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2006-12-26 15:59:24
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Peanut Butter Appreciation Society


Welcome to the Peanut Butter Appreciation Society, brought to life by [blindfold fight-scene] and [Miss.Kayree]. yeah.. it is new.. and it kinda sucks right now, BUT it will get bigger.. and better... and eventually it will rule all. Wanna be a part of it? put your name on the list at the bottom of the page, then put the banner on your page. <*img:*>
don't forget to delete the *'s!!!

Don't forget to put the banner in your house!!

Did you know....

-The average American household consumes nearly 6 pound of peanut butter a year, totalling in about 570 million pounds... enough to cover the floor of the Grand Canyon!

-Skippy Peanut Butter, one of America's favorite brands was first sold on February 1, 1933.

-Today, almost 90 million jars are sold annually. That's almost 3 jars every second!

-Georgia is the #1 peanut producing state, but did you know that Texas is #2.

-Farmers (called growers) harvest the peanuts during September, October and November then sell them to companies known as peanut shellers.

-It takes almost 850 peanuts to make an 18 oz jar of peanut butter!

-People who become hysterical when peanut butter sticks to the roof of their mouth have 'arachibutyrophobia'.

-The Jif plant in Lexington, Kentucky is reportedly the largest peanut butter factory in the world.

-Peanut butter's high protein content draws moisture from your mouth. That's why it sticks to the roof of your mouth.

- Did you know in Australia the capital for peanuts is a town called Kingaroy

Our Motto? "Peanut Butter Es Muy Tastiful!"


So, a little word from the little guy, [blindfold fight-scene]. If you like peanut butter or the wiki wiki thing then give me a shout. I'm boring, i'm here all the time. Peanut butter es muy tastiful and have a nice day, yes...

Current Peanut Butter Lovers:
1.[blindfold fight-scene] & [Miss.Kayree]
5.[apple_7] i love peanut butter!!!
6.[*_* Smiley on Ecstasy] Peanut Butter!!! WHERE?!?!?!
7.[Tank_Girl] yummy yummy yummy
9.[fliwi flumpkin floozleberry] peanut butter is good...go buy some...
10.[bdvlsfan89] me loves peanut butter
11.[purpledaisy]*gobbles peanut butter greedily**smack! u can't have it!!!*
12. [to a new?]-there is nothing like jif on a hot piece of white tastes great with a little bit of fluff too..yum!
13. [Roma] LUCKY NUMBER 13! WOOT! *ahem* Peanut butter JESUS HUG! It's that good! *narfs*
14. [basketballgurl2] mmmm...peanut butter
15.[Denny Jojomojolojo] HA Beat That Jon!
16. [exodus_origin (eep I messed up big time)] i like peanut butter... i like peanut butter a lot... a whole dam lot
17. [*sAxy*eM*] PB rox!!!
18. [#9437] I like the crunchy kind.
19. [dimmu_borgir3212] any peanut butter is good, no jelly
20.[itnom] i love chocolate peanut butter, its my favorite!!!
21. [I Want to Be Bella, And I Want My Edward] yeah i got #21!! and *takes deep breath*.. I AM SUPREME OVERLORD OF PEANUT BUTTER (at leest among my friends)
22. [no hardcore dancing in the living room.] i always keep at least one jar of peanut butter in my room
23. [The Apocalypse] I love peanut butter!!! i Eat at least one spoonful almost every day
24. [DaniDarkHeart] Peanut butter and banana sandwiches are my favorite!! :)
25. [jo has gone] peanut butter's lurvly! but the smooth stuff isnt as nice as the crunchy stuff lmao
26. [Princess Carwash] Peanut Butter Es Muy Tastiful!!! FOR EVA!!! Le beurre peant est savoureux 4E!!!
27. [Krista.] : MmMmMm P-Nut Buttr...
28. [Glade] : PEANUT BUTTER 4-ever!!!!!!!
29. [Shyest] Forget pb&j, pb will do.
31.[~username~]Peanuts & butter tastes nothing like peanut butter.
32. [=Katura=] PB rules my soul
33. [Raven Shortie] It's all mine *looks around* U can't seperate us!
34. [I'm off elftown now!] Once Hiked 212Km with 2 tubs of peanut butter, just wouldn't leave it behind. *lightly tapps peanut butter tub sitting on lao and smiles contently*

Username (or number or email):


2004-07-12 [Miss.Kayree]: where is everybody??

2004-07-12 [Armchair]: PEANUT BUTTER! Can i join?

2004-07-13 [Miss.Kayree]: come on people!!! only 5 peanut butter lovers??? there HAS to be more!!!!

2004-07-23 [apple_7]: i love peanut butter!

2004-07-28 [minwilde]: weird... not in a scary way, more funny. still worrying tho : ) keep up the good work guys

2004-08-02 [Muffins, yo]: ummmm I just clicked on a link and now i'm here............ Hem.......... Well I guess I'll be going.

2004-08-02 [Miss.Kayree]: if you do decide to join, dont forget to put the banner in ur house!

2004-11-14 [#9437]: what the hell?

2004-11-14 [Miss.Kayree]: *is outraged* its ok tho.... i got it fixed...

2005-11-16 [DaniDarkHeart]: I am like sooooo addicted to peanut butter, lol!

2005-11-18 [Miss.Kayree]: go ahead and add yourself :) then tell all your friends!

2006-02-27 [Miss.Kayree]: BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD! ...i love you.

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