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Pastkeepers art contest

by [5thwitch]


Pastkeepers art contest Winners

Pastkeepers art contest gallery


21 August 2008

the end date is 21/08. after that date the submissions will be closed and you will have another 10 days to finish the drawing.

The 1st will take the classification badge, a pic drawn by me and infinite Glory.
the 2nd and 3rd will take the badge and Infinite glory too.



The long Intro...

Pastkeeper is a story centered on the importance of culture and language, I was thinking about the discover of the rosetta stone and what we learned about the past from the decoding of ancient languages and what more we leave for the future since it was used to leave a sign. So while I was brainwashed by my litterature study I gave birth to this story. After a nuclear disaster (such as the one which distoyed the world in Hokuto no ken XXXDDD) people lived strangely as a primitives in a colony in the middle of the nuclear desert. Why they weren’t try to turn back to normality? Why they didn’t build houses? Why they didn’t move to a better place? Because they forgot. But somebody remembers how was before, they’re called Pastkeepers and they’re whorshipped as precious treasures by the people. You may ask: “but if they know, why they don’t lead the people to a betterlife?” because they live under a blind dictatorship, and they’re not allowed to talk and express their ideas and to tell the people what they know…. Ok I wan’t bother you more because the story is a little Philosophycal but I hope this long description would help you with the competition….

sse also:pastkeepers page


-Draw as your spirit leads you. Play with my characters, you can draw one or two or the whole trio together. I like to see what comes from you.

-No more that 2 entries per member (In accord to the general tradition).

-I have no prob with pornography but I know that a lots of people doesn’t like it, so, not to hurt them, you can draw nudity but don’t fall in vulgarity please!

-I think you would not do it,because I know you’re genuine artist but I write it down to be clear… Do not steal art or copy, the entries has to be yours or done in couple with a declared artist ( I mean you can submit a drawing done with a friend and you can say "I've done the line and my friend brenda coloured it", no prob)

Maybe you can tell me via comment if you want to participate, so, I can understand if I have to run this contest for long! ; D

The characters!

Name: Aenima
Age:  19
Height+Weight:  170 cm+50 kg
Hair:  short black wavy hair
eyes:  green
Paticular Signs:  a lot of earrings
Occupation:  Pastkeeper
Characteristic:  she is very precious for her people, because she can remember about the past. She’s a curious girl, shy and intelligent, she doesn’t see herself as a girl in the community but as a untouchable entity without gender, it’s the motive she feels unconfortable with her feelings for somebody…
Background:  Aenima lives in a colony of people after a nuclear disaster that canceled everything on the earth, even memory from the people’s brains they just remember how to talk but only pastkeepers know how to write.

Name: Gio (Maynard)
Age:  24
Height+Weight:  180 cm+60 kg
Hair:  No hair, he’s bald! (i’m joking he’s blonde but he cut it to 0 mm)
eyes:  blue
Paticular Signs:  skinny white guy
Occupation:  Pastkeeper
Characteristic: he left the colony to search Bruce, an older pastkeeper who went away because of ideological differences with the chief of the colony, Gio is optimistic and full of life guy, he wants to know more about the lost culture and the past. So he started his voyage.
Background:  Same as Aenima

Name: Gin (Kenny)
Age:  22
Height+Weight:  185 cm+70 kg
Hair:  long (shoulders) Blonde hair with black locks (how did he managed them, I dunno)
eyes:  black
Paticular Signs:  muscular, has little eyes.
Occupation:  guardian
Characteristic: he ‘s Aenima's guardian, his feelings for her make him protect her even when she escapes the colony. He has the order to keep people far from her (except the other pastkeepers and Coma, her servant) he’s determinated and loyal, he’s Gio’s best friend.
Background:  Same as Aenima

Entries below, use the form *number-name- name of the caracter-comment *
and separate with a line! -> “< hr >”

1) [5thwitch] – Aenima&chainmail bikini Gin- made for DarKlawStudios. I enjoyed it. XD


So....have a nice day! (bang,bang!)

1. [stuffAEAmade] - Gin- Ta Da! Inks by hand, colored with Photoshop. The hair took a while, but was really fun. X3

2. [Galatea] - Aenima - Drawn in pencil...hopefully this will be a placeholder and I will have a better version drawn and inked and maybe even colored.

3. [Future Dictator] Aenima. wacom tablet + photoshop drawing

4. [ririmu_chan] All Three. Pencil + poor scanner.

5. [WonderTweek] All three of them, done in Paint shop pro 6. Uhhm.. nuclear desert snow? ^_^

6.[theworm] Aenima, done in one pastel and two charcoals. i dont have a scanner so i had to take a picture of it.

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2006-06-06 [riddle_holic]: I got something I'll post for now ^^; I think I'll pbly do two I love your designs!

2006-06-06 [5thwitch]: [eyes of frost] uhm, aren't you in the uniform contest?

2006-06-06 [5thwitch]: [riddle_holic]makes me very happy! :D

2006-06-06 [5thwitch]: Probabily I will make a participant badge...

2006-06-07 [eyes of frost]: Yea...but I am still not good enough to enter here. Who knows if I will win the uniforn contest? Lol.

2006-06-07 [5thwitch]: if you don't start improving your ability you will never know how much good you are, c'mon!

2006-06-08 [stuffAEAmade]: Yeah! We all have to start somewhere! Skill doesn't show up overnight! >:O

2006-06-12 [eyes of frost]: skill just got demolished in the "Design the Guard Uniform Contest" I mean...I am not mad or anything. More depressed the anything lol.

2006-06-12 [5thwitch]: C'mon, you'll recieve the participant badge! everyone of us had a drawing not chosen for the final voting...

2006-06-12 [eyes of frost]: Okay...okay...give me a couple days to think something up :)

2006-06-12 [5thwitch]: Yayyyy! you have all the time you want...

2006-07-26 [5thwitch]: I can't stop looking to [stuffAEAmade]'s Gin, I DO love it. C'mon nobody wants to try?

2006-07-26 [stuffAEAmade]: Draw Gin in a chainmail bikini and I'll make you another one. :P

2006-07-26 [5thwitch]: uhm... 5th *taking a Nimedex* goes working on it

2006-11-16 [General]: Ouu I wanna draw/enter the contest 'cause I'm lame like that, and I have nothing else to do! =D

2006-11-16 [5thwitch]: That's a good idea! don't be lazy like me and do your best! ;)

2006-11-16 [General]: Wheee!! So when I'm finished with the picture. Should I edit the page and so on? Or give it to you? Lol.

2006-11-16 [5thwitch]: you can edit it freely.if you're not sure on the edit-process you can give it to me and i will submit it for you. anyway it's a good chance to learn it!

2006-11-16 [General]: Schweet. =3

2006-11-23 [Galatea]: Hmm, its a pity no one else entered, this seemed like a really interesting contest!

2006-11-23 [5thwitch]: Thanks! I know why... because there is no deadline... If you have a deadline pressing you, you will be in hurry to do the job, if you don't have it, you can always think "well I love it, but there is still time..." I know it because i do it... in fact I have my entry nearly finished for another contest with no deadline and I didn't submitted it yet...

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