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Somewhere in cold dark Greenland, a small stone buidling hiden away from human eyes is sending out a steady pulse of magic. The pulse can only be heard by magical creatures, and draws them towards the place, a call they cannot ignore. This is the place where they will all meet, starting the big journey.

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[Wednesday] Shivering in the cold, Shiva found herself staring at a small stone building half hidden in the snow and blizzard. This is the furthest she has been from home, from england. And the weirdest is, she got no idea why she came here. For the past month she had dreams every night of this place, and strangely it drew her to it.

[Lolli Love]
Lucien Zander tossed and turned untill he woke him self up. "That damn voice again," he said unto the darkness,"I haven't been able to sleep for the past three night! I wonder what it could be. At dawn i will pack and set out to follow this voice in my head its the only thing i know to do." Without one more word he turned over and tried to go back to sleep. 

[Rook] Bastiaan had been seeking solace from his dismal thoughts. He sat perched high in the rafters of the deserted pavillion in the midst of the open-air park. The night whistled eerily through the steel beams and he absently wrapped his coat tighter about him.

Lately he had begun to feel empty and unsatisfied. He had tried to fill his time with women and the Hunt and more and more runs in the night, but nothing filled it. Bastiaan passed it off as the tidal changes and the upcoming full Moon, but now it was becoming a hinderance. Something gnawed at the back of his mind, pushing him further up-country and into the freezing cold. He couldn't rest, he couldn't sleep, he couldn't change without the thought of Greenland being on his mind. Two days before he had borded a plane bound for the miserable country and hadn't even stopped to rest, until now. Something told him he was close to whatever it was. Soon he would be out of the settled areas and into the remote wilderness.

He sighed, looking up to the Moon. The glorious white light washed upong the ground and he eagerly jumped down, changing before he hit the earth. Bastiaan padded around a moment, catching the strangley familiar scent on the wind. Without a second of hesitation, he raced off, tail high and hackles raised...

[Vampiress of Vermillion Twilight]
Mighty wingbeats.
They were that of Dementia cascading above the snowy plain, her shadow but a mere flicker over the gently swirling snow. Aqua had given her a pretty detailed description of where to go, and her intelligent mind had retained that information. Aqua had also left her a trail of sorts in the snow, since, snow was water and all. Honestly, she was about as good with directions as Cynder was in the watergrounds of Aqua's sanctum. A smile lit the delicate features of the angel as her wings folded behind her, she was diving.

As all freefalling goes, time seems to go slower, giving Dementia time to think of why she was here in the first place. Usually, the Apocolyptic don't trouble themselves with such matters, but in the depletion of magic, a representative needed to be sent. Guess who got stuck with the short straw? No one ever got to see the angels, all who went on this journey would be able to see the ageless, the rare, and the God-sent.
She remembered the smiles of goodwill given to her by her brethren and sistren, the tears of Aqua, and the promises. If ever she should need them, they would be at her side, aiding her in any way. For the creatures of this journey were about to be accompanied by not just any magical being, but a Guardian. Let's just hope they not envoke her anger.

As her feet met the lovely cushion of snow as she completed her descent, she allowed her wings to remain pinned behind her in regal majesty, just so if any tried to harm her, she could make a swift getaway, and a swifter kill.

[Wednesday] Using her finger to draw a penticle in the snow, shiva sat down in the middle of the drawing. she had no idea what was waiting for her inside the stone building and she had to protect herself before she went in. Closing her eyes, and focusing on her own heartbeat she chanted: "PROTECT ME WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT
OH GODDESS GRACIOUS DAY AND NIGHT, PROTECT ME WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT ,SO MOTE IT BE" Opening her eyes again, she felt more self assured now. Ready to face what was calling her from in that building.

[Lolli Love] Lucien awoke and packed his things and got ready to go. He steped out on to the freshly fallen snow this was why he moved to Greenland the snow was beautiful and peacefull he marched on comeing up to a pentical that was drawn in the snow. He got on his knees and touched the pentical it wasn't used long ago the magic was still fresh. Lucien sniffed the air and followed the sent he cought. It was a female he found at the end of the trail. With slow motion he waited and watch her to see what she would do next. She was very good with magic he could tell that by her sent. He liked the sent that burned in his nose while watching her. He loved the sent of her and her powerful magic. 

[Rook] Bastiaan ran full hilt, the now billowing around his great, furry legs. His tongue was lolling on one side of his snout and the hair came in great huffs before him from the hot breath. He saw a man a ways away, knealing and then stood again. He could smell the drift of magic from up ahead and then the smell of the male wafted by. It was acrid and bitter, a smell he knew well.

Bastiaan picked up his speed, hardley making a sound. He had ran all night with the Moon on his back. He was unable to stop, the urge to keep moving foreward causing almost physical pain. The pain lessened the closer he got.

He had closed half the distance between the man and himself and he picked up his speed even faster. He looked like a blurr of tawny red fur against the pure white snow.

Bastiaan came upon the man and narrowly missed him, passing the stranger with ease. He turned his head, still running, and gave the man a lopsided wolf grin. When he faced forward again, he halted abruptly, seeing the stone facing of the hut. It pulsed with a sense of magic and the snow stopped at the entry way; a stone passageway lead into the hut.

If this was the place that had been calling him, then he should enter. Bastiaan gave one last look behind him and then shook the fresh snow from his pelt. The change came swiftly to him since his energy level was already racing, and soon a slender figure replaced the wolf. He looked inside and shook his collar, bringing the flaps up to guard his neck and ears.

Without another thought, he stepped inside and made his way down through the passage.

[Vampiress of Vermillion Twilight]
Dementia saw the dark objects hurtling toward her, and scenting the magic upon their forms, she let them be. She was exceptionally intrigued by the lycanthrope, and her head twisted serpentine-like to further examine said creature. As it went inside, she was almost surprised that they hadn't noticed her. Then, the realization came to mind that she was instinctively using the shadow of the building th give her perfect camoflauge. Pff, Duh.

Uncloaking herself from betwixt the shadows, she "walked" forward, her feet hovering slightly above the earth. As she entered the small hallway inside the stone building, she felt strangely at home. Not only was it nice and dark, but the magic enclosed her like a blanket. Inhaling deeply, she could almost smell it. Just for fun, she conjured up a ball of shadow doused herself in it, letting the warmish chill cascade down her body like a water that wasn't there. Light Angel: Seraphim would have hated it here. She smirked as she thought of the poor angelique, but proceeded onward. As she felt the presence of more bodies, her suspicion of angel hunters became instinctively roused. She morphed into her 3rd battle form, knowing that not only would it make her more fearsome, and liable to demand a certain bit of respect, but if there were any of foul intention about, she would be able to dispatch of them with little or no issue. Slowly, darkness enclosed her slender, beautiful form, and a different figure arose from her shadowed mists. Still just as slender, the ideal image of an anthropomorphic wolven took shape. The pitch cloak of silken black fur enclosed her total shape, up to the muzzle she now held keenly up in the air. Ears piqued up, then laid down, her silver talons digging into the hard earth beneath her two feet-paws like a hot knife through butter. Wings pinned behind her back, she crossed her paws in front of her and strode onward, silken tassel swishing behind her in eager pursuit.

[Lolli Love] Lucien shot into the little stone hut. "damn mutt! Where did that female go? Damn him to hell!" bursting through the door he was calmed all at once. "what is this?" he asked the darkness but he wished some one was there to answer him. 

[Rook] Bastiaan had wandered down the passageway with little enthusiasm. He shoved his hands into his deep pockets of his pants and took his time. He sniffed his way around, allowing his eyes to adjust to the light as it dimmed drastically the further he traveled. He was suddenly aware of the extreamly powerful being behind him, female by the scent of her, and of course the man he had smelt earlier finally entered the hut as well.

Bastiaan suddenly realised that they were on a decline that eventually lead to steps. From the outside the hut didn't appear too large, so of course for it to hold any substantial amount of beings, it would extend downwards instead of outward. Bastiaan trotted down the steps, the clicking of the woman's paws licking the stone floor. She was somethin' else. Bastiaan, grinning, picked up his pace. No wolfess ever frightened him.

Bastiaan finally came to a lower room, the walls rounded to make a circular chamber. The middle of the floor was a different color than the rest and sunken in with a rim around it large enough for someone to walk on or sit on. He easily jumped up and walked the circular lip, waiting for everyone else to show. this was obviously the place that had drawn him, the absence of that nagging urgency had long since left him and he felt utterly at peace. The air, too, was so thick and heavy with magic that he felt he could reach a hand out and grab at it. In his wolf-eyes, he could see the glittering particles faintly as they shimmered in the air; a free-flowing source that was sadly depleting.

His Aunt Vivian once told him that the air was so full of it, all you had to do was breathe in the air and you would feel a rush of energy that heated your veins. Most humans couldn't feel it; their mundane and primative senses were too dull to ever feel such a thing. But to the creatures that thrived on it, it felt like breathing in heaven.

The footsteps of the woman behind him suddenly came to his ears and he faced the entry way, a smug grin on his composed face.

[Lolli Love] Lucien changed into a huge black wolf and followed the sent of the mutt that almost ran him down and tried to find the sent of the female that he had seen. He couldn't find her but he did catch the sent of the one that ran by him and the sent of abother female. He gingerly walked in to a rather big circle chamber. "so this is the place that was calling to me. So much magic you can see it wow." he said out loud. Lucien looked at the other male in the room and asked him in an almost growl,"Whats your name mutt? Cant you see when some one is stand in your path? YOU ALMOST RAN ME OVER!" 

[Rook] Bastiaan only grinned at the other male's outburst. Obviously he was used to being the alpha.

"What's the matter? Afraid of a little competition?" He grinned, showing ferral teeth. His eyes darkened, seeing the other man was not willing to back down.

"My name is Bastiaan." He said in a sweeping bow, both eloquent and gruesome. "Pleased to meet your acquaintance. And since, infact, I didn't run you over, I suggest you drop the...What did you call me, 'Mutt'? I'm a pure breed, born and raised." He jumped down before Lucien, coat fluttering open behind him showing his naked chest.

"I don't take kindly to people who think they're better than others." He said then dangerously.

[Lolli Love] Lucien growled and and changed back into his "human" form. "Are you trying to challange me Mutt? I never said i was better than anyone thats for sure. I know many are better than me. I couldn't even keep my life on my own and you say i think more highly of myself!" Lucien glared at the one called Bastiaan waiting for him to strike. "And No i will not back down from anyone no matter how big they think they are." he said with a twisted grin.   

[Rook] "Actually," Bastiaan began, "But calling me Mutt, you are putting yourself before me. Saying that I am nothing but a mixed breed, and I take pride in my species. So either back off, or I will make you back off and I'm not looking for a fight. All I said was drop the name." He said, looking unphased.

[Lolli Love] Lucien growled at him" you sure seem to be looking for one. make me back off please." He bowed comeing back up his eyes flashing red," i would love to see you do it. I am one of the last full breed Carpathian do you think you can honestly beat me? Think again dog breath." Lucien went silent watching to see what the other male would do.   

[Rook] Bastiaan, laughed, shaking his head in disbelief. "See," He held up his hands, "You're going to have to stop insulting me, or I'll see this other than a game and as an actual threat." His tone suggested anything but playfullness.

"But you keep taking on names like you didn't hear me the first time. I didn't come here to fight the likes of some worn out Carpathian that seems fit to insult someone for no fucking reason." Bastiaan slashed him a fetching smile.

"But if you want to keep insulting me, go ahead. Just don't cry when I bite back."

[Lolli Love] Lurien let out a growl and held back from strikeing the boy where he stood " You almost ran me down being a little pup who plays to damn much and now i cant find the female who lead me here! If you ever feel frogy you go on a leap your tears will be the first to fall." 

Bastiaan cocked his head at Lucien's words, barely understanding. he crossed his arms before his chest and gave the man a crooked smile. "Dude, you must be smoking some serious herbs man, cause I barely caught any of that...." He shook his head.

"What? You can't take a joke? Christ, are you THAT crabby and old not to enjoy life but you have to beat down every one else's fun?" Bastiaan snorted. "Like I said Old Timer, I won't be the first to throw. I might throw one of your limbs out of joint and we can't have that, now can we?" He grinned.

[Lolli Love] Lucien began to smile and pushed Bastiaan playfuly "hey you go to hell i had a hair ball from your fur that flew off while you tried to run me down. oh and im not old."

[Dakear] "Tristan" He hears once again as he looks into the fire of what used to be his home. "Tristan, Come to me. I can make your dreams come true." Once again he hears the feminine voice calling from afar. As he stares into the scattered remains he searches for any last hope of finding anyone alive. He gives up the search and goes to where his pack lay and hoists it unto his back. "I swear, I'll kill every last rabies infested mongrel in this world until I find the ones that did this.." he thinks to himself. He begins the long journey leaving his homeland of Umbra behind in ashes and smoke and sets out to look for this secluded building. Hopefully he will fulfill his promise to his father as he lay dying in his arms to avenge the death of their people.. or may he die trying.

[Wednesday] Half way down the stone stairs, Shiva heard voices. Slowing down, she creaped closer to the wall as possible almost holding her breath. She felt no thread to her life since she came into the small building, but these voices sounded angry almost. she wasnt prepared for a fight of any sort, and she was hoping she wont have to be confronted by angry demons. Although this place didnt strike her as a demon lair at all. She can feel the magic in the walls of the place, strong but peacefull almost. Reaching the lower step, she could hear the voices clearly now. Two creatures arguing..... Should she go in? Taking a deep breath, she peaked around the corner into the big room. She could see them now. One of them seems to want to stop the least that means he is no demon. Slowly Shiva stepped into the room.

[Lolli Love] Lucien kept smileing when he heard someone else come into the room. He turned around and there she was the female he had followed here. She look almosst shy, but she was very beautiful. "hello" he said in almost a whisper."My name is Lucien. What is yours?" he asked geting his voice back.  

[Wednesday] Holding onto her backpack tightly, Shiva stepped forward smiling. "Merry Meet Lucien, Im Shiva." Moving her attention to the other creature she gave him a questioning look, as if to ask who he was.

[Vampiress of Vermillion Twilight]
Dementia heard the squabble, and a smirk fell onto her wolven-esque jowls. Moving to a trot, her wings flattened to her back and she majestically entered the room, tossing her ebony mane with a sense of regal enjoyment. The angel had arrived. Her eyes landed upon Shiva, Lucien, and Bastiaan. She said not a word to them, but instead flexed her wings and yawned, exposing her silvren fangs. They were no threat to she, the Dark Angel. A low growl rumbled in her throat, a bit annoyed at seeing so many wolvens about. The lycanthropes thought they were so high and mighty. Pff. What a load. Sure, some who knew how to control the power that they possessed were certain to arise to greatness, but that was the case with every magical being, including angels. Dementia knew how to expertly use her magic, her physical strength not all that impressive because of her surprisingly small stature.

She began to study the creatures around her, knowing that she knew the most of what was going on. Sure, she's's all she knows. Cocky and kind. Nice combination. As she studied the wolven morphesques, and the witch, she smirked a bit wider, blinking slowly to take in more of the scene. These were to be her travel-mates, hm? She might as well make light conversation, to see what kind of intelligence they possessed. She was intently keen of Bastiaan, however, since she had sensed the great deal of magic and intelligence on him. More or less, he could be a great friend, or a great enemy. Stepping closer, she knew that they would soon experience the feeling of concentrated dark energy in due time. It could be a terrible experience, or one that affects those like a warm bath. Those who were more inclined to the dark arts loved the feeling of her aura, and those who were more of the light mage only experienced a light headache. She waited for the conversation to subside, and unless she was spoken to, she would not speak. Such is the way of the angeliques.

[Lolli Love] Lucien eyed the new female who walked into the room. "Get a load of this chick she is another who think she has the word at her feet. WHy do i always get stuck with those kind of people? So whats your name? Im Lucien or you can call me Zander i dont care." He said with a small grin. 

[Vampiress of Vermillion Twilight]
Dementia grinned wolfishly, well, she was still in her wolf form, "Obviously, you don't know who...or what I am." she said softly, her surprisingly deep, almost sensual chords ringing from her wolf-like maw. Introductions were in order. She hated long winded.
"I am Dementia: Angel of Darkness; One of Six of the Apocolyptic Race of the Elements. Sister to Cynder, Fire Angel; Aqua, Water Angel; Malachite, Earth Angel; Whimsic, Air Angel; and Seraphim, Light Angel. You think that I don't have the world at my feet, young creature. I have been here since the beginning of time, and I will continue to be here unless I am slain, or until the calling of the Apocolypse. In reality, foolish assumer, I do have the world at my feet. Your night is my doing, your shadow my worth. And since you don't care what I call you, I shall proceed to call you Ignorant...for until you realize what I am, you are so."
Dementia sighed deeply at the end of her speech, a smile upon her face. She was calm, not meaning to sound so harsh, but knowing that that was the only way they would understand what depth she had, what impact.
Looking to the others, she smiled and said politely "I assume that you all heard that, so I don't have to repeat myself?"

(don't mind the mispelt words, I don't have spellcheck on this comp :/)

Bastiaan eyed Lucien carefully. There was something odd about him, but he didn't let it show. Instead he slapped a charming smile on his features and tossed his tawny hair out of his eyes. He wasn't too keen on Carpathians, most Loup-Garou weren't...

Then his eyes flicked to the small woman that moved feebly into the room. She smelt thickly of magic but she seemed to not pose any threat. She was slender and small, a bite sized morsel. Bastiaan winked at her when she caught his gaze and was about to open his mouth to introduce himself, but the being that came in next nearly took his breath away. Her glistening pelt of midnight fur shimmered as she walked, the faint light catching on every glistening strand. Bastiaan always was one for a black-coated wolfesses. She had all the right curves in all the right places and the bulging of her muscles underneath her fur cause a low growl of appreciation out of him.

The presense of wings made his eyebrow quirk up and one side of his lip curl into a smirk. Her colloquy between herself and Lucien that followed only caused him to grin all the more. At the end of her speech, Bastiaan laughed brightly; the look on Lucien's face almost caused him to piss his pants in extacy.

Bastiaan sobered up somewhat and inclinded his head to Dementia. "Well met, Love. Fantastic to have such a sharp tongue about us. I'll remember to guard my loins the next time I open my mouth." He said with a certain charm, his bright golden-green eyes glittering.

He then addressed both females at once, tilting his head slighting in a bow as he said: "I am Bastiaan. Charmed to meet both of your exquisite acquaintenences..."

Dementia smirked at him, and dipped her head in a stately bow. "Why, thank you, Sire Bastiaan." Yes, she had called him Sire. It sounded far more appropriate than just a simple "sir". She had a small accent to her voice, not very noticable, but enough to know that she was well learned in other languages. Her intelligent silver eyes flickered at him, being small mirrors against her ebony pelt.

Flexing her wings a second time, her muscles rippled yet again underneath silken fur. She had a bit of a shorter muzzle than most wolvens, almost fox-like in appearance. She again let her talons sink into the earth, and she turned towards Lucien again, an almost expectant smirk on her face. She was coy, and at times, very mean. But she was going to be treated as the being that she was; the rare opalesque onyx among the ruby, the aquamarine, the peridot, the diamond and the alexandrite. (If you got that, I love you.) She did place herself a bit closer to Bastiaan. She had a feeling he and she would get along royally, as he seemed to match her in intelligence and in humor. She liked it; it was a welcome change.

[Lolli Love] Lucien watched the two of them hit it off very smoothly. He could tell they were a perfect match for one another. He couldn't help but smile he had alot of respect of bastiaan now he cold charm a rattle snake if he chose to. He still didn't like the Angel much though she just threw off a bad vibe. He would keep that to himself and see what the witch,Shiva had to say about her.  

Shiva stood a back staring silently at the group of creatures as they introduced themselfs. She had no idea what to think of any of them, as she just met them here. Then she found herself thinking what the hell they were all doing here. Were they all called by the magic pulse that she followed to this building? She wanted to ask them, but felt small in their presence and a bit out of place. And what if more arrived? How many more? why? Taking a deep breath she calmed herself, waiting for someone to speak up again.

Bastiaan looked from one to the other. There was Lucien, then Shiva, then Dementia, then himself. He caught Shiva's questioning look and began to wonder himself.

"So..." He began, walking casually toward the center of the room, hands still thrusted deep into his pockets. "Does anyone have a clue why we're here? I mean, I know what drew me here, but short of that I'm afraid I'm a little in the dark." He stepped up onto the raised circle he had been standing on earlier. Bastiaan faced them again, scuffing his shoes on the stone.

"I mean, with two ravishing women in my presence, something must be up." He grinned sheepishly.

Lucien looked at him,"I was thinking about that myself what are we doing here?" He looked back at Shiva who was still looking puzzled. "well i will leave you three alone while i go look around. All this magic is makeing me restless. I will be back when im back" he said while walking out the door and back up the stairs. 

"Wait! Do you think it wise for us to split up? We still dont know whats going on...." Shiva half shouted out before Lucien walked off. "Others might arrive....maybe we should sit down first and find out whats going on..."

Lucien poped his head back in the door,"Why dont you came with me we wont go far and we will be able to see if anyone else shows up." He held out his hand to Shiva,"you dont have too if you dont want but im out. I will be back before anyone else shows up. that is for sure." 

"Well i suppose it cant hurt if we wont be too long then. I havent had time to look around yet." Shiva replied to Lucien.
"We wont be long." she said to the other two as she followed Lucien to the stairs.

Lucien let Shiva infront of him and followed her to the top floor." Where would you like to go?" he asked looking at her in the darkness. She realy is beautiful he thought to him self i hope her questions are answered about this place i know she is un easy about all of this.

Dementia saw the interaction without saying anything, and with the two leaving, she for a moment forgot Bastiaan's presence. They would not hurt her, so she could morph out of her 3rd form. Bowing her head, a shadow enveloped her, and within a few moments, another being stepped forth from the shadowed mist. A breeze blew through the cavern, and the ebony mane of a more humanesque Dementia was formed. The same wind that blew her pitch hair into her elegantly sculpted face danced around her white silken blouse, that of which was kept neatly under a tight corset, that not only emphasized her bust but gave admirable protection. The large wings still remained at her back, and she took a moment to look down at her slender, pale hands.
The eyes that scanned her newly shaped form were of the darkest black, swimming with inner shadow. Her face was delicately sculpted with high cheekbones that were tinted with the slightest hint of red, as were her sumptuously full lips. A click sounded as she took a step forward, booted heel onto earth. Her intelligent, curious eyes made their way to Bastiaan's, and her lips parted laughingly, exposing slightly pointed canines.
"I don't suppose you expected me to be a wolfess forever...I'm...sorry if I disappoint you." she said softly, her voice the exact same as it had been when she was wolfess, tenderly deep, smooth, and...need say, perfect? She was an angel, after all.

Bastiaan watched as this enchanting creature changed and altered her form. He was captivated and interested all at once, though his posture suggested otherwise. His eyes stayed on her, searing into her, infact. It looked as if he was starving and saw a delisiously tender meat before him. He took absolutely no time in getting to her; his moved from the stone ridge to the space before her in a smooth, fluid movement. His eyes were ever on her and the way her clothing hugged her form.

Bastiaan has guessed that she wouldn't mind how close he was. After all, he read in her liquid-black eyes that she trusted him, moreso than the others.

He smirked at her comment and slid his hand around her waist, pulling her to him quickly.

"No you're not..." He murmered, his lips threateningly close to her neck. He breathed in her sent, shpwing both that he wasn't going to hurt her nor take advantage of her. He exhaled slowly, smiling against her neck.

"You're beautifully intoxicating." His voice was feral and throaty, the urge to change to his wolf form coming upon him quick and fast from her aura of magic. The darkness that was radiating off her fed into him and made the nerves in his skin sing. He was a child of the night, a follower of the Goddess Moon; she nearly commanded his senses just by standing there.

Bastiaan tightened on her a moment and then leaned down, pressing his bared teeth into the soft crook of her neck. Then just as quickly as he had possessed her, he let her go and put as much distance between them as possible.

"You're dangerous." He said over his shoulder. "And almost good enough to eat." Bastiaan flashed her a toothy, wolf grin. His hair seeme a bit more shaggy, his stubble on his chin more rough. His eyes were wild and dilated. Bastiaan shook his head ruefully and gave her a wryly grin. "Almost too hot to handle."

[Lord of Nightmares]
Azure sat in a tree and quietly hummed to himself listening to the events happing around him."I wonder if I should get involved." He thought and after a bit of thinking he decided not to.

Walking upstairs with Lucien, they could feel the cold again coming from the open door, almost to remind them that they are in the middle of knowhere. the upper room of the building is dark and empty. "This place seems empty and deserted....yet i do feel the magic here. Do you feel it too?" Shiva asked walking towards one of the stone walls and lightly tracing her hand over the cold stone. It felt like she could almost tap into the magic by only touching the wall.

[Lolli Love] "yes I feel. First felt it comeing off of you. You are very powerful. the only thing that matches you power is you beauty." He told her this with a slight blush to his cheek. its good its dark in here he thought to himself. 

Shiva found herself smiling at what Lucien had said. "What do you think this place is really? I have never seen or felt anything like it.....or no...i did once...There are stones in my country that gives the same kind of magic pulse, but not nearly as strong as the pulse in this building. " she said moving away from the wall. Looking around, she could only see this room they were standing other doors leading to other unexplored rooms. "Maybe we should go down again, there isnt anything here."

[Dakear] As Tristan turns the corner of a small patch of brush that he had been hiding in he hears voices from within a small stone building. It's almost as if he knew this place, like this was the place that he had been dreaming about when he had awoken in a deep sweat so many nights while he heard the voice calling his name. As he strode carefully up the path to the building, he began to see what looked to be like dog prints all about. "I wonder if this is some damned trap laid by those damned mongrels that destroyed my town." he thought to himself. As he walked into the front door, the place seems to be empty. But as he has learned the hard way before, looks can be deceiving. "I guess I'll have to check it out myself", he said aloud.

Shiva had hardly finished her words when a stranger stepped into the doorway. She noticed that he cannot see them, because its so dark inside. Studing the stranger, she almost found him handsome. He looked strong. Deciding he is no threat to her or Lucien, she stepped forward so that she will be in his line of sight.
"Merry meet sir...Im Shiva, and this is Lucien." She announced with a smile.

Top floor - Greenland
Bottom floor - Greenland

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