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Pendragon Review


Pendragon Series by D.J. MacHale

Genre: Fantasy

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1-The Merchant of Death
2-The Lost City of Faar
3-The Never War
4-The Reality Bug
5-Black Water

6-Rivers of Zadaa
The struggle of good versus evil continues as Bobby Pendragon follows Saint Dane to the territory of Zadaa. Saint Dane's influence has fueled the fire of discontent between two warring tribes: the Rokador and the Batu. This is also the territory where the Traveler Loor lives as a member of the Batu. Together, she and Bobby must work to thwart Saint Dane's efforts to destroy Zadaa. But as Bobby pursues Saint Dane, he begins to notice changes in himself. He is no longer a flip kid looking for excitement. He is a young man beginning to see this quest as more than a series of adventures. He is also learning that as a Traveler, he has powers no normal human should have.

The Pendragon saga gets even more interesting and exciting. I definitely recommend reading Book 6 if you've read all the others. :)

7-The Quillan Games
8-The Pilgrims of Rayne
9-Raven Rise
10-The Soldiers of Halla

1-Book One of the Travelers
2-Book Two of the Travelers
3-Book Three of the Travelers

The Guide to the Territories of Halla

/ [*Phoenix*]

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