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Melissa Pearce


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Age: 32
Height: 180cm (5'11")
<b.Weight:</b> 52kg (114 lbs)
Melissa is an opera singer who's dreams finally seem to becoming true. As a child she was always on some form of medication due to her failing kidney. Her condition coupled with the medication she was on made her weak and basically denied her the opportunity to have a normal childhood. She was finally blessed with a new kidney when a young girl of around the same age, died in a car accident (Maya). Life soon became a lot better for her. Even though all of the medicine she was on made her weak and her body hot - it was not enough to stop her from living her dream. When she finally landed the lead role in a play to be held on Christmas Eve ( under unusual and tragic circumstances) she jumped at the opportunity. She is finally living life as it should be, little does she know, her mitochondria have other plans for her.

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