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Waves smashing the rocks
Birds flying over the sea
Cloud cover sunset

One of my best and most favorite Haiku. One of my first Haiku poems as well.
Featured @ daily_poem



Mirrors speak of life
Whiffs of smoke in the darkness
Never truly held

I wrote a longer poem that was the inspiration for this poem it is called ‘Luminous Smoke’ I like how similar and how different this poem is in comparison to the original.


Sleepy Foxes

Opening their eyes
to a lively spring morning,
Sleepy foxes wake

I wrote this for a picture I drew.



Small seeds grow slowly
Bearing something so much more
Branches, leaves, … seeds.

I wrote this for a picture I drew. It has a duel meaning for me because it is a picture of a tree (obviously). I have only ever drawn a few trees, usually very bad drawings. My mom showed me how she draws trees and I took her advice and methods to heart as I drew my next tree. This tree looks a great deal like a real tree, thus my skill grows like a seed.


Visions of Sand

If your eyes are blind
Can you see the sands of time
Or just feel its weight

Won the haiku contest '10



A sound like thunder
And the world thrown asunder
Darkness within words


"This is Christmas"

Everyone is here
It's all I asked for this year
Yes, THIS is Christmas

-Submitted to Christmas Poetry Competition 2013


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