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Grand City of Decima, this bustling metropolis is a mixture point for all races in Ki'afisal. There's nothing you cannot buy or sell in Decima, In the center of the giant city stands the Imperial Palace, built by the first Emperor of House Orator. It is now home of Empress Claudia Orator. However, in the nights of Decima city something evil stirs. Gangs rule part of the city, raping and pillaging at will in the slums, the city guard unable to do much against their criminal activities due to their swiftness and anonimity. To make matters worse, strange murders have been occuring all throughout the city, a serial killer moving in the dark, as a shadow under the cover of the gangs.

Part 1 - Chapter 1 - Decima City - Call for Mercenaries
Part 1 - Chapter 2 - Decima City - The Red Crows

The party follows Athlas, the Red Crow thug through the sewers, hoping he will lead them towards the Red Crow base. They wade through the filthy water, the animosity running high and the moods running low, finally, Athlas marks a stop and opens a maintenance door on the side of the sewer, inside the small room there are nothing but brooms, mops and some scrubs. The group barely fits in the small space, lit by a single candle Athlas was holding. The women much in the fear of getting groped, inquire upon the situation. The thug then ducks and opens a trapdoor hidden under the mops and drops down into the opening. The rest of the group follows and they find a huge surprise. Under the sewers, the red crows had dug a gigantic hall, 4 staircases lead to trapdoors, which probably lead to the surface or other spots within the sewers, in the center of the room there are several dozen long tables were Red Crows, all identifyiable due to their red bandanas, drink and eat and chat loudly.

Time - 1:00 AM

Toxir had remained silent until Athlas opened the trap door beneath the ironic arrangement of cleaning tools. Seeing what was hidden beneath the sewers was shocking indeed - and somehow so perfect. Stepping into the room, Toxir looked around for a bit, taking in what she could. For some reason, this struck her as more appealing than what she was currently engaged in. She had known for a long time that she was not cut out to be a dog of the military, following orders, working a pathetic post for what meager money she could scrape around. When she was younger and emotionally vulnerable, she needed guidance and that's exactly what knighthood offered her, but it was impossible for her to deny the fact that she hated her job. "Shit, I'd rather be on the street than work for them." She thought to herself as she waited for the rest of the crew to join them in the large hall. "When this job is through, just leave."

finding that the thugs knew so many ways Lumyr was suprised, then walking into the hall full of thugs took him by suprise, thinking to himself "I am to stop the gangs and all the fighting, that is my Duty as a knight and I'll follow it through to the end." but he was very nervous with so many thugs around even with the necromancer spell he was worried about being recongized.

Iju came down the trapdoor, not jumping this time, and upon seeing the cave, he let out a "Whooaaa! Wicked!". He grinned and looked around once more, before turning to his party and saying: "This be great, ain't it? Home!"

Toxir Necis Brutus
Tiae Yadag
Lumyr Ravenclaw
Shink'padu Evalost
Iju'dalin Cost-na'har
Julia Giacobbe
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2008-07-15 [Veltzeh]: Yup, that's what I'm prodding for. :)

2008-07-20 [Veltzeh]: Wait... are Alexandro and Leon following Unah's steps so that they too can trigger the trap again?

2008-07-20 [Lepellier]: No, I'm trying to keep Leon off to the left side of the hallway, trying to avoid the rough area where the trap was triggered.

2008-07-26 [Veltzeh]: You know, speaking of traps, remember to say what you touch and so on... ;D

2008-08-17 [Veltzeh]: Prod prod.

2008-08-23 [Lepellier]: well, it seems We've lost Raikou...gone 101 days.

2008-08-25 [Veltzeh]: Yeah. I'm done waiting for him and Sunny. We'll just play it with four characters, since I can't seem to get more than three active players. >_>

2008-08-25 [Lepellier]: cool with me.

2008-08-26 [Veltzeh]: However, if anyone actually active does want to enter, that's fine! We'll just need to work the character into the situation then. But that's a job to do only if it actually happens.

2008-09-07 [Lepellier]: Not a big thing with this party, since we're kinda on a standstill, but I won't have a computer for approximatly a week, since the computer will not turn on.

2008-09-07 [Veltzeh]: Yah.

2008-09-10 [Veltzeh]: Are they walking deeper now? :o

2008-09-10 [Sturmi]: lets get them moving, finally >_<

2008-09-11 [Veltzeh]: Heh, movement is overrated. ;)

2008-09-14 [Lepellier]: Ok guys...short version: My mother board dies, I have a new computer, my IP is being lame, modem not working, may be another WEEK. Sorry.

2008-09-15 [Sturmi]: that sucks... good luck with the fixing

2008-09-15 [Lepellier]: well, internet is a go. My modem died, but I has a new one now.

2008-09-15 [Sturmi]: so that means you're back now?

2008-09-16 [Lepellier]: Yes it does.

2008-10-25 [Veltzeh]: Sorry it took so long to reply. University is hideous lately.
Also, there's 20 squares of narrow tunnel between Geeileq and the weird block, so I doubt Leon is looking at the block while taking the arrowhead from Geeileq. X) The characters have trouble even passing each other in there unless they go over and under each other.

2008-10-26 [Veltzeh]: Er. Geeileq isn't in the tunnel. Everyone else is, though, as far as I understood.

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