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Past Writing Contests

These are the Writing Contests of old (and not that old), moved to this page to keep the main one organised and uncrowded. Oldest first.

Christmas Poem Competition

Fun Interpretation Competition

by [Caelicorn]

The Fable Contest For Writers!!!!

Winner- [Lady Phoenix]

Prompt Writing Contest

 Winners - [the 5th apocalyptic horseman] and [thestranger]

Prompt Writing 2 Contest

Winners - [-Shadow-Nell-] and [Hackworth]

Fantasy Creature Poetry Contest

Winners - [Barak_the_Blade], [OvertheMoooon] and [Nightshadow]

The Orange Rhyming Contest (art and writing)

-winner -[liiga]

demon writing contest

by [the 5th apocalyptic horseman] and the demon freaks
winner: [Bloody Rose]

Short Horror Contest

by [lillithsatine] - Winners: everyone that entered

Phobia Writing Contest

by [Augury] - Winner: [thestranger]
Second: [PorcelainMachete] and [mywolfalways]
Third: [chaika]

Kitiara's poems part two: contests

by [Julie the First!] -
Winner: [Peregrine]
Second: [mywolfalways] & [Broken Marionette] & [Armchair]

Prompt Writing 3

by: [mywolfalways]
Winners: [-Shadow-Nell-] and [thestranger]

Prompt Twist

by: [mywolfalways]
Winner: [thestranger]

Emotions Poetry Contest

by [Nere] - 1st - [Jewl] for You know?
2nd - [Lunitari] for Masquerade
3rd - [SeLoCeS] for Write for Yourself.

Description Contest

by [kay-chan] Winner, [Augury]

Sci Fi Contest

by -[Nere] -1st - Wires - by [-Shadow-Nell-] 2nd - Voices in her Head – by [something wicked] 3rd - The Institue - by [IChester]

Song writers Contest

by [Nere]- 1st tied - [inazuma] & [Gentle Genocide]

Warfare Contest

by [Khayman] - 1st [Cookieholic]
2nd [Nevermore.], [Doormat]
3rd [Jewl], [incendere]

Satanic Poetry Contest

1st - [J. Cats] with "Can you not see?"
2nd - [the 5th apocalyptic horseman] and [death disguised in purple] with "Demons of Night"
3rd - [Digital Fortress] with "Here in Hell"

Fate Writing Contest

by [Keii] - 1st [Miss Demeanours]
2nd [Lu]
3rd [Martox Stormclaw]

Defining Moment Contest

by [Alfirin Lindlea], Winner: [abandonedhouse7 7]

Love Poem Contest

by [immortal daydreams.], Winner: [Chrysilla]

Fantesy Writers Contest

by [Cati Stormweaver] - 1st [Khayman]
2nd [Linderel] & [pegasus1000] (tie)
3rd [OvertheMoooon]

Fantasy Contest

by [chaika] - Winners on page

I truly am evil Poetry Contest

by [Flisky] - I truly am evil Winners

Smitten Contest

by [OvertheMoooon] - winner [jamesipoo]

Fantasy Contest

by [chaika] - Winners on page

Lyrics Writing Contest

by [The Slave Queen]
1st- [sopheret]
2nd- [Kitsune Arashi]

Sorrow Contest

run by [incendere] - Winners on Sorrow Contest Results

300 Word Description

by [blu.nation] - awards here: 300word awards

Slogan Contest

by [Linderel], winners on page

The Vampire Writing Contest

by [The all powerful Midori], winners on The Vampire Writing Contest Winners

Myth Blending Contest

by [Linderel] - winners on page

Character Imagery Contest

by [Annie T.] - Winners on page.

Pick a Prompt Contest

by [Linderel] - Winners on page.

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