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Decima was everything that a city could be: most of all busy, noisy and showful. Here one could see, hear, buy, sell and even smoke anything. The Imperial Palace belonging to the Orator family stood in the center of this biggest city known to people. At the edges of the city there were more peaceful and thus even rather shady areas. Even then one had to stay away from the city entrances and slummish areas to avoid the endless business (or in the case of slums, thievery).

Party Nº4
P4 L01 – Gathering and briefing
P4 L02 – Inn action
P4 L03 – Fights and deals
P4 L04 – Sewer and cellar
P4 L05 – Night at the noble (!)
P4 L06 – Down the drain
P4 L07 – Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll

Tabaxi, Nal'unah, Toxir and Geeileq went to the inn. It was quiet at the moment and the bartender wasn't there. They went to Tabaxi and Nal'unah's room to discuss things.

"I wanted to talk about the stuff we got", said Geeileq. "I think we should go get it and sell it now."

"Sure", said Unah, not really understanding why should that conversation be a secret. "It's not like we're going to get a lot of money out of it, anyway..."

Toxir nodded. They didn't need to be weighed down with excess items. "Or trade them for things we'll need."

"Good. Will we all go get them together? Who doesn't want to come along?" asked Geeileq. Obviously he would have to go, since he had placed the things so far up in the tree that no one else would probably be able to get them. He glared at the women for a while and continued: "You know why I wanted the two new ones to not hear this, right? They might be really loyal to the noble. If they heard about what we did, well, who knows what they'd do."

Tabaxi stretched languidly one last time, then suddenly pointed energetically at Geeileq. "Good call! And besides, we don't have to share the profits with them. I can run interference, keep them busy for a while while you all take care of the stuff. I still haven't gotten a chance to talk to the new new guy, and the other new guy must think I'm crazy now, but anyway I could drag them into a pub and keep them talking until you guys show up to pick us up - as long as they don't ask what you guys are doing, I won't have to lie, right? I really am a bad bad liar. Not bad in a good way, just bad at it."

"Sounds like a plan", said Unah after Tabaxi spoke. "I'll go with you to the market" she said to Gee and hurried to pick up the things she had left in the room. Her large weapon was still there, and she smiled satisfied to recover it. If it hadn't been there, the innkeeper would have gotten into a lot of trouble, she thought.

Geeileq made an amused face at Tabaxi. "Ya want to keep them busy, eh? They looked very easily amused to me." He laughed at himself and continued: "Whatever. I'm happier when you aren't with me. Will ya be with us or ...her?" said Geeileq to Toxir, pointing at Tabaxi.

Neither looked like altogether promising scenarios to Toxir, but at least with the Hauken and the other woman she wouldn't have to worry about too much chatter. "I'll go get my shit."

Tabaxi cocked her head sideways and scratched her cheek, trying to figure out what Geeileq thought was so funny. Shrugging it off and letting Gee's insult slide off like water from a duck's back, she jumped across the room onto her bed, and began digging around underneath it until she found the things she's stashed there: her Battleaxe, four packs of gunpowder, six bullets, her rations, her bedroll, and her smithing kit. After getting it all stuffed into her backpack as best as she could, she pulled out her only Healing Potion and quaffed it quickly. Licking her lips, she then politely asked Unah, "While I'm doing what I'd said I'd do, could you take the profits from my share of the loot and purchase some Healing Potions for me? About three, if the stuff's worth that much. This was my last one." 

"Yes, no problem", said Unah, repeating mentally 'three healing potions', so she wouldn't forget. "Should we get going now?", she asked Gee and Toxir and headed to the door.

Grabbing her things and adjusting them so that she could walk comfortably, Toxir looked over her shoulder in time to see Unah head for the door. She followed, ready to hit the market. Large social gathering never were her strong suit but she could suck it up for more tobacco.

"Good." Geeileq turned around and walked swiftly out through the room's door and went down. Once there, he waited briefly for the others to come.

The bartender attacked Geeileq verbally when he came down. "Hey you! You didn't leave your door locked and bolted from the inside again, did you? Seriously, it's a room in MY inn and not YOUR personal property. I need to go there occasionally and unlike you, I don't exactly have wings with which to fly in and out through the window. That clear?"

Geeileq just glared at the man and walked out. Once on the street, he started walking toward the place where the loot was hidden, expecting Toxir and Nal'unah to follow.

Toxir barely noticed the tender as he yelled at Gee. Once outside, Toxir kept an eye on where Gee was going but didn't follow closely or exclusively. People didn't need to know that they were working together, especially with that noble likely somewhere closeby. Her senses told her not to trust him and she would not be surprised if he had others watching them, keeping an eye out to make sure that he wasn't getting jipped out of anything gold and glittery. "Goddamn city," she muttered to herself as she feigned interest in a stand full of fruit while keeping Gee's large wings in her peripheral vision.

Unah startled when the bartender started yelling stuff at Gee. She would have said something, but she figured it was pointless, so she followed the rest outside quickly, leaving the man talking alone (which would probably make him feel offended... but it wasn't likely they would be back there any time soon, so the planetarii woman didn't care). She followed Toxir, having lost sight of the hauken. "Where did he go?" she asked the Dah'kin, unaware of her caution measures.

Walking away from the stand with the fruit still in hand, Toxir made a curious "eer?" noise in the back of her throat as she realized Unah was following her. Company was not something she was used to and Toxir had already forgotten about the planetarii woman. Neither slowing or quickening her stride, Toxir nodded her head in Gee's direction. "Thought the wings would be a dead giveaway."

Geeileq just continued walking. The spot was some distance away and it took almost 20 minutes to walk there. Geeileq went through a route that wasn't crammed with people, since he wasn't exactly a people person. Once he was there, he looked around to spot Toxir and Nal'unah.

"Well, there's a lot of strange people in cities like this, wings are just a detail", Unah said joking, as she watched in the direction Toxir had pointed, looking for Gee. "Shouldn't we be following him?" she asked, taking some steps in the hauken's direction.

A sort of blank exasperation consumed Toxir's features as she followed the Hauken from a comfortable distance. "It's not like we're strung together, lady. You don't have to walk with me." Exhaling to calm her easily trodden nerves (and proud that she'd managed to phrase herself semi-civilly), Toxir's mind drifted to her cigarettes. Toxir lit her last one and tossed the match towards a jewelry stand. She assumed that Unah would either be offended at her remark and decide to follow Gee more closely or continue to tail her, so Toxir saw no reason to wait, slow, or otherwise impede her confident flow of traffic.

"Sheesh, there's no need for that hostility", said Unah. "After all we'll be working together, can't you try being a little nicer?", she added, forecasting a bitter answer from the dah'kin halfbreed. She didn't like Toxir either, but well, she didn't have many choices. She kept walking to where Gee was, wondering where he had stashed the stuff they had taken from the performers.

There it was. The call for civility. Toxir barely heard the woman though, and smoked her cig until she reached Gee in a timely but roundabout kind of way. "So where's the shit?"

Happy that the the others finally got there, Geeileq checked there weren't other people around before flying up. He landed on the tree somewhere near its top, dug out the pile of loot and came back down. "Now, can either of ya haggle, or will we just sell this stuff to the first person who's willing to take it?"

"Hmpf, I don't know how much talent for haggling I have, but we can at least try", said Unah, knowing inside her that that would probably not work well. "Hand some stuff over so we can get going".

"Hm, well..." Geeileq eyed the helmet Unah was wearing for a moment while giving her the weapons from the pile. "I don't think people will take ya seriously with that um... hat." He started walking toward the nearest marketplace.

"Don't make fun of my hat" answered Unah frowning. "It's a perfectly respectable helmet! No reason why they shouldn't take me seriously", she said and started grabbing the weapons Gee gave her, figuring how to carry them all in a comfortable way. "Whatever", she said when the hauken walked away, and headed to the marketplace as well.

Not seeing anything for her to carry to the marketplace, Toxir strolled along behind them.

Toxir, Geeileq and Nal'unah came to the nearest market, which wasn't too full at the moment. Quite many people eyed them, especially Geeileq and his wings. They could see two people buying (and selling) weapons, one was an old Lochmorian smith and the other a young mage. The mage also dealt with accessories and the like. There were also two other general merchants who would buy stuff other than weapons.

Unah's first impulse was to sell the weapons to the lochmorian smith. She didn't like mages nor did she trust them, so she'd better avoid contact with that guy. "Hello!" she greeted the smith. "I've some weapons I'd like to sell", she said.

Geeileq pondered for a moment whether it was more possible to get more money from the smith than the mage, but didn't come to a conclusion before Unah had already decided, so he didn't have any arguments. He stayed still and didn't go with the Terran, but kept her in his line of sight.

"Oh, hello there." The Lochmorian smiled and then eyed the weapons Nal'unah had. "Ah, seems to be two scimitars, two epees and a niya. Used, though. At a glance I'd say 115 gold for them all."

"Uh, yeah, that's correct" said Unah at the count of the weapons, placing them all on the counter. As the man said his price, Unah thought it wasn't enough. The terran sighed, for what she was about to do would give reason to the Hauken about what they had talked about 3 seconds ago. She took off her helmet and combed her hair a little with one hand, then looked at the smith with her big green eyes. "115? That's not very much... I'm sure these weapons are in very good shape, and only the dirt makes them look more used than what they really are. If you take a closer look, I'm sure you'll agree, as the expert and experienced smith I can see you are...", she said.

The smith eyed Nal'unah a little and grinned. "Well, they are. Nice that you noticed as well." She took the weapons and arranged them on the table while saying: "I can pay the full market price of 130 for them, but they aren't worth more than that."

"Very well, 130 will have to do then", Nal'unah said, accepting the deal, and smiled back at the smith.

Meanwhile, Geeileq eyed the sellers that would buy the rest of their junk.

The smith smiled and handed Nal'unah 130 gold. "Nice doing business with you."
Besides the mage, there was an old-looking human-dah'kin half-breed selling and buying armor and other similar equipment in a dark corner of the market, and a really generic looking Ravillan with an equally generic clothes shop.

Geeileq rolled his eyes and looked bored. His eyes gleamed a little when he witnessed the amount of money the smith gave to Unah, and he then spoke at Toxir's general direction: "Ya wanna have a go at what's-his-face over there?" He pointed at the half-breed in the dark corner and smirked just a little.

Unah grabbed the coins and walked away from the shop. She was heading back to where Gee was standing, but then remembered Tabaxi asked her to get some potions. She thought about buying some for herself too. She looked at the mage, the only one who seemed to sell what she needed. The terran took one more look at the rest of the shops, but after a moment she decided to confront the magical guy. "Hello. I need 4 healing potions", she told the merchant.

The mage looked obviously enthusiastic at seeing a customer who was buying something more than normal clothes or cheap jewelry. "Oh, hello! Certainly, that would be 240 gold, please." The mage took out the potions and lined them up neatly while speaking.

Unah searched for the money in her pockets, thinking she should have asked Tabaxi to pay in advance, since now she had no more money to spend in nothing else. "Oh well", she thought, then handed the 240 coins to the mage. "There", she said, and putted the potions away.

Since Toxir seemed to be pissed at everything in the world at the moment, Geeileq didn't wait longer and instead turned to Nal'unah. "Well, ya want to do the selling? Which one of these two ya prefer?" He pointed at the half-breed and the generic seller.

"Ha! You should be able to figure who'd I prefer" answered Unah, eyeing the dah'kin halfbreed distrustful in the distance. "But, well, being from a distant land and all maybe you don't know how things work between my kind and his. Not a very good chance of getting a fair price there", she said. "Of course I'd take the ravillan. Although he's not my type, really..." feeling she was starting to bore Gee there, she asked, "what's left to sell, anyways?"

Geeileq went through the stuff and announced: "I'll keep the Winged boots, an' the little kitty wanted the Tribal necklace. So we're left with a Blade boomerang, Swift Gloves, Cairnstone ring, Amber ring, two magic potions, and a Jeweled Belt."

"Okay then, let's sell the stuff", said Unah presenting no objections. She approached the ravillan merchant, and greeted him. "Hello handsome, we've some stuff to sell..."

The Ravillan merchant started very enthusiastically: "Ooh– – Oh. Let's see then..." Geeileq put the stuff down on the counter and the Ravillan went through them. "Hm, these are general items, I will give you 332 gold for the lot."

"You sure, honey? We worked so hard to get them! Good jewels are supposed to be expensive, right?" Unah said. "And you look like someone who can appreciate quality", she added. Maybe with some luck they could get a couple more coins out of the lot, but the planetarii was actually okay with the amount the merchant had offered.

"They are, of course, but these items are used after all. My offer stands, take it or leave it." The Ravillan's tone of voice was friendly and he offered Unah the 332 gold he'd promised.

"Very well then" said Unah grabbing the coins, then turned to the hauken. "Are we done now? or is there anything else left?" she asked, thinking it was time to check out what the rest of the party was doing.

"As far as I'm concerned, we're done. Now, that's 332 plus 130 from before... plus 100 for the shoes an' another for the necklace. 662." Geeileq liked being able to count. "Now, that divided to four... 165 an' a half. 65 an' a half, please." He turned up his hand at Nal'unah, who was holding the money.

"And a half? I can't give you half a coin" complained Unah, handing Gee 165 GP. "We'll have to solve this somehow. Maybe we can buy some peanuts and share them. Or a couple of drinks", said the terran.

"I'll be expecting my half then!" said Geeileq with a gleam in his eyes. He turned and started walking away. "I'll be back at the inn some time... Couldn't care less what the others are cooking up."

Toxir took her 165 coins and said: "Got somewhere else to be. Bye." With that, she left too.

Unah blew some strands of hair away from her face as she was left alone in the market. "Bff, this people are so boring", she commented to herself. Unah wondered where Tabaxi and the guys could be, and figured they should be somewhere near the inn, so she walked that way.

Nal'Unah made it back to the inn, but didn't see the others on the way in. She did remember that they had spoken something about performing, though, and had spotted a small marketplace with a few street performers two blocks away.

Unah headed to the marketplace, and eyed the surroundings looking for any sign of the group. (Spot)

Unah didn't see a trace of the others. Besides the few performers, there were some people selling food and other mostly raw things like that.

Finding they weren't there, Unah headed to the first food seller and asked about the three. "Hello. Have you seen by chance couple of guys, one of them an Eolan, accompanied by a small lynx woman around? I was supposed to meet them but it seems I'm late and they left somewhere else."

The seller spent a short moment thinking. "Hm... Nope, sorry, haven't seen any people like that."

Unah sighed. Apparently she wasn't having much luck there, so she decided to just head to the inn and wait there. "Oh well. Thank you", she said to the merchant and left.

In the morning, Faustus was gone. The party was waken by some servant that served them water and juice and soon enough took them back to the entrance hall. In the entrance hall were the noble, his familiar clerk and a slender human-planetarii half-breed. When everyone was in the entrance hall, the noble went: "Ah, good, you're all here. Your friend Faustus left early in the morning in a hurry, but it is of no concern. This person here is his replacement." The noble waved at Cassith. "Now, do you have any questions before I'll explain about this bigger mission?"

Cassith said nothing, as he slowly looked over each and every person in the group that had entered the room, maintaining a carefree look while wondering what they were like. As his ears caught sound of being mentioned, a soft smile grew upon his face, before bowing slightly to the group.

"Uh, yeah" said Unah. "Can we go to the inn to get the stuff we left there before going into this new mission?" she asked, still not forgetting about her voulge. The terran payed some attention to Cassith, as he was part of her kind, in a way, even when he was a halfbreed. She eyed him suspicious, and waited for the noble's answer.

Alexandro stepped forward to Cassith, looked at him with a slight frown, and then returned his bow. Looking at the halfbreed, he asked: "I am Alexandro Miuchi! Pleased to meet you. Does 'this person here' have a name, other than 'replacement'? 'Replacement' seems rather unpersonal to me, especially for one as striking as you. Did we meet before?"
Alexandro looked at the charming man, and recognised him as someone he'd consider competition in a bar. he also noticed this guy looked rather stunning in his cloak and with his amulet and all that, and he considered the man to be quite vain. Yet, he had to admit he was a tad jealous.

Still plagued by fatigue and early morning grumpiness, Toxir leaned against the nearest wall with her arms folded. Her gaze swept over Cassith with disinterest as he bowed. As Alexandro enthusiastically greeted the newcomer, Toxir's lip curled. "Shut up," she grumped through a wide yawn.

A slight chuckle escaped Cassith's mouth, making a mental note not to upset the blonde with a similar energetic pace as Alexandro. "You can call me Cassith... I hope that is sufficient information for now?" He spoke with a soft and pleasant tone, trying not to seem rude with the hesitation of giving out too much from the start.

Alexandro turned around to Toxir, and replied to her not so pleasant remark in his usual manner. "Now don't do that, my love, such harsh words don't suit you. A charming lass like you shouldn't go around telling people to shut up so early in the morning."
Turning back to the not-so-informative Cassith, he eyed the half-human, and shrugged. "I suppose it is. Depends on what we're doing. Or going to be doing... What are we going to be doing, if I may inquire?" He turned to the nobleman, and frowned.

"Certainly", replied the noble to Nal'Unah's question about their equipment. "I'll just explain the mission, after which you can go shopping, if need be. The mission doesn't have a strict timeline, but I expect you to get it done in a week at the latest." The noble paused and continued after the warriors were done with their talking. "I own a mine just outside the city, and it was recently invaded by some dah'kin and their undead minions or whatever they really are. Needless to say, I am unhappy about it and I want control of my mine back. I was told the dah'kin claimed that they really owned the place, but that is ridiculous, for I and my family have owned it for as long as I can remember, and we certainly have the papers proving this. Therefore, those dah'kin have very much illegally confiscated my property. The pay for completing this little job shall be 900 gold pieces for each of you." The noble gestured at the clerk, who gave Geeileq some papers that looked like maps. "These documents here are the maps to and of the mine. Be sure to not lose them."

Toxir did not look at Alexandro again even as he was speaking to her, for she was busy rolling a supply of cigarettes that she hoped would last her through morning. "With this lot they won't last me until midday." Tobacco and papers were simple enough to find in the city but she was running low and was opposed to buying tobacco when she was accustomed to plucking it from the plants around her house.
Listening to the nobleman, Toxir's gaze turned suddenly glacial as she heard how he regarded the Dah'kin. Fingering the scar her late father had left on her temple, Toxir regarded the Dah'kin with respect, unlike most people under the sun. Half her blood and half her life belonged with them and she was silently skeptical about whether or not the nobleman's paperwork proved ownership. Storing her smokes in her pocket, she folded her arms over her chest, deep in thought though appearing to be paying ill attention.

The noble noticed the slight change with Toxir and spoke to her: "Bear no grudge, lady. I have nothing against Dah'kin. It's just that these specific ones did invade a mine that does belong to me. I would rather work with them than against them."

Cassith thought for a moment and turned to the noble, having a slight suggestion that may please some of the others within the group he was soon to journey with.
"This is just a suggestion of course, but if the mine is as important to you as it seems, I might have an idea to increase things to go in your favor even more so. Perhaps it would aid the group in better preparing for this, to have a small spending bonus beforehand for new equipment or provisions, if they felt they needed it that is. The better equipped your workers are, the more profitable your results may be so to speak. For someone as rich and as powerful as you, surely it would not be an inconvenience to add an extra guarantee towards claiming your prize." Cassith whispered his words in a pleasant and seemingly helpful manner in hopes he could persuade the noble, as well as aiding himself while possibly gaining the favor of a few of his new co-workers. (Diplomacy)

"Why yes of course", said the noble and thought for a moment. "The mission is very important for its completion. I can give you each 150 gold now. Do you think you will make do with that?" He gestured at the clerk, who went upstairs and returned with gold for the party.

Unah smiled at Cassith's move. She decided she liked better this guy now. She nodded as a sign of agreement, waiting for someone else to asume the spokesman role of the party.

"That'll be just fine, I think." Alexandro said, with some reluctance. He didn't like begging before the job, but he wouldn't start a fuss about it in front of the noble, if at all. The rest of the group seemed happy enough about it. "Anything else we need to know about this mine? And you mentioned you'd rather work with them than against them... That meaning it's a 'job well done' if we get them to cooperate with you?"

"Hmm, yes, it would be. However, I have mostly given up on that since the Dah'kin who took the mine were so downright hostile and no attempts to negotiate worked", said the noble. "Besides the maps, there isn't really anything relevant that you would have to know. A small group of miners are keeping watch near the entrance to the cave. I'd of course appreciate if you didn't harm them. You can ask more about the Dah'kin from them if you like."

"Alright then, let's get going", said Nal'unah, eager to leave the fancy mansion. Now they had some coins in their pockets, it'd be nice to check out the markets to see if they could find something worthy before leaving. She didn't like the fact that they'd have to convince Dah'kin to cooperate on something. She figured that wouldn't be possible to do - for her at least, it'd be much easier to just get rid of them. But those details would be discussed later, she thought.

Alexandro figured that the noble meant they had the right to shoot everything in sight. Figuring he'd have enough bullets, he wondered what he should do with the money. He probably couldn't buy anything fancy from it, but perhaps he could get his hands on some healing potions. He didn't know how much of a fight the Dah'kin would give, but it was best to be on the safe side. He didn't think anybody in this group was a healer.
Then, agreeing with Nal'unah that they'd been here far too long, he gestured towards the door. "After you then, m'lady."

Unah smiled and headed outside. "We'll see you later, then", she said to the noble before leaving.

Geeileq, having been quiet while the others were talking, still had nothing to say and therefore exited after Nal'Unah.

Toxir followed shortly thereafter, on the hunt for a tobacconist.

Cassith let out a slight sigh of relief with his fairly good start, or so it seemed to him, before quickly following the rest.

Tabaxi yawned loudly as she left, having dozed through most of the previous conversation. Kitty had trouble waking up in the morning... Following the others, she trundled lazily out the door behind Cassith.

Some distance down the road, Geeileq started speaking: "Before we go shopping, I'd like to talk to you three privately." He indicated Tabaxi, Toxir and Nal'unah. "Should we go to the inn to do that? Or will you two others excuse us?"

"Us? Privately?" Unah said wondering what would the winged guy want with them - only ladies, she noticed, but then she figured they were the original group, so probably the talking had something to do with the new members. "The Inn will be fine", she said then. "I have to go there anyways to pick up the stuff I left there", she added.

Looking over her shoulder at the Hauken, Toxir arched a skeptical brow. "The reason being...?" she questioned with a sort of sleepy irritation.

Tabaxi blinked at Geeileq in surprise, scratching her ear in thought. "Well, I suppose we were heading toward the Inn anyway, but now you've got me curious."

Geeileq was quiet. If they didn't care enough to talk about the loot in private, as far as Geeileq cared, they could just lose it. "Will you two wait outside the inn?" he asked Cassith and Alexandro.

Cassith smiled lightly and nodded. "Not a problem at all" he spoke, as his eyes wandered around his surroundings, not quite caring about what they were up to. Slowly he turned his gaze to Alexandro with a slight idea to cure a small streak of boredom now growing.
"Alexandro, would you care to join me in a small street performance? I'm sure it would give us something to do while they discuss matters. We may even receive a donation or two from passers by, if we work well enough together." Though he had no instruments, Cassith figured he could make due with singing or dancing perhaps, and thought it would be amusing to say the least.

"A street performance? This early? Without alcohol?" Alexandro said, with a frown, then answering: "Okay. Not here though, let's go to the nearest plaza. We're going to force this spur of the moment performance onto as many as possible."
Then, a loud "Kraa!" could be heard from above, and a big black bird sat down on the arm Alexandro outstretched when he heard it. "I was wondering where you went. Everybody, this is Wolfgang. Wolfy, say hello."
The raven replied with another "Kraaa!"
Alexandro eyed Cassith. "Maybe I can get him to dance for us. Let's go. See you guys later, we'll be over there. Have fun!"
He gestured Cassith to accompany him and walked down the street towards one of the cities many plazas.

Gladly following, Cassith remembered another introduction he was forgetting, and with a whistle his cloak rustled slightly. After a moment Staz, the lemurian companion to Cassith, poked it's head out from hiding and only to be picked up.
"I forgot to mention, But this is Staz. A bit of a thief, but a great companion non the less. I'm sure he can help out as well." He spoke cheerfully, grinning slightly from the anticipation of possible amusement.

For someone with bird wings, Geeileq didn't seem to care one bit about Alexandro's little thing.

Cassith and Alexandro came to a marketplace where there were little stores selling food, clothes and occasional other items. There were also a couple of other performers singing around.

Alexandro thought this plaza was too small for the lot of them, and sought out the group of performers he liked the least, based upon first impression. He stood right in front of them, bluntly put down his stuff, and took up his guitar. Then he started playing a song which was completly out of pace with the performers', and intended to go on until they'd shove off. (Perform)
Wolfgang followed, and landed at Alexandro's feet, cowing at the other musicians.

Joining in the mischeif Cassith followed and attempted to aid. Going along with Alexandro's melody in the form of singing attempting to over power some of the other voices, he still triied to produce a soothing and harmonic sound to match along with the guitar's melody. (perform)
Staz seemingly just yawned, and found his way into the cloak once more, to take a nap in hiding.

Cassith and Alexandro cooked up quite a pleasing performance, even though Alexandro thought he was a bit rusty with the guitar today. The performers they had just tried to shove off went quiet and then figuratively ran away with their tail between their legs. A decent crowd of people gathered to listen to them.

Alexandro, pleased they showed them who's best, tried to compensate his guitar play a bit. Giving the female audience his most charming smile (he hoped), he picked up a more catchy tune, one who usually made people want to dance. He didn't expect any people to actually go and dance on the street, save for some kids maybe, but seeing some people make a hop or show a smile would cheer him up as well. He wouldn't play for money, his jobs usually paid enough, but he did attempt to make people happy with his music. He figured Cassith wasn't somebody who'd be to shy to dance before an audience. He kinda liked the man's singing, and if he could dance, he might even take a liking to him.

The tune was quite enjoyable, and Cassith was slowly getting into a better and better mood from his boredom. He decided to give his heart and soul to the music, letting it have every bit of his voice, and slowly his body was taken by the sounds. At first just a few simple movements were drawn out from the melody, but slowly they turned into a full on performance in the art of dance, letting the rhythm carry him as he even used his cloak to add onto his display letting it flow through the air as though it was dancing with him. (perform)

Cassith danced with pretty much such a grace that most of the more easily enthralled folk just gaped at him with their mouth open. The people obviously seemed pleased with the performance, and somewhat of a crowd started gathering around Alexandro and Cassith.

'I knew it, I was meant to be famous.' Alexandro thought with a smile, when he saw the crowd around them growing. He decided that he should play one or two more songs, now that the crowd was getting interested. After that, they'd just have to wait until he and Cassith felt like performing again. 'You should always leave them wanting for more.'
He ended the catchy song, and figured it was time for something else. More lyrics, he figured. He looked at Cassith. "Hey Cass, any song you enjoy singing a lot? Then you don't have to make up lyrics as you go along."

Teetering down the inn steps a few minutes later, her over stuffed backpack slowing her down a bit, Tabaxi wended her way through the streets until she found Alexandro and Cassith. She dropped her pack at her feet once she'd approached them, panting slightly from the exertion. "Hey guys! *huff* Whatcha doin? Looks like fun. How bout we go to a pub, we can get some brews and talk and you guys could maybe sing if the bartender doesn't mind? The others said they'd catch up later. They're taking care of some, umm... female issues."

"I don't have any particular favorites or preferences. I usually prefer to be free from restrictions, instead of following a preset score, not to say I won't sing something like that though I just don't favor anything really." Cassith was quite pleased with their performance, he hadn't had this much fun in a long time, and was quite satisfied with the results.
Suddenly the thing which caught his attention, was now the feline he had met at the noble's house, seemingly struggling with her equipment's heavy load. "A pub you say? Well I suppose I could agree with that, any problems with it on your end Alexandro?" The term Female Issues struck Cassith as somewhat odd, contemplating on just ignoring the weird feeling he had, it left him wondering if she wasn't telling them something. (detect lies)

Cassith thought Tabaxi was being honest – as far as he knew, he wasn't a female and didn't really know heads or tails about female issues.

Alexandro, who kept playing an easy tune now they were in conversation, but wasn't really focused on performing anymore, looked at the little cat.
"We're making music. I thought your ears didn't like it? Well, I'm glad you're okay with it now, anyhow. And what it the birdman doing with all the females if they have... issues? And why don't you have 'issues'?" He inquired out of curiosity.
Wolfgang the Raven hopped up to Tabaxi and greeted her with a loud, croaked: "COW!"

"SHEEP!" Tabaxi replied to the raven, before looking back at Alexandro and brusquely imparting her explanations. "You might not have noticed last night, since I'm such a tough girl, that I was badly wounded. The pain and the rushy-rush of blood to the head and the pingy-pingy guitar sounds make my ears feel like they were gonna explode. But I had a potion earlier, and now I feel much better, thank you for asking! As for the birdman, he's... not quite what 'he' seems, if you know what I mean." She leaned in toward Alexandro and whispered that last part, winking and making a weird 'iffy' gesture with her hand by wiggling it back and forth with the palm down. "But I wouldn't say anything to the contrary to 'him' if I were you. Might take offense. And as for me... I've already had my female issues this month, so I'm free for some drinkin!"

Alexandro looked awkwardly at the little cat as she explained the issue of 'female issues' to him, and with all the obvious gesturing, he quite got the hint. After being quiet for a few moments, he simply said: "That's just weird... Does explain the weird high pitched noise it produces, though."
He looked around. "Well, drinking should be fine, I guess. I'm sure there's a tavern open somewhere. Even though it's only a few hours past sunrise. If we are going to an adventure, we might as well be drunk when we do so."

"YAHOO!!" Tabaxi lept into the air, punching both fists upward excitedly. "Alll-cohol, Aaaaaallll-cohol, BOOZE BOOZE BOOZE!" She sang a happy, made-up tune as she sniffed for the nearest tavern, walking ahead and assuming that Alex and Cassith will follow. (Track? Search? Boozehound? wut?)

Tabaxi had no trouble locating the nearest open tavern, named Empty Barrel.

"Hmmm... it's quite amusing to me, how something so cute can have such a love for alcohol the way you do, or so it seems you do anyway hehe. Oh well, I guess either way you look at it fun is still fun." Cassith spoke jokingly, not really sure if anyone was really listening anyways, as for all he knew they were all too interested in filling themselves full of alcohol. Cassith just continued to follow the two around contently,until reaching their destination and headed inside, as care free as ever.

alexandro, who joined Cassith and Tabaxi with some sarcasm after putting his guitar safely on his back, snickered when he heard Cassith. "Welcome to the big city, bucko. Aaaaaaaal-co-hol-free-for-all." He spoke, imitating Tabaxi's joyful alcohol song. "I hve a feeling we may come to regret this. But then again, who knows how long before we'll see a tavern again? We should be back within a week, but with these things, you never know."
Wolfgang perched himself onto Alexandro's shoulders, keeping quiet, but looking around curiously, as if trying to understand the conversation.

At this time of day, Empty Barrel was serving breakfast foods and comfort drinks for hungover people. There weren't too many people in and many tables were free. There were only two waiters hanging around, as well.

Tabaxi, having walked in first and plunked down at an open table nearest the bar, bounced up suddenly and pointed at the nearest idle waiter, shouting emphatically heedless of those who might be a bit hung over. "YOU MY GOOD MAN! We require BOOZE in copious amounts! A round of drinks! And then whatever these two guys want!~"

The other customers glared at Tabaxi, some annoyed and covering their ears, some curious. The waiter turned at her coldly, but after having looked her over, started looking much more friendly. "Let's see the money first, please."

Alexandro walked in the Tavern after Tabaxi, and smoothly swung a bag of 30 goldpieces on a nearby table. "I'll have a plate of food with whatever we order, please. And the raven stays."
He sat himself down at the table he just put the money on, and Wolfgang perched on his shoulder. "Warm bread and warm meat for me, over a big mug of ale. Wolfgang, my bird here, will do with some scraps of raw meat. Nothing that has been festering in your basement, bucko, I'm talking good meat. I'll be paying for the other lad and Miss Kitten here as well."
He looked at his companions. "I take it you won't mind? You may make it up to me later, if you wish."

Cassith let his eyes wander around the bar, as the others grabbed their seats. He never was one to stay in a city to long, so it had been a while since the last time he was in such a place. Casually walking over to the same table as Tabaxi, he grabbed a chair and set himself down on the adjacent side. "If you feel like bestowing us with your generosity, my good man, I shall not object to your gesture of good will."
Now slowly turning his attention to the feline, he figured he would get the possibility of questioning over and done with now, before his words became affected by the force known as alcohol. "Well, I suppose now is as good a time as any. If there is anything you would like to know before we set off, just let me know. I would gladly reply, when possible" Now the only matter that Cassith felt he needed to deal with was what to order. Not being real picky he made a quick choice while gesturing a finger in Alexandro's direction.
"I'll have the same, thank you."

"WOO! You rock, Alex! Can I call you Alex? Maybe I can make you something shiny sometime, I'm an expert smith you know!~" Tabaxi bounced back into her seat, "I changed my mind, ale bread and meat for me too, Mr. Waiter!~" Tabaxi then looked to Cassith, "Like to know about what? I'm not terribly nosy, I don't think, but if there's anything you'd like to tell me I'd love to listen." She grinned and pulled on one of her big kitty ears as she spoke.

"Usual questions are 'Where do you come from?' and 'Why are you a merc?'" Alexandro said to Cassith while waiting for his food. "In your case, I might add 'Wanna start a band?', but I think both of us would only see such a thing as a ways of passing the time when we're bored."

The waiter took the orders, left and after some minutes came back with the food they ordered. She set a plate of food and mug of drink for each of them before giving Alexandro the meat for his raven. "Have a good time eating! That would be 15 gold, thank you."

"Just take the bag of gold and keep giving us drinks until we run out of the budget, please." Alexandro said with a kind smile towards the waiter. "You can start by bringing them in now, and keeping them filled until such a time arrives, or until one of us hits the floor."
With that, Alexandro took up his fork and knife, and started eating breakfast.
Wolfgang started ripping at the pieces of flesh as soon as they were set in front of him.

Tabaxi made a joyful squeak, then began digging into her food. Between bites, she asked, "Ya, so where you guys from? How'd you become a merc? I'm from the Cormin Plains. I was a gunman in the Queen's vanguard, but after the War of Corruption ended I ran out of money. Soldier's pay can only last you so long."

Alexandro finished his bite and swallowed, before answering: "I'm from Decima, actually. My dad has a fancy mansion here in town, but I don't go there all that much lately. I'm hanging around the taverns, having fun, and sleeping, and I'm out of town a lot for the merc jobs. I don't really do the jobs because of the money, I could knock on my dad's door whenever I like, but because it takes me places. Take our current job for example. What kind of a sane person would go into a mine occupied by dangerous Dah'kin?" He laughed. "Well, we do, and we get paid for it. I must say I do like being able to pay for my own bills. That's the other good part of the job. The weirder the assignment, the better the pay."

The waiter took the money politely and left. Each of them got two refill drinks over time. The other people in the bar didn't seem interested in them.

Slowly enjoying his meal, Cassith briefly thought for a moment, before swallowing and replying to the feline. "I've traveled with my family as far back as I can remember, so as for where I'm from - no clue. I was in too many places as a child till now. As for my choice of profession, I learned everything from my father and didn't really know what else to do with myself in terms of surviving and making money. I have lived a fairly secluded life in the wilds for the most part."
As he slowly took another bite of his food, Staz slowly poked his head out from his hiding spot in Cassith's clothes. The Lemurian tugged on a piece of the meat until it tore, before consuming it quite happily.

"A travelled man, then. You must have seen a lot of places." Alexandro was fairly impressed. He loved to travel, too, and would love to go out of the city sometime and make a living as a wandering adventurer. "What is your favorite place in Lemire? I mean, it's probably hard to choose, with all the wonderful locales around the continent, but there must have been some place you really liked. Did your parents take you to Ki'Afisal? I hear it's a place of great beauty. I mean... you are half-Planetarii, right? Seems to me like a place where one with elemental blood would go. I'd love to go there sometime."

Tabaxi looked back and forth between Alex and Cassith, gnawing happily on her food and just absorbing the information. She twitched, slightly, when Alex brought up the subject of Cassith's racial background- she'd known a few half-breeds in her time, including the moody Toxir, and it was never usually a nice subject to touch upon in their presence. Still she listened quietly, interested in what Cass would have to say.

Recalling his travels, as far back as he could remember anyways, Cassith wondered how to reply."Well, i do not have one place I favor in particular only for the fact i have not been everywhere and I like to know my options, hehe. As for Ki'Afisal it's possible I've been there. However, if I had been it would have been long ago for it's very vague in my mind. After all being half-Planetarii as you mentioned, i may not give off my true age with my current appearance."
He grinned slightly, not letting the half breed remark phase him in the slightest. Cassith had always just thought of it as having the better of two worlds, and never considered it something to be hated but rather embraced- no matter what others thought.

"Oh, I meant no harm with the remark." Alexandro apologized. "In fact, I like most half-breeds, excuse the word. They're so much more open-minded than other people, and none of all that my-race-is-better nonsense. I mean, I like being a human. I don't have hairballs, I don't need to squeeze my wings tight to me every time I go through a door, I can walk outside without going half-blind, and I don't have to live for a thousand years. But that doesn't mean I dislike any of the other races. For example, I love lynxes. They're witty and funny, and are generally cool to hang around with. As are most planetarii, of course, but some of them are a bit stiff. No offense, but there's a few Planetarii who take this 'we are responsible for this world' and 'we must amend for the War' thing way too seriously. So yeah, the war was crap. The war was really, really crap..." Alexandro went a bit silent on this subject, as if thinking of something, but he caught his tongue soon enough. "But anyways, we've all had a rough time. No need for the Planetarii to take all the blame on themselves. Nobody was too blame, 'cept for Thadre, and maybe Nim'ael. That stuff with Shalar Angeti was inexcusable... erm... Perhaps we should switch subjects?"
He gave a stiff smile, and inside his head scolded himself for bringing up the subject. This wasn't stuff to talk about with new people.
Wolfgang looked at his master, as if sensing he wasn't alright.

"I'm a lynx, did you know? But we don't get hairballs." Tabaxi threw in her two cents, then seemed to struggle with the last part, dithering on whether or not to keep this thread of conversation going. Finally she said quietly, "You mean the bit where the Dah'kin forces never showed to back Angeti up in the last battle? I was a gunman in the Queen's vanguard." And she left it at that, going suddenly quiet.

"Seems you've both been affected quite a bit. A secluded wanderer only lets the world trouble him, when he so chooses it." Staring into his half empty glass, Cassith wondered if his life was only half full, missing much of the world to live life they way he chose.
"No hairballs you say? Quite interesting. Did you know? Dispite I have these wings, I cannot fly or even hover, as others with them can." The cheerfulness in his voice had slowly faded for the moment, as he was thinking about his choices in life. Quickly he downed the last of his drink, and smiled somewhat falsely as he watched Staz attempt to take another chunk of his meal.

Tabaxi's left eye started twitching, then she suddenly jumped up and called enthusiastically for the waiter. "We didn't come here to mope, we came here to DRINK! Good sir, more ale!" She lifted her coin purse and jingled it at the waiter for good measure. Having done that, she sat down and grinned broadly and feistily at the two men, her sad little mood vanished completely. She quaffed the last of her second drink, and as she waited for more to come, she said, "So then! You're both musicians, yes? You should teach me how to play an instrument, and we could start a band! Hehe!"

The thought of music seemed to brighten up Cassith's mood considerably. "My my, what a splended idea, hehe. I'm more of a vocalist or a dancer, though I am sure I could pick up an instrument fairly well. Any suggestions for me and the lovely lady here, instrument wise?" He focused the last question at Alexandro, who seemed to be the most musically inclined of the three when it came to instruments. He had no idea if the feline was serious, but just the thought in general was still amusing to him to say the least.

Since the waiters didn't have too much rush at the moment, the group got their drinks pretty quickly. The primary waiter saw that Tabaxi did indeed have a lot of money, so she asked: "How much of your gold are you planning to drink? Or will I just keep bringing them in?"

Alexandro also seemed quite taken away by the idea. "That's a great idea! We should go and get you guys some instruments! Perhaps little cat here can be our drummer, surely you can produce some wicked tribal beats, and Cass here can be the vocalist. We could even get you a flute, or a tambourine, so you've got something to do when not singing or dancing. I mean, we totally outshined all the other dudes at the square! We could be adventurers both inside and outside the tavern! Haha!"
He emptied his mug, and held it up to the waiter. "You can just keep bringing them in, my good man, I feel this will be working out rather well. Bring us your finest ale!"

"All right, drums!" Tabaxi cheered exuberantly, then looked at Alex when he answered for her to the waiter. "Er, I doubt we'll need that much ale..." She shrugged, then decided to pull out 80 gold to hand to the waiter, to see how far it would go. She wasn't even sure of how much exactly a mug of ale cost, but she'd find out, and hopefully get sloshed in the process. "This much ale, my good man! And if we're not full of drink after this, it's Cass's turn to fork over some coin, haha!" She handed the money over, then realized something. As the waiter was walking away, she leaned over to Alex, "Hey Alex... I think our waiter is actually a waitress. The mustache was throwing me, but it's definitely a girl."

"Oh? My turn? Wasn't it I who got us the extra money we could blow on this?" Cassith let a sly grin grow upon his face, before letting out a light laugh. "Just kidding hehe. Fair is fair after all. Though I don't know if I'll need that much more... Sadly, I am a bit of a light weight." He smiled seemingly for no reason, as he could feel the brew work its own unique magic within himself.
"So, more about this band idea. A flute wouldn't seem to bad I suppose, I could see myself mastering it eventually." Pausing for a moment, Cassith thought for a moment on what he figured would be a must if they ever hit it big. "If we do this, it would be nice to have a name maybe. Something to be known by. What do you think?"

Alxandro, who was starting to feel the early effects of alcohol useage, eyed the waiter/waitress from the corner of his eye, and leaned over to Tabaxi. "A girl? You sure? I don't know... that moustache looks awfully manly. I may be something of a loose gun," he snickered at his own word joke. "but I'm not touching bearded women. Or moustached ones, as a result of that. A moustache is a beard. Kinda."
Sitting back in his chair again, he picked up some sentences of what Cassith was saying. "No no man, you don't have to pay for whatever. Little kitt here and I put down enough money to get the whole bar drunk, I think. Anyway, about the band stuff, names shouldn't be very tough. It'll come to us when the time is there! Judging the state we shall soon all be in, the best we can cook up this morning will be along the lines of "Big Cannon Kitty and the Handsome Hunks band. Which isn't a bad name, if you like cheesy."

The waiters got much happier after getting the 80 GP and kept on bringing drinks to the three adventurers, who lost count of them after the third ones. They eventually had trouble fitting all the drinks inside them, at least without going to relieve themselves every once in a while.

" after catching that bottle cork in my chest, I go up to the Empress, right? She all nice to me and thanking me and stuff, 'cause otherwise, you know, the cork would've hit her square in the face. And she says: 'Oh, how can I thank you?'. And I'm like: 'I ask merely a kiss for my Empress.' And then she just goes and smacks me full on the cheek! Full on." Alexandro almost falls off his chair laughing, and the story drops silent for a few moments.

Tabaxi supressed a giggle, and tried to give Alex her best admonishing (but glassy) eyes while wagging a finger at him. "You had it comin, you shcallywag! *hic* I'd have... I'd have done the shame thing! 'Schept I don't shlap unruly boys, I punch! Haha! *hic*" And following her drunken tirade, she shadowboxed the air in front of her, occasionally swinging playfully at Cassith. 

"Well, I had myself a good times with them staffmembers later on, after me getting jumped on by several royal guards, and getting kicked out of the friggin palace quite unsubtly. Turns out though, these royal staff members are quite jolly chaps. they know how te have fun!" Alexandro went on. "Y'know tha cook even gave me some o' his best wine! Even though we immediatly drunk that, I still appreciate the gesture."
He swaggered a but on his chair, but managed to get a hold on the table. "I think I need more alcohol... If I can manage to get drunk more to the leftish, my rightish swagger an' my leftish swagger will cancel eachother out, and I'll be swaggering dead ahead. 's Too bad never seems to work that way, though, but I never stop trying!"
Noticing the waiters had already refilled his mug, he joyfully went on drinking.

"Woahs! D'oes Fistsh look sho reals! It's like they're comings right for meh. Wade-a-minute... that didn't sound rights, did its? Maybe the kitteh wants to go a few roundth eh? Hahaha, or are you calling me unrulies perhapth?" A jolly, and joking tone rang out from Cassith's lips before taking the final swig of a now empty mug.
"And you knows, thatsh nothing. You's shoulda seen the time i mistakeded a hot spring fors a fishing pond. I wondered why i had gotten cloths stuck on the end of me line... and why i was pelted with randomish objects moments laters. Bwahahaha, loudest girly scream i'd ever heards. It's true I tellz ya!" Chuckling to himself, expressing an overly wide grin as he recalled what may have actually never happened, up until just now in his mind. Far be it for him to actually remember, as he awaited another refill.

Alexandro laughed out loud. Then he replied to Cassith: "I bet you knew damn rights tha' wasn't a hot spring. You just like to get naked in front of the ladies."
He giggled and gave Cassith a thumbs up, before snickering again at the idea of Cassith getting naked and girls screaming. "Y'know, I'm wondering when the first bar fights start in this here place..."

The waiters quickly reacted to the mention of a fight, and one of them came swiftly to them. "If you want to fight, I must ask you to please leave the bar. There's a nice fighters' guild some distance away if you're looking for... entertainment."

Alexandro was quite startled by the sudden appearance of the waiter, and with his thoughts racing, he didn't really catch anything of what the man said. When the waiter had finished, Alexandro realised this, but as a true Ravillan, he believed in the power of conversation. Thus, he felt he should add something right now, otherwise it might be rude. Unable to think of anything better, he cheerfully replied, without any aggression in his voice, as the sudden appearance of the waiter, which had quite startled him, made him forget any thoughts of a brawl he had before, this: "Hello! Good to see you, too!"

Tabaxi had stopped swinging at the men and was staring despondently at the empty glass in front of her, until the mention of fighting. "What?! Hoosh fightin?! Is there a fight?! Whersh my cannon..." She reached around for the cannon strapped to her back, but couldn't quite get to it for some reason. Instead of the next logical step, which would be to unstrap it, she hopped out of her chair and started chasing it, spinning in a circle in an attempt to get to it. The spinning only resulted in dizziness, and her falling down.

After having fallen down, Tabaxi didn't get up anymore. She was fast asleep or unconscious.

"Wazdizthen?" Alexandro looked at Tabaxi spinning, falling and... Alexandro took a moment to check what Tabaxi was doing after falling down... Lying down! That, Alexandro concluded, was a very sane thing to do, after falling down, and supposedly, drinking alot of alcohol. Which reminded him of the fact, it would be about noon right now. "Oh man, Cazzid, this is no good for usss. Really, it issn't. Oh man..." Alexandro stood up, decided that wasn't going to work, and sat down again.
"Waizer, waitzer!" He said. Then, noticed said waiter was still standing next to him, having urged him not to fight, and said: "My man, we might 'ave.. er... o-ver-ezz-tend-ed ourselves. You min' bringin' me sumthing which duz not hold alchol? I be leavin' today, and I cannah leave if I cannah standup..."

The waiter left for a moment, but came back surprisingly quickly and gave Alexandro and Cassith both a cup of coffee.

"Thank you." Alexandro said, and he slowly started sipping his coffee, keeping an eye on Tabaxi, even though he'd occasionally see 3 Tabaxi's, or felt like having 2 left eyes and a couple of right eyes. As he drank more coffee, and drank no more booze, these feelings diminished. At some point, he felt confident enough to give Tabaxi a soft kick in her belly, without falling over. "Oi, little cat. Wake up!"

Tabaxi snorted when prodded, rolled over and stretched languorously before grabbing Alex's boot and chewing on his ankle, half asleep. "Anfer ferf merntfs." She drooled and chewed as long as he would tolerate it, probably not very long, then looked up and managed to mumble, "Coffee?"

"Sure thing, little cat." Alexandro said, performing a brave attempt to pick her up and put her on her chair, and eventually succeeding. He checked if his boots were still okay, but figured that when he brushed away the saliva, they would look quite as travelworn as they did before. He should probably clean them sometime soon. After drinking some more coffee, he looked at his companions. "Well, I guess that if we go shopping now, every shopkeeper in the district should be able to rip us off, in our state." Leaning back in his chair, he asked Tabaxi: "How much money you think you got for them drums?"

Tabaxi was also delivered a cup of coffee to drink.

Mewing gratefully at Alex as he set her upright again, Tabaxi sat hunched over her coffee and sipped at it as she tried to process what he was talking about. "Drums? I've got maybe 100 gold or so, what do we need drums for again?"

"For our band of course!" Alexandro said, as he, even in his drunken state, hadn't forgotten about the idea. "You said you'd do percussion. Drums!"

"Ohh, right." Tabaxi replied, scratching her ear thoughtfully as she stared into her coffee. "We can try to find a music shop after we're all feeling better, and if Cassith isn't asleep over there..."

Cassith was only half conscious at this point. He had tried to drink some of the coffee brought to him, but for the most part it lay next to his head on the table. Though it lived up to its name and perked him up, after he tried to move it; only ended up knocking the cup over, contents spilling off the table edge and into his lap. " Hot? HOT!" The half-breed exclaimed as he jumped from the table, grabbing the nearest piece of cloth or fabric, and dabbed at the remains of his drink now spread upon his clothes.

"People who can't handle it shouldn't drink..." Alexandro mumbled beneath his breath, as he indifferently witnessed Cassith's coffee incident. Then, he asked the half-breed, more sincerely, since he did want the lad to feel okay again: "You alright, Cass? Should I get you anything?"

Tabaxi watched Cass have his difficulty with the coffee, then watched hers suspiciously, now knowing it to be a dangerous thing. "Hey, we should be getting back, prob'ly nowish. What time is it? How long've we been here?"

Cassith slowly collected his thoughts after the burning sensation had ceased, he slowly looked at the others, with a look of embarrassment. "I'll be fine, i'm sure." Pausing for a moment to think about what the feline said, he began to wonder just how much time had actually passed. "Err, perhaps we really should be getting back soon."

"Sounds mighty fine to me." Alexandro said, standing up. Wolfgang eyed him carefully as he was still a bit unstable. Looking around, Alexandro figured the bar could keep the money, and that he was ready to make some new money. "Yup, let's go and look for those others, those whose names I have forgotten... I think..."
Wolfgang flapped up from the table, and perched himself upon Alexandro's shoulder, as the red-cloaked put his hat back on, and walked not-exactly-straight towards the exit, waving goodbye to the bartender.

Seeing as the three very drunk people seemed to start getting more or less ready to leave, the waiter observed them more closely. Hearing Tabaxi wonder about the time, the waiter announced: "It isn't noon yet, and you have been here for two hours, approximately."

Alexandro got up, walked into the doorframe and had considerate trouble getting around it and out. Seeing that, the waiter got excessively helpful and escorted both Cassith and Tabaxi out as well. As a result, the two didn't walk into things at the bar.
Once outside, Alexandro found himself so intoxicated that he could barely stand and would most likely fall if he tried to move his foot, Cassith tripped over a pebble on the ground and Tabaxi swayed but seemed to stay upright.

"Should've... drunk... more coffee." Alexandro said, focusing all his effort into standing still. He looked at the air above, which seemed rather spinny, and concluded it wasn't anywhere near nighttime. So, to mask he drunkness, and regain at least some aspect of soberness, he slowly and steadily made his way to the nearest tree, wall, or pole that seemed somewhat secluded, left alone, and hangable. Steadily going through his knees, he sat himself down at whatever he found, and pulled his hat over his eyes. "Siesta... I'm a totally relaxed ravillan doing his daily siesta... in the middle of the street... yeah... should've drunk more coffee."

With a thud, followed by some slight mumbling, Cassith hit the ground after tripping on a small and seemingly insignificant pebble. Slowly the half-breed lifted his head, a look of annoyance sprawled across his face, as he attempted to pick himself up off the ground. "Stupid rocks... Always getting in my way. I'll show them! One of these days, just you wait... One of these days!" He spoke to himself, in a somewhat angered tone.

Casstih managed to get up, but he'd have to keep a close eye on the pebbles, which were ridiculously numerous on this part of the block since the road had been paved with them.

Tabaxi burped slightly, followed by a supressed giggle when Cassith hit the ground. After he'd collected himself and her other comrades seemed mostly upright, she pointed in a random direction. "Ohkay! I thinks the market is... Thataway!" (intuit direction? Blind guess? xD )

"Oh, please, lil' cat, don't go straying off. You're in no condition to walk around at all. At least not for the near future." Alexandro said from where he was sitting. "Set yourself down here and wait for the world to stop spinning."

Trying to keep an eye on the ground, without walking into anything, Cassith attempted to make it over to Alexandro and sit down following his example. " So... when are we suppossed to meet with everyone then? Won't the be a bit uhh.. mad at us?" Cassith wondered what the others might be doing, and then made a realisation. He never got to shop like he had originally planned. He had wanted to maybe try and buy a few trinkets, or even see if there was an enchanter around. For now, it seemed as though it would have to wait.

"Ah, who cares?" Alexandro said, waving an arm around, causing Wolfgang to leap off his shoulder with an irritated "cow!". "If they get angry at us, we get angry at them. They've been away for what? Hours, at any rate. If they were in a tavern, and had enough money, they'd be drunk too, if they'd have to wait for hours on end!"
He took out his guitar once more, and started tuning it, playing a small tune every now and then to hear it he'd got it right. Right in the middle of a tune, which he didn't really play right, he did come up with the following conclusion: "You know how stuff get's harder when you're boozed up? That feeling is so true."

Tabaxi glared down blurrily at Alex, "Ah, suck it up, you lightweight! We've got places to be!" She continued pointing, and started staggering in the direction she pointed.

"We do?" Alexandro said, confused. "Where must we go then? Are we in a hurry?"
He got to his feet, staggering slightly, and when he got up, he said: "I do hope we are not in a hurry. I'm not feeling much for going really fast now. Where were we going again?"

"I don't remember where we are going... " Cassith uttered "But we were supposed to meet up with the others for a mission, wern't we?" He added, wondering where they were going to accomplish the task of regrouping.

Tabaxi had no clue where she was supposed to go, but it probably was a familiar place.
Alexandro fell face down as soon as he had gotten up.

"ah! Hells!" Alexandro cursed a second after he'd hit the ground, and figured out for himself why his new 'standing up' position was so painful. He crawled back against the wall, and after having cursed a littlem ore, said: "Alright, let's not do anything too demanding. We'll stay right here, and they'll find us. Eventually."
Glad that he thought of such a briljant solution, his mood lightened a bit, though his face still hurt from the cobblestone encounter, and he remained in his place.

"Sounds fine to me... I don't feel like moving around much." Cassith leaned back, now looking over at his left shoulder, where his little friend Staz finally decided to come out of hiding and was now perched. "Where did you run off to, eh little one?"
The lemurian just cocked its head to the side, and seemed to shrug. Cassith just sighed and looked upwards towards the sky. "I wonder how long the others will take to get here."

Geeileq walked by about 15 minutes later, seeming actually happy and smirking fairly selfishly to himself. Once he spotted the group of three partymembers who had totally hit the bottom of the bottle, his mood dropped so hard it could literally be heard to hit the pebbled ground. He walked straight to them and tried to grab Tabaxi by her shirt and push her to the ground. "What the FUCK are YOU THREE doing?"

Alexandro woke up, hearing some very high pitched vocals in a yelling manner. He'd been napping the past few minutes, and actually felt better. He still was slightly unstable, but he seemed to be able to get a clear head and think properly. He looked at Geeileq, and remembered the birdman/woman being part of his new adventuring troupe. And now the Hauken was throwing his new little lynx around. That was not very nice of it. "Yo, feathers. Shut up. We were bored and sober, and you guys never showed up. So now we're not bored, and not sober, and you guys still manage to show up only hours after going. So what the fuck do you think you are doing? Let go of the kitten!"

After snatching Tabaxi, Geeileq didn't bother to hold her down, so he let go. "We weren't supposed to show up! Eola! If we were on an actual mission currently, I'd kill the lot of ya!"

Tabaxi squirmed on the ground and then started crawling away, disappearing behind the corner of a building.

Geeileq didn't pay any attention to Tabaxi. She was still so small that she totally escaped his eyes, sharp though they were. "I think I should get the more responsible party members an' go on into the dungeon without ya. How's that sound, ya fuckin' drunkards?!"

"How about we start going towards that friggin' mine right now, ye crazed birdwoman?" Alexandro replied, stepping up towards Geeileq. "I've had quite enough of this sitting around. And I'm not half as drunk as you want me to be if you keep up this bitching! Where's that lot of 'responsible party members' of yours? They ditch you for being a nail up their ass?"

"Man!" shouted Geeileq, though his voice still didn't support that. "You can't even walk! You're quite drunk enough for me to stab ya to death right now." He didn't see it relevant to mention that he had ditched the others so that he could take care of his personal business.

"Whatever." Alexandro said, waving away Geeileq's remarks. "Where'd the cat go to?" he turned around on the spot, taking some effort to stay in balance to show Geeileq he wasn't completly off the chart, and then faced Geeileq again. "You scared her off, freakshow!"
A wave of anger hit him, but at the same time, he also noticed he was quite tired and weary. Probably the booze. Although he really didn't like Geeileq right now, he had to admit this wasn't looking good. So, without admitting his fault, he tried a different approach. "Okay, how about I get this one sobered up, and you snatch the others, and we all meet at the southern gates in an hour. Could you live with that? We'll sort the rest of this out once we're outside the gates." 'And I can think more clearly.' he added in his head.

"so bloody noisy... giving me a headache" Cassith muttered to himself as he watched the two's arguing, not blaming the liquor at all. Seemingly settled down now, he slowly stood up, wobbling slightly before seeming ready to go where ever they were going. Of course, he was still somewhat out of his mind, but at least he seemed ready. "shall we be off then? Or are ye gonna have another go at it..." He spoke, eyes not quite focusing, and not even looking at the two he intended to talk to.

"She's too drunk an' stupid to tell her ass from the road!" commented Geeileq about Tabaxi. He then laughed at Alexandro's suggestion, quite hard and obviously fakely. "Ya bloody morons are barely sensible when sober! Ya couldn't possibly handle actual traveling today." He sighed very heavily and then started talking more clearly, in a lower but intentionally cooy pitch: "Now ya two litte brats try to get yerself back to the inn an' sleep. The INN, kids. It is located THAT way, toward the pretty striped shop there. THEN ya just keep walking until you see the INN. It is not very far. Surely ya babies can handle THAT! I'll go get the stupid kitty back." With that, he turned to the direction Tabaxi had went, shook his head and moaned, walking away.

"I think I'm going to punch that pigeon in the face sometime soon." Alexandro said to Cassith, although he didn't really expect to be heard. He walked over to Cassith, being more sober than the halfbreed, and tried to drag him along towards the inn Geeileq was making a fuss about. He didn't really want to, if only for the sake of disobeying the ranting Hauken, but he did remember taking on this job. And he was going to finish it, too. It was just that the screeching voice of an aggitated Geeileq was really getting on his nerves. Sighing, Alexandro started making his way towards the inn, dragging along his swaggering companion.

Not all to fond of being dragged along like some type of pet, Cassith tried to keep up with Alexandro's footing and offered a slight suggestion. " You know... instead of one of us leading, why don't we just help each other get there? Even liquored, i can see thats a safer solution..." He spoke out, while still trying to prevent being dragged along with a quicker pace.

[Veltzeh] (GM) – Geeileq Machaiktev
[Roma] – Toxir Necis Brutus
[Sturmi] – Nal'unah Obaraan
[Blood Raven] – Alexandro Miuchi
NPC – Tabaxi Waughroon
[raikou] – Cassith Hir'edaik

The previous versions of this party can be seen at Party Nº4 970 and Party Nº4 693.
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