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Pick a Prompt 2

Photomanip Entries


Place your entries below this line inside the <img250:> tag with your username and prompt.

1. [Chimes] Prompt: Wave
(Stock info: Eva)

2. [nehirwen] Prompt: Wave & Rain
(Stock info: Wild Waters)

3. [sweet.tx.tea] Prompt: Distance
(Stock info: Today is the Tomorrow)

4. [nehirwen] Prompt: Space & Notes
(stock info: Distracted Creator)

Username (or number or email):


2009-07-17 [Linderel]: Have you seen photomanips by [Chimes], [nehirwen] or [Jitter]? That's the sort of thing I'm looking for in this category.
Also: get GIMP.

2009-07-17 [Cillamoon]: Ah, masters of the craft they are in my eyes. Well I'm glad to know your level of expectations. :) Thank you for clarifying that for me!

2009-07-17 [Linderel]: You could also refer to the previous one's entries :P PaPC Photomanip entries

2009-07-17 [Cillamoon]: Thank you I shall! :)

2009-07-17 [Chimes]: Cilla, to photomanipulate is to make a new picture out of a number of elements. Changing colours and contrast doesn't count as such... If you want to do a simple manip you have to do more, for example adding textures and repainting portions, painting on make-up for example. Though that may be more in the realm of retouching a photo, which is what yours falls under. :) A retouch rather than a manip. It's its own kind of craft in it's own right.
To make that more manip like... you could try incorporating one of your other photos into it?

2009-07-17 [Cillamoon]: Awesome, thank you so much Chimes love for helping to clear that up for me. It definetly answered the large question mark that was forming over my head as I went "huh?" lol. Thank you both!!! Lin, would the image I had posted in error work for regular photos here?

2009-07-17 [Linderel]: I think it might, yes.

2009-07-17 [Chimes]: Cilla, as a retouch, it was top-class. :) I suck at retouching :)

2009-07-19 [Cillamoon]: Aww thank you Chimes, that is so sweet of you to say! *hugs*

2009-07-19 [Chimes]: *hugs back* I love the dark effect you have going on it... :) It looks both solarised and not at the same time, which is pretty damn funky. ^^

2009-09-04 [Chimes]: I believe I may have just been beaten :P

2009-09-04 [nehirwen]: I read 'just been eaten'. xD

2009-09-04 [Chimes]: That too. :P

2009-09-04 [nehirwen]: Who ate you? O.o
But thanks, though your manip is awesome too!

2009-09-04 [Chimes]: A lion!

2009-09-04 [nehirwen]: Where did he come from?

2009-09-04 [Chimes]: The jungle... >.> <.< XD

2009-11-19 [Cillamoon]: GORGEOUS entries everyone!

2009-11-19 [sweet.tx.tea]: ^__^ I agree! I will have my stock info up, tonight.

2009-12-10 [Chimes]: Oooo... Nice style, [sweet.tx.tea].

2009-12-10 [sweet.tx.tea]: :] Thank you! I was going for the starcrossed lovers like idea.

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