Thats the end of it!" Rain said staring at him.

Cameron shrugged. "Fine" he sighed and stood up, turning toward the window. "Guess I'll go find me another girl who will eat to keep herself alive!" he said, opening the window.

"Go right ahead I dont care!" Rain turned on her side back to Cameron and her eyes started to tear up a little bit.

Cameron shrugged. "Alright. See ya!" he said, opening the window all the way and started to step out.

Sarah watched Zyke, "I wouldn't touch my phoenix if I were you..." She smirked.

Sally smiled, "Well, your welcome. I guess we should get going?"

Tim nodded. "Yea lets go" he said, grabbing hold of Sally's hand.

Zyke looked at Sarah, still holding her in his lap. "Why not?" he asked.

Sally smiled up at Tim, and stiffled a yawn, "Okay..." She trailed off a bit. She turned around and waved to Sarah.

Sarah stood up again after Zyke pulled her back down into his lap and saw Sally waving good-bye. She smiled widely and chuckled. "Have her back in the morning after your done with her Tim!," she called out across the bar.

Sally's face went bright red and her eyes wide. "Sarah, SHUT UP!" she yelled back.

Sarah laughed, not believing that loud voice came from her quiet friend Sally.

Tim laughed and looked at Sarah. "I'll try too have her back on time! Not sure if I can though..." he laughed again, looking at Sally and smirking a playful smile.

zyke laughed lightly, drinking what was left in his beer glass.

Sally narrowed her eyes, glaring at Tim, "Just go already."

Sarah turned to Zyke and picked up his beer bottle and walked behind the bar, throwing it away. She walked back, "So..what should we do?" She asked, looking at him.

Zyke shrugged. "don't know.. what do you want to do?"

Tim chuckled lightly and put his arm around Sally, walking out of the bar.

Sarah looked up at Zyke, "I have no idea, that's why I asked you." She laughed lightly.

Crissy walked down street from the mall and saw a gothic girl sitting on the sidewalk. She walked over, "Who are you?"

Angel looked up, brushing her pink hair out of her eyes, "Angel, anything to do in this stupid little town?"

Crissy shrugged her shoulder, "I just came here. I know of a bar."

Angel shrugged her shoulders, "Sure, why not, nothing else to do around here anyway."

Crissy and Angel went to the bar where Sarah and Zyke are and walked in.

Sally put her arm around Tim's mid-chest and wrapped her other arm around the front. She leaned her head on his shoulder and walked with Tim. "Opps, sorry," She muttered as she bumped Angel. She looked back at her, "I think I know her....Oh well." She looked back up at Tim, "So where do you live?"

"Down on main street. Not far from here" he said softly, holding Sally close as they walked toward his place.

Sally stiffled another yawn with her hand, covering her mouth. She started to close her eyes, getting sleepy. She stumbled, but stood back up quickly, her eyes back open. "I'm okay...I wasn't sleeping," she started walking again with Tim.

Sally's eyes started to close again and she slowed down, yawning freely this time.

Tim laughed and stopped. He grabbed Sally and picked her up, carrying her bridal style and holding her close to him. "Go to sleep" he said, making her lay her head on his shoulder.

Sally looked sleeply up at Tim and gave him a gratefull smile. She layed her head down on his shoulder and placed her hand on his chest, holding his shirt in her loose fist. "I think Zyke will be good for Sarah," she said, closing her eyes.

Angel looked back at Sally, It's her from that preppy academy, she thought. She turned back to Crissy, "Let's go in aready."

Crissy rolled her eyes and walked in.

Angel followed her and they sat by Zyke and Sarah.

Zyke leaned back against the bar. "Well.. I don't know."

Sarah started clinking against her teeth with her tounge piercing, bored. She looked around the bar.

zyke sighed and looked at the locals sitting around the bar, talking and playing pool and drinking.

Sarah stood up and grabbed Zyke's hand and tugged on his hand, smiling.

Zyke looked at Sarah, then stood up. "What?"

Sarah smiled, "Let's go dancing..."

Zyke blinked and smirked. "You actually wanna hang out with me now??" he asked, standing up.

Sarah smiled jokingly, "Well, you are the only one I know around besides Mike...and Mike doesn't get off for three hours. So it was either wait for him or go with you."

Seth looked down at Marissa's hand in his, then at Marissa. "What are you doing?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.

Marissa blinked. "I'm holding your hand... is that a bad thing?"

"Why are you holding it? It's not like it's going to run away!" Seth said, looking slightly confused.

Marissa laughed. "I'm holding it because I want to!"

Seth blinked. "Oh... ok" he answered. "I've never had anyone want to hold my hand... actually, I've never had anyone want to be around me this close before" he said, partly smiling.

Marissa smiled. "I don't see why, your really cool!"

Seth looked at Marissa and half smiled wider. "Thanks" he said. "so are you..."

Marissa shrugged, "I'm not that cool..."

Seth smiled. "Sure you are"

Marissa shook her head, "You don't know me very well..."

Seth smirked an evil-ish smirk. "Well... I could know you very well" he said playfully.

Marissa, being completely oblivious, smiled. "Of course, if you'd like to hang out with me more than once."

Seth laughed lightly and looked at Marissa. "So, where are we going anyways?"

Marissa shrugged. "I have no idea."

Seth smiled. "Ok" he said, shrugging also.

Marissa smiled and started leading him in a random direction.

Seth sighed deeply and looked around. "Nice out here when it's dark"

Marissa nodded. "It is..." she smirked.

"I love darkness. Suits me" Seth said, smiling and taking a deep breath of the fresh night air.

Marissa chuckled. "Its the only time I can really feel like myself umong humans..." she said quietly to herself.

Seth nodded. "I know what you mean"

Marissa looked over at him. "Your not human...?"

Seth looked at Marissa. "No, I am... but I'm not accepted by them as much as others" he sighed.

Rain started to cry silently thinking he left.

Cameron smirked slightly, sitting just outside the window on a tree branch.

Rain kept on crying silently until she cried herself all out of tears. "Damn. Ill just go out and get drunk!" She got up not noticing Cameron and got her cape and put her hood up and headed out her door. "Or Ill feast on blood."

Cameron smirked and decided to leave her alone for a while. He flew off into the dark sky, looking at the ground searching for something to eat.

Rain sighed. i knew this was way to good to be true. Hes probly with some slut right now. Im gonna find him." She thought. She found him flying in the sky her hood up so she just looked like a dark figure and had a different voice. "So wheres your sluty girlfriend?"

Cameron swooped down and didn't notice it was Rain. He stood in front of her, but now that he was so close, he could sense it was her. "She's standing right in front of me!" he chuckled

Rain didnt take off her hood. "So Im a slut? Well you have the wrong girl, so go frind a girl who wont starve herself to death ok?" She said still hurt and mad at him, but now hurt even more. She looked at him once again and then turned her back to him and left.

Cameron followed Rain, hovering just above the ground like he had when he first started following her. "Rain! I dind't mean it like that!" he couldn't help but smirk. "Rain... stop!!!"

Rain sighed and stopped walking her back to him. "What?"

Cameron went right up close to her, then stopped hovering just above the ground. He put his hand on Rain's shoulder. "I didn't mean it like that! You're not a slut!" he said quietly.

"Cameron your not seeing the big picture. I dont care if you called me a slut or if anyone does. Can we not talk about this??" Rain sated looking down.

"Then what's the problem here??" Cameron exclaimed, flailing his arms slightly.

"I dont want to talk about it!" Rain said softly not looking up at him or taking her hood off.

Cameron turned his back to Rain. "Fine" he answered plainly.

"Yea pretty much." Tom responded smiling at Kurimi.

Kurimi chuckled. "You should drink tea, its better for you."

Tom shrugged. "Oh well." He looked around the now crowded Starbucks. "Would you like to go to my house?" He asked quietly.

Kurimi smiled. "Yeah, that sounds great... I have nothing to do today anyways. I'll just have to stop home and feed my cat..." She chuckled.

Rachel roamed through the town. She looked at all the lampposts along the street. "I wish i had a friend." She said to herself.

Bryan dropped down in front of Rachel and smiled at her. "Hi there" he said cheerfully.

Rachel jumped when Bryan jumped infront of her. "Oh. haha Hi!"

Rain tried not to cry but she couldnt hold it in. A couple of tears fell off her checks and hit the ground. She wiped her eyes and just stood back to back with Cameron.

Cameron sighed deeply. "So, what now?" he asked, not turning around.

"Im going to go and get drunk while you still hunt for a new girlfriend!" Rain said trying to sound like she wasnt crying and hoping he will understand why she is mad at him.

Cameron shrugged. "If that's what you want" he said, his voice sad sounding. He turned and made Rain turn around. He kissed her gently and stared her in the eyes. "I'll miss you.. and I'll always love you!" he said before turning and flying off, obviously not understanding why Rain was mad.

"CAMERON GET BACK HERE NOW! please!" Rain scremed up to him sounding like she was crying. Her hood fell off and tears were streaming down her face.

Cameron stopped in mid air and turned. "What?" he called down in a plain voice.

"Please dont leave me. Please. Please. PLEASE!!" Rain cried up to him as she fell on her knees, her arms around her stomach and she bent down to the ground crying. "Dont go. Dont go. Dont." She said softly still crying.

Cameron sighed and floating back down to Rain. As he touched the ground, he knelt down and put a hand on Rain's chin, lifting her head so she was looking at him. "I never will" he said, smiling a charming smile. "I love you too much to leave you" he whispered.

Rain looked away so he couldnt see her crying. "Then why did you leave me before if you love me so much?"

Cameron chuckled lightly and turned Rain's face toward him. "Because I wanted to see what you'd say" he admitted. "I know, it was mean... but your reaction was so cute"

Rain wiped her eyes and hit his arm. "Heck yes it was mean! Espically to me! I thought you were leaving me so I was about ready to kill myself or just shut myself from the outside world!" She smiled a little at him.

Cameron continued to smile. "Rain, I love you. Truly. I would never do anything to hurt you... well.. I will never again do anything to hurt you!"

"You better keep your promise or else loser pants." Rain kissed his cheek and her stomach growled a lot.

Cameron nodded, then smirked and raised an eyebrow at her growling stomach. "You need to eat my dear" he said plainly.

Marissa shrugged. "I'm a fox demon... one of the only ones I know or heard of...."

"A fox demon?" Seth smiled widely.

"Yes, yes I am." Marissa purred softly.

Set smirked. "I've never known a fox demon.. actually, I've never known a demon!" he laughed lightly.

Marissa patted him on the head. "Don't worry, I won't hurt you..."

Seth frowned slightly and moved away from Marissa. "Don't touch the hair" he exclaimed, patting his hair back into place.

Marissa laughed. "Sorry sorry..."

Seth smiled. "Well, it's ok" he said.

Marissa chuckled and walked ahead again.

Seth sighed and followed Marissa.

Johnathan smiled and kissed her forehead softly.

Melody smiles at him. "So is anything you want to know about me.?"

Johnathan thought a bit. "Well, where do you live?"

"Well, right now anyhere I can sleep. I've never really had a home." Melody says, with a distant look in her eyes.

Johnathan looked at her, then smiled softly. "If you need a place to stay, you can stay with me... I live in an apartment on my own... its actually two floors underneath us." he chuckled lightly.

Melody raises up to look at him. "Really? I......I would like that very much." She smiles at him, her auburns eyes shining.

Johnathan smiled softly. "So would I... I won't have to be alone anymore..."

Melody lays her head back on his shoulder and giggles softly. "I won't be alone anymore either. I'll always be here for you." She says as she closes her eyes.

Rain shot a look at him. "Lets not start this again please?" She smiled as it growled again. She then grabbed her stomach in pain. "Owe. I think my stomach is eating itself.....kool." She laughed a little.

Cameron rolled his eyes and stood up. He stared down at Rain and shook his head disappointedly.

Rain got up. "Just say it. Go ahead! I dont care! I cant hunt for beans and Im scared of blood! There I said it! Now Im gonna go home and put cover-up over my bruise. Ok?" She smiled a little.

Cameron shrugged. "It's a free world. Do what you want" he answered in a bored tone of voice.

"Fine I will. And maybe just maybe somthing bad will happen to me and you will become happy and not be misserable with me!" Rain said sort of angerly at him and headed home. it would have been nice if he had helped me try to catch somthing. I cant catch even if my live depended on it! She put her hood back on as she was walking.

Cameron smiled a wide happy smile. I love when she yells like that! he thought to himself, following her far behind. She's so cute!

Rain got into her house and slamed the door and locked it. She then went into the bathroom and took out cover up. She started to cover it up slowly.

Cameron watched Rain slam the door. He sat outside her house, on the front step like he had when they had first met. "Here again" he said calmly, leaning back against the house.

Rain ran down stairs and unlocked the door then ran back upstairs and put more cover-up on. He wont ever give up. Yay. Im in love. "Awwwww"

Cameron heard the door unlock. I knew she couldn't resist me he thought, smiling proudly as he got up and went into the house and upstairs.

Rain kept on putting on cover-up on her neck. She finished and walked out into her bedroom.

Cameron sat on Rain's bed, smiling at her.

Rain smiled. "So you decieded to stay." Her stomach growled again.

Cameron nodded. "Only to make sure you're ok" he said smirking.

Rain looked at him. "Well Im fine." Her stomach kept on growling.

Cameron looked at Rain, his face going serious. "Why won't you eat?? It won't kill you... it'll make you less hungry!"

Rain sighed. "I already told you. I cant hunt, I dont know how to bite or kill anything and Im scared of blood!"

Cameron smiled lightly. "What if I killed it for you, and you closed your eyes so you don't see the blood?"

"But I cant bite and what if I freak!???!?!" Rain started to panic.

Cameron put a hand on Rain's shoulder. "You won't freak" he said calmly. "And I'll show you.. teach you how to bite"

Rain smiled a little. "Fine. I guess?? Lets go?"

Cameron nodded and held a hand out to Rain. "Come along" he said, smiling softly.

Rain grabbed his hand adn smiled a little. "Where are we gonna go?"

Cameron shrugged. "wherever we find food you could eat."

Rain smiled a little. "Ok well lets go?"

Cameron nodded. "Ok, let's go" he said, leading the way out of Rain's house.

Rain followed him slowly. "I dont think I can do this!"

Cameron smiled. "Yes you can!" he said, looking at Rain as he continued out of Rain's house and out towards the woods.

Rain stopped walking. "No I really cant! Maybe Im not ready yet Cameron! Im gonna go home."

Cameron let go of Rain's hand and kept walking. "Fine, but I'm going because I'm hungry."

"Can I watch?" Rain asked still following him.

"If you want" Cameron smirked lightly, still heading toward the woods.

Rain followed him. Her stomach growled again. "Shut up!" She yelled at her stomach.

Cameron laughed lightly.

Rain jumped on Camerons back lightly. "Whatcha laughing at" She smiled.

Cameron put his hands back, grabbing Rain's legs behind her knees and holding her on his back. "You!" he answered, continuing on toward the woods.

"What why?!" Rain blushed. "Um Cameron, you dont have to piggie-back me I can walk." She laughed a little.

"But, it's more fun like this" Cameron chuckled.

Rain blushed. "O-oh. R-really?"

Cameron nodded. "Yes, it is!" he said, entering the woods.

Rain smiled and put her hands on his chest and kissed his cheek. "Wait. Your not gonna kill another deer are you?"

"No, I'll kill something from that pack of coyotes over there" Cameron said, stopping and pointing over to a pack of six or seven coyotes.

Rains eyes widen. "NO! Youll get hurt...or worse....killed. They will attack you." She reasted her head on his shoulder.

Cameron crouched down and dropped Rain on the ground gently. "No I won't" he said calmly, standing up straight and going over towards the pack of coyotes.

Rain grabbed him and pulled him back to her. "No please dont go!" She held onto his arm tightly.

Cameron looked at Rain. "Do you want me to starve to death??"

Rain looked at him like he was crazy. "Why would you ask such a stupid question! Of course not!" She looked down. "I dont want you to get hurt thats all."

Cameron put his hand on her chin and lifted Rain's head and smiled, staring into her eyes. "I won't get hurt, I promise" he said softly turning back toward the pack of coyotes.

Rain went to grab him again but stoped.

Raife looked at tonya"i have done what needed to be done,he"he motioned to the dead body of jason"has payed for his sins against god,and you"he said taking a step tward the two

Drake glanced at Tonya, then at Raife with a slightly worried expression on his face.

Raife looked at rake his sword still out as he stood in front of him and tonya looking from one to the other"no need to thank me"

Drake nodded. "Thanks" he said quietly, leaning against Tonya slightly.

Raife sirednd ehis sword dissapear as reched down to his pocket slowly grabbing his sunglasses"jus doing my duty"he said bringing the glasses up to his eyes putting them on straightening his white jacket which had gotten splattered with blood from the battle as he peered at drake"why so quiet,De-Drake"he said

"Well, I still thank you" Tonya answered smiling softly at Raife then looking over at Drake "You okay?" she asked with worry.

Drake sat up again, sitting perfectly straight up. "Yea, I'm fine" he answered.

"Okay, good" Tonya smiled lightly.

Brent walked back home, being greeted by Emily who ran out to him.

"What took you so long?" Emily asked, staring at him

"Don't even want to talk about it" Brent sighed, rolling his eyes. "Let's go lay down" he then took her hand and walked into the house.

Tonya sat up, a small yawn escaping her lips. "I should go" she answered, standing up. She walked up to Raife and took his hand in hers "Thank you, again. Really" she smiled softly.

Drake stood up also. He stood beside Tonya.

Tonya looked at the moon then at Raife "Goodnight" she said, taking Drake's hand into her own and walking down the street back home.

Drake smiled and nodded at Raife before walking with Tonya down the street.

Tonya sighed gently as she looked up at Drake "I hope tonight wasn't too stressful for you"

Drake shook his head. "no, it wasn't"

Tonya smiled "Good" she said, walking into the house which was quiet except for the faint noise of Brent's music.

Drake nodded and followed Tonya into the house.

Tonya walked into a closet, grabbing a blanket and a pillow and setting it down on the couch. She then walked over to Drake "Goodnight" she smiled, giving him a kiss and tightly hugging him before tiredly walking over to the couch and lying down.

Drake stared at Tonya for a moment. "Tonya.. go upstairs to my room" he answered, pulling on her arm.

Tonya yawned, too tired to get up but forcing herself anyways for Drake. "what for?" she asked looking up at him as she started walking up the stairs with him.

Drake smiled at Tonya. "You sleep upstairs in a proper bed" he said, going back to the couch and flopping down on it. In no time he was asleep.

Tonya shook her head "No way!" she then turned off the light stubbornly and layed on her side next to him, cuddling up and closing her eyes, falling fast asleep.

Drake cuddled close to Tonya, wrapping an arm around her sleepily.

Brent went downstairs with Emily to get something to drink. He switched on the light while Emily walked into the living room and saw Drake and Tonya sleeping on the couch. "Hmm" she smirked, going into the kitchen and getting some ice water.

Brent looked at Emily "what are you doing?" he asked, holding the two cans of soda.

"I'll meet you up there" Emily grinned. Brent shrugged and went upstairs and Emily took the ice water and walked into the living room "You two look hot like that" she chuckled, pouring the ice cold water on them fast and turning off the light as she ran into Brent's room and locked the door behind her, dimming the light and laying next to him on the bed as they started to make out.

Tonya woke up fast "HUH?!" she asked, now wide awake. She shivered a little looking around.

Drake sat up, his eyes a crimson red and his fangs out perfectly. He looked around fast, then at Tonya. He shook his head, letting the drops of water drip off him. He growled slightly.

Tonya smirked slightly, even though angry at who did this she had to admit it was priceless seeing Drake with water dropping off of him, even if he was mad. "It's okay" she smiled, hugging him and giggling.

Drake sighed and his eyes slowly changed back as he hugged Tonya back. "I know..." he answered.

Tonya thought of something and blushed badly, shaking her head fast and closing her eyes as if trying to push it away. "I-I um, have to go-uh, get-something-to um-yeah" she stammered quickly, standing up and going to the stairs.

Drake looked at Tonya, his head sideways slightly. He got up and followed her. "What do you need to get?" he asked.

Tonya's face turned a brighter shade of red as she fell down onto the stairs "A-A d-drink" she then quickly shook her head fast and reached up to the stair railing for support "I-I mean a um-a-a uh-you know" she said, looking around fast "to find something! yeah!" she reassured, smiling nervously as she went into the bedroom Drake stayed in and went through the closet, finding a blanket "There it is! well, just wanted to make sure it's here, i'm glad it is" she said still nervously, then laughing nervously as she put away the blanket and put it back into the closet, shutting the door behind her as she walked back across the room.

Drake looked at Tonya with a raised eyebrow from the bedroom door. "Tonya?? Are you ok??" he asked, going into the room to her. "Because I really don't think you are."

"O-of course I am! heh, why couldn't I be??" Tonya asked, her face still bright red as she forced a nervous smile. Good thing he can't read my mind she sighed in relief internally.

Drake smirked lightly and shook his head. "Tonya.. I can sense something wrong.. what the hell is it???" he exclaimed, holding her by the shoulders.

"I-I" Tonya stammered, her face getting even more red "Just thought of something, that's all" she said quickly, not wanting to stay on the subject.

Drake's face stayed serious. "What was it? It was something troubling..."

Tonya shook her head " was bad thought..that um-I-uh-nevermind" she quickly looked down at the floor, her face turned a brighter shade of red.

Drake smirked and took Tonya's chin in hand. Then he stared her right in the eyes. "Tell me.. I want to know what it was!"

Tonya didn't want to tell him. She'd never had bad thoughts before. "I-I-I-I um..I thought of um..l-licking the water off you-also be-because I was a little thirsty" she admitted, her face the brightest shade of red it could get and quickly looked down.

Drake's smirk grew bigger. Then he laughed. "If you really want to.." he said, smiling widely.

"Drake, it's not funny!" Tonya said, looking at him then back down to the floor, her face still a bright red.

Drake continued smirking. "I'm serious Tonya.."

"Yeah, I'm sure you are" Tonya giggled. The redness from her face lightening.

"No... I really am serious!" Drake exclaimed, raising an eyebrow and looking at Tonya playfully.

Tonya smirked, getting so close to him that their bodies were touching. She then licked the water off of Drake's face, then licking his lips and whispering in his ear seductively "There, all dry" she said, her lips still twisted in a smirk as she pulled back teasingly.

Drake smiled and put his hands on Tonya's waist and held her close to him once more. "thanks" he whispered before leaning down and gently kissing her.

"Anytime" Tonya answered with a smirk, deepening the kiss.

Drake smiled and pulled away from Tonya and smiled down at her lovingly.

Tonya smiled up at Drake, looking into his eyes, then hugged him tightly.

Johnathan smiled and nuzzled her head lightly. "You want to go inside?"

"Sure." Melody raises up, stands up and takes his hand.

Johnathan smiled and lead her down the stairs from the roof to the first floor. He walked to room number 12 and took out a key and unlocked it. For a single guy living alone, his apartment was very clean.

Melody follows him to his room. She waits for him to unlock his room. She can't believe how clean it is.

Johnathan lead her in. "You can sit on the couch while I look for Spencer...."

"Who is Spencer?" Melody asks while she sits on the couch.

There was a yelp of surprise from the other room. Johnathan came back with an orange and white tabby cat. "This is Spencer."

"Awwwwwwww. A kitty! He/she is soooo cute!" Melody smiles and her eyes are dancing with excitement. She looks at Johnathan and giggles a little.

Johnathan smiled and sat next to her. "Hes a he." he chuckled.

"Can I hold him?" Melody pets Spencer on the head and kisses Johnathan on the cheek. "He is so adorable and so are you."

Johnathan smiled and gave Spencer to her. Spencer was purring loudly.

Melody giggles and pets Spencer. Her eyes sparkle as she pets him. She is the happiest person in the world right now. She finally has a friend and is petting a cute cat.

Marissa turned around quickly and looked right up into Seth's face, grinning. "You want to go bowling?"

Seth nodded. "Sure. Not like I got anything better to do" he said shrugging.

Marissa smiled. "So, do you know where the bowling alley is? I'm new here."

Seth pointed down the road a ways. "Just down there" he said, smiling.

Marissa looked to where he was pointing and grinned. "I'll race you..."

Seth raised an eyebrow. "Ok... but you'll definitely beat me"

Marissa chuckled. "Are you sure...? I can't run very fast myself..."

Seth shrugged. "Ok.. if you say so.. lets go!" he took off running as he said the last words.

Marissa laughed and chased after him.

Seth looked behind him at Marissa, but ended up tripping on a rock and falling flat on his face.

Marissa meeped and helped him up, a really worried look on her face. "A-are you alright??"

Seth laughed as he got up. "Perfectly fun. Now where were we?? Oh yea, I was in the midst of beating you!" he chuckled lightly.

Marissa sighed. "I'm glad your okay..."

Seth nodded. "I'm fine.. I'm a big boy.. I can get over small booboo's" he said in a mock baby voice. He smirked widely.

Marissa laughed. She got up quickly and started running.

Seth laughed also and quickly ran after Marissa.

Marissa was slower than him, so it was easy for Seth to catch up.

Seth trotted along beside Marissa, not running past her, but jogging her speed.

Marissa almost passed the bowling alley.

Seth had stopped in front of the bowling alley. "Uhh.. it's right here" he said, chuckling.

Marissa meeped and turned around quickly, falling over.

Before Marissa could fall very far, Seth was over behind her, ready to catch her.

Cameron went and stood behind a tree, waiting for one of the coyotes to come near him. As one did, he crouched down and reached out his hand, seeming calm and friendly to the coyote. It came right over to him, and before it knew what happened, Cameron grabbed it by the neck and squeezed it's neck abit before leaning down and biting into the neck roughly, sucking of the blood. He got up and and went back toward Rain with the Coyote.

Rain smiled, glad that he was safe. She just watched him holding her stomach.

Cameron stopped beside Rain, dropping the lifeless coyote on the ground. "Don't look at it, close your eyes and you'll be able to get through this" he said calmly, wiping the blood from his lips.

Rain gulped and looked down at the coyote eyes widen she started to shake a little. "I-I cant! I cant do anything bite it the blood I cant get over it all!" She hugged him back to the dead coyote.

Cameron chuckled. "Ok.. how about this? I'll give the blood to you.. feed it to you.. and you don't need to look at it or anything" he offered, poking the dead coyote.

Rain blinked. "W-what? H-how?" She hugged him again. "I like hugging you a lot!"

Cameron laughed, then leaned over the coyote and pushed on it's neck right under where he had bitten it. Blood poured out and pooled in the palm of his hand. He held it up and looked at Rain. "Close your eyes so you don't see it, and just gulp it down!" he said, smiling.

Rain had a disgusting look on her face and she covered her mouth and shook her head.

"Rain... come on" Cameron sighed deeply.

Rain shok her head and looked away. She uncovered her mouth. "I cant do that. Omg I cant. I mean look at it!"

Cameron growled alittle and drank the blood in his hand. He wiped the blood off his face and stared at Rain, shaking his head slightly.

Rain hugged him. "Im so sorry Cameron!!!"

Cameron sighed again and hugged Rain back. "It's ok, It's just... I want you to eat... I don't want you to starve to death!" he said, a slightly worried look in his eyes.

"Hey I am trying not to but its hard when you are scared!" Rain exclaimed.

"Then face your fears" Cameron said in a plain voice. "I did... and look at me. I'm a fearless killer now" he said, his eyes glinting evilly.

Rain looked at him. "No I cant! Its not easy!"

Cameron sighed and looked at the ground as if disappointed.

Rain took a deep breath. "But I can always try!" She smiled a little, hoping that he wouldnt know that it was a fake smile.

Cameron shook his head, not looking up. "Rain, You have to say that with faking it!"

Rain looked at him. "Ok I will try again, if you will help me."

Cameron looked at Rain without moving his head. "Alright. What do you want help with?" he asked, smiling.

"Drinking the umm.....yeah." Rain said not looking down at the coyote and smiling a little.

Cameron nodded and pout his hand down once more to get some more blood. He lifted his hand back up, now filled with a pool of crimson red blood. "Just close your eyes and gulp it down... it gets easier with time" he said softly.

Tonya smiled up at Drake, looking into his eyes, then hugged him tightly.

Drake smirked and hugged Tonya back tightly. Then he yawned a big yawn.

Tonya lead Drake to his bed "Goodnight" she smiled, kissing him gently then turning to the door.

Marissa fell in his arms and looked up at him, blushing lightly. "I'm sorry!"

Seth smiled lightly. "It's ok" he said, helping her stand up. "As long as you're ok"

Marissa scratched the back of her head and chuckled.

Seth smiled, then opened the door to the bowling alley for Marissa.

Marissa smiled and walked in, grabbing Seth's hand. She looked around and meeped, seeing all the people there.

Seth held Marissa's hand tightly and looked around. "Kinda packed tonight" he said as if he went there every night.

Marissa nodded, moving close to him and shivering lightly.

Seth put his arm around Marissa, then saw his usual table, a small one in a dark corner was free. "Come on" he said, pulling her past all the bowlers and people to the table.

Marissa kept her eyes on the floor and sat down at the table. "I'm glad its away from everyone... I'm not good with big crowds...."

Seth smirked. "It's ok..." he said lightly, pulling a chair over beside Marissa. He looked at the people looking weirdly at him like they always did.

Marissa didn't make eye contact with any of them, though some of the guys were looking at her as if they were examining her, which made her shiver.

Seth saw some of the guys staring at her and moved so he was between their looking eyes and Marissa. He smiled lightly at her. "It'll be ok, you're with me. Want something to drink?"

Marissa let out a breath she was holding and smiled. "That would be great... thank you!"

Seth nodded and turned to face the bar. He waved his hand and the bartender turned. He smiled at Seth. "HIYA SETH!" he called out. "THE USUAL??" Seth nodded and turned back to Marissa. "Good thing they know me here" he smirked lightly as a waitress brought over two glasses of soda.

Marissa nodded. "It is a good thing..."

Seth smiled and slid one of the glasses over to Marissa. "Enjoy" he said, smiling. 

Rain started to breath faster and she closed her eyes tight. "I dont think Im gonna like this!"

Cameron grabbed Rain's other hand and squeezed it. "Squeeze my hand" he said, holding up the hand filled with blood.

Rain grabbed his hand and opened her mouth a little. She gripped his hand a little more.

Cameron smiled softly as he tipped his blood filled hand toward Rain's open mouth. He gently squeezed her hand abit tighter.

Rain could smell the blood and sense it and her mouth closed and her hand gripped his hand tighter.

"Rain.. open your mouth!" Cameron said, trying not to make it sound like a demand.

Rain squeeked a little and gripped his hand more and opened her mouth a little bit.

Cameron half smiled. "You can do this!" he encouraged.

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2007-08-18 [Iruvielle]: WHAT??? OMG!!! i'm soooooooooooooooo sorrrrrry!!! *huggles tightly* i'm really sooooooo sorrrrrry!!!!

2007-08-18 [Vampire Princess]: its ok. *hugs Kathy tightly cries*

2007-08-18 [Iruvielle]: go ahead and cry.. you got a right to my dear!!! *huggles tightly*

2007-08-18 [Vampire Princess]: *cries* thanks.

2007-08-18 [Iruvielle]: ^-^ Crying will help!

2007-08-18 [Vampire Princess]: ok. Sniffles*

2007-08-18 [XxTsomexX]: *hugs Princess* I'm sorry to hear that hun...

2007-08-18 [Iruvielle]: GROUP HUG!!! *grabs Tsome and huggles both her and vamp princess*

2007-08-18 [Vampire Princess]: *smiles* thanks guys. i feel alittle better now. *hugs*

2007-08-18 [Iruvielle]: I hope so!!!!! *hugs back*

2007-08-18 [Vampire Princess]: *smiles* i do. *hugs*

2007-08-18 [Iruvielle]: GOOOD! *does a happy dance*

2007-08-18 [Vampire Princess]: *giggles*

2007-08-18 [Iruvielle]: YAAAAAAAY! You're the second saddish person i've made laugh somehow tonight!!! WOOOO!!!!

2007-08-18 [Vampire Princess]: *giggles*

2007-08-18 [XxTsomexX]: meep!!

2007-08-18 [Vampire Princess]: *giggles and does a dilly dance*

2007-08-18 [Bella HeartAttack]: awww vamp princess im so sry about ur grandpa

2007-08-18 [Vampire Princess]: its ok. im better now. thanks

2007-08-18 [Iruvielle]: ok.. That's goood to hear! :)

2007-08-18 [Vampire Princess]: ya

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